2013 National Championship of Great Britain — Section 3 - As it happened

All the action from the 2013 National Championship of Great Britain — Section 3 — as it happened.

Section3 • Sunday 22, 16:15:06

Section3 • Sunday 22, 15:29:31


Sunday 23rd September
Test Piece: 'Penlee' - Simon Dobson
Commence: 9.30am

Adjudicators: Simone Rebello & Steve Pritchard-Jones

1. LGB Brass, (Ian Stewart), 15
2. Skelmanthorpe B', (Philip Garlick), 13
3. Hawk Green, (Neil Hewson), 6
4. Hucknall & Lingby MC Brass, (Paul Whyley), 17
5. Eccles Borough, (Mareika Gray), 11
6. Bodmin Town, (John Maines), 4
7. East Riding of Yorkshire, Ian Scott, 3
8. Shipston Town, Howard Gibbs, 16
9. St Ronan's Silver, Chris Bradley, 5
10. Wotton & District Silver, Ian Dickenson, 1
11. Ireland Colliery Chesterfield, Ian Knapton, 12
12. Amersham, Paul Fisher, 14
13. Severn Tunnel, Christopher Bond, 7
14. Marple, Les Webb, 2
15. Pontypool Brass, Owen Farr, 9
16. Dronfield Genquip, John Davis, 8
17. NASUWT Concert, Brian Tait, 10

Best Instrumentalist: Emma Walton (cornet) - Hucknall & Lindby

Section3 • Sunday 22, 15:02:34

Third Section - Analysis and Predictions

Well, what an enjoyable five and a half hours that has been with a corker of test by Simon Dobson. The bands have played their part too by fully engaging with the music.

The second half may not have had as much quality within it (for us) as the first but we stand by what we said at the half way point that this result could come down to purely personal preference in the box with particular performances, tickling the judges fancy.

It will be interesting to see what they say.

St Ronan’s from Scotland could well have taken the honours today. Bodmin from the early segment of the content can consider themselves unlucky not too feature whilst Eccles, Skelmanthorpe ‘B’ and the late show from Hucknall could have just wriggled its way into the mix.

Dronfield could be another band in the six whilst Marple, Pontypool are our dark horses

1. St Ronan’s
2. Bodmin
3. Eccles
4. Skelmanthorpe
5. Hucknall
6. Dronfield

Dark Horses: Marple/Pontypool

Section3 • Sunday 22, 14:21:12

embedded picture

17. Hucknall & Linby MC Brass
Conductor: Paul Whyley

Winners at Midlands Area

Band Details

None provided by band

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Hucknall open with real confidence and musical precision. The drama unfolds with real darkness but this is great playing - so confident and well thought out from the middle. Principal Cornet, Emma Walton is in sublime form today - this is top notch cornet work.

All the chaos and drama is portrayed without the tempos and dynamics being overdone - real quality playing and a wonderful spine tingling close.

Overall: Well Hucknall has put themselves in the frame right with that account for sure.

Star player: Emma Walton on cornet was outstanding today, different class.

Section3 • Sunday 22, 14:18:53

embedded picture

16. Shipston Town
Conductor: Howard Gibbs

Winners at London & Southern Counties Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: John Smith
Principal Euphonium: David Birch
Soprano: Paul Lay
Solo Horn: Rachel Macrae
Principal Trombone: Kate Oatley
Flugel: Darran Wheeler
Baritone: Alex Macrae
Eb Bass: Ken Smith
Bb Bass: Jonathan Olver
Principal Percussionist: Robin Payne

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The band has found the piece very challenging to rehearse but rewarding the more we got into it. A number of band members have remarked how it reminded them of Blitz by Derek Bourgeois in the way in which the music is used to portray a story in sound."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Shipston don’t get off to the most convincing of starts and takes time to settle. The story is being told, but musically, it’s not all clicking together as the tempos are slick and not all the clarity comes through.

Whilst the tale of Penlee is frightening and dramatic, the playing here has been a little bit too frenetic for everything to lock into place as it could do but it closes effectively.

Overall A reading that just didn’t fall into place today.

