2019 National Championship of Great Britain
Section 3 - As it happened

All the action from the 2019 National Championship of Great Britain — Section 3 — as it happened.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 15:44:31


    embedded picture
    The Champions — Uppermill

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    The winning MD — Dean Redfearn

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    Past the winning post for Uppermill

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    The winners

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    We are the champions — Uppermill

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    Tears of joy for the winners

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    Second place — Taff Vale

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    Third place — Poole Borough

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    Fourth place — Gosport Solent

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    Fifth place — Kippax

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    Sixth place — Stamford

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    Best Instrumentalist — Duncan Broadley of Taff Vale

    Section 3:

    Sunday 15th September
    Test Piece: Viking Age (Thierry Deleruyelle)
    Adjudicators: Philip Harper, Paul Holland & Melvin White

    1. Uppermill (Dean Redfern)
    2. Taff Vale (Gareth Ritter)
    3. Poole Borough (Lloyd Bartlett)
    4. Gosport Solent (Colin Garner)
    5. Kippax (Stephen Tighe)
    6. Chichester City (Rom Stanko)
    7. Stamford (Julian Bright)
    8. Raunds Temperance (Jonathan Pippen)
    9. Hawk Green (Marple) (Neil Hewson)
    10. Bearpark & Esh Colliery (Phillip Tait)
    11. Trimdon Concert (William Harrison)
    12. Wetherby Silver (Derek Warley)
    13. Epping Forest (Keith Schroeter)
    14. Perthshire Brass (George Annan)
    15. Usk (James Jones)
    16. Valley Brass (Haydock) (David Chadwick)
    17. South Molton Town (Gil Taylor)
    18. Irvine & Dreghorn (Lewis Bettles)

    Best Instrumentalist: Duncan Broadley (cornet) — Taff Vale

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 15:01:19

    Malcolm Wood's round up & prediction:

    This has been a very enjoyable contest with 'Viking Age' accessible and within the scope of all the bands. The challenges were well met, but the extra quality did shine through in the ensemble playing of the best.

    Those that could feature in the prizes have brought the character from the score along with excellent ensemble and especially percussion playing that was considered and intelligently placed and dynamically coherent.

    It's a tight call with a number of well matched bands.

    4BR Prediction:

    1. Uppermill
    2. Taff Vale
    3. Hawk Green (Marple
    4. Kippax
    5. Stamford Brass
    6. Perthshire Brass

    Dark Horse: Trimdon Concert

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 14:38:43

    18. Trimdon Concert (William Harrison) North of England

    embedded picture

    It's a well judged opening 'Northern Men' with the MD keeping a tight rein on proceedings but ensuring the tension and musical drama comes through.

    So much to admire in the 'Explorer' as the adventures begin. The ensemble is well judged and the percussion adds colour and texture to the performance.

    There are lovely sounds coming from the cornet in 'The Raid' — it's measured and lyrical. This builds nicely into the 'Heritage' which is full of excellent playing. There is a bold confidence at the end and they close so well.


    A performance that had lots to appreciate in its style and execution — especially the boldness of the approach.

    Star Player:

    A fine contribution from the solo trombone — leading the section and giving the music a crisp edge.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 14:21:30

    17. Chichester City (Rom Stanko) LSC

    embedded picture

    A bold opening full of drama and anger in 'Northern Men'. The MD is allowing the players to bring out the visceral nature of the music and its so enjoyable.

    The 'Explorer' doesn't quite come off. It's a little inconsistent at times and the detail doesn't come to the fore as with others today — just a bit jagged.

    Well done cornet. That's a lovely piece of playing in 'The Raid'. We then head towards 'Heritage' which is so well delivered — bold and triumphant, with a bit left in the tank for the thumping ending.


    The potential like many today was there in spades, but it just needed a touch more solidity to make an impression you feel in the box.

    Star Player:

    The fine percussion section stood out or us,

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 14:18:16

    Watch out for those Scottish vikings...

    embedded picture
    The Viking contingent from Irvine & Dreghorn get ready to celebrate

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 14:03:42

    16. Gosport Solent (Colin Garner) West of England

    embedded picture

    There's lots of drama and tension coming through in the opening 'Northern Men', but it's not without its challenges either.

