2019 Scottish Championships
As it happened

All the action from the 2019 Scottish Championships — As it happened.


Sunday 10, 20:12:42

That's all for this weekend

Well its been another day of contesting drama around the country.

Congratulations to all the prize winners and qualifiers today and over the entire weekend.

We hope you have enjoyed the coverage and our thanks go as always to all the Regional committees for their help and hospitality.

The final stopping off points for us next weekend are Durham, Stevenage and Wrexham.

Good night...


Sunday 10, 19:22:22

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2019 Scottish Champion: cooperation band

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London bound: Whitburn

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Third place; Newtongrange

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Championship Section:

Test Piece: Seascapes (Ray Steadman-Allen)
Adjudicators: Sheona Wade & Sarah Groarke-Booth

1. The cooperation band (Russell Gray) 191**
2. Whitburn (Prof Nicholas Childs) 190*
3. Newtongrange Silver (Andrew Duncan) 188
4. Dalmellington Band (Erik Janssen) 187
5. Dunaskin Doon (Gareth Brindle) 186
6. Bo'ness & Carriden (Lee Skipsey) 185
7. Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass (Charles Keenan) 184
8. Bon Accord Silver (Stephen Malcolm) 183
9. Bathgate (Paul Lovatt-Cooper) 182
10. Johnstone Band (Lynda Nicholson) 181

**Qualify to represent Scotland at both the 2020 European in Palanga and the National Final
*Qualify for the National Final

Best Soprano Cornet: Gordon Lyle (the co-operation Band)
Best Cornet: Jim Heyes (the co-operation Band)
Best Horn/Flugel: Lindsay Roxburgh (the co-operation Band)
Baritone/Euphonium: Scott Findlater (the co-operation Band)
Best Trombone: Chris Mansfield (the co-operation Band)
Best Bass Section: the co-operation Band
Best Bass:Lauren Foden (the co-operation Band)
Best Percussion Section: the co-operation Band


Sunday 10, 18:24:08

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Championship Section overall thoughts and predictions:

'Seascapes' has divided opinion around the country in recent weeks, but the Kapitol Music Panel has once more delivered a piece that fully tests Championship Section bands.

It's sorted them out good and proper today.

The standard here has varied although nobody has been marooned or ship-wrecked, but more than a couple were a bit all at sea like Captain Pugwash on The Black Pig (one readers of a certain age may remember).

The real quality ships at the top end were sailed by Dame Ellen Macarthur at the helm. The cooperation band and Whitburn have little between them today.

Russell Gray's reading had the little extra bit of finesse about it (especially the central section) and it could derail Whitburn's hat-trick bid. It could easily go to Prof Childs and Whitburn though.

Behind those two come the likes of Dalmellington Bo'ness & Carriden, Bon Accord and Kirkintilloch Kelvin scrapping it out for a top six finish.

Malcolm Wood

4BR Prediction:

1. The cooperation band
2. Whitburn
3. Dalmellington
4. Bo'ness & Carriden
5. Bon Accord
6. Kirkintilloch Kelvin


Sunday 10, 18:16:57

Championship Section:

10. Bo’ness & Carriden (Lee Skipsey)

An idiosyncratic take from Bo’ness & Carriden moulded in the manner of the successful account by City of Bradford a weekend ago by its skipper, Lee Skipsey.

Fabulous colours and lovely textures as it builds with real purpose through the first movement. The close is an absolute delight. Nice and cultured.

The Sarabande was full of fluidity with an impressive ebb and flow of pace coupled with dynamics. It was typical Lee Skipsey: no shortage of inner belief, desire or confidence either. It’s heart on the sleeve stuff though. It leaves a lasting impression.

What a cracking close, that doesn’t mess around and sails at a fare lick of knots. The detail comes out though and there is so much to admire here from an MD who knew what he wanted to do from the outset and took the crew on an impressive journey.


Sunday 10, 17:54:49

Championship Section:

9. Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass (Charles Keenan)

An impressive reading of the score today by the MD delivering a reading of musical substance. The opening took time to find his feet but when it did, plenty to appreciate with the warmth of sound. There was excitement, but it didn't have that Ben Ainslie Olympic triumph feel about it.

The middle section had a lovely ebb and flow ' warmly hued with hints of un ease but lots of hints of warmer climes.

The closing section had nobleness and it puffed its way home at a fair rate. There was impressive control shown and it rounded off an account that wasn't bad at all.


Sunday 10, 17:32:33

Championship Section:

8. Bon Accord Silver (Stephen Malcolm)

A robust nonsense ‘lets get the job done’ approach from Bon Accord that worked well for them today. It allowed them to play to their musical strengths.

