2019 SIDDIS Brass
As it happened

All the action from the 2019 SIDDIS Brass — as it happened.

  • Saturday 2, 22:05:26


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    2019 Elite Champion: Eikanger Bjorsvik

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    Elite Division prize winners

    Elite Division:

    Adjudicators: Joseph Parisi, Rieks van der Velde, Kjell Inge Torgersen

    1. Eikanger-Bjorsvik Musikklag (Reid Gilje): 10 + 99 = 109
    2. Krohnengen Brass Band (Garry Cutt): 9 + 96 = 105
    3. Manger Musikklag (Martin Philip Winter): 10 + 94 = 104
    4. Stavanger Brass Band (Allan Withington): 10 + 93 = 103
    5. Jaren Hornmusikkforening (Lars Erik Gudim): 7 + 95 = 102
    6. Bjorsvik Brass (Frode Amundsen): 7 + 91 = 98
    7. Oslo Brass Band (Kai Grinde Myrann): 7 + 90 = 97
    8. Tertnes Brass (Sindre Dalhaug): 6 + 88 = 94
    9. Kleppe Musikklag (Trond Helland): 6 + 87 = 93

    Best Soloist: William Grov Skramsett (cornet) — Manger Musikklag
    Entertainment Prize: Manger Musikklag

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    2019 First Division Champion: Askoy Brass Band

    First Division:

    Adjudicators: Morten Fagerjord & Stan Nieuwenhuis

    1. Askoy Brass Band (Svein Henrik Giske): 9 + 94 = 103
    2. Hasle Brass (Robert Solberg Nilsen): 7 + 95 = 102
    3. Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn (Rune Hannisdal): 8 + 93 = 101
    4. Rong Brass (David Morton): 8 + 91 = 99
    5. Ila Brass Band (Bjorn Breistein): 7 + 90 = 97
    6. Montebello Brass (Prof Preben Nicolai Kragh-Riesling): 8 + 86 = 94
    7. Oslofjord Brass (John Philip Hannevik): 5 + 85 = 90
    8. Flesland Musikklag (Arvid Anthun): 8 + 82 = 90
    9. Sola Brass Band (Gwyn Evans): 7 + 80 = 87

    Best Soloist: Kjetil Anundsen (horn) — Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn

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    2019 Second Division Champion: Radoy Brass Band

    Second Division:

    Adjudicators: Les Neish & Anne Crookston

    1. Radoy Brass (Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen): 8 + 94 = 102
    2. Haukas Musikklag (Egil Magnussen): 9 + 92 = 101
    3. Oster Brass (David Morton): 7 + 91 = 98
    4. Bergen Brass Band (Thor-Arne Pedersen): 7 + 89 = 96
    5. Fjell Brass (Joseph W. Cook): 6 + 88 = 94
    6. Sagvag Musikklag (Christopher King): 7 + 87 = 94
    7. Skui Brassband (Tormod Flaten): 6 + 86 = 92
    8. KOS Krohnengen Old Stars (Rune Hannisdal): 6 + 85 = 91
    9. Tysnes Musikklag (Yngve Nikolaisen): 6 + 82 = 88
    10. Alexander Brass Band (Morten E. Hansen): 6 + 83 = 87*
    11. Agder Brass (Thomas Swatland): 5 + 81 = 86
    12. Folleso Musikklag (Thorgeir Thunestvedt): 6 + 80 = 86
    13. Sorum Musikklag (Sebastian Haukas): 5 + 80 = 85

    * 2 point time penalty

    Best Soloist: Anne Britt Hermansen Vetas (trumpet) — Radoy Brass

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    2019 Third Division Champion: Gjesdal Brassband

    Third Division:

    Adjudicators: Frank Brodahl & Selmer Simonsen

    1. Gjesdal Brassband (Jonas Skartveit Rogne): 7 + 94 = 101
    2. Seim Musikklag (Torstein T. Holmas): 6 + 93 = 99
    3. Stangaland Brass (Paul Hughes): 6 + 92 = 98
    4. Laksevag Musikkforening (Fredrick Schjelderup): 7 + 90 = 97
    5. Lindas Brass (Vidar Nordli): 7 + 89 = 96
    6. Lyshornet Brass (Christian Breistein): 6 + 88 = 94
    7. Stavanger Kommunes Korps (Morten Ovrebekk): 6 + 87 = 93
    8. Hetlevik Musikklag (Sturle Berntsen): 5 + 86 = 91
    9. Rosendal Musikklag (Yngve Nikolaisen): 5 + 85 = 90
    10= Randaberg Musikkorps (Pal Magne Austnes-Underhaug): 5 + 84 = 89
    10= Tysvaer Brass (Martin Kinn): 5 + 84 = 89

    Best Soloist: Arne Stain Aarrestad (euphonium) — Gjesdal Brass Band

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    Fourth Division Champion: IMI Brass

    Fourth Division:

    Adjudicators: Adam Cooke & Lee Rigg

    1. IMI Brass (Halvor Gaard): 9 + 90 = 99
    2. Sotra Brass (Ben Hirons): 8 + 88 = 96
    3. Indre Torungen Brass Ensemble (Lars Bjornar Strengenes): 7 + 87 = 94
    4. Tasta Brass (Morten Ovrebekk): 6 + 86 = 92
    5. Norheimsund Musikklag (Patrik Randefalk): 6 + 85 = 91
    6. Riska Brass Band (Espen Westbye): 6 + 84 = 90
    7. Langhus Brass (Tomas Austestad): 7 + 82 = 89
    8. Klovheim Brass (Oddvar Nostdal): 5 + 81 = 86
    9. Musikkorpset Heimdal (Linas Dakinevicius): 6 + 79 = 85
    10. Fitjar Musikklag (Svein Roger Koppang): 5 + 79 = 84
    11. Jorpeland Musikkorps (Paul Farr): 6 + 78 = 84
    12. Karmsund Brass (Steinar Andsnes): 6 + 77 = 83

    Best Soloist: Torunn Asebo (horn) — Norheimsund Musikklag

  • Saturday 2, 18:48:58

    Final round up and prediction:

    As always there has been plenty to talk about with the performances in the Elite Division today.

    Entertainment comes in many different forms — and it doesn't all have to be sugar coated, flash bang wallop. That said, we have had a fair surfeit of that type of stuff today — and very played it has been too, but the bands who went on on a musical limb and really tried to do something different (and had the resources and players to do so) made their mark.

    The big three offered such intriguing contrasts in their thought processes — and there is a good case for anyone of Eikanger, Manger and Stavanger taking the ultimate accolade.

    The most complete and coherent performance came from Manger, the most moving from Stavanger and the most inventive from Eikanger. Each contained playing of the highest quality.

    For us it may well be Manger from Eikanger and Stavanger — but by the narrowest of margins and with personal preference at its heart.

    4BR Prediction:

    1. Manger
    2. Eikanger
    3. Stavanger

  • Saturday 2, 18:12:16

    Elite Division:

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    Tertnes Brass
    Conductor: Sindre Dalhaug

    From America with Love

    All Night Long (Lionel Ritchie Arr. Leigh Baker)
    I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes) (Hoagy Carmichael Arr. Systad & Ertvaag)
    Soloist: Alice Fagerdal (horn)
    Cuban Sugar (Tchaikovsky Arr. Sverre Indris Joner)
    El Camino Real (Alfred Reed Arr. Frode Rydland)

    A nod to the great musical lands far across the waves as Tertnes take inspiration from America (even if some of the links are like Donald Trump's hair — tenuously brought together)

    The Lionel Ritchie opener is just in need of an energy boost, but it gets its message across, whilst the tenor horn solo is splendid — played with such a level of assurance and stylistic maturity. Super playing that.

    'Cuban Sugar' is also a hoot — backed by a wicked perc section that could have been brought in from a back street Havana Bar called 'Che Guevara's' . Great cross over styles that worked a sugary treat.

    It's all rounded off with a touch of Saturday morning picture house action-packed drama — all daring do and senoritas with loose morals and heavy bosoms to hide hidden Mexican treasure under.

    It's played with flair and steamy verve too — richly coloured and passionate. The finale is given the whip hand and it fairly flies home to the bodega and glory.

    Ay, caramba!!!

  • Saturday 2, 17:44:24

    Elite Division:

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    Jaren Hornmusikkforening
    Conductor: Lars Erik Gudim

    The Quincy Jones Experience

    Quincy's Big Band (Quincy Jones Arr. Lars Erik Gudim)
    Soloists: Benjamin Mortensen (cornet), Andreas Fossum (flugel), Arne Bilden (trombone), Rolv Olav Eide (drums)
    Grace (Quincy Jones Arr. Christer Olofsson)
    Soloist: Benjamin Mortensen (cornet)
    Ironside (Quincy Jones Arr. Lars Erik Gudim)
    Soloist: Arne Bilden (trombone)
    On the Street Where You Live (Frederick Loewe, Quincy Jones Arr. Niclas Rydh)
    Soloist: Rolv Olav Eide (drums)

    Well this has been delight — fizzing with energy and dollops and dollops of style — all underpinned and driven like a steam engine by the inexhaustible kit player.

    The cornet team also work like Roman galley slaves and there is a rich texture to the sound that weaves its way deep into each of the pieces — from piercing piccolo to oil-well deep tubas. All the soloists played with aplomb.

    'Ironside' was a touch of 60's hammed up funk — from the great way in which they mimicked the famous opening theme to the vicious cross clashes at its close.

    Don't quite know how Eliza Doolittle would have danced all night to the Quincy Jones treatment of 'On the Street', but Rex Harrison as Henry Higgins surely would have approved — he was the type of chap who never said no to a late night jaunt on the east end cobbles.

    Gaw'd bless you guv' and MD — that was a set that made a mark.

    What a pity so few people where in the hall to hear it.

  • Saturday 2, 17:06:39

    Elite Division:

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    Bjorsvik Brass
    Conductor: Frode Amundsen

    Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue

    Ruslan & Lyudmila (Glinka Arr. Robert Childs)
    Song of the Night Sky (Christopher Bond)
    Soloist: Camilla Sj'vold (cornet)
    O Magnum Mysterium (Morten Lauridsen Arr. Philip Littlemore)
    The First Circle (Pat Metheny Arr. Ray Farr)

    Out with the old first — and a cracking whip through the Glinka that got the blood and adrenaline racing through those experienced lips around the stands. Stylish playing that — not over indulged or over egged.

