2013 World Music Championship — As it happened

All the action from the 2013 World Music Championship — as it happened.

General • Sunday 7, 18:31:58

Championship Section Results:

Test piece/Own Choice programme = Average

1. Manger Musikklag: 96.00/94.40 = 95.20
2. Cory: 94.00/95.40 = 94.70
3. Treize Etoiles: 95.00/93.40 = 94.20
4. Brass Band Heist: 89.00/92.60 = 90.80
5. Chicago Brass Band: 90.00/88.40 = 89.20
6. Atlantic Brass Band: 87.00/87.20 = 87.10

Best Soloist: Glenn Van Looy

General • Sunday 7, 16:51:45

4BR Overall Prediction:

It's been a great two days here in Kerkrade, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty the class of the top three bands of Cory, Manger and Treize Etoiles stood out by a fair distance.

Cory may just have done enough to retain their title, but much will depend on yesterday's result - it was exceptionally close and it could well have gone to Manger with Treize Etoiles second.

Today though they just had that clear cut edge, so we think that may prove crucial to see them home just ahead of a Manger with Treize Etoiles in third.

Brass Band Heist did themselves proud and showed that they are a growing force at this level. It should just give them the edge over Chicago and Atlantic.

4BR Overall Prediction:

1. Cory
2. Manger Musikklag
3. Treize Etoiles
4. Brass Band Heist
5. Chicago Brass Band
6. Atlantic Brass

General • Sunday 7, 16:43:05

We are now having an other break before the results ceremony takes place at 5.00pm local time.

4BR Prediction:

Its been a very interesting contest day with excellent performances for all the bands involved.

The standard did vary, and there are a couple of question marks over the composition of some of the programmes, as not everything quite complimented and balanced.

That said, we think Cory may just have nicked it from Manger with Treize Etoiles third once more. Brass Band Heist should make it in fourth just ahead of Chicago and Atlantic.

Own Choice programme prediction:

1. Cory
2. Manger
3. Treize Etoiles
4. Brass Band Heist
5. Chicago Brass Band
6. Atlantic Brass Band

General • Sunday 7, 15:18:59

6. Atlantic Brass Band (Salvatore Scarpa) - United States of America

The Americans open with a work of true substance in 'English Heritage', which is given a performance full of merit and quality, thanks to the MDs intelligent choice of tempos and insistence on ensemble warmth and texture.

Mr Scarpa must have family in Grimethorpe, likes warm beer and understands cricket at this rate. There are blemishes in areas, but the music flows and builds to a rousing, tasteful climax.

'Amazing Grace' is equally elegant and refined. This may as a surprise from a nation that can regard a Big Mac & fries as haute cuisine in some States, but this has been playing of real quality from all concerned.

Brian Appleby Weinberg is a solid featured presence on Sparke's 'Song & Dance' with the opening section gracefully delivered, even if the latter part just sounded a tad edgy. Its a bravura effort though from a player who has performed heroically today.

Spoke a bit too soon. The PLC dollop of sugar coated calorific doughnut music 'Enchanted Kingdom' would make a Disney cartoon film score sound like Messiaen. After all that good work, this is a let down. Its a bit of Chinese take away music - although on this occasion you are not wanting more after 10 mins.

Overall: Just the last item let a solid and well directed programme down for the Americans. Until that point we heard some lovely controlled playing, excellently directed by the MD, with English Heritage given a fine work out in particular. To close with that piece of insubstantial fluff though just took the gloss off.

General • Sunday 7, 14:18:36

5. Chicago Brass Band (Colin Holman) - United States of America

The enjoyable free wheeling 'Roller Coaster' from Stephen Bulla opens with hints of the first bars of 'Blitz' and then 'Folk Festival' to follow.

The theme park this roller coaster ride came from must have been been based on the ups and downs of Hitler's invasion of Russia - 'Welcome to Operation Barbarossa World!' Its a little gem though.