The detail is good in the opening section, that is well paced and builds with momentum and excitement. It needs more colour but so solidly built it has to be said.

Very similar middle section: solid musical virtues well put together and with real purpose although instead of sailing to exotic warmth, it’s as though its heading to Norway in winter temperatures at times.

Real musical passion by the bucket load to close. It’s fast and furious at times though but the drama was well captured.

Not quite a noble sailing but more blood, sweat and determination to make it home. It docks well at the end.


Sunday 10, 17:11:05

Championship Section:

7. Johnstone Band (Lynda Nicholson)

A hard working account which was deliberately laid out by Lynda Nicholson from Johnstone. Full marks to the MD for finding a pace it could play the music without too many distress calls.

The textures and colours were a touch bland at times, but nicely balanced. The exotic climes were a little on the chilly side at times in the opening whilst the central section just needed the band to take a sharp intake of breath and calm themselves down a touch.

The concluding section was a joy though. The steamer finally found its way and headed home at a right of knots. The pacing by the MD allowed the detail to come through although there were some tempestuous seas but they got home before things became extremely rough out at sea.


Sunday 10, 16:47:59

Championship Section:

6. Dalmellington Band (Erik Janssen)

Erik Janssen delivers a bold and colourful account from Dalmellington today.

The opening was beautifully portrayed with lots of colours and textures and it had the listener so relaxed. There was not much stress with the steamer setting sail with a clear sense of direction.

Bold stuff in the central section, although there is the odd cautious moment as to which direction, they should be going.

The finale bristles along with pace and energy. It takes no prisoners at times, but wants to head home in a blaze of glory to a warm welcome.


Sunday 10, 16:30:07

Championship Section:

Halfway thoughts but no break in Perth

It's fair to say Seascapes has been a test here in Perth so far. Some bands have really struggled today to get to grips with the work.

The Old Firm of Whitburn and The cooperation Band drew back-to-back for the second year in a row. Very little between them if truth be told. Behind them it's a real dogfight.

With no judges break it's five to go though, but take top performance to ruffle the feathers of the big two.


Sunday 10, 16:25:40

Championship Section:

5. Newtongrange Silver (Andrew Duncan)

A boldy drawn account from Newtongrange that was well paced and structured. The dynamics are pushed at times though. We wonder what the judges will make of it? There was lots of fluidity in the first section. There was good dynamics and rhythm but it craved for the edge to be taken off at times.

The central section was a bit hit and miss; not quite getting to grips with the dance. It was solid enough though, but had you yearning for a touch of finesse.

Lots of pride and purpose in the steamer as it heads for home. Nearly got lost though in the odd places, but found its way in the end.


Sunday 10, 15:38:16

Championship Section:

4. The cooperation band (Russell Gray)

What an impressive reading this has been under Maestro Gray. So well thought and laid out. The tempos were a bit under at times in the first movement but that allowed it to build in musical stature and excitement. Really impressive stuff.

It's a lovely Sarabande, without the odd blemish but beautifully done.

The steamer sets off at a brisk pace in the closing section. It wants to reach home before the weather closes in. It's fast, what will they make of it in the box. It's played with conviction but my word, it's quick.

There's no holding back. Russell Gray on fire today. One heck of a show that was.


Sunday 10, 15:16:40

Championship Section:

3. Whitburn (Prof Nicholas Childs)

A performance of winning intent from the defending champion and very much in the mould of the Black Dyke account seven days ago.

What a fine opening, judged so well. We hear lots of the inner detail whilst maintaining cohesion.

The Sarabande has an engaging flow about it. What great textures and colours are depicted. What a persuasive section that is.

Big bold and magnificent sounds are heard as we head for home. This is powerful stuff with the steamer almost in cruise control mode at times.

So powerful as it makes the last bit of the journey — what a close!!!!

The quality has gone up a few notches there. Time will tell if it's a hat trick performance but take a band really at the top of its game to beat it.


Sunday 10, 15:00:14

Championship Section:

2. Bathgate (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)

An account from PLC and Bathgate that was fast and energetic at times. There was no doubting the boldness or the colours, but with hard edges to the textures.

Neat interplay in the opening section that just yearmed for a bit more. It took a bit longer to find that sense of calm on the waters in the middle section but had solidity. The steamer is tested in the concluding section, but the gasoline engine gets back to its home base.

Not a bad close but its choppy seas at the end.


Sunday 10, 14:36:16

Championship Section:

1. Dunaskin Doon (Gareth Brindle)

What a well considered interpretation this was from Gareth Brindle as he led Dunaskin Doon. In the first section he never let the colours or textures to be too pronounced.

