2020 Regional Championships
West of England - As it happened

All the action from the 2020 West of England Regional Championships — as it happened.

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 19:27:59

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    2020 Champion: Camborne

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    Second Place: Flowers

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    Third Place: Filton Concert


    Championship Section:

    Sunday 15th March
    Test Piece: A Tale as Yet Untold (Philip Sparke)
    The Forum
    Adjudicators: Jacob Dijkstra & Chris King

    1. Camborne Town (Ian Porthouse)*
    2. Flowers (Paul Holland)*
    3. Filton Concert Brass (Erik Van De Kolk)
    4. Aldbourne (Dr David Thornton)
    5. Verwood Concert Brass (Kevin Smith)
    6. St Dennis (Darren R Hawken)
    7. Woodfalls (Dr Robert Childs)
    8. Bournemouth Concert Brass (Dr Howard Evans)
    9. Lydbrook (Glyn Williams)
    10. SW Comms (Sam Hairsine)
    11. Michelmersh Silver (Melvin White)

    Withdrawn: Chalford (Steve Tubb)

    *Qualify for National Final

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 18:44:29

    Championship Section round up and prediction...

    Well that's all the tale telling here and around the country then — and this one could be one of the most intriguing and closely contested results of the series.

    Flowers had the power and heavyweight presence literally and metaphorically — although it wasn't them at their very best with balance issues and healthy dynamics robbing the picture of a touch of elegant refinement. They were the most cohesive technically though.

    Camborne was the most musical and played towards the top of their game. Little errors and some fragility may cost them — but it is a toss of the coin with Flowers.

    The surprise could be Verwood Concert Brass, with a super show that came out of the blue. It really was very good — and could well sneak right into the qualification frame. It would be well deserved.

    After that we go for Aldbourne from Woodfalls and Filton Concert with a dark horse of St Dennis.

    4BR Prediction:

    1. Flowers
    2. Camborne
    3. Verwood Concert Brass
    4. Aldbourne
    5. Woodfalls
    6. Filton Concert Brass

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 18:08:17

    Championship Section:

    11. Filton Concert Brass (Erik Van De Kolk)

    Well now — just when they thought it may have been all over, along comes Filton and puts a Dutch inspired spanner in the works to challenge for a top-six finish.

    Such an articulate reading of the score — lucid and breezy when needed, passionate and refined when required, rompish and fun when you thought you had heard it all.

    The opening movement was so neatly packaged — and balanced at the beginning in particular with the vibes adding a shimmer of colour. Some moments of edgy technique but the music bubbled like a Torquay pensioner spa bath. Full of Epsom Salts that.

    The central section was full of tenderness. The euph gave such a splendid lead cantabile cadenza, although the others could have perhaps taken a leaf out of his book to follow. They din't quite command the stage. The flugel playing was something else though — beautiful in the intervals. The chorale was so well shaped and the trom was sublime to close.

    The scrappy opening to the finale just took a coat of gloss off things, but it recovered so well to such a driven, power laden close — wickedly paced to the thumping denouement.

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 17:48:12

    Championship Section:

    10. Verwood Concert Brass (Kevin Smith)

    What a well planned and well executed performance this was — all the praise to the MD and all the plaudits to his players.

    It had small problems in terms of balance, dynamic contrast and precision, but the inherent structures were all in place in each movement. The response to the MDs direction was immediate and controlled.

    The opening movement had a bubbling intensity (despite the balance being a touch wayward at times) and the dynamic range was narrow, but it had such a focus and sense of purpose.

    The middle section was so well managed and delivered — first at the opening, then followed by some wonderfully confident cantabile solo cadenzas (euph a star), a tender chorale and the lovely trom led repose. Not many better than that today.

    The MDs eminently sensible approach to the romp of finale meant that it never sounded feral despite the exciting passion it created. Just got a little tired and scrappy, but it had plenty of verve and vividness all the way to a cracking close.

    That was an impressive show — and deserves to be in the mix around the podium today.

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 17:13:52

    Championship Section:

    9. Michelmersh Silver (Melvin White)

    A band that gave everything and a bit more to meet the severe challenges of such a difficult work. At times it was a quite a struggle, but they got through thanks to a determined spirit, a never say die attitude and the nous and years of experience of their fine MD.

    The opening movement had all the integral parts in place, but lacked cohesion and precision, whilst the balances were a little wayward at times. The spirit though was undeniable bubbling with enthusiastic verve.

    The central section flowed with musicality with brave efforts from all the cadenzas soloists which led into a lovely, tender chorale but anxious close.

    An intelligently paced finale was the best playing by a margin — joyous and fizzy. There was just enough bubble in the bottle to draw out a passionate closing statement or two — led by fine sop, fruity bass trom and stentorian tubas.

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 16:47:50

    Championship Section:

    8. Lydbrook (Glyn Williams)

    A performance full of hard grafting purpose — that although never quite meeting all the technical challenges posed by such a difficult score, certainly enhanced the musical ones.

    The opening movement had that fizzy-pop bubble underpinning the long melodic lines, even if there were some things missing at times.

    MD shaped the middle movement with a caring hand — and was rewarded by some fine solo and ensemble playing in return. Not everything was perfect but the intentions from the middle were clear in their musical definition. The cadenzas were sung with bravura spirit, but it was the lead into, and through the chorale to the super climax that caught your breath. The trom savoured the ending.

    The pacy finale was the quickest of the day so far — getting a little febrile as it stormed along. It hung in there though with enough juice to push to a thumper of a close.

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 16:21:35

    Championship Section:

    7. St Dennis (Darren R Hawken)

    A musically supple, dynamically lean performance that was drawn within well defined boundaries from start to finish. Not perfect by any means but such a well thought out, elegant approach by the MD and his players. Lots of enjoy.

    What the opening lacked in bubbling filigree anxiety and robust passion, it more than made up for in clarity and precision. Just the occasional moment when things didn't knit together, but it was playing of thoughtfulness and consideration.

    So too the central section — controlled and so well delineated in the ensemble. The cadenzas perhaps needed more presence on occasions, but they were all in place (esp the classy cornet). The flugel was as tender as a baby's sleeping breath and the chorale was touching. Just lingered a little but what a super close from the trom. It was lovely.

    The finale wasn't quite the paciest of fleeting romps but it got there by the end — although you wished the MD had loosened the leash slightly earlier. Not the heaviest of finishes but more than enough to make an impression on the minds of the judges you suspect.

