2020 Regional Championships
Scotland - As it happened

All the action from the 2020 Scottish Regional Championships — as it happened.

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 20:49:22

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    2020 Champion: the cooperation band

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    Second Place: Bon Accord

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    Third Place: Kirkintilloch Kelvin


    Championship Section:

    Test Piece: A Tale as Yet Untold (Philip Sparke)
    Adjudicators: Dave Barringer & Sandy Smith

    1. the cooperation band (Russell Gray): 93 ***
    2. Bon Accord Silver (Adam Cooke): 91**
    3. Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass (Thomas Wyss): 90
    4. Whitburn (Joseph Cook): 89*
    5. Unison Kinneil (Raymond Tennant): 88
    6. Kirkintilloch (Chris King): 87
    7. Dalmellington Band (Erik Janssen): 86
    8. Newtongrange Silver (Andrew Duncan): 84
    9. Dunaskin Doon (Paul Drury): 81
    10. Bo'ness & Carriden (Glyn Williams):80

    *Pre-qualified for National Final
    ** Qualify for National Final
    ***Qualify to represent Scotland at European Championships in Malmo in 2021

    Best Soprano Cornet: Scott Forrest (Whitburn)
    Best Cornet: the cooperation band
    Best Horn/Flugel: the cooperation band
    Best Baritone: the cooperation band
    Best Euphonium: the cooperation band
    Best Trombone: Bon Accord Silver
    Best Bass Section: the cooperation band
    Best Bass: the cooperation band
    Best Percussion Section: Bon Accord Silver

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 19:32:11

    Championship Section:

    Malcolm Wood's round up and Prediction:

    It’s been a really intriguing contest where the demands of Sparke’s musical tale has really shown its teeth here today. Some bands we suspect will be glad the contest is done and dusted.

    With Whitburn’s pre qualification for London not just securing a return visit but opening the door for another band to gain qualification, its ensured a fascinating contest right till the end. There a few bands very much on a par that could either sneak the qualification or miss out altogether.

    Russell Gray’s co-operation band drew kelly’s eye today but the strength of the reading coupled with classy playing would raise our eyebrows if they don’t head to London as champion once again.

    Then the fun begins. Whitburn’s fine account could have its nose pushed out of joint by Unison, Kinneil, Kirkintilloch or Newtongrange depending on what the judges want. There was some cultured readings (whilst not flawless) that could sway things on the minutest of detail or interpretation.

    The results ceremony is expected to start around 7.55pm

    4BR Prediction:

    1. the co-operation band
    2. Whitburn
    3. Unison Kinneil
    4. Newtongrange
    5. Kirkintilloch
    DH: Dalmellington

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 19:30:42

    Championship Section:

    10. Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass (Thomas Wyss)

    A measured and thoughtful reading from Thomas Wyss brings to an end the contest. The musicians were tested at times but held their nerve.

    There was a good sense of security in the first movement although there were some rough edges but there was detail and persuasive dynamics.

    There was more common sense in the central section. Set out with intent not to create too many problems and let the music flow with fluidity and sensitivity. The solo lines gave the players chance to breathe and not get worried over any tense moments. The chorale and the close really strike a chord.

    The close was fast, frenetic and a touch uneven in places, but again the quality did come through it just needed more security and hints of tiredness crept in towards the end.

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 19:01:59

    Championship Section:

    9. Newtongrange Silver (Andrew Duncan)

    A measured reading from Andrew Duncan that had lots to admire. We spot one of the finest baritones of her generation, Anne Crookston in the ranks, even after her busy judging weekend.

    It wasn't without its flaws and tetchy moments but it was knitted together with understanding of the score from the MD.

    That was apparent from the pace of the opening was marked and delivered. The dynamics and balances were tasty and whilst not everything came off with technical execution, the way it was structured supported the music so well.

    There was more of the same in the middle section. A meandering flow that comforted the solo lines and the tenderness of the chorale. Lovely, lovely close.

    The finale was a touch edge of the seat at times by it sure held its sprite and sparkle. And it maintained its intentions right to the end.

    Squeaky bum time in the race for the additional London spot and one not to be discounted.

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 18:37:04

    Championship Section:

    8. Unison Kinneil (Raymond Tennant)

    Not the first account today that never sounded at ease technically or musically from the off.

    The opening wasn’t bad at all although the dynamics could have been tighter but there was nervousness on show.

    Whether it was nerves or just caution, there was unease in the central section. The ensemble flowed there was just more solidity needed from the solo lines. The ensemble was a little bit edgy at times.

    The finale was where they shone the most brightly. The music had the drive and when it clicked this was the type of form that had brought them success last year. Tiredness crept in, but that was a reminder of the leap from First Section to the top level.

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 18:02:23

    Championship Section:

    7. Kirkintilloch (Chris King)

    A reading of tasteful elegance from the MD that allowed the music to flow and the players to shine. There was a real purposefulness to the musicality.

