2019 National Championship of Great Britain
Section 4 - As it happened

All the action from the 2019 National Championship of Great Britain — Section 4 — as it happened.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 15:38:01


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    The Champions — Tewit Silver

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    Best Instrumentalist — Rob Tromans of Tewit Silver

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    Champions — Tewit Silver

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    Second place — Redruth Town

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    Third place — Simon Langton Brass

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    Fourth place — Beaumaris

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    Fifth place — Rode Hall Silver

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    Sixth place — Sale Brass

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    Youngest Player — Skye Stokes aged 10

    Fourth Section:

    Test Piece: Beecher Variations (Stephen Bulla)
    Adjudicators: Ian Brownbill, Paul Holland, Craig Roberts

    1. Tewit Silver (Martin Hall)
    2. Redruth Town (Andrew Craze)
    3. Simon Langton Brass (Keith Twyman)
    4. Beaumaris (Scott Lloyd)
    5. Rode Hall Silver (Nigel Butler)
    6. Sale Brass (Matthew Hindle)
    7. Maltby Miners' Welfare (Terry Clifford)
    8. Wroughton Silver (Simon Jones)
    9. Melton (Graham Sutton)
    10. Newland Concert (Simon Railton)
    11. Nailsworth Silver (Steve Legge)
    12. Great Yarmouth Brass (Colin Swaep)
    13. Ratby Co-operative Mid (Gary Perrin)
    14. Barnsley Metropolitan (Alex Francis)
    15. Shipston Town (Howard Gibbs)
    16. Burneside Brass (Laurie Johnston)
    17. Cottenham (Peter Mackley)
    18. Gwaen Cae Gurwen (Robert Burnett)

    Best Instrumentalist: Martin Trowmans (flugel) — Tewit Silver
    Youngest Player: Skye Stokes (Barnsley Metropolitan) — aged 10

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 14:58:10

    Malcolm Wood's round up and prediction:

    'Beecher Variations' has proved to be an astute choice by the Kapitol Music Panel. The piece has both been a stern test and allowed the best bands to show their quality.

    The best bands not only put the basics in place but built performances where the character of the music really came to life and the soloists made a musical presence with a stylish presence.

    At the top end, it really is a tight scrap for the honours with both Redruth and Tewit producing strong, and utterly convincing arguments to be crowned champion.

    Behind then come a quartet of Beaumaris, Simon Langton, Sale Brass and Rode Hall Silver with a dark horse of Wroughton.

    4BR Prediction:

    1. Redruth Town
    2. Tewit Silver
    3. Beaumaris
    4. Simon Langton Brass
    5. Sale Brass
    6. Rode Hall Silver

    Dark Horses: Wroughton

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 14:35:27

    18. Wroughton Silver (Simon Jones) West of England

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    It's an engaging approach in the opening sections for the final contender. The MD really brings out the character of the music and the ensemble and soloists rise to the challenge. Impressive stuff.

    In the slower sections, there are some fine solo with solid ensemble lines and it's a real pity that the odd glitch gets in the way just to take the sheen off things.

    As the piece heads for the end, there's an effective lightness of touch in the approach. Just loses a little focus and the dynamics are pushed hard to make a final impression.


    An engaging account from Wroughton — well worked and directed.

    Star Player:

    The principal cornet certainly made an impression today — leading with style and considerable substance.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 14:21:52

    17. Newland Concert (Simon Railton) Scotland

    embedded picture

    The disciplined rhythmic and dynamic approach from the middle works well for the ensemble in the opening sections. There are times where a touch more clarity would have just helped a bit but ti was a good solid start.

    In the slower elements the solo work is very well executed and supported by the ensemble. It's unfortunate that there is the odd uncertain moment or two as the MD allowed the music to flow so well..

    To close, a well judged section that had a lot to admire in its delivery and execution. The tempos and dynamics were measured and they had plenty in the tank for a rousing ending.


    A performance that had lots to appreciate but just needed more impetus to make an impression today in the box. The musical approach was one of the best though.

    Star Player:

    The Euphonium soloist took their role in their stride and rose to challenge with such an assured sense of style.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 14:02:51

    16. Rode Hall Silver (Nigel Butler) North West

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    The clear intentions from the middle allows for the rhythmic and dynamic approach to be heard effectively in the opening sections. There is some impressive solo and ensemble work being delivered with the character of the piece coming through.