    The adventures in 'The Explorer' are well handled with percussion bringing colour and drama to the piece. The ensemble sound is effective and this is a persuasive section that has so much to admire and appreciate.

    There's a tender cornet in 'The Raid' that leads into a lyrically delivered 'Heritage' segment that is performed with confidence. There's a hint of tiredness towards the end but it held a cohesive quality of tonality.


    A performance that had lots to appreciate but it didn't quite click together all the time to perhaps make a significant mark in the box today amid some fine shows from rivals.

    Star Player:

    Nice solo trombone contribution both in the ensemble and in the spotlight.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 13:47:48

    15. Epping Forest (Keith Schroeter) LSC

    A nervy opening 'Northern Men' section that just didn't settle. The potential is there to bring the drama and tension to life, but there are nerves and a hint of caution in the playing.

    In the 'Explorer', the potential is there once again to deliver but the execution suffers from some inconsistencies and nerves which take the sheen off the overall picture being portrayed.

    Well done principal cornet, you held your nerve and delivered in 'The Raid'. The nervous tension has subsided and the lyrical playing is relaxed and expressive. They close confidently.


    The potential was there to deliver, but nerves impacted today. A nearly one.

    Star Player:

    Principal cornet was excellent in the featured moments and in leading the band.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 13:32:05

    14. Hawk Green (Marple) (Neil Hewson) North West

    embedded picture

    An impressive opening 'Northern Men' section filled with drama, tension and engaging playing. The MD is full of energy and is pulling every note and phrase out of his troops. This has lots to appreciate.

    The 'Explorer' element is well shaped and delivered by all concerned. The ensemble delivers dynamic contrasts that allow the music to flow freely. The percussion blends in so well adding colour and texture. This is becoming an account worthy of some note.

    What a delightful cornet contribution in 'The Raid' with a player in control of his nerves. Bravo sir.

    This leads into a tender, lyrical 'Heritage' section that just oozes with musicality. Very good playing on show with the MD in control. Great close.


    A terrific account from the Cheshire outfit and one which had so much to appreciate all around the stand.

    Star Player:

    A real team effort from players and conductor. Well done all.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 13:16:21

    13. Irvine & Dreghorn (Lewis Bettles) Scotland

    embedded picture

    'Northern Men' brings the tension and drama right to the fore and there's plenty to admire here. The ensemble sound makes an impression in the 'Explorer' supported by persuasive percussion. The trio at the back are bringing lots of colour to this performance.

    Not everything is as smooth as it could be in 'The Raid'. Well done principal cornet who held their nerve. We like the musicality on show in the concluding 'Heritage' — lots of warm, tender playing and they close nicely.


    An account that had lots of potential but it just didn't always knit together as it could have done.

    Star Player:

    Soprano made their influence count throughout.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 13:00:04

    12. Usk (James Jones) Wales

    embedded picture

    It's a bold and colourful opening 'Northern Men'. The MD is bringing plenty of drama and tension from the work but is also keep a tight grip on the dynamics. Good stuff.

    There is plenty to appreciate in the 'Explorer' section, with percussion really adding a great amount of colour and texture to the performance. This is an impressive account with the conductor knowing how he wants the picture to be portrayed and the band are responding.

    We hear a fine cornet voice in 'The Raid' before a persuasive 'Heritage' section complete with disciplined ensemble playing that builds so well to the close.


    An account that had lots to appreciate and especially some excellent lyrical playing. It's one to think about when it comes to the end of the contest as a potential dark horse.

    Star Player:

    A lyrical solo euphonium performance caught the ear throughout.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 12:42:58

    11. Raunds Temperance (Jonathan Pippen) Midlands

    embedded picture

    It's a bold opening with lots of drama and tension being depicted. Not everything completely gels together as needed at times within the ensemble, but this a well thought out reading by the conductor.