Star player: Paul Lay, gave good account of himself today

Section3 • Sunday 22, 13:58:11

embedded picture

15. LGB Brass
Conductor: Ian Stewart

London & Southern Counties Area (Runners-Up)

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Adam Kearley
Principal Euphonium: Tony Line
Soprano: Simon Emberley
Solo Horn: Angela Holloway
Principal Trombone: Peter Cowlett
Flugel: Alex Emberley
Solo Baritone: Liz Cowlett
Eb Bass: Chris Percy
Bb Bass: John Blight
Principal Percussion: David Williams

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The phrase “the band is enjoying working on this test piece” is actually true! Very rarely is a piece of this musical caliber set as a test for any section, least of all the Third Section. It’s a piece that is truly taking our band to musical places they have never been before. Not particularly demanding in terms of technique, but extremely demanding in terms of different styles, balance, tuning and section work. We are really looking forward to playing this piece at the National Finals. We have a member of our local lifeboat crew in the band, and as such, will include Penlee in our next concert in aid of the RNLI."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

It’s a bold and energetic start that fits together well. The energy materialises from the middle as the story and events start to unravel. There is some good playing around the stand along with percussion that works well, but all concerned have a few moments that take the edge of slightly.

The bold and confident approach from the MD has to be admired here—he’s took a few risks along the way today, but his band has responded. They close well.

Overall LGB really went for it today and there was plenty to admire.

Star player: MD, Ian Stewart gets our nod for the way he approached that today, really enjoyable stuff.

Section3 • Sunday 22, 13:24:26

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14. Amersham
Conductor: Paul Fisher

Winners at London & Southern Counties Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Tony Rowberry
Solo Euphonium: Declan Goodhall
Soprano: Adam Bidgood
Solo Horn: James Dickinson
Principal Trombone: Paul Waters
Flugel: Kim Speller
Baritone: Rod Stevens
Eb Bass: John Gillespie
Bb Bass: Tim Colsell
Principal Percussionist: Bridget Harrison

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The band have been enjoying the challenge of working through the test piece which is in a very different style to band’s normal repertoire. The percussion team in particular seem to be having a lot of fun at rehearsals."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

It’s not a bad start from Amersham. Paul Fisher is bristling with energy and intent on bringing every ounce out of his band. The ensemble isn’t bad at all, but the shed builders at the back of the band give it some welly!!

The traumatic events continue to unfurl with some effective musical colouring and style from the middle and they close poignantly.

Overall An account from Amerham that certainly had it moments.

Star player: Declan Goodhall on euph had a presence throughout

Section3 • Sunday 22, 13:18:46

embedded picture

13. Skelmanthorpe 'B'
Conductor: Philip Garlick

Yorkshire Area (Runners-Up)

Principal Players

Principal cornet - John Lyon
Principal Euphonium - Paula Fisher
Soprano - Robert Craven
Solo Horn - Louise Fisher
Principal Trombone: Hannah Stell
Flugel: Charlotte Taylor
Solo Baritone: Oliver Booth
Eb Bass: Tim Stell
Bb Bass: Malcolm Whitehead

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"Rehearsing in earnest and motivated by enthusiasm, The Band is enjoying developing the techniques it needs to bring out the changing moods of Simon Dobson's 'Penlee'. The band members are looking forward to Cheltenham with eager anticipation and hopefully doing justice to the piece on the day."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

It’s an effective opening from the West Yorkshire contender. The descriptive nature of all around Penlee is starting to become very prominent in the listener’s ear.

This is a very atmospheric reading from Philip Garlick. The drama, tension, uncertainty at what is happening is all coming to the musical surface in a convincing way. The balance between ensemble and percussion works well. Charlotte Taylor on flugel is playing a blinder here—well done.

Persuasive close that just oozes music

Overall A performance tfrom Skelmanthorpe that will give the judges plenty to ponder.

Star player: Charlotte Taylor was in great form today, but it could have been a couple of players today.