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 15:56:32

    Championship Section:

    6. Woodfalls (Dr Robert Childs)

    The highest of musical intentions didn't quite come off here for Woodfalls — but it was close at times and the risk taking to really aim for the dynamic levels and the sense of refined balance and control was admirable.

    The opening was certainly playing of a very high class — detailed, controlled and full of required tension and growing anxiousness. If only...

    It didn't quite come off in the middle movement — that lingering tension and anxiety finding a niggling presence when what was needed was a yearning tenderness and supreme cadenzas. Brave efforts but not sounding as relaxed as the solo cornet. The chorale was such a warmly hued moment of beauty — the repose to close so tenderly accomplished.

    The finale was a super romp — finely detailed, balanced and pulsating with lightness. It grew in intensity at just the right time too — really pushing on to a climax of controlled ferocity.

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 15:28:02

    Championship Section:

    5. Flowers (Paul Holland)

    Undoubtedly supremely confident, detailed and precise — oozing a classiness that ran through each of the movements like a name on a stick of Torquay rock.

    The dynamic though levels were healthy — and at the opening the balance was so out of kilter with the placing of the vibes behind the soprano. It was all rather punched out. It was all there, but it was heavy and leaden in places when less dynamic would have brought through the refinement.

    It was almost all forgiven with a magical chorale in the central section that focused its emotion in a single melodic line that was quite sublime. That came after a series of bel canto cadenzas and linked passages that were so well crafted too. The close was nearly perfect to round off a section of playing of the highest quality.

    The romp was a muscular one — again dynamically heavy in places, but with such a well defined edge of precision in the ensemble playing. When it was at full pelt it was like a runaway train — arrow straight to its destination, bold and pulsating with drive and throbbing energy. The close was ferocious to bring to a close a heavyweight performance from a true heavyweight band.

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 15:01:55

    Championship Section:

    4. Bournemouth Concert Brass (Dr Howard Evans)

    What a pity there was such a fissure of ensemble imbalance that ran through this performance — especially in the outer two movements. Some of the perc playing inhabited a different dynamic sphere of volume.

    The opening was a case in point, as the well crafted intentions were submerged in needless, unimportant effect. The MD kept the pulse bubbling with just the right anxious feel and there was precision to the playing when it emerged through the fog.

    The contrast with the finely judged middle section was marked; playing of rich warmth, the excellent cantabile cadenzas linked perfectly together, the phrasing chamfered with classy moulding. A touching chorale built to a super climax and a near perfect repose.

    The finale was a rather stuttering mix of free flowing excitement and scrappiness — again the ensemble balance curiously and frustratingly wayward. Super euph and cornet sang out their melodic lines, but the drive for home rather screeched in harshness in the ensemble as they opened every funnel of red blooded excitement to close.

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 14:38:25

    Championship Section:

    3. SW Comms (Sam Hairsine)

    A rather robust, raw sounding rendition — one packed full of determination and enthusiastic vigour, but in the process losing the refinement, precision and balance that would have lifted it to another level.

    The opening was paced well, but the lack of dynamic variance and balance made it a bit of a miasma of volume and opaque definition.

    The dynamic safety net in the middle section wasn't really needed, as the soloists played with such spirited bravura. Flugel was a tender voice, but the chorale was in need of a few notches taken off the volume — it made the climax overwrought and untuneful. The close was nicely done, but it could have benefited from dynamic risk taking.

    Things went awry in perc in the opening to the finale and the ensemble was scrappy and monochrome in colouring and dynamic. MD kept the pulse bubbling along before they opened up for the ride for home — delivered with fervour and boldness.

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 14:12:23

    Championship Section:

    2. Aldbourne (Dr David Thornton)

    There was a fine cohesive quality about this rendition from start to finish — the interpretation understandably formed from the same strata utilised by the MD with Grimethorpe in Yorkshire last weekend — but one not laced with unmixed individual elements.

    The opening section was well paced without losing energy or definition; the dynamics a tad healthy and somewhat narrowly defined, but it was all so admirably rigid.

    Much to admire in the delivery of the central section — confident, unpretentious and devoid of any saccharine lagging. The dynamics were safe rather than adventurous, but it made for a sense of accomplishment. Soloists were classy, the chorale tender and the close lovingly shaped.

    Took a little time to find its groove to close, and not all the detail was precise, but it had that fleeting feel of lightness rather than spiteful harshness all the way to a super close. Another performance of considered and impressive note.

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 13:51:57

    Championship Section:

    1. Camborne Town (Ian Porthouse)

    A performance cut very much from the same pattern of musical cloth that came off the Tredegar loom that won the Welsh title a fortnight ago.

    Although not quite having the same lustrous satin sheen, it was certainly high quality playing that encompassed both the technical and musical challenges with just minor flecks and smears.

    There was a free flowing pace to the opening, full of detail and solidity, balanced dynamics and nuanced shaping, whilst there was a persuasive feel to the flow of the central core — aide by fine solo cadenzas. Just the little clip and hesitancy in the choral but the repose was so neatly composed.

    The finale romped through with a light footed fleetedness — although it got scrappy in places. Super dynamic contrasts and crucially not too heavy in the dynamic forcefulness. Bold energy and purposeful vigour drove the music to a splendid close.

    A fine marker for others to beat.

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 13:40:46


    Championship Section:

    Sunday 15th March
    Test Piece: A Tale as Yet Untold (Philip Sparke)
    The Forum
    Adjudicators: Jacob Dijkstra & Chris King

    1. Camborne Town (Ian Porthouse)
    2. Aldbourne (Dr David Thornton)
    3. SW Comms (Sam Hairsine)
    4. Bournemouth Concert Brass (Dr Howard Evans)
    5. Flowers (Paul Holland)
    6. Woodfalls (Dr Robert Childs)
    7. St Dennis (Darren R Hawken)
    8. Lydbrook (Glyn Williams)
    9. Michelmersh Silver (Melvin White)
    10. Verwood Concert Brass (Kevin Smith)
    11. Filton Concert Brass (Erik Van De Kolk)

    Withdrawn: Chalford (Steve Tubb)

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 13:37:45

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    2020 Champion: Poole Borough

    embedded picture

    embedded picture
    Second Place: Ocean Brass

    embedded picture
    Third Place: Gosport Solent Brass


    Third Section:

    Test Piece: Endurance — narrative variations for brass band (Andrew Baker)
    Sunday 15th March
    The Forum
    Adjudicators: Gary Davies & John Winterflood

