2019 National Championship of Great Britain
Section 1 - As it happened

All the action from the 2019 National Championship of Great Britain — Section 1 — as it happened.

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 21:36:48


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    The Champions — Unison Kinneil

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    Second place — Rainford

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    Third place — Boarshurst

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    Fourth place — Michelmersh

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    Fifth place — Goodwick

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    Sixth place — Kirkintilloch

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    Best Instrumentalist — Rainford (representataive pictured not solo player Morvern Sinclair)

    Section 1:

    Test Piece: Endeavour (Philip Sparke)
    Adjudicators: Gary Davies, Howard Evans, Glyn Williams

    1. Unison Kinneil (Raymond Tennant)
    2. Rainford (Dr David Thornton)
    3. Boarshurst Silver (James Garlick)
    4. Michelmersh Silver (Melvin White)
    5. Goodwick (Matthew Jenkins)
    6. Kirkintilloch (David Roberts)
    7. Fulham (John Ward)
    8. Amersham (Paul Fisher)
    9. Hatfield & Askern Colliery (Stan Lippeatt)
    10. Bodmin Town (John Maines)
    11. Enderby (Ryan Richards)
    12. Burry Port Town (Ceri John)
    13. Hucknall & Linby MC (Paul Whyley)
    14. Old Silkstone (John Hopkinson)
    15. Ripon City (Mark Sidwell)
    16. J36 (Steven Craig)

    Best Instrumentalist: Morvern Sinclair (cornet) — Rainford

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 21:05:47

    Malcolm Wood's round up & Prediction:

    Philip Sparke's 'Endeavour' has proved to be an engaging test today. The work has proved very accessible to the ensembles and there have been some really good performances.

    So much so that some bands could be ruing their luck that some high class offerings may not even get a mention.

    This could go to anyone of three or four today. Rainford, Amersham, Unison Kinneil are all seriously challengers with the likes of Kirkintilloch, Goodwick Brass and Boarshurst vying for the top-six with dark horse Hucknall.

    4BR Prediction:

    1. Rainford
    2. Amersham
    3. Unison Kinneil
    4. Kirkintilloch
    5. Goodwick Brass
    6. Boarshurst

    Dark Horse: Hucknall & Linby

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 20:35:15

    16. Kirkintilloch (David Roberts) Scotland

    embedded picture

    A haunting and foreboding opening section that is full of tension and apprehensive.

    'New Challenge' is menacing and extremely well executed. The musical conviction is evident from the players around the stands and the MD is leaving no stone un-turned here.

    The 'Lento' is well delivered with the cornet in thoughtful reflective mood and the horn is haunting in its execution. There is some fine playing being produced around the stands.

    And with the close in sight, the energy and vibrancy in the playing is there for all to hear. The tempos are pushed but the ensemble goes with the MD and raises its game. The close has a stamp of authority about it.


    A rendition that had so much to admire and appreciate. It's in contention, but can it squeeze other bands out of the mix?

    Star Player:

    A lovely bit of tenor horn playing today.

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 20:16:17

    15. Michelmersh Silver (Melvin White) West of England

    A very tense and dramatic opening that is played with such conviction. This playing draws you right in.

    'New Challenge' is full of menace and tension. The band is really rising to the challenge here as requested by the MD's direction. The 'Lento' comes off so neatly courtesy of a confident cornet and horn. The MD is capturing the colours and textures nicely here.

    It leads into an energetic final section that is full of celebratory joyfulness. The detail comes through in all sections and it's a fine close too.


    An impressive reading that was solid in its execution. Maybe didn't quite have have the sheen needed at the top level but lots to keep it in the mind's eye with the judges you feel.

    Star Player:

    Principal cornet was stylish and authoritative throughout.

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 20:01:02

    14. Rainford (Dr David Thornton) North West

    embedded picture

    The 'Unknown Content' is full of mystery, tension and apprehension. There is a real warmth to the playing though as the detail comes through.

    'New Challenge' is dramatic and fearful and you can cut the atmosphere with a knife. The quality playing is coming through with the MD drawing every note from within the ensemble.