Rex Richardson gives a startling display of virtuosity on the 'Vivo - Allegro Rex-oso' from the 'Rextreme Concerto' that was hard to comprehend in its technical difficulty - especially with as he was circular breathing like Jacques Cousteau in an aqua lung at times on both trumpet and piccolo.

This was something very different, played by a performer of rare gifts indeed. What he would make to the opening of 'Kensington Concerto' would be interesting to hear. The final climax was fired off like an Exocet missile.

'Audivi Media Nocte' is given a fair old bash by the Americans who have certainly got the adrenaline pumping in their veins this afternoon like high octane Indy 500 fuel.

The first trio from the tuba, trom and perc was very good and there is a cracking shot at it from the cornet, euph and perc to follow.

The build up to the race for home sees the pedal to the metal even if there is quite a bit if wheel spin in places..... It's a bit all over the place at times, but the MD keeps things in control for the Arabic inspired close.

Overall: The Americans certainly played to their strengths today with a cracking march and outstanding featured soloist (although is he really a bone fide band member?). The own choice test piece was at their very limit, but it was given a bold performance with more true grit than Rooster Cogburn.

General • Sunday 7, 13:25:44

4. Brass Band Heist (Bert van Thienen) - Belgium

The impressive Belgians opt for Simon Dobson's ADHD inspired march 'Lock Horns - Rage On' to open - and it is played with just the right blend of mischief, incessant repetitiveness and forensic attention to detail that the composer so brilliantly brings to life.

Not surprisingly it is Glen Van Looy who is the featured soloist on his swan song for the band.

He delivers a magnificent performance of the 2nd & 3rd movements of Stephen van Helst's 'Once Upon a Time ' Concerto, with the playfulness of the first section balanced by the fun and games of the finale. This was a real demonstration from both the composer and soloist that less can mean considerably more at times.

The magnificent 'Spiriti' by Thomas Doss closes the Belgian's set - and as yesterday, it is delivered with control, compactness and intelligence.

The opening emerges into the sunlight blinking like a student who has just woken up at the crack of midday, and the bubbling gloop of the central section is backed by haunting vocals and percussion.

That quick deportation into the Arabic quarter would keep even Abu Qatada happy and the return trip to all things Spiriti and Old 100th is century topping stuff. Great close - with the MD just keeping enough in reserve to finish with a real flourish.

Overall: Another very impressive performance from a challenger that is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in European banding. Intelligently led by their MD, they know their limitations, strengths and weaknesses so clearly. They made a real impression here this weekend.

General • Sunday 7, 12:49:14

There is now a break in the contest until 1.30pm local time.

We will be back after a quick bite to eat and a cold beer....

General • Sunday 7, 12:00:44

3. Cory (Philip Harper) - Wales

The reigning champion opens in flamboyant mode with the Latin brilliance of 'Los Hermanos de Bop' - and heck do they make it sizzle like a fat lass slapping on the sun cream on Acapulco Bay. So much tasty precision about this.

Hard to find the right superlative for Owen Farr's brilliant performance of the Hayden 'Cello Concerto'. Superb artistry and played with just the right notch off the top speed to ensure the gobsmacked locals heard every last note.

The applause was accompanied by the sound of people picking up their jaws from the floor of the Rodahal.

'The Witch of the Westmerlands' is a fine counterbalance to all the virtuosity - played with understatement and subtle evocative musicality, to leave them to finish with the Sparke European own choice selection of 'Perihelion' to close.

Hard what to make of this as a piece - it sounds so expertly crafted that you wonder why amid all the great playing its curiously unmemorbale. Its more a series of epic vignettes for each section and featured soloist rather than an interlocking musical experience.

The playing is second to none - tour de force fails to do it justice as a description. Its a blockbuster of immense proportions - played by a band on epic form under a conductor who has revitalised and reinvented himself and a champion band.