    1. Poole Borough (Lloyd Bartlett)*
    2. Ocean Brass (Dr Martin Humphries)*
    3. Gosport Solent Brass (Colin Garner)*
    4. Wroughton Silver (Neil Webb)
    5. Porthleven Town (Tom Bassett)
    6. Gillingham Imperial Silver (James Bennett)
    7. Verwood Town (Emma Button)
    8. Bratton Silver (Simon Carr)
    9. Exeter Railway (Gareth Davies)
    10. Pendeen Silver (Leonard Adams)
    11. Cheltenham Silver (Nigel Galliott)
    12. City of Bath Brass (Martin Perry)
    13. Swindon Brass (Francis Cowley)

    Bugle Silver (Tom Howard)
    Pendennis Brass (Ian Edwards)
    Pillowell Silver (Ian Whitburn)
    St Stythians (James Burns)
    Weymouth Concert Brass (Helen Brind)

    *Qualify for National Final

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 12:46:14

    Third Section:

    Endurance test finishes on a good note — and prediction

    All the bands here today deserve a great deal of credit — and not just for taking the decision to compete. Endurance has been one heck of a test of their musical as well as technical abilities — and despite the obvious shortcomings all emerge with a great deal of credit — especially the MDs.

    The last to play may also have forced their way into the top-six with a well directed account that was built on a solid foundation of four throaty tubas and a trio of classy troms. The perc added the colour and the solo cornet was an artistic lead. One for Garry Davies and John Winterflood to consider seriously.

    4BR Prediction

    A hard one to call with so many bands have variations of inconsistency but all emerging with credit.

    The best for us was Gosport Solent with Ocean Brass just behind, pipping Porthleven in third. Making up our top six is Gillingham, Poole and Bath.

    1. Gosport Solent
    2. Ocean Brass
    3. Porthleven
    4. Gillingham
    5. Poole
    6. City of Bath

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 12:27:49

    Third Section:

    Sneaking in on the rails...

    The tale of hard grafter, determination and endeavour was carried on here with another trio of well led bands that really gave it their all against the odds at time.

    Exeter Railway was as inconsistent as the vast majority of bands today — but also had the same moments of ensemble and solo quality that stood out. It was on the cusp at times, but the sensible direction and the fine efforts of the leading players and two excellent percussionists got them through with merit.

    Meanwhile, Porthleven may have just crept up on the rails to potentially snatch a qualification berth for Cheltenham — overcoming a slightly hesitant, nervous start and building in rich confidence the longer it rolled along. By the close they could have sighted the green pastures of the racecourse paddock let alone the icy crags of South Georgia.

    The trio were rounded off by a solid account from City of Bath — a little nervous in places, but with sweet sounding lead lines (esp cornet) and the MDs determination to bring the music from the score with time and space. A dark horse maybe for a top-six finish?

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 11:39:08

    Third Section:

    More elemental Endurance battles

    This really has been one heck of a battle against the elements for the bands here today — and by the elements we mean the basics, let alone the added virtues of a solid contest performance.

    There is little doubt that 'Endurance' is very difficult for this level, but not one band has managed to really play it with total control.

    What great efforts though from three more contenders — packed full of determination, fortitude, bravery, good thinking and intelligent leadership from the conductors. Ernest Shackleton would have been proud.

    Pendeen Silver, Verwood Town and Wroughton all gave it their all — with the MDs doing a super job.

    The inherent troubles started in the mysterious opening section (although there were some fine flugel and baritone leads) and the lack of ensemble cohesiveness weaved its way throughout. All three bands had super perc teams who added colour, texture and effect in just the right measure and other solo lines were well handled.

    This though has been one heck of a hard, if enjoyable test of contesting character. Bravo to all.

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 11:20:01

    Chalford withdraw from Championship Section

    The Chalford Band has issued the following statement concerning its withdrawal from the Championship Section contest at Torquay today.

    "Following the publication of updated advice from BBE late on the 14th March, Chalford Band have decided to withdraw from West of England Championship Section.

    All players from Chalford Band met early Sunday morning to discuss the latest information and advice from BBE and Public Health England. In light of some players being NHS professionals and others having vulnerable close relatives, and understanding the broader situation, the band have made the difficult decision to withdraw.

    The band have put considerable effort over the last months into preparing a competitive performance and one that MD Steve Tubb was extremely proud of so the decision was not taken lightly — in short, the band are devastated.

    The band are extremely disappointed to have been put in this situation. The advice from BBE / Public Health England and the response of WEBBA & Kapitol are in direct conflict and has put all bands in a difficult position. The band would like to understand why the organisers decided to go ahead, especially with the cancellation of the London and Southern Counties contest.

    Finally, we would ask other competing bands to consider their response to the situation in light of the new advice."

    Chalford Band

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 10:41:31

    Third Section:

    Endurance is thy name...

    Andrew Baker's test-piece is really proving to be one heck of a tough ask of the majority of the bands here today.

    It is a hard piece to play with a full line-up of players, so it makes things even harder when there are empty seats — and in particular on trombone and percussion.

    Brave, hard working, intelligently led renditions then from Cheltenham Silver — the MD Nigel Galliott still able to bring out the colour and character from the score despite the obvious fragility in places with his intelligent conducting. He wore a quite brilliant shirt too — wowee did it burn the retinas.

    So too Bratton Silver who managed to do the same — the result of hard graft and clever musicianship from the MD in using his resources to the mix. The two perc players also did a splendid job. may not feature, but it was a fine effort.

    The trio was rounded off by a confident, coherent rendition from Gosport Solent Brass — with some super lead lines from flugel, baritone, sop and cornet. Carefully controlled by the MD all the way to the finish — its right up there with the best today so far.

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 09:54:56

    Third Section:

    A chilly opening to the day

    It's a damp and cold old day down here in Torquay. The action is taking place, although the Third Section has lost a total of five bands from the starting line-up.

    The first three have played, and as we have heard around the country, Andrew Baker's wonderful Antarctic work can send a chill down the spine of bands at this level.

    Poole Borough opened with a solidly delivered account, neatly directed. Some tuning issues just grated but it created a nice chilly atmosphere.

    The marker though came from Gillingham Imperial Silver — conducted without a score or jacket, but classy braces by the MD. It really was good stuff too — creating an evocative atmosphere thanks to the neat balances, calibrated dynamics and good lead lines. Lots to enjoy there although we hope the MD finds his jacket. No need to be a Captain Oates in this weather.