    A bit of a heart stopping moment as the soloist's part goes awol — but its found — much to Frode Rydland's obvious relief. Head full of toys sop players...

    It's a lovely bit of playing from the soloist to follow on a piece with perhaps a not so 'new' subconscious nod of appreciation to 'Where is love?' from 'Oliver!' — so tender and refined.

    So too the approach to the 'borrowed' Lauridsen, which sometimes can be over sentimentalised — but not here thanks to the MDs musical instincts. Bravo to him and his players — all using their noggins. One of the highlights of the contest.

    A happy clappy touch of Pat 'Crystal' Metheny to close — as cool as Steve McQueen in a turtle-neck jumper driving the chase scene in 'Bullitt'.

    Forget something blue, this was sub-zero chic and sophisticated to bring a really engaging set to a frisky, grooved close.

  • Saturday 2, 16:32:45

    Elite Division:

    Stavanger Brass Band
    Conductor: Allan Withington

    Emigration — Integration

    Prologue: (Stan Nieuwenhuis)
    Fear: (Stan Nieuwenhuis)
    Soloists: Per Illguth, Elisabeth Aarrestad, Karianne Flatene Nilssen
    Desire: (Stan Nieuwenhuis)
    Security: (Stan Nieuwenhuis)
    Soloist: Per Illguth
    Correctness: (Stan Nieuwenhuis)
    Soloist: Lena Soyland, Frida Gilje, Tom Christensen, Henrik Kleveland
    Anger: (Stan Nieuwenhuis)
    Loneliness: (Stan Nieuwenhuis)
    Soloist: Frank Braafhart
    Love: (Stan Nieuwenhuis)

    An intensely relevant and moving tale told in the first person through the voice of a 17 year old Syrian refugee called Alma — fleeing the horrors of her homeland only to be faced with the equally terrifying challenges that come with identity and integration in a new land.

    The story is brought to life with such subtle, well defined contrasts by composer Stan Nieuwenhuis — lighter in texture and drama than you may at first think. This is music that reflects personal desires too — sensual as well as materialistic — each having character and purpose.

    There is an overt sense of the theatrical about the presentation for sure (including the clever use of young dancers) but it is the musical substance that drives the story on. The depiction of loneliness is heart wrenching in its tenderness.

    Optimism and love conquers all to close — embracing and humane — as is the music — tender but as big as a new home, a new family and a new country for a unique person, but someone like everyone of us too.

    The audience signing to embrace Alma is such a moving ending — quiet and totally fulfilling.

    Very different this. So brave in concept and utterly compelling in its message. Entertainment of a very different kind today.

  • Saturday 2, 15:47:56

    Elite Division:

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    Manger Musikklag
    Conductor: Martin Philip Winter

    Moon landing?

    Van Allen's Belt (Martin Winter)
    Soloist: Preben Johansen (soprano) & Birthe Carlsen (euphonium)
    Clair de lune (Debussy Arr. Martin Winter)
    Soloist: William Grov Skramsett (cornet)
    Where Have The Stars Gone? (Martin Winter)
    Soloist: Ole Martin Hauan, Sigurd Olsen & Torgrim Halse (percussion)
    The Wind and The Moon (Martin Winter)
    Deet Darh (Nick Walters & Nick Walkley)
    Soloist: William Grov Skramsett (trompet) & Havard Svenkerud Brustad (bass trombone)

    The horniest old chestnut of all conspiracy theories in the world: Did man step foot on the moon in 1969... even the announcer called Buzz Aldrin a name from another planet...

    The opening music is rocket fuel of the time — high energy gasoline (with a neat nod to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) to fire the afterburners, with jazzy 'improv' solo spots adding to the feeling of late 60's cool and expectation.

    The cornet solo is as icy veined sub-zero cool as Neil Armstrong on the rung of the lunar lander — suave playing that, subtly nuanced jazz inflections adding interesting contours to the musical picture.

    The perc led feature that follows has a hint of the old 'Star Trek' theme to it, but its witty and clever, although surely you can't hear 'wind' in the vacuum of space. Only a fart in a spacesuit...

    No problem, this is luscious music making and so atmospheric — a moment of real magic from the MD and his players.

    What a great ending — almost a rap version finale inspired by Neil Armstrong's famous words — and then its back to the great late 1960s music — with the drive of some of those legendary Quincy Jones scores to Ironside and the like — full beanz, biffer and a groove as deep as the Marianas Trench.

    Head's gone... Head's gone... Head's gone...


  • Saturday 2, 15:12:41

    Elite Division:

    embedded picture

    Eikanger Bjorsvik Musikklag
    Conductor: Reid Gilje


    Magic! — The opening act (Reid Gilje)
    Magic! — Act 1: The Handkerchief (Kjetil Dj'nne)
    Magic! — Act 2: The Rope — Buckin' Bronco (Frank Macchia Arr. Sebastian L. Torjusen)
    Love.. Magic with a capital M (Frode Rydland)
    Soloist: Gyda Matland (flugel) & Vidar Nordli (trombone)
    Magic! — Act 3: The Card (Reid Gilje)
    Rise from Nothing (Kjetil Dj'nne)
    Illusion (Fredrick Schjelderup)

    It's show time — and the big, brash Las Vegas style musical intros that were the staple diet of the 'strip' in the late 60's and 70's. All that was missing were the leggy showgirls and Elvis getting ready back stage in his rhinestone jump suit.