    Bravo cornet and horn. What a mesmerising Lento — the best of the contest for us. The concluding section is edge of the seat and occasionally a hint of error, but it's so well paced to allow the clarity and detail to come through. A fine close.


    What a terrific show this has been inspired by the musicianship of the MD. Right in the mix for us. Bravo!

    Star Player:

    Principal cornet — goose bumps in the Lento

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 19:43:08

    13. Ripon City (Mark Sidwell) North of England

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    The 'Unknown Continent' broods with mystery and tension. The playing is confident but there are noticeable glitches which is a real pity.

    'New Challenge' is dark and menacing. Once again there is confidence within the ensemble, but there are more tiny glitches. The Lento with the cornet and horn works well with and it leads into an energetic and vibrant concluding section.


    A performance that was full of good musical intent. With the high overall standard being well matched, it's the glitches that could prove very costly today.

    Star Player:

    Principal cornet — a really solid performance of solo and leadership.

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 19:28:57

    12. Old Silkstone (John Hopkinson) Yorkshire

    embedded picture

    A tense opening that is full of drama and well played — cohesive and balanced.

    'New Challenge' is menacing and fearful. This is gripping playing from the ensemble and lead players. The cornet in the 'Lento' is matched by the tender playing from the horn. Quality playing is very much in evidence here.

    There's vibrancy about the closing section (a real shame about the blips along the way) but the excitement and drama really comes to the fore. The tempos are pushed which effects the clarity right at the end.


    An account that certainly offered a lot of musical potential, but the execution didn't quite come off. Lots to enjoy though.

    Star Player:

    The principal cornet was bold and played with intent and classy polish from the first note.

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 19:10:49

    11. Hucknall & Linby MC (Paul Whyley) Midlands

    embedded picture

    There's a sense of emerging mystery as the search begins for Terras Australis. The tension is palpable and the band creates the dark fearfulness from the score before the sense of relief as calmer waters appear.

    'New Challenge' is a hard working section. Menacing but a little fraught at times. The dark
    scoring is well portrayed here if on the edge a little. The 'Lento' comes off with impressive cornet and horn. The MD is capturing the colour and texture of the writing here so well.

    It paves the way for the final section which moves along at a brisk pace, but one that the ensemble can cope with. The close is well managed with a celebratory joyfulness that never gets over excited.


    A reading of deliberate intentions that was solid in its execution. An account that certainly has given food for thought with its colour and texture.

    Star Player:

    The horn was the pick although it could have been a few people today. Quality playing that.

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 18:54:02

    10. J36 (Steven Craig) North of England

    embedded picture

    There is real tension in the air as the search for 'Terras Australis' goes on, there is tension in the atmosphere created and a touch of mystery in the tread of the fine euphs.

    'New Challenge' is full of nasty intent and very descriptive. The quality of the playing draws the listener in. Lots to enjoy with the approach and the execution here.

    The cornet is steady and thoughtful in the 'Lento' whilst the horn is nice and affectionate. The verve and energy increases and the music is taken at manageable tempos that don't overly stretch the ensemble. The closing bars just have a hint of tiredness but its been a bravura effort all round.


    An account that had a lot to admire especially in its approach, with tempos and dynamics purposefully in place so the ensemble wasn't pushed beyond its comfort zone. Intelligent stuff that.

    Star Player:

    The principal cornet was solid and a fine lead.

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 18:40:05

    9. Goodwick (Matthew Jenkins)Wales

    embedded picture

    A dark, brooding, tense opening section that is so atmospheric it grips the listener from the first bars. There is a lot of quality playing on display from the Welsh outfit.

    'New Challenge' is menacing and so precise. It is delivered with so much conviction from around the stands and the MD is drawing every ounce of music from his players.

    The 'Lento' is so well delivered with a thoughtful cornet and a tender, haunting horn. There is quality being delivered around the stand despite the occasional blemish.

    As the piece heads for the close, the vibrancy, energy and detail is so transparent. The clarity comes through and the quality playing makes its mark.


