2010 European Brass Band Championships - Championship Section: Runners & Riders


10 top class bands will take to the stage at the Brucknerhaus on Friday and Saturday all hoping to become the 2010 Champion Band of Europe.

England flagBlack Dyke

Conductor: Dr. Nicholas Childs

4BR Ranking:

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Richard Marshall
Principal Euphonium: David Thornton
Principal Trombone: Brett Baker
Soprano: Paul Duffy
Flugel: Alex Kerwin
Horn: Sandy Smith
Baritone: Gareth Brindle
Eb Tuba: Joseph Cook
Bb Tuba: Matt Routley

European Appearances:
19th time
(1978, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1995, 1996, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2010)

European Record: (set work/own choice)
1978: Winners overall - n/k  
1979: Winners overall - 1st/1st
1980: 2nd overall - 3rd/1st
1982: Winners overall - 1st/1st
1983: Winners overall - 1st/1st
1984: Winners overall - 1st/1st
1985: Winners overall - 2nd/4th
1986: 2nd overall - 2nd/1st
1987: Winners overall - 1st/3rd
1988: 2nd overall - 2nd/1st
1990: Winners overall - 1st/1st
1991: Winners overall - 2nd/2nd
1992: 2nd overall - 3rd/3rd
1995: Winners overall - 1st/3rd
1996: 2nd overall - 2nd/1st
2002: 3rd overall - 3rd/2nd
2005: Winners overall - 1st/1st
2006: 4th overall – 5th/4th

The performances from 1978 to 1988 were conducted by Peter Parkes. David King directed in 1990 and 1991, whilst James Watson took the helm between 1992 and 1996. Nicholas Childs made his first appearance with the band in 2002.

Own choice works used:
1978: Connotations  
1979: John O'Gaunt
1980: Journey Into Freedom
1982: Pageantry
1983: Epic Symphony
1984: Blitz
1985: Volcano  
1986: Contest Music
1987: Contest Music
1988: Cloudcatcher Fells
1990: Harmony Music
1991: Diversions on a Bass Theme
1992: Odin
1995: Variations on an Enigma
1996: Revelation
2002: Revelation
2005: Journey to the Centre of the Earth
2006: Extreme Makeover

Best Performance: 11 time winners
(1978, 1979, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1990, 1991, 1995, 2005)

Last Year:
Did not qualify

Dr. Nicholas Childs has achieved the highest international reputation as a performer, teacher/clinician, conductor, interpreter and advocate of new music, and producer of recordings. Initial success came as a euphonium soloist, performing in many of the world's most famous concert halls with the most prestigious bands and orchestras.

In recent years he has premiered with Black Dyke Band new works by leading British composers. In 2000 he directed Fodens in the premiere of Trumpets of the Angels and followed this with the RNCM Brass Band's first presentation of Danceries.

He has pursued a series of pace-setting recordings of new music, including releases of Michael Ball, Arthur Butterworth, Peter Graham and Wilfred Heaton. With Black Dyke Band as Band-in-Residence at the RNCM, he has been able to promoted several BBC Radio 3 broadcasts.

Having first been trained in the Tredegar Junior Band, he continues to give important emphasis to the development of the brass band movement. He has served as the director of The NYBB of Great Britain, Denmark, and has gained national championships in France, Norway, Wales and Scotland and the UK.

Scotland flagBon Accord Silver

John Maines

4BR Ranking:

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: David Cooper
Principal Euphonium: Richard Kidd
Principal Trombone: Mark Boyd
Soprano: Craig Beattie
Flugel: Oliver Mason
Horn: Karen Cooper
Baritone: Karen Cozier
Eb Tuba: Paula Leslie
Bb Tuba: Colin Smith

European Appearances:
Debut this year


John Maines was born in Warrington and as a young player he became the North of England Junior Solo Champion and was invited to play for the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain.

A move to Cornwall saw John as principal trombone with St.Austell and Bodmin bands and he gained the title of Champion Trombone Player of Great Britain on three successive occasions.

After playing solo trombone with the Stanshawe (Bristol), Fairey Engineering and Harry Mortimer’s Men o’ Brass, he became principal trombone with the Black Dyke Mills and won many major British titles and a hat trick of European Championships.

Since 1979 he has been a music tutor for the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain and is a Council member of the same organisation.

John travels extensively in Europe taking him to such places as Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Denmark where he has taken part in various musical activities including the direction of the National Youth Band of Denmark.

John’s academic work saw him graduate from Sheffield University with a BA (Hons) Degree and he is a writer for various music publications, and has taken part in many recordings for CD, radio and television.