There were a few moments when everything didn't quite gel together in the middle section, but the MD used all his experience and know how. That common sense paid dividends. The languid sense of travelling wasn't quite there at times but there was logic to the musical approach.

The steamer was bubbling along in the concluding section. Whilst it wasn't quite sure which direction was to port, the MD's tight grip on the wheel got them home. Tiredness crept in towards the end, but what a committed account that was on their first appearance at this level since 2009.


Sunday 10, 14:27:48


Championship Section:

Test Piece: 'Seascapes' — Ray Steadman-Allen

Adjudicators: Sheona Wade & Sarah Groarke-Booth

1. Dunaskin Doon (Gareth Brindle)
2. Bathgate (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)
3. Whitburn (Prof Nicholas Childs)
4. The cooperation band (Russell Gray)
5. Newtongrange Silver (Andrew Duncan)
6. Dalmellington Band (Erik Janssen)
7. Johnstone Band (Lynda Nicholson)
8. Bon Accord Silver (Stephen Malcolm)
9. Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass (Charles Keenan)
10. Bo’ness & Carriden (Lee Skipsey)


Sunday 10, 14:26:40

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2019 Scottish Champion: Barrhead Burgh

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Cheltenham bound: Newland Concert

embedded picture
Third place: Kilmarnock Concert Brass


Fourth Section:

Test Piece: 'Stantonbury Festival' — Ray Steadman Allen
Adjudicators: Leigh Baker & Richard Evans

1. Barrhead Burgh (Alistair Gibson) 182*
2. Newland Concert Brass (Simon Railton) 180*
3. Kilmarnock Concert Brass (Scott Walker) 178
4. Peebles Burgh (Peter Holmes) 176
5. Dundee Instrumental (Robert McDonald) 175
6. Penicuik Silver (Robert W Fraser) 173
7. MacTaggart Scott (George Cameron) 172
8. Stranraer Brass (Angela Miller) 171
9. Bon Accord Silver 'B' (Jennifer Cook) 170
10. Hawick Saxhorn (Stuart Black) 169
11. Forfar Instrumental (Terence Jackson) 168
12. Callander Brass (Ian Milligan) 167


Sunday 10, 13:53:12

What great fun Section 4b has been

We have had a super display of aspiring musical talent in between the Section 4 contest and results ceremony. Everything from bagpipe accompaniment to PLC

Now it’s a short set by Perth & Kinross Percussion Ensemble before the results and Championship Section.


Sunday 10, 12:37:47

Inclusive not exclusive in Section 4b

Adjudicator: Anne Crookston
Commences: at the conclusion of Fourth Section

Arguably the most important section along with Section 4 of the weekend: Two bands will take to the stage and give mini concerts before the announcement of the results in the Fourth Section. Mentoring them will be the highly respected educator, player and judge, Anne Crookston. Anne will be sat in the open, watching, listening and observing and give her feedback to the bands and visiting them at some point in the future.

There's no first or second, it's about being part of the weekend and the chance to play in public and enjoy their music making.

Good luck to Leadhills Band and Coalburn Intermediate and well done to SBBA for their initiative here.

Before the Championship Section starts. there will also be a performance by Perth and Kinross Percussion Ensemble.


Sunday 10, 12:36:30

Fourth Section round up and predictions:

What a very enjoyable contest this has been this morning. Twelve very committed bands that varied in standards and numbers on stage. That will impact on the overall result, but the desire of the ensembles to come to Perth and be part of the weekend (we said earlier, it has a Festival feel to it) is arguably the most important thing to the players.

In terms of picking out the podium finishers, its going to be tight at the top we think. Leigh Baker and Richard Evans will know what tickled their musical taste buds today though.

We opt for a right good scrap between the Burgh bands of Peebles and Burgh, with Newland and MacTaggart Scott in the mix. Could be miles out, or close, who knows.

The formal results take place after Section 4b and before the Championship Section.

4BR Prediction:

1. Peebles Burgh
2. Barrhead Burgh
3. Newland Concert
4 MacTaggart Scott
5. Penicuik
6. Stranraer


Sunday 10, 12:28:12

Fourth Section:

The ensembles to conclude the contest are Dundee Instrumental, Callander Brass and MacTaggart Scott.

Paul Drury the respected conductor (who is here today) will have had tears in his eyes after this one. Paul’s sister was making her contest debut after a battle with illness and with her son also on stage, she was part of a performance that all can be proud off.

Bold and confident in approach, the energy came through although not everything was perfect, but it was delivered with real spirit.