    A quality show that has put the cat well and truly amongst the pigeons in this contest. Up in the mix that one.

    Star Player:

    Being honest, it could have been one of many, but we'll go with the solo cornet who delivered the goods today and led by example.

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 18:14:58

    Malcolm Wood's halfway thoughts:

    Philip Sparke's 'Endeavour' is proving to be an enjoyable but surprisingly demanding test for the bands.

    The challenge of capturing the music in the right styles and with effective dynamics and tempi is certainly sorting out the ensembles. The bands that have faired best are those that have a real sense of control in their delivery.

    It's all to play for though after the comfort break with Amersham and Unison Kinneil leading the way from Boarshurst and Hatfield — but its very close at the top — very close indeed between these four bands.

    4BR Prediction:

    1. Amersham
    2. Unison Kinneil
    3. Boarshurst Silver

    Dark Horse: Hatfield

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 17:55:46

    8. Fulham (John Ward)LSC

    embedded picture

    There is mystery about the opening, but caution too as not everything appeals to gel together in place.

    'New Challenge' is menacing with apprehensive, but just needs more security in the ensemble lines.

    The 'Lento' is thoughtful and reflective although there's the hint of nervousness in the horn. The concluding section is purposefully more stable in its delivery and this works.

    It gives the opportunity for clarity and detail to be heard without the tempos overpowering the playing. The close just has a hint of tiredness within it at the end.


    An account that offered plenty of intent, but it just had too many blemishes today to perhaps make impression in box.

    Star Player:

    Euphonium was in good form today.

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 17:46:12

    Any tips...?

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  • Section 1Saturday 14, 17:39:45

    7. Unison Kinneil (Raymond Tennant) Scotland

    embedded picture

    A very tense and dramatic opening that is so well played — it certainly pulls the listener right in. This is a good start played with confidence.

    'New Challenge' is menacing and fearful. This is gripping stuff from the ensemble and all lead players.

    A delightful cornet in the Lento complimented by the tenderness of the horn. The quality playing is really coming through here. The vibrant concluding section is full of excitement, drama and excellent dynamics. The tempos are delivered to allow the clarity to shine with such razor sharpness. It's a fine close to an excellent performance.


    A performance full of drama, tension and energy that was packed to the rafters with great playing around the stand. A real contender from the Scots.

    Star Player:

    Both cornet and horn were in great form today and unfair to pick one over the other.

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 17:23:07

    6. Amersham (Paul Fisher) LSC

    embedded picture

    The 'Unknown Continent' broods with mystery, tension and apprehension. There is quality playing right from the off that really makes an impact. The fearfulness on display soon disappears and there's a real sense of calm on the waters.

    'New Challenge' is menacing, fearful and full of tension. There is quality playing being delivered all around the stand here. The MD is drawing every note out of the players and they are responding superbly to his command.

    The Lento works so well for both cornet and horn and it paves the way for an edge of the seat concluding section that is vibrant and energetic complemented by excellent detail.


    A very fine show this from Amersham that has set a very high bar. It brought all the music right out of the score courtesy of fine reading by MD

    Star Player:

    All of them. A superb united effort and unfair to single out any individual

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 17:07:44

    5. Boarshurst Silver (James Garlick) North West

    embedded picture

    There is a real sense of mystery and tension in the search for Terras Australis to begin with, that really draws the listener in with some fine playing.

    'New Challenge' is bold, menacing and energetic with the music really being brought out here by the MD. The dynamics move along freely without distorting the sound. There is some fine playing on show and the MD is ensuring that his players deliver everything he is asking from them. So much to enjoy.

    The Lento appeals. A nice cornet complimented by the tenderness of the horn.

    The finale is brisk and energetic with a good pulse and dynamics that increase as they go along and there is a very impressive close.


    An account from the Saddleworth-based band where nothing was left on stage. It certainly had lots to appreciate and was very well thought out. One to ponder in the box for sure.

    Star Player:

    Horn was very impressive today adding such engaging musical lines.