Overall: A performance worthy of a true World Champion this - with a programme that had the right balance of entertainment showmanship and serious music making to a tee. The startling technique is amazing, but real credit goes to the MD who has brought his own musical vibrancy and personality to bear on his band.

General • Sunday 7, 11:57:41

The third of the main challengers for the World Championship title are up next with Cory, and this is already developing into an intense and intriguing contest which seems to be a halfway house between the own choice section of the Europeans and Brass in Concert.

Both Manger and Treize Etoiles pitched their programmes to suit both tastes - and did it very well, even if they came from opposite sides of the musical spectrum.

If Cory tread a middle path between the two today they could well claim this title with a bit to spare.

General • Sunday 7, 10:44:10

2. Brass Band Treize Etoiles (James Gourlay) - Switzerland

The PLC opener 'Enter the Galaxies' is as cheesy as a lump of local Treize Etoiles Emmental, but it is so effective and popular - and very well played. It gets the audience in the entertainment mode from the word go.

The finale from the Saint-Seans 'Organ Concerto' is an old thumper - and is the rock hard Frank Renton arrangement too.

The young lad on sop is as fearless as that chap who crossed the Grand Canyon on a tight rope - and there are some wonderful bowel rumbling sounds coming from the tubas too. Just gets a bit fruity in places, but the MD revels in this. The final few bars could have knocked the Hunchback of Notre Dame off his bell ringing perch.

What a fabulous display of virtuosity from euphonium player Gilles Roche. 'Concertino Romantica' from Bertrand Moren was a curious mix - a bit of an old schizophrenic romantic if you ask me - but it was a real 'show us what you've got matey' stuff.

There was no doubt it either - the soloist had the balls of a Grand National winner to carry it off. Superb.

'Shoulders of Giants' to close with bass drum playing in the first movement that must have been marked 'oblitarato'. Local pensioners must have thought the Germans were back bombing Amsterdam. Why was all this so loud?

The middle section is not as secure when the volume is reduced either, but we do hear classy interventions - especially on trom. Finale is a fling of mouthwatering gobstoppers from the main soloists - bass drum included this time. It leads to a huge humdinger Checkmate close.

Overall: A real powerhouse, aggressive set from the Swiss that sent the crowd wild. It just cried out for a counter balance to contrast all the spectacular stuff with though - just something below forte would have helped. You could smell the sweat and testosterone in the air as they left the stage....

General • Sunday 7, 10:14:03

1. Manger Musikklag (Allan Withington) - Norway

The Norwegians start with a ripping 'Ruslan & Ludmila, overture - played at a pace quicker than a Mig fighter jet. Tubas are more light fingered than the Artful Dodger and this has such drive and excitement.

'Nimrod' to follow is a lovely counterbalance - played with subtle nuance and growing emotion. Beautiful climax is allowed to fade to a gentle repose.

Young Master Aagaard-Nilsen displays such verve and virtuosity in the sprightly cornet solo 'Manger Springer'. There is such an engaging pulse to the playing - rounded off with such a flourish too.

A very classy, wonderfully evocative rendition of 'Daphnis & Chloe', is top notch stuff too - shaped with such understanding by the MD and delivered with colour and texture by the players.

Overall: A well balanced set with the turbo charged start followed by refined English beauty a touch of Nordic Riverdance and that super French fancy to close.

As yesterday, it did have its fair share of minor blemishes, but the style and sense of musicality won through in everything they did. This was playing of a very high quality from start to finish.

General • Sunday 7, 10:09:13

Championship Section:
Own Choice Programme Draw:

Adjudicators: Philip Sparke, Steve Syke, Danny Oosterman, Jan de Haan, Ian Porthouse

1. Manger Musikklag (Allan Withington) - Norway
2. Brass Band Treize Etoiles (James Gourlay) - Switzerland
3. Cory Band (Philip Harper) - Wales
4. Brass Band Heist (Bert van Thienen) - Belgium
5. Chicago Brass Band (Colin Holman) - United States of America
6. Atlantic Brass Band (Salvatore Scarpa) - United States of America

General • Saturday 6, 22:21:04

4BR Halfway Prediction:

What a fine contest - with three outstanding performances of the very highest quality leading the way.