    The opening movement was full of measured detail and energy. It allowed for confident and compact playing.

    The central section was well shaped and well delivered with cadenzas that made their mark even with a nervous twitch at times. The underlying pulse was solid and it allowed the MD to shape things the way he wanted. The percussion bells make their presence felt behind the soprano chair.

    The finale was sprightly and whilst it was on the edge at times, really playful and bubbly. The firm reserves of energetic and stylish intent and a heck of a close.

    Not a winner, but my oh my its put the cat amongst the pigeons in the race for London. Could be nowhere but could also deliver a surprise today

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 17:36:39

    Championship Section:

    6. Bon Accord Silver (Adam Cooke)

    An enjoyable musical approach from an MD whose conducting stock is rising. Adam Cooke brought the score to life even though there were some fragilities at times with the dynamics a touch wayward at times.

    The opening movement had with real musical purpose and a lovely stylish endeavour. There were some lovely moments mixed in with inconsistencies. The musical intentions were there but never fully at ease.

    The central section was similar — some delightful moments and frustrating blemishes Loved the musical intentions from the middle.

    The close is nifty on the feet which maintained drive and a lovely pulse. There is hints of tiredness creeping in so again well done MD for keeping power reserves under control. It needed a touch more razor sharp precision at times. The close got a touch robust at times,but what a fine reading

    This is an MD that's working with Allan Withington at Stavanger. The influence of the esteemed MD were there.

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 17:10:55

    Championship Section:

    5. Bo’ness & Carriden (Glyn Williams)

    An account that was led by persuasive artistic ideas and intent from Glyn Williams on display today.

    The opening was in the main secure, with the just odd suspicious moment, but supported by detailed ensemble and effective dynamics.

    There's quality in the central section. The cadenzas were given freedom time and space to be delivered.The close was done so tastefully and tenderly. Right from the soul of the MDs heart.

    The finale was delivered lucidly. The MD kept the pulse flowing and whilst there was the odd moment of unease in ensemble it didn't lose its taut effect.

    The close was handled intelligently — it allowed for bold intent without becoming overwrought

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 16:43:21

    Championship Section:

    4. Whitburn (Joseph Cook)

    A fine musical account from Whitburn. The opening was full of great attention to detail that really built with its intensity and drive.

    The quality of the solo lines was delicious supported by the control of the ensemble. A touch of sentimentality shining through the playing here — so tastefully delivered.

    The central section just had you yearning for more — shaped with so much tender care by the conductor without being too self indulgent. It drew you in and gripped you with the cadenzas that had authority about them. Delightful close that you didn't want to finish.

    The finale was full of bite with the cultural feel maintained with a real purpose. The gear change was slick and had real intensity about it.

    This was Whitburn on fine form and the locals will have their loyalties but a toss of a coin as to whether you'd prefer band 1 or 4

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 16:18:03

    Championship Section:

    3. Dalmellington Band (Erik Janssen)

    A 'tale' that was told courtesy of a very astute and intelligent approach from the MD, Erik Janssen. He not only maximised what his in front of him but got them to lift their game when it counted.

    The opening had a lovely sheen to it, detailed and great dynamics. There was a great deal of respect for the music and the MD took care of it like a treasured possession. What great musicality in the melodic lines.

    The central section is luscious and the MD thrives on it. The cadenzas are tasteful (well done euph) The MD takes an odd risk or two at times on the phrase endings, but boy he believes in his players and allows the music to flow with freedom.

    The finale is tasty very tasty — kept a pace they could handle that was full of energy and momentum. The change of gear wasn't seamless but by heck it was full on as and led to a great close.

    Bravo for that MD and just remember folks with Whitburn pre qualified two additional bands are going to be invited to London.

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 15:52:03

    Championship Section:

    2. Dunaskin Doon (Paul Drury)

    A performance that never quite sounded totally comfortable both technically or musically from early on.

    The opening dynamically was a touch wayward and it yearned for more solidity and security.

    The cautious approach was noticeable again in the middle movement. Here it need more fluidity at times and the soloists were tenacious without being completely relaxed. The end section was nice and tender though

    The finale saw them really to start to find their feet, but their was scrappiness and unevenness. The music had the drive and urgency but it just needed a touch more lightness of touch to make you sit up.

    A reminder in many ways that this is a real test at this level.

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 15:23:27

    Championship Section:

    1. the cooperation band (Russell Gray)

    The defending champion took to the stage as defending champion and left having delivered a very powerful and persuasive marker in their bid to retain the title.

    Typical Russell Gray in his musical approach; crystal clear in what how he wanted the piece to unfold. Wonderful colouring in addition to balance and textures. There was anticipation and fragility in the euphonium solo and he delivered it so beautifully.

    The opening was so bold, rich in dynamics but razor sharp. The detail was vivid. MD was in his element in central section—the emotional element is heartfelt but not overdone, but left you with chill in the heart. Well done euph — it was such an impressive cadenza.