Belgium flagBrass Band Buizingen

Conductor: Luc Vertommen

4BR Ranking:

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Harmen Vanhoorne
Principal Euphonium: Hans Goris
Principal Trombone: Emmanuel Reynaerts
Soprano: Win Stas
Flugel: Sebastien Rousseau
Horn: Tim De Maeseneer
Baritone: Piet Callens
Eb Tuba: Pieter Nevejans
Bb Tuba: Jeroen Verleden

European Appearances: 2nd time

European Record: (set work/own choice)
2008: 6th overall – 6th/4th

Own Choice works used:
2008: Concerto Grosso

Best Performance:
6th in 2008

Last Year: Did not qualify

The band has been conducted on both its appearances by Luc Vertommen.


Luc Vertommen was born in Leest near Mechelen, Belgium. From an early age, he acquainted himself with brass music in his village fanfare band.

He studied cornet, music theory and piano at the music academies of Mechelen and Willebroek and later studied at the Lemmens Institute Conservatory, where he gained a triple degree in trumpet, music history and "hafabra" conducting (wind, fanfare and brass band).

He later studied chamber music at the Royal Music Conservatory of Brussels gaining a masters degree in conducting. As a cornet player, he played for Belgium's top bands Brass Band Midden-Brabant and Brass Band Willebroek.

He currently teaches and conducts in the communal music academy of Zaventem and is director "hafabra" in the "Servais Academy" Halle. He currently conducts Koninklijke Fanfare "De Berthoutzonen" Halaar and Brass Band Buizingen.

He has already written two books about brass music and recently, his arrangements for fanfare and brass band have proven to be very popular in the Low Countries and further abroad.

Denmark flagConcord Brass Band

Conductor: Michael Howley
4BR Ranking: 85

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Stanley Westh
Principal Euphonium: Steffan Maersk
Principal Trombone: Theis Stoico
Soprano: Stefan Cooper
Flugel: Jesper Sorensen
Horn: Anders Kjeldsen
Baritone: Asger E Nielsen
Eb Tuba: Mikkel Hojlund Zacho
Bb Tuba: Iben Maersk

European Appearances:
2nd time

European Record: (set work/own choice)

1979: 8th overall – 5th/11th

Own Choice works used:

1979: Danish Folk Song Suite

Best Performance:
8th in 1979

The band was conducted by V. Lonsted in 1979.

Last Year: Did not qualify
Michael began playing at the age of 8 with the Gawthorpe '85 Junior Band and later became principal euphonium of Rothwell Temperance Band.

In 2000, Michael moved to Manchester to take a place at the Royal Northern College of Music, and was offered the position of principal euphonium with the Williams Fairey Band. Michael then joined the YBS Band and in 2002 became principal euphonium. Michael was part of the bands amazing contest run, including 8 major victories.

He has also enjoyed a period as principal euphonium of the Brighouse & Rastrick Band and has a growing reputation as a leading solo performer both in the UK and abroad. He has also played with the Halle Orchestra in performances of Janacek's Symphonietta.

Michael was the winner of the European music en Picarde solo competition and was awarded the title of European Euphonium Player of the Year 2003.

He is greatly in demand as a brass teacher and band trainer and holds a BA in Music, a PGCE in secondary education and is a Licentiate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama after gaining a Distinction in his performance examination.

Wales flagCory

Conductor: Dr. Robert Childs
4BR Ranking: 1

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Tom Hutchinson
Principal Euphonium: David Childs
Principal Trombone: Christopher Thomas
Soprano: Bert Van Theinen
Flugel: Joanne Childs
Horn: Owen Farr
Baritone: Susan Thomas
Eb Tuba: Simon Howells
Bb Tuba: Fraser Bish

European Appearances:
21st time
(1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1993, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

European Record: (set work/ own choice)

1979: 2nd overall – 3rd/3rd
1980: Winners – 1st/2nd
1981: 6th overall – N/K
1982: 2nd overall – 3rd/2nd
1983: 3rd overall – 7th/2nd
1984: 2nd overall – 3rd/2nd
1985: 2nd overall – 4th/1st
1986: 3rd overall – 3rd/4th
1987: 8th overall – 8th/7th
1989: 3rd overall – 1st/4th
1993: 3rd overall – 3rd/4th
1999: 5th overall – 5th/4th
2001: 2nd overall – 1st/3rd
2003: 2nd overall – 2nd/1st
2004: 6th overall – 6th/7th
2005: 2nd overall – 2nd/3rd
2006: 3rd overall – 3rd/1st
2007: 3rd overall – 1st/5th
2008: Winners – 1st/3rd
2009: Winners – 1st/1st

Denzil Stephens directed the band between 1979 and 1981. Major Arthur Kenney directed from 1982 to 1987. Brian Howard took them in 1989, Michael Antrobus in 1993 and Jeremy Wise in 1999. Since 2001 they have been directed by Dr. Robert Childs.