Callander Brass was fabuloso with just 21 on stage including six cornets!! This was a performance measured and well thought out that took into account, not being at full strength, but it was the latest example this morning that bands see the bigger picture here.

All the players thrived on playing here and some parts of the account were not as smooth as others. Full marks to all involved including the MD for that one.

Finally, MacTaggart Scott Loanhead with a vibrant rendition to close the contest. Bright, breezy and energetic, it had a touch of everything (including glitches) but it will certainly give the judges something to ponder.


Sunday 10, 11:45:05

Fourth Section:

The latest trio of bands to perform were Hawick Saxhorn, Bon Accord Silver ‘B’and Stranraer Brass

Great to see Alan Fernie on trombone with Hawick and he was part of a hard working account. There was caution and nerves at times but the MD, Stuart Black, did a cracking job holding everything together and keeping everyone focussed.

Bon Accord ‘B’ with lots of youngsters in the ensemble bristled with energy and desire from the word go. The tempo’s were manageable and the detail effective. The move from movement two to three without a break paid dividends as well, ensuring the focus and energy was maintained right up until the close.

Stranraer Brass has a cornet section with lots of youngsters and a couple of adults, but by heck, they led the rest of the band by example. Passionate, committed it was all there and so was the music with a fine approach from the middle by the MD. You sense those youngsters won’t take much persuasion to go to sleep tonight.

Where the three come in the results, remains to be seen though, but this has been great today.


Sunday 10, 11:05:19

Carrie Boax: Leading from the front...

No brass band event can take place without the help of lots and lots of people. SBBA has a whole army of volunteers, behind and front of stage keeping everything moving.

And it's all led by the bundle of energy that is Carrie Boax.

She's not just the President, but also played with Third Section winners, Irvine & Dreghorn yesterday. Then, it's her duties backstage, 'meet and greet' and appearances at the results ceremonies.

So far today, (apart from playing) its more of the above, helping get the stage ready between the bands and the first to applaud as they come onto and off the stage.

She won't stop all day either — and all done with the friendliest of smiles too. That is commitment that is appreciated by everyone.


Sunday 10, 11:04:12

Fourth Section:

Penicuik Silver, Peebles Burgh and Barrhead Burgh took everyone to the mid way point of the contest.

Penicuik Silver delivered an excellent musical reading under Robert W Fraser (same name but not the Whitburn bass player). The MD really pulled the music out and styled it so well. The energy, purpose and intent was there. A few bits went awry but didn’t detract from the overall picture.

Peebles delivered an engaging and convincing account that could well make an impression in the box. No risks were taken, whilst the free flowing approach was one that believed in the players. The concluding section, didn’t hang about, which could be a talking point for Messrs Baker & Evans.

Barrhead Burgh was another ensemble that delivered a bright and purposeful account with ensemble dynamic contrasts. The lead trombone kept his section on its toes and there was a real united approach to things. If things didn’t always go to plan, they just moved on, but a good show for sure.


Sunday 10, 10:14:05

Fourth Section:

The opening three bands of the contest are Newland Concert, Kilmarnock Concert and Forfar Instrumental who have all delivered enjoyable takes on ‘Stantonbury Festival;.

Newland was bright and breezy with bundles of energy and musical character within it. There was the odd moment of unease, but, they just got in with it with an encouraging MD.

Kilmarnock Concert took to the stage to deliver a neat and compact account. The ensemble was great whilst special mention goes to the wee lad on timps. What a star he was as he went about his duties. Whoever he is, he’s earned an orange juice for sure.

Forfar produced a bold, free flowing account, and whilst not everything went according to plan, it made no difference as they dug in and got on with it.

Hat’s off to the single handed percussionist who did a cracking job.

None of the bands were at full strength, but it just doesn’t matter to them. Yes, it’s a contest, but with a celebratory festival feel to it—a case of showing what can be done, not what can’t. Bravo!

With twelve bands, no comfort break, so straight through for Leigh Baker and Richard Evans.


Sunday 10, 09:23:55


Fourth Section:

Test Piece: Stantonbury Festival (Ray Steadman-Allen)
Adjudicators: Leigh Baker & Richard Evans

1. Newland Concert Brass (Simon Railton)
2. Kilmarnock Concert Brass (Scott Walker)
3. Forfar Instrumental (Terence Jackson)
4. Penicuik Silver (Robert W Fraser)
5. Peebles Burgh (Peter Holmes)
6. Barrhead Burgh (Alistair Gibson)
7. Hawick Saxhorn (Stuart Black)
8. Bon Accord Silver B (Jennifer Cook)
9. Stranraer Brass (Angela Miller)
10. Dundee Instrumental (Robert McDonald)
11. Callander Brass (Ian Milligan)
12. MacTaggart Scott (George Cameron)


Saturday 9, 21:44:27

Night all

Well the contesting is over for today. Congratulations to all the winners and those who will join them in Cheltenham. Enjoy your night celebrating.