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 09:25:02

    A very different view on things today

    These are very serious times indeed, but others such as the great Ade Edmondson can find a touch of black humour in things...

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 09:13:06


    Third Section:

    Test Piece: Endurance — narrative variations for brass band (Andrew Baker)
    Sunday 15th March
    The Forum
    Commence: 9.00am
    Adjudicators: Gary Davies & John Winterflood

    1. Poole Borough (Lloyd Bartlett)
    2. Gillingham Imperial Silver (James Bennett)
    3. Swindon Brass (Francis Cowley)
    4. Cheltenham Silver (Nigel Galliott)
    5. Bratton Silver (Simon Carr)
    6. Gosport Solent Brass (Colin Garner)
    7. Pendeen Silver (Leonard Adams)
    8. Verwood Town (Emma Button)
    9. Wroughton Silver (Neil Webb)
    10. Exeter Railway (Gareth Davies)
    11. Porthleven Town (Tom Bassett)
    12. City of Bath Brass (Martin Perry)
    13. Ocean Brass (Dr Martin Humphries)

    Bugle Silver (Tom Howard)
    Pendennis Brass (Ian Edwards)
    Pillowell Silver (Ian Whitburn)
    St Stythians (James Burns)
    Weymouth Concert Brass (Helen Brind)

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 09:08:20

    Torquay goes ahead as planned

    The second day of action at Torquay goes ahead as planned.

    There are five withdrawals in the Third Section this morning but none as yet indicated for the Championship Section.

  • West of EnglandSunday 15, 06:06:23

    Sunday action in Torquay

    Two sections today in Torquay. Third section bands kick things off at 9.00am followed by the Championship Section that should get underway some time after 1.30pm.

    Championship Section:

    Sunday 15th March
    Test Piece: A Tale as Yet Untold (Philip Sparke)
    The Forum
    Commence: Not before 1.30pm
    Draw: Noon
    Adjudicators: Jacob Dijkstra & Chris King

    Aldbourne (Dr David Thornton)
    Bournemouth Concert Brass (Dr Howard Evans)
    Camborne Town (Ian Porthouse)
    Chalford (Steve Tubb)
    Filton Concert Brass (Erik Van De Kolk)
    Flowers (Paul Holland)
    Lydbrook (Glyn Williams)
    Michelmersh Silver (Melvin White)
    St Dennis (Darren R Hawken)
    SW Comms (Sam Hairsine)
    Verwood Concert Brass (Kevin Smith)
    Woodfalls (Dr Robert Childs)

    Third Section:

    Test Piece: Endurance — narrative variations for brass band (Andrew Baker)
    Sunday 15th March
    The Forum
    Commence: 9.00am
    Draw: 8.00am
    Adjudicators: Gary Davies & John Winterflood

    Bratton Silver (Simon Carr)
    Bugle Silver (Tom Howard)
    Cheltenham Silver (Nigel Galliott)
    City of Bath Brass (Martin Perry)
    Exeter Railway (Gareth Davies)
    Gillingham Imperial Silver (James Bennett)
    Gosport Solent Brass (Colin Garner)
    Ocean Brass (Dr Martin Humphries)
    Pendeen Silver (Leonard Adams)
    Pendennis Brass (Ian Edwards)
    Pillowell Silver (Ian Whitburn)
    Poole Borough (Lloyd Bartlett)
    Porthleven Town (Tom Bassett)
    St Stythians (James Burns)
    Swindon Brass (Francis Cowley)
    Verwood Town (Emma Button)
    Weymouth Concert Brass (Helen Brind)
    Wroughton Silver (Neil Webb)

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 20:48:12

    embedded picture
    2020 Champion: Brunel Brass

    embedded picture
    The winning conductor: Daniel Hall

    embedded picture
    Third Place: Roche Brass

    embedded picture
    Third Place: Forest of Dean


    First Section:

    Test Piece: Legacy (Tom Davoren)
    Adjudicators: Dr Chris Davis OBE & Jacob Dijkstra

    1. Brunel Brass (Daniel Hall)
    2. Roche Brass (David Johnson)
    3. Forest of Dean Brass (Gareth Ritter)
    4. Lanner & District Silver (Aaron Harvey)
    5. Sherborne Town (Jonathan Lush-Camps)
    6. Glastonbury Brass (Daniel Shave)
    7. Bodmin Town (John Maines)
    8. Andover Town (Steve Large)
    9. Sidmouth Town (Adrian Harvey)
    10. City of Bristol Brass (Ian Holmes)
    11. St Pinnock (Colin Hudson)
    12. A W Parker (Drybrook) (Joshua Ruck)
    13. Camborne Junior Contesting (Alan Pope BEM)
    14. St Austell Town (Iain McKnight)
    15. Soundhouse Brass (Lee Clayson)
    16. Otterbourne Brass (Jonathan Lush-Camps)
    17. Hyde (Nigel Seaman)

    Withdrawn: Helston Town (John Berryman)

    *Qualify for National Final

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 19:46:43

    First Section:

    A NHS to be proud of... and a prediction

    We will need the NHS more than ever in the coming months — so in a way its a great pity we won't be hearing any more performances of Tom Davoren's highly evocative piece dedicated to its inspirational founder Nye Bevan. My word how we need a man like him today...

    The may have also given a few pointers on how to approach Tom's work too — although we heard two performances that had the musical ethos of 'Legacy' at their heart to close from Glastonbury Brass led by Daniel Shave and Camborne Junior Contesting under the great Alan Pope BEM.

    There were mistakes and errors in both, but that underlying sense of opening anxiousness, followed by a yearning hopefulness and busy anticipation to close was so well created.

    Perhaps a few too many little problems for Camborne today, but another highly encouraging performance, whilst Glastonbury may be a bit of a dark horse.

    As for a winner? This could go any number of way — not stand out band for us, but a few that should battle it out in the minds of the judges.

    With that we opt for Brunel Brass from St Austell, Forest of Dean and Lanner with City of Bristol and Roche on their heels with our dark horse of Glastonbury.

    1. Brunel Brass
    2. St Austell
    3. Forest of Dean
    4. Lanner & District
    5. City of Bristol
    6. Roche

    Dark Horse: Glastonbury

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 19:07:09

    First Section:

    Wise heads

    Perhaps age does have its benefits to understanding what the creation of the NHS is all about — as Ian Holmes, Steve Large and John Maines got the measure of the score bang to rights.