    The opening of the concluding movement was deliciously delicate and then things moved as each dynamic step burned brightly. The end was right on the edge but boy what a marker.

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 14:44:03


    Championship Section:

    Test Piece: A Tale as Yet Untold (Philip Sparke)
    Adjudicators: Dave Barringer & Sandy Smith
    Draw: 1.30pm
    Commences: 2.30pm at conclusion of Section 4b

    1. the cooperation band (Russell Gray)
    2. Dunaskin Doon (Paul Drury)
    3. Dalmellington Band (Erik Janssen)
    4. Whitburn (Joseph Cook)
    5. Bo'ness & Carriden (Glyn Williams)
    6. Bon Accord Silver (Adam Cooke)
    7. Kirkintilloch (Chris King)
    8. Unison Kinneil (Raymond Tennant)
    9. Newtongrange Silver (Andrew Duncan)
    10. Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass (Thomas Wyss)

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 14:43:02

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    2020 Champion: Newland Concert Brass

    embedded picture
    Second Place: Kilmarnock Concert Brass

    embedded picture
    Third Place: Peebles

    embedded picture
    Youngest tuba: Adam Riddiough (aged 13)

    embedded picture
    Best Instrumentalist: Karen Heenan (cornet) — Newland Concert Brass


    Fourth Section:

    Test Piece: Neverland (Christopher Bond)
    Adjudicators: Anne Crookston & Jappie Dijkstra

    1. Newland Concert Brass (Simon Railton): 90*
    2. Kilmarnock Concert Brass (Scott Walker): 88*
    3. Peebles Burgh (Peter Holmes):87
    4. Stranraer Brass (Angela Miller): 85
    5. Dundee Instrumental (Robert McDonald): 83
    6. Callander Brass (Ian Milligan): 82
    7. Brass Sounds Inverclyde (Wendy McCorkell):81
    8. Hawick Saxhorn (Stuart Black): 80
    9. MacTaggart Scott (George Cameron):79
    10. Bon Accord Silver 'B' (Jennifer Cook): 78
    11. Coalburn Intermediate (David Fehilly): 77
    12. Forfar Instrumental (Donald Innes): 76
    13. Dunfermline Town (Andy Shaw): 75
    14. Queensferry Community Brass (James Anderson):74

    Best Instrumentalist: Karen Heenan (cornet) Newland Concert Brass
    Youngest BBb Tuba Player: Adam Riddiough (aged 13)

    *Qualify for National Final

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 14:04:09

    Section 4B:

    Into the future

    The past hour has been an absolute joy with bands who are youthful and not at contesting level yet entertaining the audience with mentor Gareth Bowman watching.

    We’re now awaiting a solo from a recent Scottish Champion before the Fourth Section

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 13:14:45

    Fourth Section:

    Round up and Prediction:

    What an enjoyable contest, Christopher Bond's 'Neverland' has served up this morning and regardless of where bands are placed, congratulations to all for coming and giving it your all.

    Queensferry Community Brass led by James Anderson (the same name, but not the England cricketer) and Bon Accord 'B' with just more percussionists than the bass section gave rousing renditions.

    The fourteen bands is the biggest section of all five and once again the Scots have shown that they have solid foundations for bands to move forward in the coming years.

    It's fair to say that the standard has varied at times here with the bands that have put together performances containing the basics and characteristics of the music looking to feature in the results ceremony later on.

    Peebles Burgh, the late show from Bon Accord 'B', Kilmarnock Concert, MacTaggart Scott, Newland Concert really caught our eyes

    Results ceremony not before 1.45 we think.

    4BR Prediction:

    1. Peebles Burgh
    2. Kilmarnock Concert
    3. Newland Concert

    Dark Horses: MacTaggart Scott and Bon Accord 'B'

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 13:05:58

    Section 4B:

    Watch live on Youtube

    We are about to bring you our closing thoughts on the Fourth Section but the action has gone straight into Section 4B which is live now on SBBA’s Youtube channel.

    Three bands playing a variety of repertoire with Gareth Bowman sat in the open observing.

    Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=thesbba

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 12:26:05

    Heading towards the Fourth Section finishing line

    Twelve bands have now played in under three hours (bravo the stage crew management team led by a hands on SBBA President) and once again, we've heard engaging accounts that have brought the piece to life.

    Peebles Burgh were terrific, with a great cornet lead, whilst Callander Brass had a lighter sound than others today, but it never detracted from the account. Brass Sounds Inverclyde demonstrated what this section should be about: nowhere near a full compliment, but they've come and participated and did brilliantly. Bravo.

    Picking the podium order will be interesting and that's down Anne Crookston and Jappie Dijkstra to deliver the official decision. We are they have enjoyed this contest as much as we have.

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 12:09:58

    Check out the SBBA Youtube channel

    The competitions on stage are the most important aspect of the weekend but SBBA are like other contests, businesses and individuals in life, they know they have to reach out to a wider audience by other means.