We are back bright and early tomorrow with Torquay starting at 9am and Perth at 9.30am. The Midlands will be the last to start.

Thanks again to Leigh Baker for taking time out today to give his thoughts on the Second Section in Perth.

Good night everyone.


Saturday 9, 20:50:08

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embedded picture
2019 Champion: Kirkintilloch

embedded picture
Cheltenham bound: Unison Kinneil

embedded picture
Third place: Kingdom Brass

embedded picture
Best Instrumentalist: Newmilns

embedded picture
Best Horn: Kirsty Scott of Unison


First Section:

Test Piece: Symphony of Marches (Gilbert Vinter)
Adjudicators: Sarah Groarke Booth & Richard Evans

1. Kirkintilloch Band (David Roberts) 191*
2. Unison Kinneil (Raymond Tennant) 190*
3. Kingdom Brass (Ian Porthouse) 188
4. Granite City Brass (Bruce Wallace) 185
5. Newmilns & Galston (Alan Cameron) 184
6. Dalkeith & Monktonhall (James Chamberlain) 183
7. Campbeltown Brass (Paul Kiernan) 182
8. Tullis Russell (Ray Munday) 181
9. Arbroath Instrumental  (Robert McDonald) 180
10. Annan Town (Paul Drury) 179

Instrumentalist: Soprano, Newmilns & Galston
Best Horn: Kirsty Scott (Unison Kinneil)

*Top two qualify for National Final.


Saturday 9, 20:05:35

First Section round up and predictions:

Gilbert Vinter’s ‘Symphony of Marches’ has proved to be a shrewd and astute choice by the Kapitol Music Panel. The music is 55 years old and still to this day provides plenty of challenges.

This has sorted the bands out good and proper today as it did last weekend in Yorkshire. It will be interesting to hear what the judges say. This has been like sitting in the dentist’s chair at times waiting for the problematic tooth to be taken out!!

Kingdom Brass, Kirkintilloch and Unison Kinneil are the three that head the pack. With only two going to the final, one may just be taking solace in some beverage this evening.

We’ll go for the two K bands though, Kingdom Brass and Kirkintilloch. Behind them, Unison Kinneil Newmilns, Dalkeith & Granite City. Campbeltown the outsider.

4BR Prediction:

1. Kingdom Brass
2. Kirkintilloch
3. Unison Kinneil
4. Newmilns
5. Dalkeith
6. Granite City

Dark Horse: Campbeltown Brass


Saturday 9, 20:00:54

First Section:

Kingdom Brass and Campbeltown Brass brought not just the contest but the end of competitive day one to an end, not just here in Perth, but around the country.

Kingdom Brass under Ian Porthouse was measured and tailored to the acoustic of the hall. The Vinter came through vividly with good detail, excellent ensemble and fine soloists.

The Grave section was sombre whilst the way the final section became exciting without getting over-excited stood out.

The quality playing coupled with the direction from the middle should resonate in the box.

Campbeltown Brass closed with one of those variable accounts. There was quality within the ensemble and soloists, but there were inconsistencies as well. The tempo’s pushed at times today.


Saturday 9, 19:24:43

First Section:

Kirkintilloch and Unison Kinneil ignite the contest.

Great to see Kirky back on the contest stage as they delivered what only can be described as a typical David Roberts performance: they left no stone unturned, brought the music to the fore and deserve huge credit.

The belief the MD had in the band was there from the off and they delivered the goods. Some excellent ensemble and solo work (well done sop).

Unison Kinneil took to the stage with the legendary Phillip McCann in the cornet ranks and he was part of an ensemble that really rose to the challenge today.

Ray Tennant not only styled the piece so well, but he brought out the Vinter throughout the three movements. Each was paced at the tempos the band could play and they also benefited from some excellent solo lines (sop and Euph).

One for the judges to mull over as to where it could be, but most definitely thrown itself in to consideration.


Saturday 9, 18:51:05

First Section:

Bands 5 and 6 were two, in addition to Newmilns, that got to grips with the piece.

Dalkeith certainly brought the Vinter to life with an account that built in musical momentum and had the excitement in the last movement.

James Chamberlain knew what he wanted and he got it from his ensemble. The central movement had the right amount of gravitas about it whilst the last section really did build into a fine close.