Cory delivered a powerhouse rendition of Goldberg 2012 that would take some beating by any band in the world on top form, whilst Manger's take was simply a sensation of funky inspired style. Treize Etoiles were not far behind with a combination of technique and style that was at times inspired.

Cory just get it for us by a hairs breath from Manger with Treize Etoiles a point behind.

Brass Band Heist can be very proud of the way in which they delivered such a controlled performance, whilst both Atlantic Brass Band and Chicago Brass Band did themselves and their nation proud.

Our prediction at the halfway point is as follows:

1. Cory
2. Manger
3. Treize Etoiles
4. Brass Band Heist
5. Atlantic Brass Band
6. Chicago Brass Band

General • Saturday 6, 21:48:17

6. Chicago Brass Band (Colin Holman) - United States of America

A subtle opening - not everything comes off, but the emerging music is given so much time to be heard. It is a little safe in the dynamics and tempo, but the clarity is admirable - as are the tubas.

The Bach to follow doesn't quite have the same security. The emerging funky menace calls for a more drive and pulse, but its all in its right place.

That inherent caution is just holding this back you feel especially as Bach returns. Even Hannibal Lecter would have had troubled slithering with this father beans and Chianti at is rate.

The second funky trip is much better - much looser and honking with loose limbed abandonment. Great trom and sop sparkle to bring the music to life.

There is a detached sadness in the homage - so well shaped by the MD. 3rd man down is heroic in the solo - McCannesque on the top note. The trip back to the Brecker Brothers funk house is in the right zip code if not quite in the front room although the perc once again get in the right mood.

Bach finale sounds a little tired despite great xylos. Its just loses its focus and intensity to close as the lactic acid hits the lips and the close just gets a little too harsh despite the high octane volume and great sop.

Overall: A fine effort on such a wickedly difficult test piece. This tested the band to its limits, but they really gave it their all in a performance to be very proud of.

General • Saturday 6, 21:03:49

5. Manger Musikklag (Allan Withington) - Norway

My word - this was a tremendously evocative opening. Solo trom is superb, and the ensemble underlying it is layered like a Norwegian lasagne. Artistic sop closes so well and we get the first hint of the funky underbelly of this beast. It's just tickled at the moment....

The Bach to follow has the odd moment, but is a model of refinement and that dark menace is starting stir, with troms making sounds Casey Jones and the Cannonball Express couldn't beat.

Old Bach would be loving this if he was in a nightclub fuelled by Red Bull chasers and a whiff of Columbian marching powder.

Just that odd moment blemishes the picture, but we are in the funkiest of funky territory here - its like music from a 1970s Blaxploitation movie. Bass trom causes fillings in pensioner's mouths to rattle.

A real sense of longing in the homage to follow, just smeared by little scratches. It has that feeling of deep seated melancholia though.

Flaming Nora! More superb funk fun is so well portrayed the drugs squad could be called in - and the xylos are pin point to follow too. So clear and balanced this in the Bach finale.

There is so much to admire about this - so transparent and stylish. Only to close do we get full Nordic power - led by awesome tubas. A final funky flourish takes the breath away.

Overall: Funk me! This was such a wonderfully stylish performance - Bach on an acid trip. Not without little clips, but this was an MD and band in complete synch with the composer's musical intentions.

General • Saturday 6, 20:36:35

4. Atlantic Brass Band (Salvatore Scarpa) - United States of America

A well tempered start has a fine trom lead, and the music grows with care and attention to detail and ensemble balance. Just the odd moments of scratchiness but it is well put together.

The Bach to follow sounds cultured if a little on the safety first side with dynamics, and we don't really get that feel of emerging pulsating menace of what is to come.