    The social media team is so proactive so In addition to their facebook, twitter accounts, their Youtube channel gives them a chance to bring a flavour of the weekend your technical device.

    The interviews with judges before a note blown gives an insight into what they're looking for.

    They've been streaming the results ceremonies online and Section 4B which will start at 1pm will be live streamed as well.

    With lots of players here from their National Youth Bands set up, we have heard whispers that some of them will be intent on interviewing their banding heroes. The name of Glyn Williams, Cory's principal euphonium, has been mentioned in dispatches and he'll be here later conducting, so it will be interesting to see just who catches up with him along later.

    To check out the Youtube channel go to https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=thesbba

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 11:54:03

    Nine completed, five to go in Perth

    Dunfermline Town, Forfar Instrumental and MacTaggart Scott are the latest to come on stage and disappear in the blink of an eye here in the Fourth Section. All three were full of vibrancy led by conductors who know where the challenges of the piece were and they worked hard to ensure the players stay focused.

    We had a couple that nearly really nailed it with MacTaggart Scott catching the ear. We've also been impressed by the way the cornet players are tackling their solo lines. Yes, there's the odd nervous twitch, but we have heard some fine sounding players.

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 11:10:19

    Super, Smashing, Great

    The comedian Jim Bowen was well known for his catchphrase on the tv show 'Bullseye' — "Super, Smashing, Great", which is an apt way to describe the latest trio of bands on stage here in Perth.

    Dundee Instrumental, Coalburn Intermediate and Kilmarnock Concert Brass have all delivered accounts with smiles on their faces, despite being faced with the difficult challenges of the piece at times.

    Terrific to see Coalburn Intermediate make the step up to the competitive world of banding. It was a fine show too, full of confidence and belief. So too was Kilmarnock whose neatly composed account could provide the judges with food for thought.

    And they're whizzing on and off stage in quick time here as well. Half of the section completed in a just over 90 minutes.

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 10:13:29

    Loving the Neverland music

    Before a note had been blown a couple of players from a band said to 4BR they'd be gutted not to be playing 'Neverland' after today, but hoped the MD will use on the concert stage. The players admitted they'd been going home singing it as it was fun to play.

    Not words you'll always hear about every test piece, but ones which have echoed the first three bands of the day (and from what has gone on around the UK).

    In a competitive sense, Stranraer faced some challenges off number one whilst Newland's horn team certainly made an impression off number two. Finally, there was a slick reading from Hawick Saxhorn.

    Long way to go though with another eleven, but really such enjoyable stuff.

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 09:34:34

    Fourth Section:

    Off we go in Perth

    An early start again but what a fine way to spend a Sunday morning listening to 14 bands on a great piece. No comfort break we gather (unless needed by judges) and then its straight into the non competitive 4b section and there will be a soloist feature before the results ceremonies for both sections in the early afternoon.

    Good luck all.

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 09:20:35


    Fourth Section:

    Test Piece: Neverland (Christopher Bond)
    Adjudicators: Anne Crookston & Jappie Dijkstra
    Commences: 9.30am

    1. Stranraer Brass (Angela Miller)
    2. Newland Concert Brass (Simon Railton)
    3. Hawick Saxhorn (Stuart Black)
    4. Dundee Instrumental (Robert McDonald)
    5. Coalburn Intermediate (David Fehilly)
    6. Kilmarnock Concert Brass (Scott Walker)
    7. Dunfermline Town (Andy Shaw)
    8. Forfar Instrumental (Donald Innes)
    9. MacTaggart Scott (George Cameron)
    10. Peebles Burgh (Peter Holmes)
    11. Callander Brass (Ian Milligan)
    12. Brass Sounds Inverclyde (Wendy McCorkell)
    13. Queensferry Community Brass (James Anderson)
    14. Bon Accord Silver B (Jennifer Cook)

  • ScotlandSunday 8, 08:48:16

    Sunday line-ups in Perth

    The fourth section gets us underway here in Perth at 9.30am. This is followed by the three bands competing in the unique 4b Section. If all goes to plan then the Championship Section bands are set to take the stage around 2.30pm.