Granite City's account was just that: sheer hard grit, blood sweat and determination. The musical character of the work was certainly in evidence, as was the style. It just needed a touch more consistency throughout.


Saturday 9, 18:13:50

First Section:

Arbroath Instrumental and Newmilns and Galston are the latest Scottish bands to be tasked with the Vinter.

Full marks to Arbroath and their MD who caught the music in its right style, but it was cautious and nervous at times. The promise was there though, but there was too many uncertain moments to really make the right impact. You sensed they could play the piece, it was a case of not bringing the rehearsal performances onto the contest stage.

Newmilns & Galston off the number four draw delivered an account that was well paced throughout the three movements. The MD deserves praise for his direction and control from the middle but once again, it wasn’t blemish free at all.


Saturday 9, 17:41:32

First Section:

We have the first two renditions of the Vinter work here in Perth.

Tullis Russell with John Miller and John Wallace in the cornet ranks to deliver a bold reading that just didn't have the consistency in the three movements. The intent was there, but the execution just didn't materialise.

Annan with Paul Drury at the helm, delivered an account that certainly had lots to appreciate throughout (especially the control from the middle) but there was a few uncertain moments along the way that could create debate in the box.


Saturday 9, 16:53:16


First Section:

Test Piece: Symphony of Marches (Gilbert Vinter)
Adjudicators: Sarah Groarke Booth & Richard Evans

1. Tullis Russell (Ray Munday)
2. Annan Town (Paul Drury)
3. Arbroath Instrumental (Robert McDonald)
4. Newmilns & Galston Band (Alan Cameron)
5. Dalkeith & Monktonhall (James Chamberlain)
6. Granite City Brass (Bruce Wallace)
7. Kirkintilloch Band (David Roberts)
8. Unison Kinneil (Raymond Tennant)
9. Kingdom Brass (Ian Porthouse)
10. Campbeltown Brass (Paul Kiernan)


Saturday 9, 16:51:31

embedded picture

embedded picture
2019 Champion: Newmains & District

embedded picture
Cheltenham bound: Colaburn

embedded picture
Third place: Loghgelly

embedded picture
Best Instrumentalist: Euan Roberts of Coalburn


Second Section:

Test Piece: Rise of the Phoenix (Darrol Barry)
Adjudicators: Sheona Wade & Brett Baker

1. Newmains & District (Michael Marzella) — 188*
2. Coalburn Silver (Gareth Bowman) — 187*
3. Lochgelly Band  (Paul McKelvie OBE) — 185
4. Clackmannan & District (Ross Brotherston) — 184
5. Jedforest Instrumental (Phil Rosier) — 183
6. Broxburn & Livingson (John Boax) — 182
7. St.David's Brass  (John A Dickson) — 181
8. Selkirk Silver (Charlie Farren) — 180
9. St.Ronan's Silver (Kenneth Letham) — 179
10. Shotts St Patrick's (Andy Shaw) — 178
11. Croy Silver (Kenneth Blackwood) — 177

Best Instrumentalist: Euan Roberts (cornet) — Coalburn Silver

*Top two bands qualify for National Final


Saturday 9, 16:14:19

Leigh Baker's Second Section overall thoughts and predictions...

The final band of the contest is St Ronan's Silver.

Plenty to admire and control in the closing section was impressive. St Ronan's flugel soloist shone out as one of the best of the day, but the band encountered the similar intonation and rhythmic problems that so many others have.

Every band brought some impressive music making to the hall, and the key word for today is consistency. A few bands blew the phoenix out of the room, but impressed in quiet playing.

Other bands controlled the big moments but were uncomfortable in quiet passages. For Leigh, the best bands of the day combined controlled rhythmic excitement with quality soloists as well as thoughtful intonation.

Leigh Baker's Prediction:

1. Coalburn Silver
2. Newmains & District
3. Lochgelly
4. Broxburn & Livingston
5. St Ronan's
6. Jedforest

Dark Horse: Selkirk Silver


Saturday 9, 15:52:03

Second Section:

Bands drawn nine and ten were Coalburn Silver and Clackmannan District

At last a performance with the right combination of controlled rhythmic excitement as well as classy quiet playing and real quality soloists on show from Coalburn Silver.

Yes there were a couple of minor intonation spots but a very impressive overall package that is certainly in contention of a podium place

A robust and committed performance from Clackmannan District. Those left handed tubas certainly give the band a different colour.

At times it lacked the subtlety of other performances we have heard, but you have to be impressed with the confident shapes on show.

Leigh Baker


Saturday 9, 15:22:48

Second Section:

St.David’s Brass and Croy Silver were bands seven and eight respectively.