    The first and second act sees the magician on stage — neatly choreographed with the music.

    There is plenty of substance to the musical 'accompaniment' though — more than enough to ensure that the rather tame tricks with handkerchief and then a rope do not detract. He's no Las Vegas David Copperfield for sure, not as funny as Tommy Cooper either, but better than Ali Bongo...

    There is some seriously fine playing going on here (great sop) in the groovy 'Buckin' Bronco' and the flugel and trombone leads play with a lyrical beauty to follow.

    The magician is back for a card trick, whilst the band play an extended section of building drama that flows with waves of sound over the audience.

    We then head into the final sections, the ensemble taking centre stage to showcase all their magical talents — huge sounds, razor sharp precision and technique.

    Back comes the magic man to round things off with a flourish, but you have to say its all a bit underwhelming.

    There are usually three parts to a great bit of magic — the pledge, the turn and the prestige. This had plenty of each, but somehow it never quite managed to take your breath away as the sum of its parts..

  • Saturday 2, 14:41:45

    Elite Division:

    embedded picture

    Kleppe Musikklag
    Conductor: Trond Helland

    Travels in Space

    Enter the Galaxies (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)
    Rusalka's Song to the Moon (Dvor'k Arr: Gordon Langford)
    Soloist: Ingrid Westad Hollingen
    Cantina Band (John Williams Arr. Tina Kvamme)
    Glow (Eric Whitacre Arr. Jacob Vilhelm Larsen)
    Summon the Worms (Brian Tyler)
    Ride (Samuel R. Hazo Arr. Jonathan Bates)

    It's space age travels for Kleppe and they blast off with PLC's Saturn V rocket — full of vapour trails and high G forces.

    The cornet solo to follow is tender but just a little lost on occasions amid the heavy accompaniment, but it is well shaped by the lead line. The cut out stars waning and waxing by a silver moon held like a huge dinner plate is a bit off putting, but the musicality wins through.

    The boggle eyed head gear tells you where we are heading — right into the heart of Star Wars extras land — and the famous cantina band. Lots of quirky fun this — neatly put together and delivered.

    'Glow' does just that — warmly not harshly, a single flame of hope and reflection that casts light into the darkest of souls. Shaped and phrased with understanding this by the MD.

    The music from 'Dune' is as filmatic as it gets — all Hans Zimmer meets John Williams. Not as nasty as the worms in the great 'Tremors' film — more the type to stick on the end of a fishing line for trout by the sounds of it.

    We end with the exciting sounds of Hazo's 'Ride' — full throttle, leathering it at pace with the countryside flashing by in vibrant colours to bring a well managed set to a thrilling close.

  • Saturday 2, 14:02:16

    Elite Division:

    embedded picture

    Krohnengen Brass Band
    Conductor: Garry Cutt

    Five Greats

    Le Corsair (Berlioz Arr. Geoffrey Brand)
    Icicles (Anne Grethe Preus Arr. Magnus Bandseth)
    Soloist: Henning Anundsen
    La Danza (Rossini Arr. Gordon Langford)
    Arioso (Bach Arr. Howard Snell)
    Rendezvous (Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen)

    The Marple Maestro puts his hallmark stamp on things from the beginning — like an assay silver 925 mark engraved into each page of the Berlioz score.

    This is cultured, pacy, piratical playing — swashbuckling its way with energy and drive — like Errol Flynn with a cutlass between his teeth jumping aboard Captain Pugwash's 'Black Pig' to nick the booty.

    No praise high enough for the soloist Henning Anundsen — playing that deliberately and beautifully sent a chill into the marrow of your bones. There was such tenderness and warmth within the cold exterior of the notes of the score.

    Nearly boiling point with the Rossini to follow — if not quite enough to leave a scorch mark on the stage, whilst the Bach brings out the best in the MD and his band — rich, dark tonality coupled with long, tapered phrasing. A little thong of beauty — much like the MD some would say...

    A real shift in musical emphasis to close with the dislocated Grieg homage with hints and touches of Faust to fighting trolls. Clever, subversive and highly original in thinking and execution, with a flowing beauty to the music contrasting with a funky bubble of grooved intensity.

    Not quite what you would have expected with what went before — but all the better for it to close a high class set that mixed the traditional with the contemporary so well.

  • Saturday 2, 13:34:04

    Elite Division:

    embedded picture

    Oslo Brass Band
    Conductor: Kai Grinder Myrann


    The Great Lover from 'On the Town' (Bernstein Arr. Ray Farr)
    Over the Rainbow (Arlen Arr. Ray Farr)
    Soloist: Sebastian Hauk's
    Times Square 1944 from 'On the Town' (Bernstein Arr. Ray Farr)
    Andante & Allegro Giocoso from Concerto for Organ in G Minor (Poulenc Arr. A. S'rheim)
    Pride Medley (Various arr. A. S'rheim)

    What a great start — Bernstein at his best with music that so evokes the time and place of late wartime New York — busy, colourful, raw and exciting.