    Not everything came off for City of Bristol, Andover Town and Bodmin, but then again, the NHS isn't perfect either.

    What we did hear was flowing musicality, detailed, balanced, warm and tender. There were mistakes in all three — but the MDs all knew that they didn't have to muscle their way through to try and create a sense of tension, linger around to produce pathos or stamp on the accelerator to create needless drive and excitement.

    City of Bristol seemed best in control, Bodmin just lost focus in the final section when the compactness was lost and Andover just a few too many little mistakes, but it was so good to hear the musicality on show.

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 18:28:31

    First Section:

    Carry on Bevan

    Three more performances all with good musical intents, but all not quite managed to quite command everything required to make the music bubble with anxiety and expectancy, yearn in hopefulness and fizz with excitement. That was what old Nye Bevan was all about with the creation of the NHS.

    Sidmouth gave it their best shot and had moments when it knitted together and formed a coherent whole, whilst the same could be said for St Pinnock, with a tender, beautifully shaped second movement that stood out from the anxieites of the the two outer ones.

    Finally another intelligently led rendition from Sherborne that captured the right mood in each of the sections through hard graft and some excellent lead lines, especially from the sop. Not bad — but we have had plenty of those today so far.

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 17:43:31

    First Section:

    Triage system for the judges...

    Dr Chris Davies and Jappie Dijkstra may have to act like field doctors here today to decide who gets where in the final results table, as there are three very clearly defined levels of bands on show.

    The best have mastered the basics and can put shape and character into the music without forcefulness and artifice. Then comes the ones who can get through it without anything horrendously catastrophic. The last are simply not really First Section standard bands.

    You would hope to find more than a small handful in the top bracket here, but in truth the majority have been hard working, solid but pretty average middle of road performances. The rest have been much closer to the Second Section than the Championships.

    It may sound harsh, but its a reflection on the structure of the contesting movement not so much the bands themselves. And it need sorting out.

    Otterbourne gave it their all — 19 brass players and three fine percussionists. That they got though it said a great about their character and determination — twp sterling top cornets shouldering the workload manfully.

    Soundhouse (2 troms) also struggled, but thanks to the sensible direction of the MD who really did well, they also got to the end.

    Brunel Brass had their scraps and bumps along the way, but there was an inherent solidity about all the foundation work and the MD shaped the music with free flowing tenderness in each movement. It was a classy piece of work — not perfect by any means, but surely in that top bracket today in the triage system.

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 16:27:10

    First Section:

    Some care and attention still needed...

    Another three performances where the MDs have used their noggins and tried to shape the music in each of the three movements without recourse to simply blasting their way through in search of misplaced excitement.

    AW Parker (Drybrook) were the most inconsistent of the trio and despite the MDs good musical intentions those little errors and mishaps tarnished the overall picture. It may have been better to have trusted in not sub dividing everything to try and give a less gritty flow.

    Inconsistency also bedevilled the fine musical picture that was being created by Roche Brass and their MD — especially in the middle section that didn't quite evoke a sense of peaceful hopefulness. The outer movements were better, but a sloppy finish just took another bit of veneer off the finish.

    Lots of enjoy from Forest of Dean Brass though — a super reading of the score that was almost delivered upon to the full musical intentions by the players. Lovely tuba sounds, confident cornet and sop leads in the middle section and finale movement of control made this one to stand out a bit.

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 15:54:45

    First Section:

    Legacy causing national health problems

    We have heard three performances of decent quality to kick start the contest here this afternoon — but once again it appears that Tom Davoren's test-piece is causing the same inherent problems that we have heard around the country.

    The best came right at the beginning here for us with Lanner & District off the number 1 draw, with a considered rendition in terms of dynamics and tempi — intelligently directed by the MD, Aaron Harvey. It had its problems with balance and precision in the first movement, but the second flowed and was beautifully shaped and phrased with the classy cornet and sop leading the way.

    The finale wasn't played with harshness either to round off a marker of real substance.

    St Austell promised much and very nearly delivered — again led with musical good sense by the MD. Those little elements of cohesive precision just wavered at times, but the central section was played with hopeful tenderness with super sop and cornet and the final section skipped along at a good heart beat pulse.

    Hyde struggled somewhat from the start, and despite their experienced MDs fine efforts it never quite managed ever sound at ease. Too many inherent troubles throughout robbed the music of security and character.

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 15:33:02

    embedded picture
    The winning conductor — Anri Adachi

    embedded picture
    2020 Champion: Nailsworth

    embedded picture
    Second Place: Redruth Town

    embedded picture
    Third Place: Tewkesbury

    embedded picture
    Debutants: Cheltenham Silver Academy


    Fourth Section:

    Test Piece: Neverland (Christopher Bond)
    Saturday 14th March
    The Arena
    Adjudicators: Gary Davies & Nicholas Garman

    1. Nailsworth Silver (Anri Adachi)*
    2. Redruth Town (Mark Arnold)*
    3. Tewkesbury Town (Andrea Price)
    4. Brunel Brass Academy (Ben Halstead)
    5. Illogan Sparnon Silver (Shaun Marsden)
    6. Bideford Town Band (Mark Durham)
    7. Chalford Academy (Steve Tubb)
    8. Test Valley Brass (John Heritage)
    9. Shaftesbury Town Silver (Martin Hill)
    10. Saltash Town (Ross Farr-Semmens)
    11. Okehampton Excelsior Silver (Robert Julian)
    12. Wincanton Silver (James White)
    13. Cheltenham Silver Academy (Colin Forster)
    14. Torbay Brass (Joe Rowlands)

    Withdrawn: Shanklin Town Brass (IoW) (Malcolm Lewis); Tiverton Town (John Fitton)

    *Qualify for National Final

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 14:39:59

    Fourth Section:

    Round up and prediction...

    Tewkesbury Town Band end the day for us with a simply wonderful performance, which has more than matched the high standard of playing we've had. The Glock playing is really up there with the best of the day — it is such a vital part, and if not played correctly, really stands out.

    I would argue that the second movement is where we've heard the best playing today, and Tewkesbury were no different. Fantastic solo playing.

    Round up and prediction:

    Well the standard of today's contest was extremely high, very enjoyable indeed. All soloists had such class about them, and most of the MDs brought out so much character from the piece.