Section3 • Sunday 22, 12:58:24

embedded picture

12. Ireland Colliery Chesterfield
Conductor: Ian Knapton

Midlands Area (Runners-Up)

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: George Newbould
Principal Euphonium: Martin Squires
Soprano: Michael Thackray
Solo Horn: Karen Jefferson
Principal Trombone: Carrie Knapton
Flugel: Karen Squires
1st Baritone :Bev Smith
Eb Bass: Sir John Noon
Bb Bass: Dennis Sedgwick
Principal Percussionist: David Heiland

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The band are enjoying this great work by Simon. It is challenging as well as engaging and all the band members have been watching old news reports about the disaster to understand this music. We hope we can do it justice on that stage next week."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Ireland Colliery has an uncomfortable start but it recovers well to settle their nerves. The musical picture doesn’t unfold as it should. There’s some interesting playing along with percussion that just doesn’t link together as it could do.

It’s ferociously powerful—but it needs more security in the ensemble—a real shame things didn’t gel as well as they could have done.

Overall Committed, passionate but the performance just didn’t come off for them

Star player: Michael Thackray, dug deep into his boots on soprano today. Very commendable and the percussion team deserve a pat on the back.

Section3 • Sunday 22, 12:43:26

embedded picture

11. Eccles Borough
Conductor: Mareika Gray

North West Area (Runners-Up)

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Debbie Fry
Principal Euphonium: Ian Astell
Soprano: Tommy Jobson
Solo horn: Nick Garbett
Principal trombone: Ben Knowles
Flugel: Ruth Mulholland
Baritone: Jenny Forrester
Eb bass: Owain Sutton
Bb bass: Daniel Abbott
Principal Percussionist: Jen Smith

Pre-Contest Thoughts

None presented

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Steady opening approach from Mareika Gray and Eccles that doesn’t quite come off. The drama of the story is starting to unfold with colour and interesting effects. The tempos give the MD’s players a chance to play and they respond well—percussion blends in well and isn’t as overbearing as some have been today.

This is an intriguing interpretation from the MD. It’s unfortunate that there have been slips earlier on but it got better at the end. Great close

Overall The reading was impressive but it was a performance that got stronger as it went along.

Star player: Ian Astell on euphonium was in fine form today.

Section3 • Sunday 22, 12:26:14

embedded picture

10. NASUWT Riverside
Conductor: Bryan Tait

Winners at North of England Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Paul Brickle
Principal Euphonium: Ruth Parr
Soprano Cornet: Carl Thompson
Solo Horn: Tom Hurst
Principal Trombone: Jill Johnson
Flugel Horn: Julie McBurnie
Baritone: Karen Middlemiss
Eb Bass: Dom Middlemiss
BBb Bass: Arthur Rowe
Principal Percussion: Melanie Duncan

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The band are thoroughly enjoying rehearsing ‘Penlee’ as it provides the whole band the opportunity to be part of the musical depiction of this modern history story of tragedy at sea. It is a difficult test at which everyone has had work hard to perform."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Brian Tait opens the performance from NASUWT in a not the most stylish approach of the day. It’s very tentative at times but has the passion.. This is a hard working account from the band with bundles of young talent within it.

Not everything comes off though in the manner the band would like which is a real pity, but there is a sense of musical empathy within the playing and it closes ok .

Overall Total commitment and passionate but not everything always fell into place.

Star player: Carl Thompson soprano, went for it. Big time

Section3 • Sunday 22, 12:13:51

embedded picture

John Roberts Analysis:

The bands are finding it really difficult to maintain consistency. One of the fancied bands for example starting so beautifully but then suffered from a notable lack of focus.

Transition between tempos of interconnecting sections has given rise to lack of cohesion and lack of musicality due to the hiatus in momentum. Detail is still very important and the shape of the cadenza section has been generally unsuccessful.

Intonation issues are beginning to take a toll and some conductors are trying to overcook the Resurgam influence at the end.

As a consequence there is a lack of flow in the music that has not helped solo lines - with some unsafe cornet and euph contributions.

The more experienced conductors are making their mark.

Section3 • Sunday 22, 11:49:10

During the comfort break after Band 8 (Dronfield) we post an interview with Phillip Hunt about the story of Penlee.

Half way point

It’s been a very enjoyable contest so far with the bands relishing playing ‘Penlee’. There’s been some very committed and passionate accounts as the bands have really given their all on the piece.

