2019 Scottish Open Championship
As it happened

All the action from the 2019 Scottish Open Championship — as it happened.

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 20:05:30

    Goodnight from Perth

    Six of the best from Whitburn

    Well we’re at the end of a very enjoyable day in Perth Concert Hall, where Whitburn certainly deserved to claim the title for a sixth time.

    the cooperation Band ran them close and there was a fine performance from the new partnership of Rainford and Sarah Groarke-Booth to finish third.

    Our thanks go to SBBA for their magnificent hospitality, including keeping us nourished. Perth is a trek but it’s always well worth it. Thanks to Carrie and John Boax, Tom Allen and Peter Fraser along with everyone else.

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 19:43:15


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    2019 Champion: Whitburn

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    The winners celebrate

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    There was a life-time achievment award for Tom Allen

    Scottish Open

    Perth Concert Hall
    Waverley (Berlioz arranged Howard Snell) Fanfare & March (Howard Snell)
    Adjudicators: John Doyle and Alan Fernie

    1. Whitburn (Prof Nicholas Childs) — 195
    2. the cooperation band (Michael Fowles) — 194
    3. Rainford (Sarah Groarke-Booth) — 193
    4. Elland Silver (Daniel Brooks) — 192
    5. Oldham Band (Lees) (John Collins) — 191
    6. Milnrow (Chris Binns) — 189
    7. Newtongrange Silver (Anne Crookston) — 188
    8. Easington Colliery (Sandy Smith) — 187
    9. Dalmellington (Richard Evans) — 186
    10. Fishburn (John Pearson) — 185
    11. Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass (Charles Keenan) — 183
    12. Bo'ness & Carriden (Nigel Boddice MBE) — 182
    13. East London Brass (Jayne Murrill) — 181
    14. Dunaskin Doon (Paul Drury) — 180

    4barsrest.com Best Instrumentalist:Scott Forrest (soprano) Whitburn
    Neil Philip Memorial Trophy for Best Euphonium: David McKellar (Dalmellington)

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 18:48:50

    Scottish Open:

    Malcolm Wood's final thoughts...

    An interesting afternoon for sure and proof once again that just because a piece of music is dated in age it doesn't make it any easier to perform.

    The Fanfares and March from 'Excelsior' were well handled, whilst there were a number of accounts of 'Waverley' that were just a bit pacy to really capture the detail.

    The quality rose to the top though with Whitburn and the cooperation band standing out.

    It's hard to see past Whitburn not making it six titles on the trot with their rivals close behind, but then it is really intriguing to who could claim a top-six finish.

    The late show from Rainford and the early marker from Oldham Band (Lees) could be in contention with Milnrow, Elland Silver and Newtongrange for us.

    4BR Prediction:

    1. Whitburn
    2. the cooperation Band
    3, Rainford Silver
    4. Oldham Band (Lees)
    5. Milnrow
    6. Elland Silver

    Dark Horse: Newtongrange Silver

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 18:34:27

    Scottish Open

    14. Newtongrange Silver (Anne Crookston)

    There was a well defined stylistic feel to the fanfare and march brace. The fanfare statements made an impact, whilst the march bristled with neatly controlled energy.

    'Waverley' opened tastefully, with control, balance and an intuitive appreciation for the required larghetto style. The euphonium took the solo line in their stride — singing warmly and richly, backed by the supportive ensemble.

    The Allegro Vivace was crisp and neat, allowing for the clarity to be heard. The quality playing continued too with the tight leash of the MD always ensuring nothing became frenetic all the way to a rousingly controlled close.

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 18:15:23

    Scottish Open

    13. Rainford (Sarah Groarke-Booth)

    A fanfare and march brace that grabbed your attention right from the off — contrasting so nicely off each other and led with clear intent by the MD.

    'Waverley' opened in a composed manner. The musical lines were clearly projected and there was a fine, flowing larghetto brought to the fore. The euph solo was played with a tender bravura — super confident but not overdone.

    There was an elegant orchestral feel to the 'Allegro Vivace' that was so well styled by the MD.