    We think the early birds from Nailsworth Silver have got the title today, followed closely by Brunel, Redruth and Bideford, with our dark horses being Illogan.

    Although, I really wouldn't be surprised if you heard some other names read out at the end of the day — the standard has been that good.

    1. Nailsworth Silver
    2. Brunel Brass Academy
    3. Redruth
    4. Bideford

    Dark Horse: Illogan

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 14:38:07


    First Section:

    Saturday 14th March
    Test Piece: Legacy (Tom Davoren)
    The Forum
    Adjudicators: Dr Chris Davis OBE & Jacob Dijkstra

    1. Lanner & District Silver (Aaron Harvey)
    2. St Austell Town (Iain McKnight)
    3. Hyde (Nigel Seaman)
    4. A W Parker (Drybrook) (Joshua Ruck)
    5. Roche Brass (David Johnson)
    6. Forest of Dean Brass (Gareth Ritter)
    7. Otterbourne Brass (Jonathan Lush-Camps)
    8. Soundhouse Brass (Lee Clayson)
    9. Brunel Brass (Daniel Hall)
    10. Sidmouth Town (Adrian Harvey)
    11. St Pinnock (Colin Hudson)
    12. Sherborne Town (Jonathan Lush-Camps)
    13. City of Bristol Brass (Ian Holmes)
    14. Andover Town (Steve Large)
    15. Bodmin Town (John Maines)
    16. Glastonbury Brass (Daniel Shave)
    17. Camborne Junior Contesting (Alan Pope BEM)

    Withdrawn: Helston Town (John Berryman)

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 14:33:13

    embedded picture
    2020 Champion: Hatherleigh

    embedded picture

    embedded picture
    Second Place: St Keverne

    embedded picture
    Third Place: Wotton under Edge


    Second Section:

    Test Piece: The Golden Sabre — Tales of the Hussar-Poet, Denis Davydov (Kit Turnbull)
    The Forum
    Adjudicators: Chris King & John Winterflood

    1. Hatherleigh Silver (Nick West)*
    2. St Keverne (Karl Long)*
    3. Wotton-under-Edge & District (Ian Dickinson)
    4. Shrewton Silver (Mike Dunford)
    5. Denmead Brass (Estelle Flood)
    6. Phoenix Brass (Crewkerne) (David Boorer)
    7. Weston Brass (Lewis Wilkinson)
    8. Cinderford (Chris Howley)
    9. Mount Charles (Jeremy Taylor)
    10. New Forest Brass (Ian Luxford)
    11. Lydney Town (Sion Rhys Jones)
    12. Downton (Paul Williams)
    13. Bream Silver (Hugh Bamford)
    14. South Molton Town (Gil Taylor)

    Withdrawn: Midsomer Norton & Radstock Silver (Joanne Sykes)

    *Qualify for National Final

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 13:45:26

    Fourth Section:

    Back to Neverland

    Back underway here in Torquay for the second half of the fourth section. Shaftesbury open quite well, although sometimes percussion and band don't sit quite right together. Basses produce such a wonderful layer for the flugel to sit on — solo cornet takes over the tune. There are a few uneasy moments and sometimes doesn't flow as well as it could. Intonation is becoming an issue now.

    The 3rd movement is played with such bravura and style. There are some fabulous moments, but unfortunately it's not consistent.

    Redruth Town treat us to a real powerhouse of a performance, aided by some tasteful solo contributions, especially principal cornet. MD shapes the second movement so nicely, although intonation issues do creep up unfortunately. The third movement is really when they're in their element though. So precise and solid, really strong stuff.

    Lot's to enjoy in Okehampton's performance. From fantastic percussion, to a wonderfully boisterous bass section. Solo cornet plays with with great style, and euphonium answers perfectly.

    Dynamically this is really working, especially the quiet playing. Overall an interesting account from Okehampton. Nothing much wrong with it, but there was a missing ingredient for me.

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 13:23:10

    Second Section round up and prediction:

    No blood and guts playing from those trying to secure their place in Cheltenham in the Second Section — more well mannered hussar swagger and character.

    Its been good to hear, even if the overall standard has been solid rather than sparkling for the most part. Lots to enjoy though in every performance.

    The final band on was Bream Silver with a bit of an inconsistent rendition that featured some super individual playing (bass trom, kit, perc and solo cornet) but at times lost its ensemble cohesion. It was another that opted for character rather than harsh volume to create excitement. In with a whole bunch for a possible mention in the top-six.

    It's going to be hard for the judges to differentiate the midfield finishers.

    As for a winner — its between St Keverne who gave us such a fine marker to open, Cinderford's impressive show after a dodgy start and Hatherleigh for Cheltenham. Then we go for Shrewton, Wotton and Mount Charles.

    1. St Keverne
    2. Cinderford
    3. Hatherleigh
    4. Shrewton
    5. Wotton
    6. Mount Charles

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 13:06:24

    Second Section:

    Battle hardened troops

    Not a single band has left the battlefield here today completely beaten by Kit Turnbull's super test-piece, even if a few have had a visit or two to the triage station to bind a few wounds.

    Great credit to Shrewton Silver for a fine effort — especially as they took to the field with just two solo cornets, three tubas and two perc players. The careful generalship from the MD Mike Dunford made the most of his resources though. It should more than hold its own.

    So too Cinderford — who recovered from a bugle call to arms that stuttered into life. Thereafter Chris Howley rallied his troops brilliantly for a performance that rapidly grew in impressive stature.

    Finally, a bold account from Dunston, richly coloured and characterised even if the intonation may just cost them today. In the mix with a host of others battling for a potential mention off the stage.

    Nothing decided yet as the last band prepares to take the stage.

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 12:49:23

    Fourth Section:

    Half time thoughts...

    Twe have just reached half time here in the Fourth Section — and its been great stuff.

    The last band before the break saw a healthy opening from Brunel Brass Academy, but most definitely secure.

    MD does well to make the effects work as well as they do. The players deserve so much credit as well for the amount of detail they were able to dig out. Overall a very well controlled account, with only the slightest of blips around the stand. Maybe just lost a bit of focus as the piece comes to a close, but still a fantastic performance.

    We've had such an enjoyable morning here in Torquay listening to the bands, and my word the standard has been high.

    Each band has had so much to admire, but the standouts for me were Nailsworth Silver, Brunel Brass Academy and Bideford Town Band.

    Nailsworth had such a good understanding of the piece — they really did squeeze every last ounce of magic out of the piece.