St David’s Brass delivered a well controlled last third that maybe lent towards over-caution. Tuning and nerves in quiet sections were a challenge and some rhythmic issues cropped up.

Plenty to admire though and an impressive percussion section particularly shone through.

The star of the show for Croy Silver was the juggling single percussionist. A performance of mixed fortunes with plenty of quality and plenty of inconsistencies.

Still very much game on for Cheltenham with three to go.

Leigh Baker


Saturday 9, 14:43:44

Second Section:

Lochgelly and Jedforest Instrumental took to the stage drawn five and six.

Lochgelly had a confident opening but intonation is variable in the quieter music. Much of the technical stuff is great but this band also lost focus in the last third and control wasn't always consistent. It was certainly colourful.

A performance from Jedforest that will give the judges something to consider as it was the best controlled last third for me. Everything was in the right place but will the balance and tuning issues in quieter moments, cost them?

A fabulous flugel solo — stood up !!

Leigh Baker


Saturday 9, 14:04:57

Second Section:

Newmains & District and Broxburn & Livingston are the bands drawn three and four to take to the stage.

Newmains & District deliver a strong musical performance with excellent soloists and clear musical direction. A few rhythmic and intonation wobbles didn’t really detract from a cohesive show. Well done.

A confident and detailed performance with excellent dynamics and rhythmic accuracy. It lost focus in the last third and errors of balance and ensemble did creep in.

The last two have been strong but not fully consistent.

Leigh Baker


Saturday 9, 13:33:25

Second Section:

Wade to give musical tips

One of the best tenor horn players in the business, Sheona Wade is judging here this weekend. After her stint in the box in the Second Section, Sheona will be running a session in the Urn Room so pop along for some tips and guidance.


Saturday 9, 13:29:25

Second Section:

We have had two variable accounts to start.

A well organised and very musically controlled performance from Selkirk to open. A few slips and blips along the way. There was some good soloists contributing with good bold percussion.

Tiredness crept in at the end, but a good marker.

Shott's St Patricks deliver a reading that had some nice musical ideas but the error count was very high.

There was some nervy soloists and some percussion mishaps.

Leigh Baker


Saturday 9, 13:19:41

Second Section:

Tweet your predictions…

There’s a real chance to participate this weekend by tweeting your predictions for each contest to the SBBA twitter handle.

By using the hashtag #sbbapredictions2019 your predictions will appear on the multimedia screen before the formal announcements.

It’s a great initiative from SBBA for getting people listening in the hall and saying what you think. Please keep your tweets clean though folks. But join in.


Saturday 9, 12:59:44

Second Section:

From MD to punditry....

We are absolutely delighted to have Leigh Baker with us this afternoon. Leigh is in Perth judging this weekend. Last Sunday he conducted South Yorkshire Police to victory and is going to give you his thoughts on today's contest.

We thank him for his time and await with interest to see what he has to say on the performances.


Saturday 9, 12:51:47


Second Section:

Test Piece: Rise of the Phoenix (Darrol Barry)
Adjudicators: Sheona Wade & Brett Baker
Commences: 12.45pm at conclusion of Section Three

1. Selkirk Silver (Charlie Farren)
2. Shotts St Patrick's (Andy Shaw)
3. Newmains & District (Michael Marzella)
4. Broxburn & Livingson (John Boax)
5. Lochgelly Band' (Paul McKelvie OBE)
6. Jedforest Instrumental'(Phil Rosier)
7. St.David's Brass' (John A Dickson)
8. Croy Silver (Kenneth'Blackwood)
9. Coalburn Silver (Gareth Bowman)
10. Clackmannan & District (Ross Brotherston)
11. St.Ronan's Silver (Kenneth Letham)


Saturday 9, 12:50:44

embedded picture

embedded picture
2019 Scottish Champion: Irvine & Dreghorn

embedded picture
Cheltenham bound: Perthshire Brass

embedded picture
Third place: Renfrew Burgh

embedded picture
Best Instrumentalist: George Mullin of Renfrew


Third Section:

Test Piece: 'First Suite in Eb' — Gustav Holst arr. Sydney Herbert
Adjudicators: Brett Baker & Leigh Baker

1. Irvine & Dreghorn (Lewis Bettles) 186*
2. Perthshire Brass (George D Annan) 184*
3. Renfrew Burgh (Mark Good) 182
4. Whitburn Heartlands  (Ian Fleming) 180
5. Langholm Town (Chris Shanks) 179
6. Buckhaven & Methil Band (Andy Shaw) 175
7. Highland Brass (Mark Bell) 174
8. Dysart Colliery Band (Kenneth Letham) 173
9. Dunfermline Town (Michael Marzella) 171
10. Brass Sounds Inverclyde (Robert Dibden) 170

Instrumentalist: George Mullin (soprano) Renfrew Burgh


Saturday 9, 12:14:30

Third Section round up and prediction:

The final two bands of the contest were Perthshire Brass and Whitburn Heartlands.