    It had to followed by Judy — of course. And what a super piece of flugel playing — wide eyed in innocence, wonder and longing. Well done that man — you will be back in Kansas with Toto if you get him out of Stavanger's canine quarantine centre.

    More brilliant Bernstein follows — and again the MD captures all the style that imbued the original score (if not all the orchestral colour of course). Fun-loving sailors Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Jules Munshin would have loved their shore leave with this playing to send them on their way.

    The Poulenc is an interesting choice — the link obvious — but its music with such a serious undertone. Not everything settled but the deliberately curiousness of the structures worked as it grew to its conclusion. Brave, intense and satisfying that.

    And now for something completely different as they used to say on Monty Python — with the horn player in multi-coloured feather boa leading us into the 'Pride' medley. Its all there with the classic 'YMCA' at its heart.

    Great fun.

    Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!

  • Saturday 2, 13:32:46

    Elite Division:

    Adjudicators: Joseph Parisi, Rieks van der Velde, Kjell Inge Torgersen

    1. Oslo Brass Band (Kai Grinde Myrann)
    2. Krohnengen Brass Band (Garry Cutt)
    3. Kleppe Musikklag (Trond Helland)
    4. Eikanger-Bjorsvik Musikklag (Reid Gilje)
    5. Manger Musikklag (Martin Philip Winter)
    6. Stavanger Brass Band (Allan Withington)
    7. Bjorsvik Brass (Frode Amundsen)
    8. Jaren Hornmusikkforening (Lars Erik Gudim)
    9. Tertnes Brass (Sindre Dalhaug)

  • Saturday 2, 13:31:42

    First Section round up and prediction:

    An interesting rather than memorable contest with plenty of solid, well directed programmes, but few that really jumped out ans grabbed you by the throat.

    the one that did came right at the end with Gjallarhorn and we think they may well be the band to beat today.

    Behind them its so much closer with the likes of Askoy and Sola, but its hard to say...

    4BR Prediction:

    1. Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn
    2. Askoy
    3. Sola

  • Saturday 2, 12:44:53

    First Division:

    embedded picture

    Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn
    Conductor: Rune Hannisdal


    Man With The Harmonica (Ennio Morricone Arr. Espen Westbye)
    Lock Horns/Rage On (Simon Dobson)
    Var beste dag (Jon Rosslund & Erik Bye Arr. Espen Westbye)
    Soloist: Kjetil Anundsen (horn)
    Thousand Things (Anders Edenroth & Magnus Lindgren Arr. Espen Westbye)
    Psalm 201 'En vanlig gronskas rika drakt' (Waldemar 'hl'n Arr. Espen Westbye)
    Balkan Dance (Etienne Crausaz)

    What a great start to their 'Moods' programme — 'The cornet player with no name' bending notes like Uri Geller in a spaghetti western. Hey Gringo.... that was great Mr Westby (for it was he...)

    It followed by the subversive, sinful joys of Simon Dobson's great piece of dark matter that pulsates with adrenaline and the contrast of the suave elegance of the tenor horn solo. It's a hazy Gallic homage to Serge Gainsbourg sung by Helen Birkin smoking a Gauloise cigarette.

    The best playing of the day follows — so suave and sophisticated, light, classy, perfectly paced and styled.

    It's followed by a tender 'Psalm' that takes a lovely little unexpected detour into the coolest jazz that you can imagine — led by two cornets — the latter soft muted.

    It was like a priest opening a door into a room with Pat Metheny on stage, listening for 20 seconds and then closing it behind him — a devilish temptation to lead a life of musical sin like no other.

    The excerpt from the 'Balkan Dance' rounds off a super programame, excellently played and conducted, and liberally featuring the amazing talents of Espen Westbye.

  • Saturday 2, 12:16:38

    First Division:

    embedded picture

    Oslofjord Brass
    Conductor: John Philip Hannevik

    Pseudo-Yoik (Jaakkoo M'ntyj'rvi)
    Fra Oslofjorden (Ingebj'rg Vilhelmsen)
    Soloist: Horn feature
    La Culesul Viilor (Trad. Arr. Thomas Whittington Tengelsen)
    Suavito (Arturo Sandoval Arr. Reid Gilje)
    Vallfickans Dans (Hugo Alfv'n Arr. Frode Rydland)
    Soloist: Andreas Borgen
    Dundonnell from 'Hymn of the Highlands' (Philip Sparke)

    Finnish folk meets pseudo-funk for the opening which is an inventive way to set out the musical stall.

    It's followed by a meandering horn feature (stood on high behind the band) which has that subtle elemental 'scandi-cool' feel to it — darkly hued but with cold beating heart.

    Nothing too subtle about the Romanian dance that hops and skips with colourful intent though — one to set the pulses running high on a night out in Bucharest for sure. Then comes a musical swig of rum punch and a trip to the sweaty back streets of 1950s Havana.

    This is pre-Fidel days though — louche and furtive with an undercurrent of mischief. Could have done with an extra swig or two of Cuba Libra mind you.