Fab kit playing is the star to follow, even if the funk is a bit hit and miss in delivery at times. Strangely though despite the little blemishes they are the one band who makes this sound perfectly authentic in style. These guys know how to party it seems.

Again, the style and the melancholic feel is so well understood by the MD, but the delivery never sounds at reflective ease, although it flows into another funky night out in down town Harlem.

It struggles now as stamina wanes - the Bach finale is harsh and doesn't flow with real purpose. It sounds hard graft this, despite the sheer determination of the players. Just gets a little brash to close.

Overall: A fine effort on a very difficult work. The MD certainly knew his Bach from his Brecker Brothers, as did the players, but the sheer effort of overcoming the challenge saw them make too many errors.

General • Saturday 6, 19:48:03

3. Cory (Philip Harper) - Wales

A wonderfully composed opening is so clearly layered and defined. Everything is in its right place, calibrated to the minutest degree of precision with wonderfully malleable solo lines.

The Bach to follow is played with refinement and with just the hint of the dark menace to follow. It's the calm before the storm.

Its power laden stuff this - heavy gear funk, although it didn't really get you ready to jive. So well executed, but the clarity of the superb technique makes it sound strangely straight laced.

The homage is beautifully crafted though - led by exemplary euph and solo cornet on sublime form. MD has captured the melancholy feel to perfection. A long pause to reflect isn't out of place. Wonderful music making this.

More technical brilliance to follow with a free wheeling spine jangling feel that sounds much more authentic in its funky delivery. Now you feel its more like boogie nights and the xylophone duet a cracker too.

Now the gunnels are opened full bore in the Bach bonanza to close. My word this is huge - not even the organ at the Albert Hall could make this sound. The last chords take the roof off the Rodahall and the locals go bananas.

Overall: A stonker from Cory - no doubt about it. So much technical brilliance aided by such classy soloists and an MD who knew just the right moment to finally unleash the turbo chargers.

General • Saturday 6, 19:12:58

2. Brass Band Treize Etoiles (James Gourlay) - Switzerland

What a high class opening section - led by artistic trombone and such a clear sense of musicality by the MD. This is so transparent and well balanced.

The long break seems a little odd, but the elegance of the Bach to follow is balanced by the emerging dark funky pulsation - starting in the plunger depths with the bass trom.

Yes Jim Boy! The Funkmeister gets it bang on - as does the brilliant solo trom. No wonder the MDs leg was twitching like a junkie in need of heroin shot. This was wickedly addictive.

Not too sure about the homage to follow though - its just a touch too detached and cold. Its all there but it could have done with a little more warmth to signal a sense of deep seated loss.

Bloody hell! The Brecker funk to follow sees the MD shaking his ass like a good 'un, although the xylophone duet to follow comes apart at the seams.

The recovery is made in fine style through and we get a veritable Bach slam dunk finish.

Overall: A real fizzer - full of fantastic drive, swagger and sheer addictive funkiness. Just the odd moment of unease, but by heck this was playing of a very high class indeed. Bravo MD - the man was born to boogie.

General • Saturday 6, 18:33:15

1. Brass Band Heist (Bert van Thienen) - Belgium

An impressive opening - led by a fine solo trombone, leads into a neat section of controlled vibrancy, cleverly shaped by the MD and dynamically very coherent.

There is a tasteful touch of Bach to follow. Its noticeable how the MD is keeping this contained dynamically - although it is still balanced and purposeful. Percussion exotica is heard to fine effect but the first funk section could do with a bit more testosterone inspired thrust.

The melancholic feel to the homage to the composer's late father is so well shaped too - not the merest hint of maudling over sentimentality. Neat sop camouflage on last cornet pause is nearly invisible.

More tight leash control in the Bach ride for home as stamina is reserved for the finale. Now we hear the portals opened and there is a fair bit of power there to call upon, even if it just gets a tad harsh to close.