    In the slower elements, the soloists make an impressive mark, ably supported by an effective and ensemble.

    The closing passages once again keep the focus on solid ensemble attributes allowing the character of the piece to really come through. An impressive close too.


    A performance that had so much to appreciate today, with the odd blemish that took a little sheen off.

    Star Player:

    Principal cornet — so tasteful from start to finish.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 13:44:02

    15. Burneside (Laurie Johnston) North of England

    The rhythmic and dynamic approach from the MD allowed the ensemble to bring out the character of the music in the opening sections.

    In the central slower sections, there is the odd uncomfortable moment, but some very committed contributions from flugel and soprano are underpinned by the solid ensemble work.

    As we head home, an impressive light approach works for the ensemble. With comfortable dynamics and tempos the ensemble is not pushed to their limits as they close. Well managed playing that.


    An account that had plenty to appreciate throughout but a touch uneven perhaps to make an impression today as a podium contender.

    Star Player:

    Both flugel and soprano shone today with their contributions.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 13:37:52
  • Section 4Saturday 14, 13:28:46

    14. Nailsworth Silver (Steve Legge)West of England

    embedded picture

    A purposeful approach in the opening sections from the experienced MD that allows the ensemble to bring the music and character to the fore. The dynamics, tempos and solo contributions are impressive.

    In the slower sections there is a hint of caution and tension in the playing at times. This though does not put the players off and they persevere. Well done flugel!

    As the piece concludes, a real lightness of touch in the ensemble makes an impression. The approach again from the middle is deliberate and purposeful and it pays dividends with a fine close.


    A performance where a very neat and confident musical picture was portrayed

    Star Player:

    Flugel — A fine contribution.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 13:16:05

    13. Gwaen Cae Gurwen (Robert Burnett) Wales

    embedded picture

    A bold and confident start in the opening sections. There's just the odd moment where 'less is more' would be beneficial but the desire to bring the character out of the work is paying dividends.

    There's the odd moment of tension and unease in the slower sections, but full marks to soprano and flugel for their solo contributions supported by the ensemble.

    The lightness of touch comes through brightly as the piece heads for home. Nothing being overdone here with the dynamics and tempos neat and tidy. The ensemble closes its rendition in a very persuasive manner.


    An account that had lots to appreciate and admire, but perhaps needed a touch more character bringing out at times.

    Star Player:

    Soprano dug in deep today to deliver.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 12:54:44

    12. Ratby Co-operative Mid (Gary Perrin) Midlands

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    There is lots to appreciate here with some fine solo contributions. The odd blemish does not detract either as the MD brings a persuasive take on his reading of the score.

    In the slower elements there is a refined ensemble sound with some good solo voices. Not everything quite comes off, but again it is so well laid out.

    A nice lightness of touch is displayed in the closing sections that allows character to shine through. The dynamics and tempos are impressive and there is still plenty in the tank for a strong close.


    A very enjoyable reading and performance with plenty to appreciate especially with the musical character coming through from the MDs reading.

    Star Player:

    Cornet was solid right from the off and played with elegant refinement.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 12:36:37

    11. Cottenham (Peter Mackley) L&SC

    The opening sections are measured and well thought out from the MD. They allow the band not just to bring the rhythmic pulse out of the work but to play with lyrical freedom. There are some impressive dynamics.

    In the slower central sections, a few musical gremlins get in the way but it doesn't stop the endeavour of the ensemble to bring the music to life.

    The final stages bring out the character of the music but its a real shame that there are one or two uneven moments as the piece reaches its climax.


    An account that certainly had lots to appreciate (especially the approach from the middle) but it was a little uneven at times and that took the gloss off things.

    Star Player:

    Flugel was a performer who rose to the challenge today and played with such fine style

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 12:22:53

    10. Beaumaris (Scott Lloyd) Wales

    embedded picture

    The opening sections are performed confidently and with lyrical flow. The tempos are well judged and allow the character of the music to come to the fore.

    There is the odd moment of unease in the slower sections, but it does not impact on the musical picture being painted. There are some excellent solo contributions — so well done flugel and soprano.

    The closing sections once more are full of brio and vibrancy and its all part of a very tasteful account that closes very well indeed.