    Great impish fun from the euph — light, fleeting and rapier tongued on the Valflickan's Dans — squeezing the pips out too in the stratosphere before making a perfect landing back home. Bravo.

    It closes with a cracking bit of kilt waggling Scottish bombast and brilliance — hitting the front like Nicola Sturgeon in 'Braveheart' mode to bring to a close an interesting set well led by the MD (all from memory).

  • Saturday 2, 11:40:06

    First Division:

    embedded picture

    Sola Brass Band
    Conductor: Gwyn Evans

    On the Shoulders of Giants

    Blackbird Special (Dirty Dozen Brass Band Arr. Reid Gilje)
    American Fanfare (John Wasson)
    Down to the River to Pray (Arr. Gwyn Evans)
    Soloist: Tage Christopher Sundal
    Tea for Two (Vincent Youmans Arr. Howard Snell)
    Soloists: Linn Iren Thoresen Bjerknes & Mats Moldes'ter
    On the Shoulders of Giants (Mvt 3) (Peter Graham)

    You funky little Welshman you... that skipped and bouldered along throbbing like a thumb hit with a coal miner's shovel.

    It's followed by the brio of the Wasson fanfare and then a lovely detour to the cool southern waters of the Mississippi. A real spiritual feel to the music — melancholic Welsh non-conformist Methodism with a tasty pinch of southern Baptist passion led by the lyrical euph. Lovely.

    The classic 'Tea for Two' is splendidly played — with just the right hint of bone-dry china wit and led by a brace of Earl Gray sweet soloists. Classy that — even the little baby in the audience voiced its delight.

    The finale from Peter Graham's 'Giant' of a test-piece is a little edgy but certainly exciting. Gets a bit untidy and scruffy and the cohesion is lost, but that initial throb of nuclear energy that was on show at the beginning returns for the great 'Checkmate' close.

  • Saturday 2, 11:03:37

    First Division:

    Ila Brass Band
    Conductor: Bjorn Breistein

    An American Tale

    Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (Foster Arr. Roger Harvey)
    Soloist: Finn Magnus Fjell Hjelland
    Stealing Apples (Benny Goodman Arr. Reid Gilje)
    National Emblem (Edwin Eugene Bagley Arr. Ray Woodfield)
    Root Beer Rag (Billy Joel Arr. Svein H. Giske)
    Sunrise Over Blue Ridge (Dan Price)
    An American Tale (Dan Price)

    I dreamed of Jeanie... playing a baritone. The classic piece of old Americana is given a lovely modern twist without losing its original naive beauty and simplicity. The small ensemble accompaniment adds a tasteful backdrop and the soloist played with the suavity of a maverick poker player with two aces up his sleeve.

    Not quite Benny Goodman, but who could match that master of swing? Just in need of a touch of impish robber's swagger. Plenty of that on display with the march though — although the perc was firing some broadsides like a US Navy destroyer at times.

    The 'Root Beer 'Rag' was a hoot — played with a great 1920s feel — like Clyde and the Ant Hill Mob in car number 7 'The Bulletproof Bomb', in the 'Wacky Races' on a boys night out on the dusty backroads of South Carolina. Super playing that.

    The contrast to follow shows command of a different set of skills — building to a glorious climax and tender close.

    We go all American civil war to close — all that was missing was Rhett Butler played by Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders as the Outlaw Josey Wales. Plenty of fun and historical nonsense amid the fine playing, but then again the Yanks thought they won the Second World War with John Wayne leading the charge.

    A star spangled banner of a set played with a touch of American gusto.

  • Saturday 2, 10:20:06

    First Division:

    embedded picture

    Flesland Musikklag
    Conductor: Arvid Anthun

    Ro, Ro til Siraland (Arr. Frode Rydland)
    Dance of the Comedians (Smetana Arr. Iain Rayner)
    Anthem (Rice, Andersson, Ulvaeus Arr. Andrew Blyth)
    Soloist: Karen Ronneberg
    March: Celebration (Leslie Condon)
    Spirit of Life (David Catherwood)
    Excelsior (Dudley Bright)

    A confident band start with what sounded like the beginning of Queen's 'We will rock you' but soon became something else — although the thumping beat was out of the same tin.

    The neat segue into the Comedians' Dance was so neatly done, and was followed by some seriously decent ensemble playing — waspish and razor edged (especially the sop). No laughing matter that.

    Heartfelt sonority from the young euph — building from a hesitant start to a glorious close. Well done — that had the hallmark of an emerging talent and was backed by a sympathetic ensemble accompaniment.

    Good to hear the march played with such brio and sense of enjoyment — real celebration playing. Just the right hint of swagger from the MD in the approach.

    The balance given with the rich, luscious sounds that followed was marked — again tastefully shaped by the MD (who has conducted throughout without music) and phrased with care by his band. Nicely done.

    The finisher is a curious mix and match — with everything in it from the old 1970 'Double Deckers' theme tune to a closing section that sounded as if it came from the score of 'Carry on Doctor'. Didn't quite know what to make of that — but overall a solid band on admirably solid form.

  • Saturday 2, 09:46:02

    First Division:

    embedded picture

    Montebello Brass
    Conductor: Prof Preben Nicolai Kragh-Riesling

    We're having a Ball!