    We heard more cultured playing as we headed for the close, which ended so neatly but with authority.

    One for the judges to ponder perhaps?

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 17:50:38

    Scottish Open

    12. Elland Silver (Daniel Brooks)

    There was so much attention to clarity and detail in the opening fanfare that is sounded almost forensic, whilst the march, despite the odd moment of unease, was played with an eye on style and precision.

    'Waverley' opened with a sharp eye on the dynamic levels and balance and was underpinned by a subtly moving larghetto feel. The euphonium was composed, lyrical and assured backed by a sympathetic ensemble.

    There was a bright, breezy feel to the 'Allegro Vivace' as it moved along at a measurable pace. It wasn't as pacy to close as many others today but that meant clarity — and it showed. The final sections kept up the sense of style and precision too — giving it a measured feel that could catch the ear today in the box.

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 17:33:30

    Scottish Open

    11. Milnrow (Chris Binns)

    There was clarity and precision in the opening fanfare and march from the Lancastrians that really grabbed the attention with its nuance.

    ‘Waverley’ opened tenderly and there was a neatly observed larghetto feel. The euph was a tasteful lead, opening his sound like an opera singer with a noted sense of lyricism.

    There was a noted orchestral feel to the ‘Allegro Vivace’ as it moved along in a free flowing way without losing any of its discipline. Compact, coherent and persuasive that with a very distinctive character.

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 17:19:27

    Scottish Open

    10. Dunaskin Doon (Paul Drury)

    The opening fanfare had such an elegant feel and the band slipped into the march very comfortably.

    This was measured and well thought out in its delivery, but just had a few moments that took the sheen off.

    'Waverley' opened cautiously with not everything coherently together although it recovered to an appealing larghetto that flowed so nicely.

    The euphonium was without the odd moment, but was a stylish presence. The 'Allegro Vivace' was steady enabling clarity. It didn't quite come off but there was drive and excitement to the playing all the way to the measured close.

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 16:46:32

    Scottish Open

    9. Whitburn (Prof Nicholas Childs)

    An ‘Excelsior’ fanfare with colourful musical statements followed by a brisk and energetic march full of detailed playing that made a significant impression in its contrasts. So well thought out and delivered.

    ‘Waverley’ opened confidently with the opening section delivered by the players around the stands with a touch of cultured artistry.

    There was a nice larghetto feel to be heard — and the euph was a fine operatic voice full of warmth.

    Really impressive playing was on show here. The ‘Allegro Vivace’ allowed for the ensemble to shine as the music bristled with energy and precision. The tempos could have been a bit pacier you felt, but the MD opted for clarity and it allowed the character and the detail to come through. So much to admire and the excitement built all the way to the close.

    The second band to really stamp its class on the contest. Close between the top two though.

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 16:24:37

    Scottish Open

    8. the cooperation band (Michael Fowles)

    An ‘Excelsior’ fanfare full of musical statements of intent was followed by a march that was nicely tailored to the dynamic of the hall. There was a great deal to appreciate with the approach and execution here. Two small works treated with utmost respect.

    ‘Waverley’ opened with clear attention to detail. There’s was a lovely larghetto feel. The euph was so cultured in their delivery. This flowed and sang and there was such a well defined and sympathetic accompaniment to be heard.

    The ‘Allegro Vivace’ was so musical and gleamed with clarity and energy. So much to admire with the approach from the middle. The clarity remained staunchly in place even as the excitement built but with a close eye on the clarity and dynamics. Really impressive finale and up a notch on the quality stakes by some considerable margin. Classy.

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 16:14:08

    Scottish Open

    7. Easington Colliery (Sandy Smith)

    The North of England contender commenced with a stately fanfare that had clear motif statements. The march is measured in its execution with well judged dynamics and tempos.

    'Waverley' opens cautiously and just needs a touch more clarity although the larghetto style is evident. The euph is composed and lyrical ' a nice warm sound that makes an impression backed by a solid ensemble.