As it stands its Scottish outfit, St Ronan’s who head the pack with very little between Bodmin, Dronfield and Marple.

This really could come down to the clichéd ‘personal preference in the box’ and how the judges feel about individual accounts.

1. St Ronan's
2. Bodmin
3. Dronfield
4. Marple

Section3 • Sunday 22, 11:38:43

embedded picture

9. Pontypool Brass
Conductor: Owen Farr

Welsh Championships (Runners-Up)

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Rob Spencer
Principal Euphonium: Nathan Davies
Soprano: Andy Watkins
Solo Horn: Helen Farr
Principal Trombone: Bethan Cooke
Flugel: Rhiannon Hayes
Baritone: Kate Blakemore
Eb Bass: Cerys Head
Bb Bass: Anthony Bartley
Principal Percussionist: Adrian Evans

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The band have enjoyed working on this descriptive, evocative and moving piece. The percussion section, in particular have enjoyed being kept busy! They would like to dedicate their performance to the memory of those who lost their lives on that fateful night in Cornwall in 1981, and to all members of the RNLI who put their own lives at risk for the safety of others."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

It’s an effective start from the Welsh outfit, love style and rhythmic approach. The colours and effects are really vivid—some excellent playing going on here.

It’s heartfelt and passionate in its approach. MD Owen Farr is doing an excellent job here and the band is responding in fine style. The style, colour, rhythms, dynamics are not being pushed to their limits and it’s a great reading. Lovely ending.

Overall The Welsh really delivered today and they’ve put themselves right in the frame

Section3 • Sunday 22, 11:16:44

embedded picture

8. Dronfield Genquip
Conductor: John Davis

Winners at Yorkshire Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Adrian Wood
Principal Euphonium: Ryan Stacey
Soprano: John Waining
Solo Horn: Emma Davis
Principal Trombone: Helen Pritchard
Flugel: Maria Pemberton
Baritone: David Pemberton
Eb Bass: Francis Hargate
Bb Bass: Keith Oldman
Principal Percussionist: Elliot Davis

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"Penlee is a fantastically descriptive piece and challenges the band in a completely different way to any other test piece we have performed in recent years. It is a good test for 3rd Section bands and we are looking forward to our performance in Cheltenham."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

It’s a nice and picturesque opening from Dronfield that works well on the ear. This is evocative, so descriptive.

It’s powerful, the dynamics are being stretched at times in places, but the picture is being painted and it’s gruesome.

MD, John Davis is pulling out all the stops here. There are some tricky moments but its balanced with some good playing from around the stand. Euphonium Ryan Stacey plays in an understated way, but it does not quite finish as it could have done.

Overall Yet another reading that had so much to admire

Star player: Ryan Stacey—lovely sounding euphonium played with feeling.

Section3 • Sunday 22, 10:57:03

embedded picture

7. Severn Tunnel
Conductor: Christopher Bond

Winners of the Welsh Championships

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Rebekah Noons
Principal Euphonium: John Ayres
Soprano: Caroline Williams
Solo Horn: Cheryl Heppenstall
Principal Trombone: Owen Williams
Flugel: Julie Spencer
Baritone: Andrea Ayres
Eb Bass: Andrew Lucas
Bb Bass: Dan Jones
Principal Percussionist: James Montague

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The band have been enjoying the challenge of working through the test piece which is in a very different style to band’s normal repertoire. The percussion team in particular seem to be having a lot of fun at rehearsals."

Perforrmance Comments

embedded picture

It’s bold to start from the Welsh outfit but there are some uncertain moments along the way. MD Christopher Bond’s thoughtful approach to the style, colour and dynamics is effective. It’s really passionate, heart on the sleeve stuff from Severn.

The stress, drama and empathy in the way it is being painted is impressive. There are a few moments but the focus remains until the end but there are tuning issues in evidence which is a real pity.

Overall Very impressive reading from Severn that had lots to appreciate

Star player: Credit to MD, Christopher Bond for his approach there.

Section3 • Sunday 22, 10:55:00

embedded picture

John Roberts Analysis:

John Roberts gives his views and insight into how the bands are coping so far with 'Penlee'.