    Championship Section:

    Test Piece: A Tale as Yet Untold (Philip Sparke)
    Sunday 8th March

    Adjudicators: Dave Barringer & Sandy Smith
    Draw: 1.30pm
    Commences: 2.30pm at conclusion of Section 4b

    Bon Accord Silver (Adam Cooke)
    Bo'ness & Carriden (Glyn Williams)
    the cooperation band (Russell Gray)
    Dalmellington Band (Erik Janssen)
    Dunaskin Doon (Paul Drury)
    Kirkintilloch (Chris King)
    Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass (Thomas Wyss)
    Newtongrange Silver (Andrew Duncan)
    Unison Kinneil (Raymond Tennant)
    Whitburn (Joseph Cook)

    Fourth Section:

    Sunday 8th March
    Test Piece: Neverland (Christopher Bond)
    Adjudicators: Anne Crookston & Jappie Dijkstra
    Commences: 9.30am

    Bon Accord Silver 'B' (Jennifer Cook)
    Brass Sounds Inverclyde (Wendy McCorkell)
    Callander Brass (Ian Milligan)
    Coalburn Intermediate (David Fehilly)
    Dundee Instrumental (Robert McDonald)
    Dunfermline Town (Andy Shaw)
    Forfar Instrumental (Donald Innes)
    Hawick Saxhorn (Stuart Black)
    Kilmarnock Concert Brass (Scott Walker)
    MacTaggart Scott (George Cameron)
    Newland Concert Brass (Simon Railton)
    Peebles Burgh (Peter Holmes)
    Queensferry Community Brass (James Anderson)
    Stranraer Brass (Angela Miller)

    4b Section:

    Sunday 8th March
    Adjudicator: Gareth Bowman
    Draw: Pre drawn
    Commences: at the conclusion of Fourth Section

    Esk Valley Brass (Alan Fernie)
    Brass Central Strathearn (Tom Smith)
    Clackmannan District Youth (Luci Lamb)

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 21:18:33

    embedded picture
    2020 Champion: Kingdom Brass

    embedded picture
    2020 Champion: Kingdom Brass

    embedded picture
    Second Place: Bathgate Band

    embedded picture
    Third Place: Johnstone Band

    embedded picture
    Best Horn: Claire Kimm (Newmilns & Galston)


    First Section:

    Test Piece: Legacy (Tom Davoren)
    Adjudicators: Anne Crookston & Jappie Dijkstra

    1. Kingdom Brass (Ian Porthouse): 94*
    2. Bathgate (Craig Anderson): 92*
    3. Johnstone Band (Mark Good): 90
    4. Newmilns & Galston Band (Mark James): 89
    5. Dalkeith & Monktonhall (James Chamberlain): 88
    6. Granite City Brass (Bruce Wallace): 87
    7. Coalburn Silver (Gareth Bowman): 86
    8. Campbeltown Brass (Stephanie Mitchell): 85
    9. Newmains & District (Michael Marzella): 84
    10. Tullis Russell (Ray Munday): 82

    Best Instrumentalist: David Prentice (cornet) Kingdom Brass
    Best Horn: Claire Kimm (Newmilns & Galston)

    *Qualify for National Final

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 20:39:10

    First Section:

    Malcolm Wood's round up and prediction:

    A determined account from Newmilns & Galston brings to end a contest where the First Section bands have found 'Legacy' to be a real musical test at this level.

    The conductors that understood the music brought it out from their ensembles in fine style. Then there were other MDs who decided that an alternative musical path would be favourable. Too much passion or not enough emotion within the music? Some bands may be ruing their fortunes later.

    The results around 9.00pm will ascertain which path was right and wrong. We think it is third time lucky for Kingdom Brass and then after that, any band from a few could sneak in..

    Bathgate, Johnstone Silver, Newmains, Granite City or a safer reading from Newmilns? This could go any number of ways it really could

    4BR Prediction:

    1. Kingdom Brass
    2. Newmilns & Galston
    3. Bathgate
    4. Johnstone Silver

    Dark Horse: Newmains

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 20:12:43

    First Section:

    More interesting and baffling takes on Legacy

    We have heard nine bands now in Perth and the piece continues to create challenges for the ensembles.

    The latest trio of Coalburn Silver, Bathgate and Tullis Russell all demonstrated accounts that had merit but also needed more astute leadership from the conductors….

    Coalburn was melodic, Bathgate robust and Tullis (with John Miller on top man) lyrical, but each of them could have taken a notch or two off the dynamic in the final movement.

    One to go though, Newmilns & Galston

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 19:24:59

    Legacy leaving its musical mark in Scotland

    Tom Davoren's 'Legacy' has certainly divided opinion in the past couple of weeks. It's providing an opportunity to demonstrate their strengths and weaknesses at this level. It's sorting them out north of the border as they take a musical path that some are clearly more comfortable with than others.

    Dalkeith didn't always have the security but the music really came through. Johnstone with Mark Good at the helm was an astute reading from the young MD where the band rose to the challenge. Granite City was a bit on the edge at times.

    Four to go and Cheltenham up for grabs.

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 18:30:42

    Early Scottish Legacy thoughts

    The final section of the day is the First Section here in Perth and Tom Davoren's Legacy is really tickling the taste buds of the bands.

    Kingdom Brass, Campbeltown and Newmains & District have delivered three different accounts in terms of standard.

    A week ago Ian Porthouse drew first with Tredegar and they were victorious. Six days on, its too early to say if they'll be cheering around 9.00pm tonight, but Ian's astute understanding of the piece (Tredegar commissioned it as a soprano solo) featured some fine ensemble and solo lines.