Perthshire was an ensemble that came across as confident right from the word go. The MD styling the music with purpose and keeping a tight reign on the dynamics and tempos. The early confidence was maintained through the latter two movements as well. As with other bands, there were challenges, but the MDs belief in his players made an impression for sure.

So could Whitburn Heartlands who offered a really taste bit of Holst today. Light in style, the quality of the sound was good right from the off. With a great mixture of youth and maturity (at least fifteen under 18 we reckon) this was a fine show by Whitburn. Ian Fleming kept things simple, but the music was always at the forefront of his mind. Nice styled and controlled, there was a real spring in the step on the march home.

It’s been an enjoyable morning’s listening with the bands enjoying the Holst test today. The standard did vary, as was the case with how many players took to the stage with. One band had just twenty one players whilst others have been on percussion and instrumental parts, but what a treat to see them coming here and competing. It’s like the result is of secondary importance.

4BR Prediction:

1. Perthshire Brass
2. Whitburn Heartlands
3. Irvine & Dreghorn
4. Dysart
5. Renfrew Burgh
6. Highland Brass


Saturday 9, 11:39:18

Third Section:

Buckhaven delivered one of those performances that took time to find its musical feet. The hard work went in to keep the dynamic down and let the Holst appear for its glory. The Intermezzo was a touch hesitant to open but once the caution disappeared, there was lots of fine playing to be heard, especially in the final section where they were arguably at their best.

Highland Brass followed Buckhaven with a performance that also took a bit of time to settle down. The Intermezzo just needed more solidity in its execution to really make an impact whilst the final section saw the band bristling and at their best (for us anyway)/

Two to go…..


Saturday 9, 11:14:04

embedded picture
Dysart in action

Third Section:

This really is turning into a contest that promises to be a tight call. Dysart really impressed us as their musical approach was superb and they were determined to bring all the music to the fore.

As with other bands, it was not blemish free, but one for the judges to think about perhaps?

Langholm and Chris Shanks was a touch cautious at times. They delivered styled account, but there was a few nerves around the stand.

Four to go with the winners and qualifier very much still up for grabs''.


Saturday 9, 10:34:34

Third Section:

We have had two variable accounts from a couple of ensembles not at full strength. That said, they both really give it a good go.

Dunfermline was lighter in style than the two other bands before it, but was measured in the approach from the middle. It perhaps just needed a touch more solidity at times though.

Plenty to admire and appreciate from Brass Sounds Inverclyde as well. The performance delivered with good tempos and dynamics, that sense of Holst running through the musical veins.

Up to band five already with five to go. Great efficiency on and off stage here.


Saturday 9, 09:58:49

embedded picture
Irvine & Dreghorn kick things off

Third Section:

What an excellent couple of opening bands we have had here in Perth.

First up, Irvine & Dreghorn (whose coach broke down en route) quickly got into their stride with a well judged account that had moments in each of the three sections of uncertainty, but proved to be a fine marker.

Then a lighter touch of Holst from Renfrew, full of good detail, tasty tempos and the music of Holst very much in prominence.

We understand there is no comfort break for the judges, Brett and Leigh Baker so straight through 1-10


Saturday 9, 09:45:23

Third Section:

There’s going to be lots of activity this weekend from the SBBA media team. Not only are they providing regular twitter updates, but they are planning to stream the results live

You can keep up to speed with them (as well as 4BR, of course) via




Saturday 9, 09:25:19


Third Section:

Adjudicators: Brett Baker & Leigh Baker
Start: 9.30am

1. Irvine & Dreghorn (Lewis Bettles)
2. Renfrew Burgh (Mark Good)
3. Dunfermline Town (Michael Marzella)
4. Brass Sounds Inverclyde (Robert Dibden)
5. Dysart Colliery Band (Kenneth Letham)
6. Langholm Town (Chris Shanks)
7. Buckhaven & Methil Band (Andy Shaw)
8. Highland Brass (Mark Bell)
9. Perthshire Brass (George D Annan)
10. Whitburn Heartlands  (Ian Fleming)


Saturday 9, 04:56:12

Preview & predictions

Iwan Fox looks forward to the battle for Scottish Championship titles in Perth on the weekend.

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