Only a couple of the bands have really managed to extract the detail and drama required so far. Some lack of control in the opening with fast tempos and poor balance detracts from the storyline that unfolds.

Some very ambitious tempos chosen in the quick passages where crotchet = 144 is the suggestion. Some poor intonation in the solo playing shows lack of emotion too.

However, we have already had some indications of some better conductor's ability to coax a more controlled overall performance. Something of a mixed bag so far and some percussion has been very loud indeed!

Section3 • Sunday 22, 10:37:31

embedded picture

6. Hawk Green
Conductor: Neil Hewson

North West Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Hayley Tuite
Principal Euphonium: Philip Pavey
Soprano: Rachel Dines
Solo Horn: Tim Burns
Principal Trombone: Rosie Johnson
Flugel: Ruth SimMutch
Baritone:Peter Johnson
Eb Bass: Phil Jones
Bb Bass: Nigel Moore
Principal Percussionist: Valerie Langfield

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The band has really enjoyed preparing the piece, finding it both challenging and inspiring. It has required a different level of thinking to fully understand the complexities of the piece. The band have tried to understand the significance of every theme and motif, in order to pay tribute to the brave souls who gave their lives trying to save others."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

It’s very bold and colourful to open from Hawk Green under ex Fairey’s flugel, Neil Hewson. The terror of the story starts to unravel with real musical passion and commitment.

It’s dark and dramatic in places everything that is unfolding is so vivid. The dynamic contrasts work too, lighter in places and the percussion blends in without being overbearing.

The ensemble playing coupled with solo contributions from euphonium and cornet works well and the bell tolling with Resurgam leaves you just to sit and ponder….

Overall An intriguing performance that captured the character of the story.

Star player:Hayley Tuite on Principal Cornet on excellent form today

Section3 • Sunday 22, 10:26:25

embedded picture

5. St Ronan's Silver
Conductor: Chris Bradley

Winners at Scottish Championships

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Liam Orr
Principal Euphonium: Bill Baillie MBE
Soprano: Graham Adam
Solo Horn: Eric Forbes
Principal Trombone: Keith Belleville
Flugel: Jill Keddie
Baritone: Rebecca Lindsay
Eb Bass: David Allan
Bb Bass: Derek Dickson
Principal Percussionist: Claire Bell

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The Band is enjoying rehearsing Penlee, however here's the opinion of one of the neighbours of our band hall: The gentleman, who often enjoys our music from a seat in his garden, remarked recently, "you usually play a hymn tune, a march or a piece I recognise, but this one you're doing just now sounds like a disaster or a tragedy!" So, we must be doing something right"

Performance Comments

embedded picture

It’s not the easiest of starts but it takes time to settle. The story starts to unfold extremely intensely and the style, nor rhythmic approach isn’t bad at all.

Principal Cornet, Liam Orr shows real lucidity in his delivery and the Penlee’s darkest hour is being portrayed very dramatically here. The balance between the ensemble and percussion is delivered with real feeling here and MD, Chris Bradley is doing a fine job.

Euph captures Resurgam with feeling, as the bell toils, and they end well

Overall The Scots had some moments of uncertainty at times but the band rose superbly to the challenge of the piece.

Star player: Bill Baillie was impressive on euphonium throughout.

Section3 • Sunday 22, 10:14:59

embedded picture

4. Bodmin
Conductor: John Maines

West of England Area (Runners-Up)

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Miriam Moore
Solo Euphonium: Steve Wagstaff
Soprano: Malcolm Cowling
Solo Horn: Julie Rowe
Principal Trombone: Chris Luckhurst
Flugel: Julie Dobson
Baritone: Louise Oliver
Eb Bass: Brita Andnick
Bb Bass: Dave Dobson
Principal Percussionist: Bridget Harrison

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"As a Cornish band, the tragic sinking of the Penlee Lifeboat and the loss of all 8 of its volunteer crew on 19th December 1981 still sits firmly in the minds of many a Cornish bandsman. So the Band have felt true emotion but also pride too, in rehearsing the evocative work of Simon Dobson, a former cornet player with the band."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Nice stylish opening from John Maines and Bodmin—the dynamics are lighter than some of the other bands so far today and the tempos are effective. The style and rhythmic approach isn’t bad at all as the drama unfolds—it’s raw, painful and dramatic.