    A very confident show from the Welsh outfit that brought the character and style out of the music from the first bar to the end.

    Star Player:

    A really bit of impressive euphonium playing on show.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 12:08:28

    Malcolm Wood's halfway thoughts:

    embedded picture

    'Beecher Variations' has proved to be a fine choice for the contest on the evidence of the first nine bands. The best performances have been the ones that have brought the character to the fore backed by secure ensemble work and some great main soloists.

    It's close at the top with two excellent accounts from Tewit and Redruth absolutely nip and tuck at the top and with Simon Langton and Sale Brass not far behind.

    It's going to be a fascinating second half of the contest.

    4BR Prediction:

    1. Redruth Town
    2. Tewit Silver
    3. Simon Langton Brass

    Dark Horse: Sale Brass

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 11:42:31

    9. Tewit Silver (Martin Hall) North of England

    embedded picture

    The opening sections have lots to appreciate with the rhythmic and dynamic approach drawn by the MD.

    He brings the character of the music right to the fore and there is a lot to admire and enjoy here with the soloist contributions in particular. There is a touch of high class quality here.

    In the slower sections some fine individual performances are enhanced by an ensemble which also plays every note and phrase with considered care.

    The closing stages have a real lightness of touch in the ensemble that creates an impression of joyfulness. The tempos and dynamics are well judged and the band ensemble delivers right up until the last note.


    A crackerjack of a performance that allowed the character of the piece to come through from the first note to the last. Right in the top end of mix to send the judges with something to ponder to the break.

    Star Player:

    Euphonium — the hallmark of class was heard throughout.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 11:24:23

    8. Maltby Miners' Welfare (Terry Clifford) Yorkshire

    The opening sections are measured and well thought out by the MD to allow for clarity and detail to shine through. There were a few glitches that were noticeable.

    There are moments of caution and uncertainty in the slower sections that take the sheen off things, but lots to appreciate here — and bravo to the two tubas with their foundation work.

    As we head for the close, the lightness of touch is in evident in the playing and this allows the ensemble to close well.


    An account that was a little uneven in its execution today — but even with a few seats empty it was a performance of character in more ways than one.

    Star Player:

    The two tuba players deserve great credit for their efforts — real Yorkshire grit on show.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 11:08:26

    7. Redruth Town Andrew Craze West of England

    embedded picture

    The opening sections are very confidently delivered. There is a lightness in the ensemble sound matched by the well observed good dynamics and tempos — all delivered with precision.

    In the slower sections, there are some super solo contributions (bravo sop!) supported by the ensemble in such a confident manner.

    As we head for the close, the ensemble sound is light but positive and very effective. The MD has brought the character of the music right from the score. The dynamic approach allows for clarity and there is plenty on the tank to close.


    A cracking show this, where the MD brought the character and style of the music to the fore. The MD has won this title before and has presented the judges with one heck of a marker here. Super stuff that.

    Star Player:

    A real team effort that was with everyone deserving credit — topped by super sop.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 10:51:54

    6.Great Yarmouth (Colin Swaep) L&SC

    A lighter take on the opening sections has a really confident and warm feel to it. The rhythmic and dynamic approaches certainly appeal.

    The slower sections whilst despite having the odd uncomfortable element, see the ensemble grow in belief as they go along with tasteful solo contributions played with a touch of refinement.

    The light approach returns at the start of the final sections and this develops well as they reach the final bars with energy and stamina making for a cohesive close.


    An approach a little lighter than others so far today, with lots to admire in the way the MD developed the musical picture.

    Star Player:

    A lovely, confident contribution from the euphonium from start to finish.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 10:39:05

    5. Sale Brass (Matthew Hindle) North West

    embedded picture

    Sale Brass commences with real belief and confidence in the opening sections — dynamic and rhythmic in character. The MD encourages a relaxed tempo to follow and the ensemble plays accordingly — with freedom.

    The calmer approach to the slower sections works well, and despite the odd uncomfortable moment it doesn't disturb their focus with some fine solo work on show.

    As we head to the close, the light approach works effectively which leads to the ensemble closing well with a sense of bold purpose.


    A well thought out reading this by the MD, matched by confident playing from the ensemble.

