2018 Christmas Quiz

25 questions to test your musical knowledge for Christmas... with a bag of goodies for the winner...

  Test your knowledge with our Christmas Quiz to get your hands on a nice litlte bag of goodies...

We've put together some musical brain teasers for your to ponder over the next few days — with the chance of winning some of the latest brass band CDs and a pair of cracking 'Champion' brand trombone mutes from our friends at Band Supplies.

Some are easy, some a bit harder — and few a little obscure...


Send your answers to:
Answers to be sent to: iwan.fox@googlemail.com

Closing date for answers: Midnight on Monday 31st December.

1. Three Kings?

The conductor who won the North American National Championship with Fountain City in 2018?

Where was the famous King's Hall contest venue to be found?

In which European country does a band receive the King's Cup every other year as part of winning the National Championship title?

2. Which 2018 test-piece contains the name of a vegetable you may find on your Christmas dinner plate?

3. Which Philip Wilby test-piece has a Nativity in it?

4. What links the British Open test-pieces of 1884, 1999 and 2015 to a major test-piece by Norwegian composer Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen performed in 2018?

5. Names the three Mortimer brothers?

6. Who was the last band to win the Pontins National title in 2010?

7. Who was the first band to win the All England Masters title in 1989?

8. Who are the only husband and wife to conduct winning bands at the Grand Shield?

9. In which European city will the 2019 European Championships be held?

10. Which composer wrote a test-piece about King Kong in 2018?

11. What does the musical term sciolto mean?

12. Which famous orchestral overture and brass band test-piece is inspired by the life of a famous 16th century Italian Goldsmith, sculptor, draftsman and painter who also happened to be a murderer, braggart and adventurer?

13. What festive occurrence unfortunately links these musicians: George Michael (2016), Eartha Kitt (2008), James Brown (2006) and Dean Martin (1995)?

14. On what musical instrument would you find a wrest plank?

15. Which famous trombonist played the theme tune to children's television series 'The Flumps?

16. Which former Black Dyke principal cornet player gave the world premiere of the Ernest Tomlinson 'Cornet Concerto' in 1974 at the Royal Albert Hall?

17. Whose piano concerto did Eric Morecambe 'perform' in the famous comedy sketch on the 'Morecambe and Wise' show featuring Andre Previn — or 'Andrew Preview' as they called him?

18. What is the compositional link between Edward Gregson, Elgar Howarth, Philip Harper and most recently, Maurice Donnet-Monay, conductor of Brass Band Fribourg at the Swiss National Championships?

19. Buysine is a medieval word for which musical instrument?

20. In which country would you find the famous National Championship 'Caradog Trophy' on permanent museum display?

21. Who are the 'Three Figures' in Herbert Howells' test-piece?

22. How many planets are there is Holst's famous orchestral work?

23. Who is the 2018 Champion Band of Australia?

24. Who was the 'Lone Wolf' composer Simon Dobson was inspired by?

25. Which pop group wrote the following lyrics in their hit song?

And the public gets what the public wants
But I want nothing this society's got
I'm going underground (going underground)
Well the brass bands play and feet start to pound
Going underground (going underground)
Well let the boys all sing and the boys all shout for tomorrow

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