2018 European Championships
Youth Section - As it happened

All the action from the 2018 European Championships — Youth Section — as it happened.

Monday 7, 07:39:06

On the way home...

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A final farewell from the European Youth Brass Band 2018

After all the great youth playing on Sunday, Monday brings the usual post-contest grind of the journey home.

Our thanks go to the local organisers Zimihc for the warm welcome, excellent organisation and for producing perhaps the best Gala Concert for many a year.

We had a great time, there were very worthy winners in every competition and the after contest party was very good too.

Home now — just another 358 days until it all starts again.

Sunday 6, 15:38:18

Results: European Youth Championships:

Live stream of the results...

Development Section:

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Winners Presention — Wardle Academy Youth (Lee Rigg)

Test Piece: 'Valerius Variations' (Philip Sparke) & Own Choice Programme
Adjudicators: Katrina Marzella-Wheeler, Rieks van der Welde

1. Wardle Academy Youth (Lee Rigg) — 92
2. Brass Band Aukstyn (Piet Visser) — 91
3. Elland Silver Youth (Samantha Harrison) — 90
4. Tasta Skolekorps (Morten Ovrebekk) -89

Best Instrumentalist: Skage Rollheim Larsen (Marimba) — Tasta Skolekorps

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Best Instrumentalist: Skage Rollheim Larsen (Marimba) — Tasta Skolekorps

Premier Section:

Test Piece: 'Chaucer's Tunes' (Dr Michael Ball) & Own Choice Programme

Adjudicators: Katrina Marzella-Wheeler, Rieks van der Welde

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Winners — Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans)

1. Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans) — 93
2. Catch Basin Brass Band (Andreas Lackner) — 92
3. Seindorf Beaumaris Youth (Gwyn Evans) — 91
4. Brass Band Berner Oberland Junior (Jan Muller) — 90
5. Danish Youth Brass Band (Stig Maersk) — 89

Best Instrumentalist: Merin Rhyd (trombone) — Seindorf Beaumaris Youth

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Best Instrumentalist: Merin Rhyd (trombone) — Seindorf Beaumaris Youth

Sunday 6, 14:53:53

Youth Premier Section

5. Danish Youth Brass Band (Stig Maersk)

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On Stage: Danish Youth Brass Band (Stig Maersk)

Pastime with Good Company opens with solo percussionist on stage. Off stage quiet brass sounds join the developing musical entertainment before the brass sections, starting with the trombones, all standing, join to give Henry VIII's tune a jolly good Tudor romp.

Astrid Lindthart Toft opens her tenor horn solo of Meditation from 'Thais' with solo vibraphone accompaniment before the band joins. Not without the odd scratch along the way the gentle flowing shape is maintained to round out with confidence.

The test piece 'Chaucer's Tunes' had certainly been given serious attention back home, of that there was no doubt. Here the band came into its own with confident, dynamically controlled and determined playing. The compact, all but standard brass ensemble, had balance and clean lines making each section of the piece so well defined. The high point in the performance without question.

Sing, Sing, Sing — More than a hint of Gene Krupa from a driving percussionist and Benny Goodman tempo rounded a performance of this big band jazz classic that gave the performance rollicking conclusion.

John James

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Conductor: Stig Maersk — Danish Youth Brass Band

Sunday 6, 14:43:27

Meeting Youth Brass 2000

Sunday 6, 14:12:44

Youth Premier Section

4. Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans)

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On Stage: Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans)

Youth Brass 2000 commence with trombones and cornets standing to deliver the opening fanfare to 'Ye Morning Stars of Light'. The following melodic line is well balanced and has real panache it sets the scene well for their performance of 'Chaucer's Tunes'.

The test piece opens with purpose and transitions well into the gentler fantasy. The conductor then calls for a pointed rhythmic character when just the odd untogether moment in running quavers just takes the gloss off. This does not detract though from a well defined performance with confident and engaging playing.
The angst and driving forces in the writing so well described in terrific ensemble work. Top ending with aplomb.

'The Tongs and the Bones' opens mysteriously with more than a hint of ghostly foreboding. The poltergeist throws dummy out of the pram as the rest of the percussion section are added to the mix. It's Sophie Stevenson's marimba and then multi-instrumental skill that so cleverly binds the piece together as a whole.

The Long Way Home — a World Premiere from the pen of Paul McGee is a commanding piece that demanded very talented and technically gifted players around the stands to pull off and rounds out a very challenging programme that had a touch of class thoughout.

John James

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Conductor: Chris Jeans — Youth Brass 2000

Sunday 6, 14:07:12

Meeting up with an Elk's leg

Sunday 6, 13:27:03

Mr PBone...

Sunday 6, 13:26:58

Youth Premier Section

3. Brass Band Berner Oberland Junior (Jan Muller)

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On Stage: Brass Band Berner Oberland Junior (Jan Muller)

With cornets standing to the right hand side of the band Berner Oberland open their programme in spectacular fashion with Paul Lovatt-Cooper's Through the Flames. There's a real vigour and dynamism about this and what a band sound. Hats off to the bass trombone player!!