    A sense of adventure is apparent in 'The Explorer' with the percussion team adding colour and texture. This is an impressive reading from the middle that is so nicely styled.

    Principal cornet is lyrical and expressive in 'The Raid' — lots to admire and appreciate here. The 'Heritage' section is full of warmth and the quality playing builds to an excellent climax.


    A very impressive reading from the MD and an account that had lots to admire, but wasn't without the flaws that may just cost them at the top end of the mix.

    Star Player:

    Principal cornet really made an impression today with a lovely sound and leadership presence. Well done indeed.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 12:41:55

    10. Bearpark & Esh Colliery (Phillip Tait) North of England

    embedded picture

    It's a well judged 'Northern Men' section, with the MD bringing the drama to the fore. The dynamics and tempos are well judged and being kept under control.

    Percussion team impresses in 'Explorer' and there's excitement about the adventurous playing. The 'Raid' has a nice sense of poise from the cornet and this builds so nicely into the concluding 'Heritage' Section. There is a lot to enjoy here with lyrical warmth coming through in the playing before they close well.


    A performance so well directed by the MD and although it was not flawless, there was plenty to admire and appreciate, especially with the stylish intent.

    Star Player:

    The solo trombone really enjoyed themselves today in full Viking mode..

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 12:08:21

    Malcolm Wood's halfway thoughts:

    'Viking Age' has proved to be an accessible work for the bands today. Those that have brought out the character within the score, delivered a balanced ensemble and an effective percussion contribution have made an impression.

    There are plenty of pitfalls and traps within the score. Some ensembles may be penalised for being a touch over zealous at times with the dynamics and aggressive approach, but then again the Vikings were not the type of chaps to be trifled with.

    4BR Prediction:

    1. Uppermill
    2. Taff Vale
    3. Kippax

    Dark Horse: Stamford Brass

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 11:48:50

    9. Kippax (Stephen Tighe) Yorkshire

    embedded picture

    A well judged opening section with the MD bringing out the drama and tension in 'Northern Men'. There is impressive playing being heard here.

    Percussion adds colours and textures to the adventurous 'Explorer' section which is well structured by the MD.

    The cornet has a refined sound that really makes an impression in 'The Raid' and as we head to the 'Heritage' section, the conductor brings out not just the lyricism but also a sense of emotion within the music.


    A very impressive show this, with lots of quality on display and a fine interpretation from the MD.

    Star Player:

    We'll go with the united percussion section, who brought plenty of colour, style and precision to the performance.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 11:31:27

    8. Stamford (Julian Bright) Midlands

    embedded picture

    A confident opening with the MD bringing out the character of the music in 'Northern Men'. There is a lot of drama and tension coming through here. What a great start.

    That sense of adventure comes through in 'Explorer' with the percussion bringing so much colour to the music. This is being well directed from the middle and the band are responding to each gesture and command with precision.

    What a confident and well composed cornet passage in 'The Raid' — delivered with poise. This leads into a beautiful 'Heritage' section. It's quality lyrical playing and a confident close too.


    An impressive show this that certainly tickled the musical taste buds. One in the mixer.

    Star Player:

    Principal trombone made such a persuasive contribution (from LSO to Cheltenham for Dudley Bright?)

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 11:15:32

    7. South Molton Town (Gil Taylor) West of England

    embedded picture

    It's a confident start to 'Northern Men' with the drama and tension really coming through. The dynamics and tempos are well handled and make an impression. There is a spirit of adventure in 'Explorer' with the percussion team adding plenty of colour and textures. This element of the piece really impresses as the MD allows his players to bring the character out of the music.

    Well done cornet. The nerves disappeared — and played with musical aplomb in 'The Raid'. As we head into the 'Heritage' concluding section, the intent to maintain control is there from the MD, but not everything is as water tight as it could be as intonation wavers to close.


    One of those accounts that offered the full potential to delivery, but just didn't quite come off. Fine effort though.