    Campbeltown was confident in how they wanted the piece to be interpreted but whilst there was lots to admire, not everything went to plan.

    The continuous meteoric musical rise through the sections didn't faze Newmains & District under Michael Marzella. So well structured and well thought out, the MD let the music flow with feeling.

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 17:33:44


    First Section:

    Test Piece: 'Legacy' — Tom Davoren
    Adjudicators: Anne Crookston & Jappie Dijkstra
    Draw: 4pm
    Commences: 5pm approx at the conclusion of the Second Section

    1. Kingdom Brass (Ian Porthouse)
    2. Campbeltown Brass (Stephanie Mitchell)
    3. Newmains & District (Michael Marzella)
    4. Dalkeith and Monktonhall (James Chamberlain)
    5. Johnstone Band (Mark Good)
    6. Granite City Brass (Bruce Wallace)
    7. Coalburn Silver (Gareth Bowman)
    8. Bathgate (Craig Anderson)
    9. Newmilns & Galston Band (Mark James)
    10. Tullis Russell (Ray Munday)

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 17:29:17

    embedded picture
    2020 Champion: Croy Silver

    embedded picture
    Second Place: Langholm Town

    embedded picture
    Third Place: Renfrew Burgh

    embedded picture
    Best Instrumentalist: Sarah Devlin


    Third Section:

    Test Piece: Endurance — narrative variations for brass band (Andrew Baker)
    Adjudicators: Dave Barringer & Sandy Smith

    1. Croy Silver (Kenneth Blackwood): 92*
    2. Langholm Town (Chris Shanks): 90*
    3. Renfrew Burgh (Mark James): 87
    4. Dysart Colliery Band (Kenneth Letham): 86
    5. Whitburn Heartlands (Ian Fleming): 85
    6. Shotts St Patrick's (Andy Shaw): 84
    7. Barrhead Burgh (Graham Dow): 83
    8. Penicuik Silver (Robert W Fraser): 82
    9. Highland Brass (Mark Bell): 81
    10. Buckhaven & Methil Band (Chris Mansfield): 80

    Best Instrumentalist: Sarah Devlin (flugel) — Croy Silver

    *Qualify for National Final

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 16:47:27

    Third Section:

    Malcolm Wood's round up and Prediction:

    The young guns of Whitburn Heartlands (supported by players of a more mature age) brings out the character of the music to close and who knows, could be worthy of a mention on stage.

    Congratulations to every single player and conductor who has been on stage today. Andrew Baker's Endurance' is a great piece of music that has really challenged the bands today in ensuring all the fundamental basics are there for a performance to be moulded around.

    This really could go any number of ways

    4BR Prediction:

    1. Croy Silver
    2. Whitburn Heartlands
    3. Dysart Colliery
    4. Shotts St Patrick

    Dark Horse: Langholm

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 16:23:09

    Who'd be a Third Section judge today?

    Dave Barringer and Sandy Smith are the two judges faced with making the only decision that matters. Apart from putting in the basics, one of the major challenges today is ensembles searching for a level of consistency on stage. It's brought out a number of uneven accounts.

    Shotts St Patrick's was a band that showed a level of consistency that could put in dispatches for a mention on stage later. So to could Highland Brass's dogged and determined reading. Barrhead was one where the conductor used his common sense to give the music a real chance to shine.

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 15:28:54

    Really putting a shift in

    You’ve got to hand it to the competing bands here who are coming off stage having given their all today. Hopefully the bars are well stocked locally because the performers will be looking to be refreshed.

    The conductors deserve a real pat on the back. The musical intentions of the MDs of Dysart Colliery, Renfrew Burgh and Buckhaven & Methil have all been impressive as they’re making life as simple and easy for the players as is possible. Bands are really being tested though with the basics of banding here whilst we have heard some fine solo contributions.

    Six down, four to go in search of victory and qualification.

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 14:34:33

    Third Section:

    Endurance test in Perth

    We are in the early stages of the contest here in Perth and as other bands have found out in recent weeks, Andrew Baker’s ‘Endurance’ is proving to be a stern test at this level. The basics are there but bringing out the character of the music, allowing the solo lines to shine without nerves etc is an interesting one.

    David Barrenger and Sandy Smith are faced with the decision today. Penicuik Silver was bold and brave off number one whilst Langholm and Croy Silver have dug deep to deliver determined accounts.

    Seven bands remain here in Perth in this section. Plenty to play for with another two spots for Cheltenham on offer.

