Black Dyke Brass Symposium - Saturday Gallery


Images from the 2010 Black Dyke Brass Symposium that took place at the Gandhi Hall at Leeds Metropolitan University.

2010 Black Dyke Brass Symposium

Pictures by Iwan Fox

David Thornton leads the Saturday lunctime recital

Quintessential Brass Quintet pose for the camera

A trio of tuba legends - Messers Routley, Jackson and Goodwin

An artistic 'Brass' trio: Tony Husband, Ian McMillan and Nicholas Childs

Some young minds may have been thinking of something else on Saturday...

Future tuba star: Aaron Kerwin enjoys his moment in the lower brass spotlight

Cartoon characters: Her Majesty looks down on the Black Dyke MD...

England's football support was never too far away thanks to Tony Husband's cartoons.

Black Dyke remake - courtesy of Mahatma Gandhi

Where there's Brass - for composer Professor Philip Wilby

Top Brass trio: Philip Wilby, Tony Husband and Ian McMillan

Kerwin class: Alex Kerwin struts her stuff on Saturday night

Things are looking up as Ian McMillan leads the narration

Taking the well earned applause

Eyes wide shut for a laid back Paul Duffy


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