    Star Player:

    Lovely contribution from the solo euphonium that added so much to the performance.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 10:56:11

    6. Perthshire Brass (George Annan) Scotland

    embedded picture

    'Northern Men' is bold with a feel of drama and tension. The tempos and dynamics are well done and add to the overall music picture. There's a sense of adventure in 'Explorer' that engages the listener. A really well delivered section this is.

    'Raids' is purposefully delivered and the cornet takes on the challenge of the solo passages and brings the lines out with real warmth. The closing 'Heritage' section is full of lyrical warmth and builds to a fine conclusion.


    A show that was well laid out by the MD, resplendent in his kilt and blue shiny shoes, and the band responded so well to his ilead. It was not without the odd blemish though, but plenty to enjoy.

    Star Player:

    Soprano cornet made such a nice contribution — tip top playing.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 10:38:03

    5. Uppermill (Dean Redfern) North West

    embedded picture

    What a bold opening, so musical and dramatic in its delivery. It grips the listener. The MD is bringing out the character of the music so well here. The 'Explorer' segment has a sense of adventure about it and the percussion blends in bringing colours and textures without over powering the ensemble.

    Bravo cornet, well done. What a nice sound and the delivery was from a player who was nerveless in 'The Raid'. This leads so well into a very lyrical 'Heritage' section full of warmth and good playing. What a fine confident close this is…


    A performance full of musicality, so well directed by the MD. He gave his players the opportunity to perform and deliver their parts and they certainly responded. Bravo.

    Star Player:

    Percussion Section added plenty of colour and textures in an effective manner.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 10:25:42

    4. Taff Vale (Gareth Ritter) Wales

    embedded picture

    Bold, confident opening to 'Northern Men' which captures the drama, excitement and tension very nicely.

    There's a sense of adventure in 'Explorer' with the percussion adding plenty to the performance in terms of colour, texture and effect..

    Well done cornet in 'The Raid'. Delivered with a lovely sense of style and no shortage of confidence. This leads nicely into the concluding 'Heritage' section which is well laid out by the MD and played with so much confidence by the band with a warm, balanced, robust sound.


    Good show this. Well structured by the MD with his band responding with playing of high quality in the ensemble and solo lines.

    Star Player:

    Principal cornet was a lovely focal point — lyrical and technically secure.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 10:20:18

    What's the Viking difference...?

    Thierry Deleruyelle's test-piece tells of a people far from the stereotype of horn helmeted pillagers of myth.

    However you do need to know the difference between Bloodaxes and Barelegs, Bluetooths and Forkbeards.

    And any characters called Sigrid the Haughty, Einar Paunch-shaker, Eystein the Noisy or Thorfinn Skull-cleaver would certainly make a great bass section...

    And the way, Nokia wasn't the inventor of the mobile phone...

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 10:05:29

    3. Wetherby Silver (Derek Warley) West Yorkshire

    embedded picture

    Purposeful, energetic opening to 'Northern Men', as the tension mounts with excitement in the air. That sense of adventure is depicted neatly in 'Explorer' with confident percussion who bring colour and drama to the score.

    The cornet is tasteful, confident and composed in 'Raids' — what a nice sound produced, supported by the ensemble. This leads nicely into the concluding 'Heritage', which is delivered in an understated manner and they've got plenty in the tank for the final bars.


    Not a bad account at all. This was well shaped and styled by the MD and the band responded. The odd bits of tuning were noticeable though at times.

    Star Player:

    Euphonium provided such a good solid lead from start to finish.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 09:49:00

    2. Valley Brass (Haydock) (David Chadwick) North West

    It's a strong start in 'Northern Men'; exciting with lots of tension in the air. The sense of adventure really comes through in the 'Explorer' section with effective percussion enhancing the pictures being portrayed.

    The cornet is nice, steady and lyrical in 'Raids' and this leads into a confident final 'Heritage' segment, which is played with bold confidence and Viking vigour.


    An impressive reading from the MD where the band responded to his direction. The foibles that were heard, never detracted from the musical picture being painted.