And for a highly effective change of mood, euphonium soloist Dominque Heuberger stands to deliver a wonderfully sensitive, florid and finely shaped Holy Well, featuring fine accompaniment from the band who keep the dynamic at a level that allows the soloist to be heard clearly throughout.

Chaucer's Tunes comes as the centre point of Berner Oberland's programme and after listening to the piece played by the huge instrumental resources of Beaumaris, it's interesting in comparison to hear the relatively standard forces of Berner Oberland play the piece (albeit with six basses!). And once again the discipline and maturity of the playing is astounding with superb dynamic control, notably at the quite end of the spectrum.

Berner Oberland is the second band in the contest to finish with Gaelforce and this is a belter, with drums to either side of the stage and a silkily toned flugel at its heart, the final section powers to a thrilling conclusion.

Christopher Thomas

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Conductor: Jan Muller — Brass Band Berner Oberland

Sunday 6, 12:43:59

Youth Premier Section

2. Seindorf Beaumaris Youth Brass Band (Gwyn M. Evans)

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On Stage: Seindorf Beaumaris Youth Brass Band (Gwyn M. Evans)

Beaumaris takes to the stage with a huge band including no less than eighteen cornets and what an interesting programme Gwyn Evans has put together here.

The majestically played opening number is an arrangement of the Intrada from Frank Hughes' Rhapsodic Symphony and plays very much to the strength and warmth of the band's fabulous sound.

Carnival of Venice next, played not on the cornet or euphonium as might be expected but despatched with remarkable dexterity by Merin Lleu on trombone. Not surprisingly it brings the house down and showcases a young trombone player of quite exceptional talent.

The test piece Chaucer's Tunes sits at the heart of the Beaumaris programme and this is playing of such maturity. Confident, warm and sonorous in the slow movements and so disciplined an rhythmically taut in the outer movements.

The deeply felt opening to the finale of Gwyn Evans' Hiraeth Cofia'n Gwlad (Remember my Country) features the solo cornet and Merin Lleu on trombone once again, giving way to gentle jazz rhythms and building to a gloriously rousing conclusion.

What passionate, committed music making this has been!!!

Christopher Thomas

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Conductor: Gwyn M. Evans — Seindorf Beaumaris Youth Brass Band

Sunday 6, 12:43:54

Catch up with Catch Bassin!

Sunday 6, 12:01:17

Youth Premier Section

1. Catch Bassin Brass Band (Andreas Lackner)

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On Stage: Catch Bassin Brass Band (Andreas Lackner)

The Austrian contenders open their programme with the Premier Section test piece Chaucer's Tunes by Michael Ball, no easy piece to pull off and it will be interesting to see how the bands place the piece within their respective programmes.

There are impressively warm sounds emanating from Catch Bassin, so well shaped and moulded by the MD with playing of impressive control and refinement in the slower movements.

Julian Ritsch is the cornet soloist in Hohne's Slavische Fantasie, playing from memory and demonstrating a beautifully open tone, highly developed technique and a natural feeling for the slavic phrasing of the music.

Paul Lovatt-Cooper's Gaelforce brings the programme to a toe tapping conclusion although it was the lovely flugelhorn solo at the heart of the piece that was perhaps the most memorable aspect of a rousing performance.

What a high quality start to the contest this has been from the Austrians!

Christopher Thomas

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Conductor: Andreas Lackner — Catch Bassin Brass Band

Sunday 6, 11:32:39

Development Section round up

We talk through the action that has just taken place in the Development Section

Sunday 6, 11:02:44

Meeting Tasta Skolekorps...

Sunday 6, 10:34:33

Youth Development Section

4. Tasta Skolekorps (Morten Ovrebekk)

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On Stage: Tasta Skolekorps (Morten Ovrebekk)

It falls to Norway to bring the Youth Development Section to a close and the opening number of Jan de Haan's Valerius Intrada is given a majestic, controlled account, whilst forming a neat link with the test piece that follows.

Valerius Variations is so full of commitment and verve from band with a 16 strong cornet section, yet despite the band's numbers there is certainly no shortage of detail heard here.

Marimba and soloist Skage Rollheim take centre stage in Erik Sammut's Sugaria, a very different number played with extraordinary facility and musical awareness in Reid Gilje's expert arrangement.

In complete contrast the familiar strains of Duke Ellington's Caravan bring the programme to an infectious close whilst showcasing great solo contributions from trombone, cornet and drum kit.

Another thoughtfully constructed programme and a great effort from the Norwegian contenders.

Christopher Thomas

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Conductor: Morten Ovrebekk — Tasta Skolekorps

Sunday 6, 10:22:25

Meeting Brass Band Aukstyn

Sunday 6, 09:58:13

Youth Development Section

3. Brass Band Aukstyn (Piet Visser)

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On Stage: Brass Band Aukstyn (Piet Visser)

Having listened to the remarkable progress made by Sunday Brass from Lithuania in the Challenge Section, it's fabulous to hear progress every bit as telling from the youngsters of Brass Band Aukstyn.