Overall: An engaging and impressive performance this - one of controlled purpose and delivery, so intelligently led by the MD who understood the true capabilities of his band.

General • Saturday 6, 18:24:34

Championship Section:

Test Piece: Goldberg 2012 (Svein Henrik Giske)
Judges: Philip Sparke, Jan Van der Roost, Danny Oosterman

1. Brass Band Heist (Bert van Thienen) - Belgium
2. Brass Band Treize Etoiles (James Gourlay) - Switzerland
3. Cory (Philip Harper) - Wales
4. Atlantic Brass Band (Salvatore Scarpa) - United States of America
5. Manger Musikklag (Allan Withington) - Norway
6. Chicago Brass Band (Colin Holman) - United States of America

General • Saturday 6, 18:09:06

We are about half an hour from the start of the action in the Championship Section at the Rodahal.

Some of the bands have taken the opportunity to have a gander at the huge amount of percussion set up on the stage - including a concert grand piano - although that is not needed for 'Goldberg 2012'.

Just about every other instrument under the sun is though - including a marimba that must have cleared 3 acres of prize rose wood from an Amazonian Rainforest.

Judges in the box in five minutes, so we will post the draw then.

General • Saturday 6, 17:13:44

The Championship Section action starts at 6.30pm here in the Rodahal, with the bands tackling the fearsome challenge of 'Goldberg 2012'.

The draw has been made but we won't publish it until the judges are in the box.

General • Saturday 6, 16:44:05

That's it for the First Section today, with some pretty decent performances of some ambitious choices.

The set work was an intriguing piece from Philip Wilby - perhaps not his most descriptive work, but one that still drew you in with a crafted layers of colour and texture. The familiar Wilby watermarks were to be heard throughout but there was still a freshness about the piece that mad e you realise just how brilliant a composer he is for brass - especially against some of the more bombastic gobstoppers that were tried today.

Three bands stood out for us with the Germans of 3BA, Kunst naar Kracht and Spijkerpakkenband to close. Its between those three for us.

General • Saturday 6, 16:25:52

Brass Band Spijkerpakkenband is the latest band to really try something a bit different and very ambitious with Ludovic Neurohr's darkly menacing journey into the recesses of the mind in 'Psyche', written originally to be used at the Australian Championships a little while ago?

They may be more Psycho than Psyche after the rugby result today, but you can't forget this piece in a hurry. Its testing and different - although not quite as bonkers as his 31342 test piece at the Euros a few years ago.

General • Saturday 6, 15:42:26

Another 25 minute break here at the Rodahal as we prepare for the last of the seven bands to take to the stage on the hour.

Its been an enjoyable contest, with some interesting choices of music - some more ambitious than others and some more successful than others as a result.

Kunst naar Kracht showed a great deal of good sense and musical quality in their two offerings and should be in with a shout come the prizes - unless Regional Brass Band De Spilkerpakkenband can make an impression as big as their name.

General • Saturday 6, 15:05:45

Back to the action and the trickily named Kunst naar Kracht from Northern Holland.

They have opted for Jan de Haan's 'Alhambra' as their own choice set work. It was used at the Dutch Nationals in 2011 and we suspect its inspired more by the great Moorish palace of southern Spain than the famous Manchester or Bradford night spots ....

General • Saturday 6, 14:46:14

Another break now for 20 mins before the next band, so time to reflect on an interesting contest so far.

The press balcony seems to be in agreement that the Germans have made the running here - despite letting enthusiasm just get the better of themselves in places on their own choice selection of 'From Ancient Times'.

You have to admit though - there was some pretty impressive playing with it too (although not too sure how successful the flower pot mutes are - they are better utilised with an aspidistra plonked in them)

They lead the way by a a few lengths for us so far.

General • Saturday 6, 14:38:04

What an impressive sounding band 3BA are in the Wilby test piece, but they fall foul of letting the hearts rule the brains on their own choice selection of 'From Ancient Times'

The percussion nearly had the opening 100% spot on, but just lost touch and then it all gets too intense and over enthusiastic.