    Star Player:

    Percussion section — added colour and effect in all the right places.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 09:48:26

    1. Poole Borough (Lloyd Bartlett) West of England

    embedded picture

    The bold opening is rhythmical and builds with drama. This is exciting stuff, lots of tension in the air, and the band are responding to the MD's clear direction. There is a sense of adventure with the percussion bringing colour to the music without it being over powering in the Explorer section.

    'Raids' showcases a composed cornet lead who excels on the opportunity to shine and it leads into the final bars which are delivered effectively in the 'Heritage' finale which is played with a bold brio.


    A decent show off number 1 this. There were a few butterflies in the stomach moments, but not a bad show at all with the approach and execution.

    Star Player:

    The principal cornet led from the front and delivered the solo lines so well.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 09:24:01


    Test Piece: Viking Age (Thierry Deleruyelle)
    Adjudicators: Philip Harper, Paul Holland, Melvin White

    1. Poole Borough (Lloyd Bartlett)
    2. Valley Brass (Haydock) (David Chadwick)
    3. Wetherby Silver (Derek Warley)
    4. Taff Vale (Gareth Ritter)
    5. Uppermill (Dean Redfern)
    6. Perthshire Brass (George Annan)
    7. South Molton Town (Gil Taylor)
    8. Stamford (Julian Bright)
    9. Kippax (Stephen Tighe)
    10. Bearpark & Esh Colliery (Phillip Tait)
    11. Raunds Temperance (Jonathan Pippen)
    12. Usk (James Jones)
    13. Irvine & Dreghorn (Lewis Bettles)
    14. Hawk Green (Marple) (Neil Hewson)
    15. Epping Forest (Keith Schroeter)
    16. Hawk Green (Marple) (Neil Hewson)
    17. Chichester City (Rom Stanko)
    18. Trimdon Concert (William Harrison)

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 08:26:06

    More great stories to unfold today...

    Amid the joy and celebrations yesterday emerged two great stories from each of the winning bands.

    First there was Tewit Silver — less than 2 years old, winning the Fourth Section title with a wonderful performance under the baton of their inspirational MD Martin Hall.

    Colonel Bogey

    However, the man who went on stage to proudly collect the trophy after playing the demanding soprano cornet part was John Belton — who 24 hours earlier had gone under the surgeon's knife for an operation that in his witty words, made the playing of the war time ditty 'Colonel Bogey' somewhat appropriate.

    However he played his remaining cahoona off superbly to help his brilliant band, packed with family members, youngsters and a few experienced older heads to a memorable victory. What a bandsman.

    Phoenix from the flames

    What a story it was for Unison Kinneil. Earlier this year their bandroom was completely gutted by a fire started by vandals, leaving them without instruments, music, uniforms and a place to rehearse.

    Their incredible attitude and determination though paid off as they took the First Section title in fine style under the baton of Ray Tennant — ensuring the sound of their celebrations could be heard back in their home town.

    Understandably there were a few tears — even from their great Band Secretary Robert Doherty who has been with the band for over 50 years (although he did admit the impending bar bill that he promised to pay may have had something to do with that!)

    He was almost speechless and perhaps the proudest bandsman at Cheltenham on Saturday night — as he told 4BR how the band never gave up their determination to carry on their 168 year history thanks to the support of bands and the local community around them.

    Now they rehearse in Grangemouth some 10 miles from their home, but will be returning with the First Section National trophy to show off in thanks to all their supporters. It was fairy-tale stuff.

  • Section 3Sunday 15, 08:05:03

    Good morning from Cheltenham...

    embedded picture

    There was a still a bit of an early morning chill in the air as we walked into the Hall of Fame entrance and past the great image of iconic steeplechase race horse Arkle.

    He was an odds on favourite every time he stepped onto the track, but there are that many obvious odds-on bands today in either section.

    Lots to look forward to then as we kick off with Section 3 this morning at 9.30am and the visceral sounds of Thierry Deleruyelle's 'Viking Age' set-work.

    The band representatives are starting to file in for the draw, so plenty of time to have a cup of tea before the action starts...

  • Section 3Saturday 14, 06:17:52

    Contest preview

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