The spirited opening number, Rytas 'the Morning' by Rimantas Giedraitis gets the programme off to majestic start, followed by the test piece, Valerius Variations, which other than some fleeting moments of tuning, is full of dynamic contrasts and spirit.

Rimantas Giedraitis's latin themed Pastorale introduces a dance element to the programme, quite literally, as four young ladies from the percussion section demonstrate some elegant moves to the music, with Mark Taylor's Brass Machine showcasing number of the band's solos in an upbeat finale. Pure entertainment!!

Christopher Thomas

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Conductor: Piet Visser -Brass Band Auksty (Piet Visser)

Sunday 6, 09:28:59

Youth Development Section

2. Wardle Academy Youth Band (Lee Rigg)

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On Stage: Wardle Academy Youth Band (Lee Rigg)

Wardle Academy's programme opens with a rousing dose of Charpentier and the familiar tones of the melody that has become synonymous with the European Union. And what a great start it is!

The performance of the test piece that follows demonstrates just what a great team of youngsters Lee Rigg has around him with playing of remarkable technical control and a superb contribution from the percussion section.

The band's solo horn player oozes confidence and plays with such a mature sound in Lark in the Clear Air and James Curnow's Jubilation brings the programme to a close with bracing dose of Americana. Great stuff all round!

Christopher Thomas

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Conductor: Lee Rigg — Wardle Academy Youth Band

Sunday 6, 09:27:59

Meeting Elland Silver Youth Band...

We meet up with the English representatives Elland Silver Youth Band just after they performed!

Sunday 6, 08:53:17

Youth Development Section

1. Elland Silver Youth Band (Samantha Harrison)

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On Stage: Elland Silver Youth Band (Samantha Harrison)

Elland Silver give us a rousing account of Summon the Dragon to open which has certainly breathed some life into an early Sunday morning in the Tivoli Vredenburg.

There are no signs of early morning cobwebs here though as the band's principal cornet rises to give a sparkling account of Alexander Goedicke's Concert Etude.

There is some wonderfully sensitive playing in Abide With Me that follows, a perfect choice for a Sunday morning with the players showing remarkable maturity whilst the test piece, Philip Sparke's Valerius Variations, is imbued with so much life affirming joy, closing a great show from the defending champion.

Christopher Thomas

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Conductor: Samantha Harrison (Elland Silver Youth Band)

Sunday 6, 08:09:58

Getting ready for the action...

We will bring as much of the action as we can throughout what promises to be a great event

Sunday 6, 08:07:35

Draw: European Youth Brass Band Contest

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Development Section:

Test Piece: 'Valerius Variations' (Philip Sparke) & Own Choice Programme

Draw: Pre-drawn
Commence: 9.30am (local time)

Katrina Marzella-Wheeler, Rieks van der Welde

1. Elland Silver Youth (Samantha Harrison)
2. Wardle Academy Youth (Lee Rigg)
3. Brass Band Aukstyn (Piet Visser)
4. Tasta Skolehorps (Morten Ovrebekk)

Premier Section Section:

Test Piece: 'Chaucher's Tunes' (Dr Michael Ball) & Own Choice Programme

Draw: Pre-drawn
Commence: at conclusion of Developmemt Section

Katrina Marzella-Wheeler, Rieks van der Welde

1. Catch Bassin (Andreas Lackner)
2. Seindorf Beaumaris Youth (Gwyn Evans)
3. Berner Oberland Junior (Jan Muller)
4. Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans)
5. Danish Youth (Stig Maersk)

Chris Davies interviews Katrina Marzella about adjudicating the Youth Contest at the 2018 European Championships.

Boarshurst Silver Band - Tanunda Town Band

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Newtown March Contest - Newtown (Mid Wales) March and Open Air Contest

Sunday 11 June • Newtown Town Hall Grounds. Back Lane. Newtown. Powys SY16 2NZ

Tintwistle Band

May 31 • Friendly 2nd section Northwest brass band have seats available for 2ndEuphonium, Baritone (seat negotiable), 2nd Horn and tuned percussion, rehearsals are 8 to 10pm Monday and Thursday, all seats required for summer concerts and beyond.

VBS Poynton Brass Band

May 31 • VBS Poynton Band. 2nd section; North West seek Basses and Trombone players. Currently rehearsing once a week (Thurs. 8-10pm). Fantastic opportunity to join the band and help move it forwards.

Longridge Band

May 30 • The Longridge Band require percussionists to join our friendly, hard-working band. We rehearse Wednesdays and Fridays in our own band room. We have a healthy balance of well attended local concerts and competitions planned for this year.

Alan Widdop

Conductor, Brass teacher, Adjudicator (ABBA)


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