This is good stuff from the Cornish band, heartfelt and passionate with a sensible approach to the tempos by John Maines.

It’s so vivid but just loses its way a bit towards the end.

OverallSo well thought out by the band and well portrayed

Star player: Miriam Moore on Principal Cornet was in good form.

Section3 • Sunday 22, 09:59:57

embedded picture

3. East Riding of Yorkshire
Conductor: Ian Scott

North of England Area (Runners-Up)

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: James Kerridge
Principal Euphonium: Jim Johnson
Soprano: Craig Halsey
Solo Horn: Karen Wain
Principal Trombone: Michael Kerridge
Flugel: Michael Waudby
Baritone: Bill Howells
Eb Bass: Christine Dunn
Bb Bass: Adrian Bell
Principal Percussionist: Garry Hallas

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The band is enjoying rehearsing “Penlee”. It tells a tragic story, and Simon Dobson really makes you think throughout this moving music."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Takes time to settle, the atmosphere is very evident and the balance between sections isn’t bad at all, but not everything gels together as they would want to. It’s so dark as panic and pandemonium sets in. The chaos and drama is unfolding musically in a very vivid way.

MD, Ian Scott is working the band hard here as he knows there are a few suspect musical moments, but the band is digging very deep and they close well in the final few bars.

Overall Total commitment but all the musical parts didn’t quite gel together effectively.

Star player: Jim Johnson on euphonium was very passionate in his playing.

Section3 • Sunday 22, 09:42:07

embedded picture

2. Marple
Conductor: Les Webb

Winners at North West Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Andy Liles
Principal Euphonium: Matthew Hill
Soprano: Caroline Andrews
Solo Horn: Nicola Rathburn
Principal Trombone: Mark Singleton
Flugel: Rachael Ward
Baritone: Linda Bryan
Eb Bass: Paul Beetham
Bb Bass: Duncan Stephenson

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"The band are really enjoying Penlee and are looking forward to competing at the Finals."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

A touch uncomfortable to open but it settles within the ensemble and there is good percussion work on show. This is full of musical contrasts, drama and trauma. Les Webb is doing a good job keeping a tight reign on the dynamics whilst the story unfolds. The style is good and effective.

This is real drama—proper edge of the seat stuff, delivered effectively—MD maintains focus despite his score falling off the stand. Euphonium is nicely done. The close with the bells and Resurgam is poignant.

Overall Marple certainly set their stall out with a very stylish reading and some good playing

Star player: Percussion Team added so much musical colour and drama.

Section3 • Sunday 22, 09:25:28

Iwan Fox talks to John Roberts about Simon Dobson's test piece Penlee and the problems may cause today. John will be joining 4BR today to give extra insight and analysis about the piece

Section3 • Sunday 22, 09:18:54

embedded picture

1. Wotton-under-Edge & District
Conductor: Ian Dickinson

Winners at West of England Area

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Bruce Davies
Principal Euphonium: Alan Bruton
Soprano: Jim Mason
Solo Horn: Ian Brown
Principal Trombone: David McWhirter
Flugel: Ken Stout
Baritone: Julie Ashby
Eb Bass: David Lawrence
Bb Bass: Alan Lovell
Principal Percussionist: Alistair Woodman

Pre-Contest Thoughts

"We think Penlee is a superb composition, full of music and emotion. The musicality and detail demanded within the piece suits the conductor, the band enjoy playing it and we are confident of doing it justice at Cheltenham."

Performance Comments

embedded picture

Nice atmospheric style to open, lively and joyful, plenty of dynamic contrasts and control from the middle. Life changing suddenly is portrayed with fear and anxiety. There style and balance of the ensemble sound isn’t bad at all. Solo cornet does well, hold his nerve.

The story of Penlee is being played with musical empathy here and all the drama of the events are vivid—percussion’s contribution makes an impression.