    Brunel Brass Academy gave such a dazzling rendition of Neverland, the amount of detail they dug out was brilliant, and some of the effects that were heard, wow.

    Bideford Town Band did suffer from an untidy start, but they recovered well, and still managed to produce a stunning performance.

    At the break for us its:
    1. Nailsworth Silver
    2. Brunel Brass Academy
    3. Bideford Town

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 12:35:38

    embedded picture

    Cory's Mr Benn...

    Cory's star percussionist Steve 'Weeny' Jones is helping with the percussion teams here today — and giving advice to the players young and old to ensure they get to grips with instruments that they may be playing on for the first time.

    The odd thing though is that each time he take to the stage he has to move the wind chimes, which make it sound as if he's just come into the fancy dress shop like Mr Benn.

    As if by magic... he may appear as a spaceman or medieval knight for the next band...

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 12:29:11

    Fourth Section:

    Neverland never sounded better

    Another great trio here.

    A very brave performance from the youngsters of Cheltenham Silver Academy. It was such a pleasure to watch the band battle through the piece and produce a very credible account indeed.

    A real highlight of this performance for me were the horns who played beautifully in all of their tutti lines, also a special mention for the small lad on principal, who led the band with such maturity. Well done all.

    Another young band, but this time its Chalford Academy — and it was equally as enjoyable as the previous band. We've heard some fantastic percussion work so far today, and Chalford were no different.

    They really did help the band tick along to what was such a fantastic performance. Soloists were all outstanding, and that second movement (although slightly over tempo) was so pretty.

    Bideford Town Band opening was fairly untidy, which is a shame because once bar 11 struck it really went off. Played a such a brisk tempo, but all under control, and played with such brilliance.

    Trombones were the stand out section for me in this performance, some fantastic section work going on. This was a performance right from the top drawer, a very low error count, and after the first 10 bars, a real treat to listen to.

    This is going to be a hard one to sort out for the judges!!

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 12:22:43

    Fourth Section:

    A potential Cheltenham qualifier then...?

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 12:11:24

    Second Section:

    Starting to warm up

    After a cracking start to the contest here, its been more about modest, admirable, hard working, determined consistency — although we may just have heard a couple of bands that could force their way into potential Cheltenham reckoning.

    First up was a solid effort from South Molton Town (with Regional Secretary Sue Oldfield on perc) with one that had its moments and emerged from the fray in credit, whilst Hatherleigh Silver showed just why they have been one of the most impressive bands moving up through the sections here in recent times.

    Bold, confident and stylish, it had the occasional ragged moment or two, but it was a performance packed with character.

    The same to say about Wotton-under-Edge. Lots of stylish energy just tarnished by a couple of noticeable unforced errors and moments of unease, but the underlying sense of colourful musicality wasn't compromised. Two super young perc players certainly played their part.

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 11:50:47

    Fourth Section:

    Great trio to start

    Off we go in the Fourth Section..

    A hardworking account from Test Valley Brass, but unfortunately not everything came off for them. They struggled with general intonation from the off and a lot of detail was lost due to the hall. You get a feeling this could be a problem for a l t of bands today, so they'll have to work extra hard to dig it out.

    Overall a fairly solid performance with a fairly low error account, but some added fairy glitter might have been the solution.

    Moving onto Nailsworth who also suffered from intonation issues at the beginning. But once bar 11 hits, my word it's wonderful stuff.

    There is such a great understanding of the music, and everything is played with such ease. The percussion really help to add magic to this performance. Nothing overdone or overblown, it's just a real delight to listen to. Bravo.

    Saltash Town bring an end to the first 3 bands, and what a trio of bands they were.

    Although not as much detail was heard in this performance as previously heard, there is still so much admire. Dynamically this has been brilliant. There was a slight halt towards the end of the first movement, but this was resolved quickly. The second movement was beautiful, the smallest of blips in some solo lines, but this really doesn't detract much. Another fine performance to add to what has been an enjoyable contest so far.

    Let's hope it continues!!

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 11:45:53

    Fourth Section:

    He's been a busy lad these last few weekends...

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 11:06:31

    Second Section:

    More medals for Borodino battle action...

    This really has been an enjoyable start to the weekend here in Torquay, made more so by the colourful endeavour and musical character the first seven bands before the comfort break brought to the stage.

    Mount Charles, a band that has battle honours at Championship level here in the past, certainly rekindled a few former glories with a performance that grew in stature, solidity and passion the longer it went on — helped by a super perc section.

    Lots to enjoy from Lydney Town too, after they got over a slightly hesitant start and found their marching boots, whilst the same went for Phoenix Brass (Crewkerne). Both bands suffered with intonation troubles in the more exposed parts (the tricky beginning in particular) but once they got past those hurdles they grew in collective confidence and the soloists shone.

    Special mention to the cornet of Lydney and the solo trombone of Phoenix — both playing with stylish intent.

    New Forest Brass rounded things off with a spirited effort — again, aided by two indefatigable perc players, sweet sop and juicy bass trom.

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 10:49:26

    embedded picture


    Fourth Section:

    Test Piece: Neverland (Christopher Bond)
    Saturday 14th March
    The Arena
    Commence: 11.00am
    Adjudicators: Gary Davies & Nicholas Garman

    1. Test Valley Brass (John Heritage)
    2. Nailsworth Silver (Anri Adachi)
    3. Saltash Town (Ross Farr-Semmens)
    4. Cheltenham Silver Academy (Colin Forster)
    5. Chalford Academy (Steve Tubb)
    6. Bideford Town Band (Mark Durham)
    7. Brunel Brass Academy (Ben Halstead)
    8. Shaftesbury Town Silver (Martin Hill)
    9. Redruth Town (Mark Arnold)
    10. Okehampton Excelsior Silver (Robert Julian)
    11. Torbay Brass (Joe Rowlands)
    12. Illogan Sparnon Silver (Shaun Marsden)
    13. Wincanton Silver (James White)
    14. Tewkesbury Town (Andrea Price)

    Withdrawn: Shanklin Town Brass (IoW) (Malcolm Lewis); Tiverton Town (John Fitton)

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 10:40:34

    Second Section:

    The Adventure of the Six Napoleons

    embedded picture

    There is a bit of a tenuous connection with the world's most famous private detective with today's piece — after the next band at least.

    The Sherlock Holmes tale of 'The Adventure of the Six Napoleons' is a great tale of who he solved the mystery of why someone was breaking into houses to smash a plaster bust of the great general but stealing nothing else.