    Prelude to Pageantry (Eric Ball)
    Clear Skies (Eric Ball)
    Soloist: Guttorm Gjeldsbrev Langstoyl
    Journey Into Freedom (Eric Ball)

    You are always guaranteed something a bit different from the irony inspired Montebello Brass. No John Cage this year, but a super bit of classic Eric Ball to open — with with the style that befits their penguin suited MD. Seriously good that.

    It's followed by the principal cornet delivering a gem of a rendition of 'Clear Skies'. He may be dressed like a Master of Ceremonies at the Lord Mayor's banquet reading out the official invitation list, but it ain't half good to hear. Bravo Sir — deserves a tip in the back pocket from the Chief Poobah himself.

    The full 1967 National Championship test-piece to close — and in true Montebello manner its given a very idiosyncratic interpretation. Not everything works (splitting the famous cornet solo seemed a curious choice to make) but there was something about it. Tuba sung it like Barry White selling the War Cry newspaper — bravo — before it closed in triumphant manner.

    Odd as we said — but curiously engaging.

  • Saturday 2, 09:14:29

    First Division:

    embedded picture

    Askoy Brass Band
    Conductor: Svein Henrik Giske

    Songs from Memory Lane

    Boogie Down (Jarreau/ Omartian Arr. Svein Henrik Giske)
    Alfie (Bacharach/David Arr. Svein Henrik Giske)
    Soloist: Kristine Livsdatter Aukland Talhaug (flugel)
    Feelgood Medley (Lennon & McCartney/Wonder Arr. Svein Henrik Giske)
    Always on My Mind (Christopher/James/Thompson Arr. Svein Henrik Giske)
    Conga (Enrique Garcia Arr. Svein Henrik Giske)
    Glory of Love (Cetera/Foster/Nini Arr. Svein Henrik Giske)

    It's a programme for those of us of a certain age — when boy bands had mop tops and had names like Keith and Eric and could actually play musical instruments.

    And so can this lot too — with a cracking opening number that boogied and boggled, followed by a lovely bit of flugel playing. Cilla Black let alone Michael Caine would have been chuffed by that — especially the last note!

    The Beatles/Stevie Wonder medley is a bit old hat — but what great tunes and what stylish playing. Tip top 'pic' playing on 'Penny Lane' — David Mason couldn't have done any better. That rolled the years back a bit — all that was missing was a sniff of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds...

    Willie Nelson musings followed by a Conga that wriggled like Shakira's belly button show great control and stylish contrast, before the choreographed finisher has a stamp of warmth and welcoming nostalgia — like being wrapped in a favourite old jumper your mother knitted for you.

    It rounds off a thoughtfully put together set that had plenty of musical appeal and quality.

  • Saturday 2, 08:48:17

    First Division:

    embedded picture

    Rong Brass

    Conductor: David Morton
    Blue Hour

    I det Bl'. I 'va (Tina Kvamme)
    Maxglaner Zigeunnermarsch Reloded (Chrisof Zwllhofer Arr. David Hveem)
    Prayer (Nicola Ferro)
    Soloist: Tarjei Hummelsund
    Waves on Deck (Kjetin Dj'nne)
    Allegro Scherzando from 'Journey into Freedom' (Eric Ball)

    The opening item is certainly something different — elegant and evocative as a sextet of players sing as well as play a work called 'In the Blue'. Chilly and touchingly fragile before it warmed up the toes.

    It's followed by what seems to be a hyped version of the Belorussian national anthem — all old soviet knees up Comrade Mother Brown meets Duke Ellington's 'Caravan'. Intriguingly odd that.

    The bass trombone solo is delightfully played — so silky smooth and suave from the soloist. Again — something a little different and sophisticated in concept and execution. Very nice.

    The poetic drama of 'Waves on Deck' — is dark and menacing, the eye of the storm before the sailboat finds freedom — with a slightly tenuous link to the end of Eric Ball's classic test-piece. That's a touch gossamer thin, but it doesn't matter.

    Its controlled playing to close — warm and cultured. Nice to hear. The final bars keep the little touch of oddness alive and well (I'm sure Eric Ball wouldn't have minded) to bring to an engaging, inventive set to an end.

  • Saturday 2, 08:05:10

    First Division:

    embedded picture

    Hasle Brass
    Conductor: Robert Solberg Nilsen

    Simoraine (Clive Barraclough)
    Bolivar (Eric Cook Arr. Bertrand More)
    Solost: H'vard Vaage
    Lux Arumque (Eric Whitacre Arr. Sandy Smith)
    Unisons (Mikhail Alperin Arr. Svein Henrik Giske)
    Dark Abyss (Fredrick Schelderup)

    A pity that there aren't too many people in the hall for the start this morning — perhaps there are plenty of Anglo-Norwegian rugby fans all glued in front of their television sets...

    A pity as they miss out on a tub thumper march — played with a fair amount of early morning vim and vigour to start.

    It's followed by a bravura 'Bolivar' — delivered with a nice dollop of south American revolutionary zeal by the young soloist, before a lovely, glossy bit of Eric Whitacre, full of cold melancholy.

    Lots to enjoy with the funky contrast, helped by the MD finding a groovy notch in the tempo and the perc driving the pulse. That got the hip joints moving.