The musical effects are so dark and Resurgam just drifts away and they close well.

Overall A very atmospheric performance from Wotton that captured the story effectively.

Star player: Bruce Davies on top man was composed

Section3 • Sunday 22, 09:10:35


Adjudicators: Simone Rebello & Steve Pritchard-Jones

Live Comments: Malcolm Wood
Additional comments and analysis: John Roberts
Twitter comments: Iwan Fox

Amersham (Paul Fisher),14
Bodmin Town (John Maines), 4
Dronfield Genquip (John Davis), 8
East Riding of Yorkshire (Ian Scott), 3
Eccles Borough (Mareika Gray), 11
Hawk Green (Neil Hewson), 6
Hucknall & Lingby MC Brass (Paul Whyley), 17
Ireland Colliery Chesterfield (Ian Knapton), 12
LGB Brass (Ian Stewart), 15
Marple (Les Webb), 2
NASUWT Concert (Bryan Tait), 10
Pontypool Brass (Owen Farr), 9
Severn Tunnel (Christopher Bond), 7
Shipston Town (Howard Gibbs), 16
Skelmanthorpe B (Philip Garlick),13
St Ronan's Silver (Chris Bradley), 5
Wotton & District Silver (Ian Dickenson), 1

Section3 • Sunday 22, 08:21:01

The draw for the Third Section will take place at 8.30am.

We will post it when the judges are in the box and we will get compere Dave Hayward to reveal who is playing where

Section3 • Wednesday 11, 22:45:57

2013 Third Section National Final

Sunday 23rd September
Test Piece: 'Penlee' - Simon Dobson
Draw: tbc
Commence: 9.30am

Adjudicators: Simone Rebello & Steve Pritchard-Jones

Amersham (Paul Fisher)
Bodmin Town (John Maines)
Dronfield Genquip (John Davis)
East Riding of Yorkshire (Ian Scott)
Eccles Borough (Mareika Gray)
Hawk Green (Neil Hewson)
Hucknall & Lingby MC Brass (Paul Whyley)
Ireland Colliery Chesterfield (Ian Knapton)
LGB Brass (Ian Stewart)
Marple (Les Webb)
NASUWT Concert (Brian Tait)
Pontypool Brass (Owen Farr)
Severn Tunnel (Christopher Bond)
Shipston Town (Howard Gibbs)
Skelmanthorpe B (Philip Garlick)
St Ronan's Silver (Chris Bradley)
Wotton & District Silver (Ian Dickenson)

Regent Hall Concerts - Royal Air Force Salon Orchestra

Friday 5 November • Regent Hall (The Salvation Army). 275 Oxford Street. London. WC1 2 DJ WC1 2 DJ

Regent Hall Concerts - Royal Greenwich Brass Band

Sunday 7 November • St Alfege Church. Greenwich Church St. London SE10 9BJ

Abertillery Town Band - 50th Anniversary Celebration Concert

Saturday 13 November • Metropole Cultural and Conference Centre, Mitre St, Abertillery NP13 1AL

Regent Hall Concerts - Magli Brass Quintet

Friday 19 November • Regent Hall (The Salvation Army). 275 Oxford Street. London. WC1 2 DJ WC1 2 DJ

Contest: Youth Brass in Concert

Saturday 20 November • St Mary's Square, Gateshead Quays, Gateshead NE8 2JR

Shipston Town Band

October 20 • We are rehearsing covid safe in our refurbished band hall. We are looking to recruit Bb Cornets position negotiable Second Trom Bass Trom Eb Bass and Bb Bass to bring the band up to full strength

Chadderton Band

October 20 • Chadderton Band is a friendly non-contesting band playing at various events throughout the year. We are looking for players of all ages and abilities on all sections of the band particularly on Euph Drums and Horn. Come along for a blow most welcome.

Arrow Valley Brass

October 20 • We are a Third Section band based in Inkberrow, Worcs. Main rehearsal Sunday am. We seek a Tuned Percussionist. We should like to find an experienced player but would also consider someone, probably with some keyboard skill who would like to grow with us

Steve Pritchard-Jones

Conductor, Adjudicator, Teacher


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