    Holmes finally catches the criminal to reveal a tale of the Victorian Italian mafia, a doomed love tryst and a hidden black pearl that once belonged to the infamous Borgias...

    Jeremy Brett is a brilliantly twitchy, feline Holmes...

    Six Napoleons will soon come and go here, but which one has the hidden pearl of a title winner hidden in their musical bust?

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 09:56:38

    Second Section:

    A cracking start to the day...

    After the warm welcome, clear advice on health and safety and a quick step National Anthem it's been a cracking start to the contest day here in Torquay.

    The audience is not noticeably larger or smaller than usual here at this time of the morning (although they do understandably seem a bit more spaced out — literally not metaphorically!) — and they have had plenty to enjoy with the first three contenders.

    There was a a super marker laid down by St Keverne — all colour, character and excitement played with a free flowing style, followed by the neat precision and compactness of sound from Denmead Brass. Two very different approaches by the MDs but each with a marked sense of Franco/Russian style — all puffed out bluff and minor keyed melancholy.

    A determined effort too from Weston Brass under the baton of the Geordie Napoleon Lewis Wilkinson — again full of spirit and well observed musical intentions.

    Hope this continues...

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 09:28:57

    A very different pre-contest performance....

    Midsomer Norton & Radstock Band took an understandable decision to withdraw from the contest here in Torquay, although they still gave it their all in a performance of Kit Turnbull's Second Section test-piece..

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 09:07:40

    embedded picture


    Second Section:

    Test Piece: The Golden Sabre — Tales of the Hussar-Poet, Denis Davydov (Kit Turnbull)
    The Forum
    Commence: 9.00am
    Adjudicators: Chris King & John Winterflood

    1. St Keverne (Karl Long)
    2. Denmead Brass (Estelle Flood)
    3. Weston Brass (Lewis Wilkinson)
    4. Mount Charles (Jeremy Taylor)
    5. Lydney Town (Sion Rhys Jones)
    6. Phoenix Brass (Crewkerne) (David Boorer)
    7. New Forest Brass (Ian Luxford)
    8. South Molton Town (Gil Taylor)
    9. Hatherleigh Silver (Nick West)
    10. Wotton-under-Edge & District (Ian Dickinson)
    11. Shrewton Silver (Mike Dunford)
    12. Cinderford (Chris Howley)
    13. Downton (Paul Williams)
    14. Bream Silver (Hugh Bamford)

    Withdrawn: Midsomer Norton & Radstock Silver (Joanne Sykes)

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 08:25:26

    Good morning from Torquay

    An early morning trip down to the coast for the warm welcome that always awaits from the Regional Committee here at the West of England Regional Championships.

    We understand that there have been some withdrawals due to very understandable reasons, but as yet these have not been officially confirmed.

    We will bring you further news as well as the draws for the three sections that take place today, as soon as appropriate.

    Iwan Fox

  • West of EnglandSaturday 14, 02:56:51

    Saturday action in Torquay

    Lots to enjoy here in Torquay today with three sections taking place. It starts with the Second Section at 9.00am in The Forum whilst the Fourth Section gets underway at 10.00am in The Arena. The First Section bands are due to commence following the conclusion on the Second Section some time after 2.00pm.

    First Section:

    Saturday 14th March
    Test Piece: Legacy (Tom Davoren)
    The Forum
    Commence: Not before 2.00pm
    Draw: Noon
    Adjudicators: Dr Chris Davis OBE & Jacob Dijkstra

    A W Parker (Drybrook) (Joshua Ruck)
    Andover Town (Steve Large)
    Bodmin Town (John Maines)
    Brunel Brass (Daniel Hall)
    Camborne Junior Contesting (Alan Pope BEM)
    City of Bristol Brass (Ian Holmes)
    Forest of Dean Brass (Gareth Ritter)
    Glastonbury Brass (Daniel Shave)
    Helston Town (John Berryman)
    Hyde (Nigel Seaman)
    Lanner & District Silver (Aaron Harvey)
    Otterbourne Brass (Jonathan Lush-Camps)
    Roche Brass (David Johnson)
    Sherborne Town (Jonathan Lush-Camps)
    Sidmouth Town (Adrian Harvey)
    Soundhouse Brass (Lee Clayson)
    St Austell Town (Iain McKnight)
    St Pinnock (Colin Hudson)

    Second Section:

    Test Piece: The Golden Sabre — Tales of the Hussar-Poet, Denis Davydov (Kit Turnbull)
    Saturday 14th March
    The Forum
    Commence: 9.00am
    Draw: 8.00am
    Adjudicators: Chris King & John Winterflood

    Bream Silver (Hugh Bamford)
    Cinderford (Chris Howley)
    Denmead Brass (Estelle Flood)
    Downton (Paul Williams)
    Hatherleigh Silver (Nick West)
    Lydney Town (Sion Rhys Jones)
    Midsomer Norton & Radstock Silver (Joanne Sykes)
    Mount Charles (Jeremy Taylor)
    New Forest Brass (Ian Luxford)
    Phoenix Brass (Crewkerne) (David Boorer)
    Shrewton Silver (Mike Dunford)
    South Molton Town (Gil Taylor)
    St Keverne (Karl Long)
    Weston Brass (Lewis Wilkinson)
    Wotton-under-Edge & District (Ian Dickinson)

    Fourth Section:

    Test Piece: Neverland (Christopher Bond)
    Saturday 14th March
    The Arena
    Commence: 11.00am
    Draw: 10.00am
    Adjudicators: Gary Davies & Nicholas Garman

    Bideford Town Band (Mark Durham)
    Brunel Brass Academy (Ben Halstead)
    Chalford Academy (Steve Tubb)
    Cheltenham Silver Academy (Colin Forster)
    Illogan Sparnon Silver (Shaun Marsden)
    Nailsworth Silver (Anri Adachi)
    Okehampton Excelsior Silver (Robert Julian)
    Redruth Town (Mark Arnold)
    Saltash Town (Ross Farr-Semmens)
    Shaftesbury Town Silver (Martin Hill)
    Shanklin Town Brass (IoW) (Malcolm Lewis)
    Test Valley Brass (John Heritage)
    Tewkesbury Town (Andrea Price)
    Tiverton Town (John Fitton)
    Torbay Brass (Joe Rowlands)
    Wincanton Silver (James White)

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