    An enjoyable, neatly balanced set is brought to an end with the crepuscular depths of the icy North Sea — all Viking, Fisher, German Bite and Fortes — literally so with the powerful dynamic contrasts and crisp precision of the playing. Very atmospheric (great air raid siren) and dramatic in its final salty squall.

  • Saturday 2, 08:01:35

    First Division:


    Adjudicators: Morten Fagerjord & Stan Nieuwenhuis

    1. Hasle Brass (Robert Solberg Nilsen)
    2. Rong Brass (David Morton)
    3. Askøy Brass Band (Svein Henrik Giske)
    4. Montebello Brass (Prof Preben Nicolai Kragh-Riesling)
    5. Flesland Musikklag (Arvid Anthun)
    6. Ila Brass Band (Bjørn Breistein)
    7. Sola Brass Band (Gwyn Evans)
    8. Oslofjord Brass (John Philip Hannevik)
    9. Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn (Rune Hannisdal)

  • Saturday 2, 07:55:46

    Good morning from Stavanger...

    embedded picture
    Our place of work today...>

    Plenty of action to enjoy today in four different competitions.

    We will be providing our opinions and observations on the action in the main hall which kicks-off with the First Division bands at 9.00am.

    Just in time then to get to our seats...

    Competing bands:
    Elite Division:

    Adjudicators: Joseph Parisi, Rieks van der Velde, Kjell Inge Torgersen

    1. Oslo Brass Band (Kai Grinde Myrann)
    2. Krohnengen Brass Band (Garry Cutt)
    3. Kleppe Musikklag (Trond Helland)
    4. Eikanger-Bj'rsvik Musikklag (Reid Gilje)
    5. Manger Musikklag (Martin Philip Winter)
    6. Stavanger Brass Band (Allan Withington)
    7. Bj'rsvik Brass (Frode Amundsen)
    8. Jaren Hornmusikkforening (Lars Erik Gudim)
    9. Tertnes Brass (Sindre Dalhaug)

    First Division:

    Adjudicators: Morten Fagerjord & Stan Nieuwenhuis

    1. Hasle Brass (Robert Solberg Nilsen)
    2. Rong Brass (David Morton)
    3. Ask'y Brass Band (Svein Henrik Giske)
    4. Montebello Brass (Prof Preben Nicolai Kragh-Riesling)
    5. Flesland Musikklag (Arvid Anthun)
    6. Ila Brass Band (Bj'rn Breistein)
    7. Sola Brass Band (Gwyn Evans)
    8. Oslofjord Brass (John Philip Hannevik)
    9. Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn (Rune Hannisdal)

    Second Division:

    Adjudicators: Les Neish & Anne Crookston

    1. Skui Brassband (Tormod Flaten)
    2. Bergen Brass Band (Thor-Arne Pedersen)
    3. Alexander Brass Band (Morten E. Hansen)
    4. Rad'y Brass (Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen)
    5. Folles' Musikklag (Thorgeir Thunestvedt)
    6. Tysnes Musikklag (Yngve Nikolaisen)
    7. Hauk's Musikklag (Egil Magnussen)
    8. Sagv'g Musikklag (Christopher King)
    9. S'rum Musikklag (Sebastian Hauk's)
    10. Fjell Brass (Joseph W. Cook)
    11. Agder Brass (Thomas Swatland)
    12. Oster Brass (David Morton)
    13. KOS Krohnengen Old Stars (Rune Hannisdal)

    Third Division:

    Adjudicators: Frank Brodahl & Selmer Simonsen

    1. Lyshornet Brass (Christian Breistein)
    2. Lind's Brass (Vidar Nordli)
    3. Stangaland Brass (Paul Hughes)
    4. Randaberg Musikkorps (P'l Magne Austnes-Underhaug)
    5. Laksev'g Musikkforening (Fredrick Schjelderup)
    6. Seim Musikklag (Torstein T. Holm's)
    7. Stavanger Kommunes Korps (Morten 'vrebekk)
    8. Hetlevik Musikklag (Sturle Berntsen)
    9. Tysv'r Brass (Martin Kinn)
    10. Rosendal Musikklag (Yngve Nikolaisen)
    11. Gjesdal Brassband (Jonas Skartveit Rogne)

    Fourth Division:

    Lille Konsertsal
    Adjudicators: Adam Cooke & Lee Rigg

    1. Sotra Brass (Ben Hirons)
    2. Riska Brass Band (Espen Westbye)
    3. Fitjar Musikklag (Svein Roger Koppang)
    4. Musikkorpset Heimdal (Linas Dakinevicius)
    5. Langhus Brass (Tomas Austestad)
    6. IMI Brass (Halvor Gaard)
    7. Indre Torungen Brass Ensemble (Lars Bj'rnar Strengenes)
    8. Karmsund Brass (Steinar Andsnes)
    9. Norheimsund Musikklag (Patrik Randefalk)
    10. Tasta Brass (Morten 'vrebekk)
    11. Kl'vheim Brass (Oddvar N'stdal)
    12. J'rpeland Musikkorps (Paul Farr)

  • Saturday 2, 07:03:22

    Contest preview

  • Saturday 2, 06:56:33


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