    Star Player:

    Soprano — a fine contribution from start to finish

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 10:20:42

    4. Shipston Town (Howard Gibbs) Midlands

    Shipston's 'Beechers Variations' is full of musical intent in the opening sections. The tempos and dynamics sit confidently on the ear and there is plenty to appreciate.

    There's one or two uncertain moments in the slower sections but so much to enjoy with the contributions of the soprano and flugel — real troopers. They both dug deep to deliver so musically.

    The concluding sections have a lightness of touch that allows the detail to come through. The close is one of real bold confidence.


    An account that had lots to appreciate both with the approach and the delivery.

    Star player:

    Flugel and soprano — both played with such mature musicality.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 10:15:36
  • Section 4Saturday 14, 10:03:39

    3. Barnsley Metropolitan (Alex Francis) Yorkshire

    embedded picture

    A very purposeful approach from Barnsley to open. This is an account where the MD wants the music to flow and he tailors the tempos to allow this to happen. This is well thought through from the middle with the odd glitch not putting the ensemble off.

    The slower sections have moments of caution and unease but are full of perseverance.

    The ending is delivered with energy, purpose and confidence.


    A confident account from the Yorkshire contender that had lots to admire.

    Star Player:

    Bass trombone. Playing that added colour and just the right edge

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 09:47:01

    2. Simon Langton Brass (David Cutting) L&SC

    embedded picture

    It's a well judged start from Simon Langton Brass in the opening sections with the MD ensuring his players play in a very relaxed and confident manner. The music is very light on the ear and flows well. There is the odd moment, but lots to enjoy with the MD's interpretation.

    The slower sections create the odd uncertain moment, but the energy and verve is really apparent as they conclude the final bars.


    A real confident show defined by a lovely lightness of touch from the ensemble.

    Star Player:

    Principal cornet led by example and the rest followed.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 09:28:55

    1. Melton (Graham Sutton) Midlands

    It's a bold start from Melton in the opening sections, and although there are some moments of intonation and rhythmic inaccuracy there is plenty to enjoy with the approach created by the MD who keeps a tight rein on the dynamics and tempo.

    Just the odd moments of unease in the slower sections — not quite luminescent, but bravely done.
    The lightness of touch is noticeable in the final sections, drawing spirit and verve from the score. It built to a fine end too.


    A bravura marker from Melton — had its qualities and inconsistencies, but one to be proud of.

    Star Player:

    Top marks go to the euph — bold, dark and handsome playing that.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 09:15:05


    embedded picture

    Test Piece: Beecher Variations (Stephen Bulla)
    Adjudicators: Ian Brownbill, Paul Holland, Craig Roberts

    1. Melton (Graham Sutton)
    2. Simon Langton Brass (Keith Twyman)
    3. Barnsley Metropolitan (Alex Francis)
    4. Shipston Town (Howard Gibbs)
    5. Sale Brass (Matthew Hindle)
    6. Great Yarmouth Brass (Colin Swaep)
    7. Redruth Town (Andrew Craze)
    8. Maltby Miners' Welfare (Terry Clifford)
    9. Tewit Silver (Martin Hall)
    10. Beaumaris (Scott Lloyd)
    11. Cottenham (Peter Mackley)
    12. Ratby Co-operative Mid (Gary Perrin)
    13. Gwaen Cae Gurwen (Robert Burnett)
    14. Nailsworth Silver (Steve Legge)
    15. Burneside Brass (Laurie Johnston)
    16. Rode Hall Silver (Nigel Butler)
    17. Newland Concert (Simon Railton)
    18. Wroughton Silver (Simon Jones)

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 09:12:10

    Who will join the list of famous winners...

    embedded picture

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 08:55:56

    Regionals 2020

    Kapitol Promotions have released the test pieces for Regionals 2020.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 08:29:25

    Draw time...

    Philip Morris of Kapitol Promotions gets the section 4 draw underway...

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 08:10:52

    Good morning from Cheltenham...

    The sun is out burning the early morning dew off the famous racecourse turf and the bands are already arriving to find out what starting gate number they will be given by the fates contained in the velvet draw bag.

    it promises to be a great day of contesting with the Fourth Section up first with the equine sounding 'Beecher Variations', followed this afternoon by the First Section and 'Endeavour'.

    The first band takes to the stage at 9.30am.

  • Section 4Saturday 14, 06:18:00

    Contest preview

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