2010 Spring Festival - Grand Shield gallery


Selection of photographs by Ian Clowes of Goldy Solutions from this year's Grand Shield Contest

2010 Spring Festival:
Images of the Grand Shield

Pictures by Ian Clowes
Comments by Chris Thomas & Iwan Fox

Grand Shield - The Draw

Glyn Williams with Marsden Silver Band

"Opens with atmosphere"

Steven Cooper
Steven Cooper with Sovereign Brass

Sovereign Brass
"Lament is real Heatonesque"

Philip Harper with Tongwynlais Temperance

Tongwynlais Temperance
"Bite and drive here"

Melvin White
Melvin White with Thoresby Colliery

Thoresby Colliery
"A lovely feel to the flowing siciliana"

Nicholas Childs
Dr Nicholas Childs with Reg Vardy

Reg Vardy
"the Toccatta fizzes with detail and vibrancy"

Tom Davoren
Tom Davoren with BTM

"big sounds and emotion pouring out"

Duncan Beckley
Duncan Beckley with Newstead Brass

"Details and style on display"

Paul Andrews
Paul Andrews with Bactiguard Wire Brass

"A warm opening is nicely played"

Ian Porthouse
Ian Porthouse with Tredegar

"A performance of real stature"

Alan Morrison with Wingates

"everything judged with a classy hint of musicality"

Garry Cutt with Flowers

  Overall: "Classy playing from start to finish"

Andrew Duncan
Andrew Duncan with Kingdom Brass

Kingdom Brass
" The band injects spirit and verve"

Phillip McCann
Phillip McCann with Mount Charles

Mount Charles
"a real touch of classy sherzo fugue playing"

Morgan Griffiths with Hammonds Saltaire

Hammonds Saltaire
" There is a real sense of drive and pulse"

Jeremy Wise with Redbridge

" There is a bite and spirit to the toccata"

Mark Bentham with Pemberton Old Wigan DW

"the emotion is wrung out - every last drop"

Dave Lea
Dave Lea with Jaguar (Coventry)

"played with a true sense of austere pathos"

Paul Dalton
Paul Dalton with Freckleton

"just the right feel for the style"

John Roberts with Skelmanthorpe

"Spirit in abundance and a real sense of darkness too" 


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