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 13:42:25


    Third Section:

    Test Piece: ' Endurance ' narrative variations for brass band'- Andrew Baker
    Adjudicators: Dave Barringer & Sandy Smith
    Start: 1.30pm

    1. Penicuik Silver (Robert W Fraser)
    2. Langholm Town (Chris Shanks)
    3. Croy Silver (Kenneth'Blackwood)
    4. Dysart Colliery Band'(Kenneth Letham)
    5. Renfrew Burgh (Mark James)
    6. Buckhaven & Methil Band (Chris Mansfield)
    7. Shotts St Patrick's (Andy Shaw)
    8. Highland Brass'(Mark Bell)
    9. Barrhead Burgh (Graham Dow)
    10. Whitburn Heartlands' (Ian Fleming)

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 13:41:18

    embedded picture
    2020 Champion: Annan Town

    embedded picture
    2020 Champion: Annan Town

    embedded picture
    Second Place: St. Ronans

    embedded picture
    Third Place: Lochgelly

    embedded picture
    Best Instrumentalist: Mike Swale (Annan Town)


    Second Section:

    Test Piece: The Golden Sabre — Tales of the Hussar-Poet, Denis Davydov (Kit Turnbull)
    Adjudicators: Anne Crookston & Jappie Dijkstra

    1. Annan Town (Andrew Warriner): 93*
    2. St. Ronan's Silver (Gordon Jenkins): 92*
    3. Lochgelly Band (Paul McKelvie OBE): 90
    4. Irvine & Dreghorn (Lewis Bettles): 87
    5. Jedforest Instrumental (Philip Rosier): 86
    6. Clackmannan & District (Ross Brotherston): 85
    7. St. David's Brass (John A Dickson): 84
    8. Broxburn & Livingston (Charlie Farren): 82
    9. Selkirk Silver (Colin Kemp): 81
    10. Perthshire Brass (George D Annan): 80

    Best Instrumentalist: Mike Swale (trombone) Annan Town

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 12:56:10

    Second Section:

    Malcolm Wood's round up and prediction:

    Irvine & Dreghorn's purposeful reading brings us to the end of what has been a great three hours listening. Kit Turnbull's piece has been well suited to the bands with a number of performances challenged with its various elements.

    Picking a winner is not going to be easy with the bands five, six and seven, Broxburn & Livingston, Clackmannan and Lochgelly in contention fir us with St David's an outsider.

    There's a break now whilst judges decide and we think a solo performance will take place, so no results before 1.05pm

    4BR Prediction:

    1. Broxburn & Livingston
    2. Lochgelly
    3. Clackmannan
    4. Jedforest

    Dark Horse: St David's

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 12:25:32

    When your coach breaks down on contest day

    We all know that contest day is stressful enough with making sure the alarm goes off and you take everything you need with you.

    What you don't need of course is your coach breaking down en route to the venue. Twelve months ago Irvine & Dreghorn were drawn to play first in Section Three bright and early on the Saturday morning.

    Yes, you've guessed it their coach broke down. They made it on time, played, and went to Cheltenham.

    Guess what? Lightening has only gone and struck twice and the curse of the coach has happened again. The band is here though, playing tenth and obviously we don't know the result as yet

    What we do know is that Irvine and Dreghorn do not want to go for the unwanted hat trick next year!!!

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 12:22:24

    Second Section:

    This could be squeaky bum time

    It was the legendary Scot Sir Alex Ferguson who was synonymous for using the term ‘squeaky bum time’ when it got to the business end of the football season.

    We’re approaching the end of the contest here and there could be a few twitches and nervousness around from bands as they discover shortly how they’ve fayred.

    The latest trio of Clackmannan, Perthshire and Annan have all brought something to the competitive table, but have been faced with coping some of the trickier elements to varying degrees.

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 11:36:36

    Second Section:

    Bands enjoy Sabre tales

    We've had six performances of Kit Turnbull's work now and its fair to say the bands have really has delivered some enjoyable accounts. There's plenty of traps within the work and nobody has come off unscathed during their renditions on stage.

    Selkirk was a touch under-done at times whilst Broxburn & Livingstone under the experienced Charlie Farren really went for the jugular. In terms of ensemble sound, the most confident and disciplined so far.

    Lochgelly was another outfit who went for the bold approach that was so colourful and confident and this could be a tricky one to call.

    Earlier on, we mentioned bands being over-excitable and the thought remains just what the judges will think about a touch of over exuberance with excitement as opposed to exciting performances. it's a fine line.

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 10:38:13

    Early Scottish thoughts

    It’s been an enjoyable opening to the contest weekend with the bands really getting to grips with Kit Turbull's piece that (so far) seems suited to the level here.

    All three accounts from St Ronan’s, Jedforest and St David’s Brass was confident with good ensemble sounds, solo leads and percussion colour and texture.

    Bands will need to be switched on and disciplined and careful that they don’t get a touch over excitable at times and lose focus. The odd hint of giddiness could cost.

    One thing for certain though is the judges Anne Crookston and Jappie Dijkstra will know what they want in the box and having judged the same section in Blackpool two weeks ago, interesting to hear later what Anne thinks of the standard up here.

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 09:34:57

    Second Section:

    About to start

    We are about to start the weekend here with ten bands in the Second Section. Keep your eyes peeled on SBBA's Facebook, social media sites over the weekend as their PR team will be streaming the results and Section 4b tomorrow.