    The 'Allegro-Vivace' has its foot on the accelerator and the dynamic pedals without the overall picture becoming distorted. There was bold purpose here although the odd hint that the band wanted to just break loose was kept under a tight leash by the MD.

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 15:48:21

    Scottish Open

    6. Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass (Charles Keenan)

    The ‘Excelsior’ fanfare is delivered with such purpose. The march is tastefully done with reserved dynamic and tempo lines that bring a touch of orchestral character to the music.

    ‘Waverley’ opens with a hint of caution in the opening statements — just taking a bit of time to settle down. The euph is lyrical and sweet lead and the music in the ensemble reflects it too.

    In the Allegro Vivace the free flowing style comes through despite one or two rough edges taking the sheen off things.

    The dynamics and tempos are noted and as the piece builds carefully. Just lost its focus to close but these was something keenly observed about this interpretation from beginning to end.

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 15:20:06

    Scottish Open

    5. Dalmellington (Richard Evans)

    Dalmellington’s opening fanfare statements were bright and crisp. The march bristled with clarity and energy with excellent tempo markings. There was a good feel to this and how it came across.

    ‘Waverley’ started well—real attention to detail and focus and a lovely larghetto feel. The euphonium was luscious and musical and the accompaniment had warmth and balance.

    Maestro Evans was in his element here — detailed approach work that hasn’t always shone through today is heard so well and the ‘Allegro-Vivace’ is old school — bright and brassy.

    Great detail, clarity and tempos that bristle but don’t run away. The clarity remained and there was a close eye on the dynamics. The excitement and musical tension built to a cracking close. One to savour that.

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 15:03:29

    Scottish Open

    4. Oldham Band (Lees) (John Collins)

    The ‘Excelsior’ is lighter than others in the opening statements and makes a nice musical impression. The march makes an impression as well. Once again, it’s a touch lighter on dynamics than others, but so well styled and controlled from the middle.

    Waverley opens with confidence and the exposed elements sit well. Euphonium is lyrical and tasteful and so well with an accompaniment that doesn’t overpower the solo voice.

    The Allegro Vivace is measured. The energy is there and keeps the pulse going, but the ensemble dynamics are reserved and even when pushed don’t dilute the clarity.

    MD allows both the music and excitement to build as we head for the close whilst still keeping a firm hand on the tempo and dynamics. A fine close rounds off an impressive triptych of performances.

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 14:42:00

    Scottish Open

    3. Bo'ness & Carriden (Nigel Boddice MBE)

    It’s a bold and purposeful ‘Excelsior’ fanfare followed by a march that really catches the ear. Nicely styled and paced with an ensemble that comes across as composed and stylishly confident.

    Waverley opens nicely with just the odd uncomfortable moment or two, but the larghetto style comes through. The euph is so tasteful and composed and it is paced at a steady but clarity driven Allegro-Vivace.

    The detail shines through here with tight ensemble and resonate bass line. The percussion does its job but isn’t over robust. There is a controlled feeling to the closing section that still allows for excitement to build without things getting over-wrought. An of real stylish understanding that.

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 14:17:22

    Scottish Open

    2. Fishburn (John Pearson)

    The ‘Excelsior’ fanfare with a fine rhythmic feel and leads into a tastefully delivered march, which is so measured in its execution. Just one or two uneven moments, but playing of thoughtful musicality that.

    Waverley starts cautiously — not everything gels together in the exposed parts although it’s a nice larghetto style. The euph is melodic, just needing to sing a touch more perhaps.

    The ensemble to follow is warm and free-flowing in the Allegro-Vivace with the tempos pulled back a tad to aid clarity. There’s a nice style to the leading lines although the leash is loosened as the tempo somewhat obviously picks up. The adrenaline fuelled close was a little frenetic, but it had a sense Berlioz passionate vibrancy about it.

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 13:58:36

    Scottish Open

    1. East London Brass (Jayne Murrill)

    The opening fanfare is bright, purposeful and delivered with stylish musical intent. It leads into a measured account of the march which bristles with energy and a precise orchestral balance. Neatly done that.