Some of the playing is real top drawer stuff, but quite a bit more is ragged and harsh. There is a very good band here without doubt, but it just needs a bit more cold blooded thinking running through the veins. Can't fault the desire or sheer gusto of their playing though.

General • Saturday 6, 14:09:30

We have found out now that the bands play on the hour, so that is the reason for the delay.

Time to say hello from the wonderful players of Brass Band Leieland from Gollegem area of Belgium.

I wrongly said they are from a rival band Kortrijk, but a lovely man came up and explained everything. Sorry folks!

3BA Concert Band from Germany up next - and they are playing the test piece with the cornets in 'Red Priest' standing mode.

General • Saturday 6, 13:17:46

Brass Band Merum opt for Philip Sparke's 'Dances & Alleluias' as their own choice selection to add to the Wilby set work.

Its seems such a long time ago that we first heard this at the English National Championships in Salford.

That was the day when Wayne Ronney lost England the World Cup by stamping on an opponents knackers. Good job he isn't playing for the Lions in Sydney at the moment...

It's strange how the memory recalls major brass band contests...

General • Saturday 6, 13:05:43

Its a relaxing atmosphere here in the Rodahal - and they certainly take their time between bands.

Philip Wilby's test piece is a really intriguing work - lots of his usual elements, but with an added edge of angularity and drive.

Brass Band Merum up next - and we are informed that they are a band that only competes at this event but never at the Dutch National Championships.

General • Saturday 6, 12:32:42

The format of the brass band contests are pretty straightforward....

The Championship bands play over two days: Day 1 - Goldberg 2012. Day 2 - own choice programme of up to 40 mins.

Winner picks up €3,500 and a banner the size of Billy Smart's Big Top.

First Section: Test piece plus 1 other major work up to 20 mins in length. They win a banner the size of the covers at Lords, but no cash.

Second Section: Test piece plus 1 major work up to 16 mins in length. They get a banner that could cover centre court at Wimbledon and no cash.

Third Section: Test piece plays 1 major work up to 14 mins in length. They win a King sized duvet banner and no cash.

Hope that clears up a few things.....

General • Saturday 6, 12:11:03

First Section:


1. Brass Band Leieland (Belgium)
2. Delta Brass Zeeland (Netherlands)
3. Brass Band Bacchus (Belgium)
4. Brass Band Merum (Netherlands)
5. 3BA Concert Band (Germany)
6. Kunst naar Kracht (Netherlands)
7. Regionale Brass Band De Spijkerpakkenband (Netherlands)

General • Saturday 6, 12:02:11

Finally made it into the main Rodahal auditorium after a bit of much needed Euro diplomacy.

Its an impressive auditorium - even if the lighting makes it look like the old Cinderella Rockefeller nightclub in Newport in 1984. Quite a gaggle of assorted hacks and scribes from around the world too in the press area.

It's all very laid back as we wait for the next band to take to the stage....

It's Brass Band Bacchus from Belgium to play Philip Wilby's 'Far Horizons: Sailing West'.

General • Saturday 6, 10:35:10

The two Championship Section American bands of Atlantic Brass and Chicago Brass have already enjoyed their visit to Holland this week, with 4th July concerts together and with local bands.

Both are confident of doing well according to the players we have spoken to, although all agree on one thing: Goldberg 2012 is perhaps the hardest test piece they have ever played!

General • Saturday 6, 10:32:11

A nice breakfast at the hotel and now its time to get to the World Music Festival itself and listen to some bands.

The Championship Section action doesn't start until much later today - around 5.30pm local time we understand, but before then there should be plenty of good music to enjoy in the other sections.

The First Section features 3BA from Austria, De Spijkerpakkenband, Kunst Nara Kracht, Brass Band Merum, Delta Brass Zeeland from the Netherlands and Brass Band Bacchus and Brass Band Leieland from Belgium.