    Also, if all goes well there will be a couple of solo performances before results ceremonies over the weekend.

    Good luck everyone, on and off stage and enjoy.

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 09:16:26


    Second Section:

    Saturday 7th March
    Test Piece: 'The Golden Sabre — Tales of the Hussar-Poet, Denis Davydov (Kit Turnbull)
    Adjudicators: Anne Crookston & Jappie Dijkstra
    Commences: 9.30am

    1. St.Ronan's Silver (Gordon Jenkins)
    2. Jedforest Instrumental (Philip Rosier)
    3. St.David's Brass (John A Dickson)
    4. Selkirk Silver (Colin Kemp)
    5. Broxburn & Livingston (Charlie Farren)
    6. Lochgelly Band (Paul McKelvie OBE)
    7. Clackmannan & District (Ross Brotherston)
    8. Perthshire Brass (George D Annan)
    9. Annan Town (Andrew Warriner)
    10. Irvine & Dreghorn (Lewis Bettles)

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 08:08:37

    Welcome to the hall in Perth:

    Good morning and welcome to Perth for this year's Scottish Championships. It was lovely to travel north of the border yesterday without any storm force gales and rain and see the spring sunshine bringing some much needed warmth and glow to the air.

    Once again we've had a warm welcome from SBBA President, Carrie Boax, husband John, and colleagues Tom Allan and Peter Fraser who along with the army of volunteers who will run the weekend's competitions with smiles on their faces. We turned up at the hall to find everything already set up to use. It's very much appreciated.

    54 bands battle this weekend for the honours in the five sections, with not just the all important bragging rights as Scottish Champion, but qualification spots for London and Cheltenham.

    The winners of the Championship Section will receive an invitation to represent Scotland at the Europeans in Malmo in 2021. For the first time since 1998, three bands will head to Kensington iby virtue of Whitburn's pre-qualification third place finish last year.

    The Second, Third and First Sections (in that order) take place today. The Second and Third Sections have been pre-drawn with the bands already knowing when they'll be on stage.

    We start at 9.30am so we'll see you in a bit and post the draw once judges Anne Crookston and Jappie Dijkstra are in the box.

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 07:59:00

    Saturday action in Perth

    We have three sections today in Perth starting with the Second Section at 9.30am. The Third Section is due to get underway at 1.30pm followed by the First Section around 5.00pm.

    First Section:

    Saturday 7th March
    Test Piece: Legacy (Tom Davoren)
    Adjudicators: Anne Crookston & Jappie Dijkstra
    Draw: 4.00pm
    Commences: 5.00pm at the conclusion of the Second Section

    Bathgate (Craig Anderson)
    Campbeltown Brass (Stephanie Mitchell)
    Coalburn Silver (Gareth Bowman)
    Dalkeith and Monktonhall (James Chamberlain)
    Granite City Brass (Bruce Wallace)
    Johnstone Band (Mark Good)
    Kingdom Brass (Ian Porthouse)
    Newmains & District (Michael Marzella)
    Newmilns & Galston Band ((Mark James)
    Tullis Russell (Ray Munday)

    Second Section:

    Saturday 7th March
    Test Piece: The Golden Sabre — Tales of the Hussar-Poet, Denis Davydov (Kit Turnbull)
    Adjudicators: Anne Crookston & Jappie Dijkstra
    Commences: 9.30am

    Annan Town (Andrew Warriner)
    Broxburn & Livingston (Charlie Farren)
    Clackmannan & District (Ross Brotherston)
    Irvine & Dreghorn (Lewis Bettles)
    Jedforest Instrumental (Philip Rosier)
    Lochgelly Band (Paul McKelvie OBE)
    Perthshire Brass (George D Annan)
    Selkirk Silver (Colin Kemp)
    St.David's Brass (John A Dickson)
    St.Ronan's Silver (Gordon Jenkins)

    Third Section:

    Saturday 7th March
    Test Piece: Endurance — narrative variations for brass band (Andrew Baker)
    Adjudicators: Dave Barringer & Sandy Smith
    Start: 1.30pm

    Barrhead Burgh (Graham Dow)
    Buckhaven & Methil Band (Chris Mansfield)
    Croy Silver (Kenneth Blackwood)
    Dysart Colliery Band (Kenneth Letham)
    Highland Brass (Mark Bell)
    Langholm Town (Chris Shanks)
    Penicuik Silver (Robert W Fraser)
    Renfrew Burgh (Mark James)
    Shotts St Patrick's (Andy Shaw)
    Whitburn Heartlands (Ian Fleming)

  • ScotlandSaturday 7, 01:57:17

    Good morning from Perth...

    A lovely warm welcome from our Scottish hosts as usual as we get ready to enjoy a super weekend of action at Perth Concert Hall...

    More to come when we get set up and ready to go...

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