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 16:52:34

    4. Enderby (Ryan Richards)Midlands

    embedded picture

    There is a deep sense of mystery and a little uncertainty as the search for Terras Australias begins and a touch of caution in the bass line.

    'The New Challenge' is bold and edge of the seat stuff. This is menacing in its delivery and the dynamics are being pushed, but in their limits. The MD is working his band hard here and there is some good playing on display.

    Lento is very thoughtful with an engaging cornet, although the horn could just be a touch more tender in delivery. Confident playing though.

    As the piece heads for its conclusion, the energy and vibrancy is there, but so are those annoying blips and blemishes which take the gloss off things a little.


    A good interpretation this but it had a number of blemishes which at this level will cost you feel

    Star Player:

    Solo euph sang and led with warmth and security throughout.

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 16:31:52

    3. Burry Port Town (Ceri John)Wales

    embedded picture

    A dark mysterious opening full of tension in the search for Terras Austalias in the 'Unknown Continent'. There is a real sense of foreboding being depicted here.

    The 'New Challenge' is bold, dark and menacing in its delivery and they are not holding back dynamically either. There is plenty of confident playing on display within the ensemble — really good stuff.

    Lento is so reflective and well delivered. The cornet leads the way superbly and is ably supported by a tender horn voice. The final section maintains vibrancy and excitement with well judged dynamics and tempos. It's effective and engaging all the way until the fine close.


    An impressive show from Burry Port that benefited from an MD whose interpretation was definitely interesting.

    Star Player:

    Cornet — really delivered the goods both lyrically and technically.

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 16:16:42

    2. Hatfield & Askern Colliery (Stan Lippeatt) Yorkshire

    embedded picture

    There is real tension in the air as the band opens with their atmospheric playing in search of 'Terra Australis'. The optimism seeps through before tranquil waters are discovered though courtesy of some good playing from both ensemble and solo lines. The piece is coming to life.

    There is a real vibrant pulse in the middle section with the dark playing really making an impression. So good this.

    The Lento is very reflective and tastefully delivered before the joy and energy comes through emphatically in the closing section and the thumping last few bars.


    A very good show this that had the tension, drama and excitement to bring the Sparke score to life.

    Star Player:

    Soprano: Very impressive stuff today — colour and just the right edge.

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 16:15:59

    1. Bodmin Town (John Maines)West of England

    There's a real sense of anticipation in discovering Terras Australis as the 'Unknown Continent' commences.

    This is very atmospheric and the drama and excitement is well depicted. There is a sense of optimism within the music which then is tense and fearful in delivery, before calmer waters are depicted. There is some fine ensemble and solo playing that brings the piece to life.

    In the central section there is a pulse of energy being depicted in a menacing way before the cornet makes their presence felt in the lento.

    As we head to the close, there is a real sense of celebration in the air depicted by some excellent playing — full and resonant.


    A good marker this with the MD crafting out a descriptive interpretation.

    Star Player:

    There was a fine principal cornet on display here from start to finish — classy indeed.

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 15:57:16


    Test Piece: Endeavour (Philip Sparke)
    Adjudicators:Gary Davies, Howard Evans, Glyn Williams

    1. Bodmin Town (John Maines)
    2. Hatfield & Askern Colliery (Stan Lippeatt)
    3. Burry Port Town (Ceri John)
    4. Enderby (Ryan Richards)
    5. Boarshurst Silver (James Garlick)
    6. Amersham (Paul Fisher)
    7. Unison Kinneil (Raymond Tennant)
    8. Fulham (John Ward)
    9. Goodwick (Matthew Jenkins)
    10. J36 (Steven Craig)
    11. Hucknall & Linby MC (Paul Whyley)
    12. Old Silkstone (John Hopkinson)
    13. Ripon City (Mark Sidwell)
    14. Rainford (Dr David Thornton)
    15. Michelmersh Silver (Melvin White)
    16. Kirkintilloch (David Roberts)

  • Section 1Saturday 14, 06:17:38

    Contest preview

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