General • Saturday 6, 08:47:49

We will know a little more about the timings and format of the first day here when we get to Rodahal venue, but it appears that the action starts with seven bands in the First Section and six in the Championship.

In the PLT Kerkrade venue its the six Third Section bands followed by seven Second Section rivals.

Sunday sees the Championship contenders return to play their own choice programmes to decide the destination of the brass band World Cup - or in this case, huge duvet sized banners to hang on the band wall.

General • Saturday 6, 08:34:40

It is also a truly world event too - with ensembles from Holland and Belgium joined by bands from Denmark, Ireland, America, Thailand, Japan, Singapore and Germany - not forgetting Wales and England too.

Gala concert performances are being provided by the likes of Mnozil,Brass, the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra, those famous cyclists and for this Monday by Cory and Manger Musikklag.

General • Saturday 6, 08:29:01

Blue skies and warm sunshine greet the early morning risers in Kerkrade.

This really is massive event that takes place over four consecutive weekends. There are classes for parade and harmony bands, brass, marching and concert bands - with other classes for percussion and the famous, if ever so bonkers cycling bands too.

Think of a Tour de France peloton playing trumpets and tubas whilst riding around in circles....

General • Saturday 6, 00:09:27

The reigning World Champion is Cory. They won the title in 2009 under the direction of Dr Robert Childs ahead of the Swiss of Trieze Etoiles and the Belgians of Buizingen.

Cory return this year as European Champion under Philip Harper and will be faced with a field that includes the Swiss once more, as well as two American challengers in Atlantic Brass and Chicago Brass, the Belgians of Brass Band Heist and the former European and Norwegian champion band, Manger Musikklag.

The fearsome Goldberg 2012 is the set work on Saturday afternoon, with the bands giving own choice programmes on the Sunday to decide the new champions.

General • Saturday 6, 00:01:30

4BR is in Kerkrade to enjoy the World Brass Band Championship - part of the quadrennial World Wind Championships.

The action takes place over two days in the Rodahal.

Saturday sees bands in four divisions - Championship, First, Second and Third perform, with the top flight bands back the next day to play their own choice programmes to decide who is crowned 2013 World Champion.


Sunday 14 July • Pemberton Old Wigan Brass Bands. Enfield Street,. Pemberton,. Wigan WN5 8DZ


Friday 19 July • Pemberton Old Wigan Band . Enfield Street,. Pemberton,. Wigan. WN5 8DZ

Barnsley Brass - Stephen Sykes, Principal Trombone of The Cory Band

Saturday 20 July • St Mary's Church, Kippax, Leeds LS25 7HF

Boarshurst Silver Band - Sunday Brass Concert - Skelmanthorpe Band

Sunday 21 July • Boarshurst Band Club, Greenbridge Lane OL3 7EW

Boarshurst Silver Band - Sunday Brass Concert - Phoenix Brass

Sunday 28 July • Boarshurst Band Club, Greenbridge Lane OL3 7EW

Dobcross Silver Band

July 15 • 2 x Cornet Players required. Positions are negotiable, excluding Principal as players are willing to move around. Experience preferred but all ages considered if ability can be demonstrated. Enjoyable rehearsals/great socials!

Waltham St. Lawrence Silver Band

July 13 • Our welcoming non-contesting band, based near Maidenhead, Bracknell and Reading, seeks: . Solo Euphonium . 1st Horn . Percussion, kit and tuned: we have a lovely pair of timps! . Solo Cornet to complete the front-row line-up. 2nd Cornet

Newtown Silver Band

July 12 • Musical Director. Following the retirement of our current Musical Director after 40 years of loyal service the band is seeking a new Musical Director to take the band forward. We are a 3rd section band with a busy programme and enthusiastic members. .

Darren R. Hawken

PGdip, BMus(hons) PGCE, dipABRSM, LRSM
Conductor, Arranger, Teacher, Adjudicator, Band Trainer


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