    Waverley opens with hints of dynamic caution in the exposed opening elements — not quite there, but the larghetto style certainly is. The euph is warm and lyrical and leads so well into the Allegro vivace full band where there is a vibrant tempo set. The dynamics don’t always allow for clarity but there is a joyous feel to the music.

    The percussion keeps the rhythmic pulse going and the MD keeps a tight leash on the pace — not allowing it to run free even when it comes to the exciting close that sets a quality marker for others to follow.

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 13:20:17


    Perth Concert Hall
    Waverley (Berlioz arranged Howard Snell) Fanfare & March (Howard Snell)
    Commence 1.30pm
    Adjudicators: John Doyle and Alan Fernie

    1. East London Brass (Jayne Murrill)
    2. Fishburn (John Pearson)
    3. Bo'ness & Carriden (Nigel Boddice MBE)
    4. Oldham Band (Lees) (John Collins)
    5. Dalmellington (Richard Evans)
    6. Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass (Charles Keenan)
    7. Easington Colliery (Sandy Smith)
    8. the cooperation band (Michael Fowles)
    9. Whitburn (Prof Nicholas Childs)
    10. Dunaskin Doon (Paul Drury)
    11. Milnrow (Chris Binns)
    12. Elland Silver (Daniel Brooks)
    13. Rainford (Sarah Groarke-Booth)
    14. Newtongrange Silver (Anne Crookston)

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 12:06:45


    embedded picture
    2019 Champion: Perth & Kinross Schools Percussion Ensemble

    Percussion Section:

    Adjudicator: Mark Landon

    1. Perth & Kinross Schools Percussion Ensemble (Lynsey Paterson) — Gold
    2. Midlothian Perc Ensemble (Barbara-Jane Waddell) — Gold
    3. Midlothian Training (Barbara-Jane Waddell) — Gold
    4. Perth & Kinross Schools Junior Percussion Ensemble (Iona Crosby) — Silver
    5. Coalburn Percussion Academy (Caitlin Monaghan) — Bronze

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 11:32:17

    Percussion Section

    What super fun this has been this morning — with great playing and great organisation.

    The sheer concentration as the players got to grips with the music on show has been first class, with real understanding of dynamics and tempos. So good to see the obvious encouragement from conductors and reception from the audience. The odd electric guitar added to the fun and sense of inclusion.

    If there are any reports of tremors in Perth then its because the foundations of the hall were given a real test!

    Mark Landon has been overseeing the ensembles and will deliver his thoughts from the stage shortly.

    The Scottish Open draw is at 12.30 with a prompt 1.30pm start.

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 09:13:34

    Welcome to Perth...

    Good morning from a rainy Perth where we are sure to enjoy a great day of music making. We have received a warm welcome from SBBA's Carrie & John Boax (with Mr Boax celebrating his birthday today), Tom Allen, Peter Fraser and co, and its lovely to see them all once again.

    The main focus today is a feast of Berlioz in the Scottish Open, which will see 14 bands battle for the honours. The overture 'Waverley' has been newly amended by Howard Snell from his 1984 version, and will be supplemented by his own fanfare and a march from a suite he wrote a few years ago.

    It all kicks off at 1.30pm.

    Before then we have the start of the Youth contests which run into tomorrow and next weekend. Five percussion ensembles will be judged in the open by the experienced Mark Landon of Foden's.

    It's a listening brief this morning with live comments later today for the Scottish Open.

    Percussion Section Draw:

    Saturday 23rd November
    Perth Concert Hall
    Pre Drawn
    Commence: 9.30am
    Adjudicator: Mark Landon

    1. Midlothian Training (Barbara-Jane Waddell)
    2. Coalburn Percussion Academy (Caitlin Monaghan)
    3. Midlothian Percussion Ensemble (Barbara-Jane Waddell)
    4. Perth & Kinross Schools Junior Percussion Ensemble (Iona Crosby)
    5. Perth & Kinross Schools Percussion Ensemble (Lynsey Paterson)

  • Scottish FestivalSaturday 23, 07:21:16

    Timely reminder...

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