Own Choice works used:

1979: Judges of the Secret Court
1980: Triumphant Rhapsody
1981: Connotations
1982: Fireworks
1983: Variations on a Ninth
1984: Contest Music
1985: Dances and Arias
1986: Ballet for Band
1987: Dances and Arias
1989: Diversions on a Bass Theme
1993: Harmony Music
1999: Of Men and Mountains
2001: Harrison's Dream
2003: Revelation
2004: Revelation
2005: Concerto Grosso
2006: The Promised Land
2007: Of Men and Mountains
2008: Music for Battle Creek
2009: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Best Performance:
Winners 1980, 2008, 2009

Last Year: Winners

Bob ChildsConductor:
Dr. Robert Childs is an associate of the RCM, a Fellow of the LCM and gained a distinction in a Masters Degree from the University of Leeds.

He also holds a PGC in Education from the Open University. His status as a professional musician encompasses many fields of music making.

He is Director of Brass Band Studies at the WCMD, Professor of Euphonium at the RNCM and the University of Leeds. He is a tutor and council member to the National Youth Bands of Wales and Great Britain and of the National Youth Wind Orchestra of Great Britain.

In 2000, he became the MD of the Buy As You View Cory Band and won the British Open Championship, the National Championship and runner-up at the European Championship in a single season.

In 2002, he became MD to the NYBB of Wales and Cory became British Open champion again – a feat repeated in 2007 and 2009. In 2002, he was awarded 'Doctor of Musical Arts' from the University of Leeds.  

Norway flagEikanger Bjorsvik Musikklag

Professor David King
4BR Ranking: 13

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Henning Anundsen
Principal Euphonium: Patrik Randefalk
Principal Trombone: Grethe Tonheim
Soprano: Frode Rydland
Flugel: Gyda Matland
Horn: Monica Vobe Reigstad
Baritone: Nina Mjanger Eide
Eb Tuba: Magnus Brandseth
Bb Tuba: Fredrik Berentsen

European Appearances:
16th time
(1980, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1994, 2000, 2002, 2006, 2009, 2010)

European Record: (set work/own choice)

1980: 7th overall - 7th/6th
1981: 5th overall - n/k
1982: 7th overall - 5th/8th
1984: 13th overall - 10th/11th
1985: 6th overall - 5th/11th
1987: 6th overall - 6th/5th
1988: Winners - 1st/1st
1989: Winners - 2nd/1st
1990: 6th overall - 8th/2nd
1992: 3rd overall - 2nd/8th
1994: 2nd overall - 1st/3rd
2000: 2nd overall - 3rd/1st
2002: 4th overall - 4th/4th
2006: 7th overall – 7th/7th
2009: 3rd overall – 2nd/6th

Rod Franks conducted on their inaugural appearance in 1980. Helge Haukas conducted in 1981, 1982 and 1987. Tom Brevik conducted in 1984 and 1985.  Ray Farr conducted in 1992. Howard Snell directed in 1988, 1989, 1990, 1994, 2000 and 2002. Bjorn Sagstad directed in 2006 and Bjarte Engeset conducted in 2009.

Own choice works used:

1980: John O'Gaunt
1981: The Plantagenets
1982: Triumphant Rhapsody
1984: Epic Symphony
1985: Blitz
1987: Pagentry
1988: Variations on an Enigma
1989: Variations on an Enigma
1990: Partita
1992: Trittico
1994: Year of the Dragon
2000: Concerto Grosso
2002: …Dove Descending
2006: Riff and Interludes
2009: Extreme Makeover

Best Performance: Winners in 1988 and 1999

Last Year: 3rd place

David King is regarded as one of the most dynamic figures in the world of brass today, with an enviable record of musical accomplishments and successes both as an instrumentalist and conductor.

He studied Trumpet and Cornet at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and music education at Avondale College. In 1982 as Australian cornet champion he was awarded a scholarship to study band musicianship at Salford College, where he graduated with distinction in Performance in 1985.

In Britain David King pursued a distinguished career as a cornet soloist and was 'North of England Solo Champion' on three occasions. He represented the United Kingdom as 'British Open Solo Champion' and won the prestigious title 'International Brass Musician of the Year' in New Zealand in 1992.

In 2000 David King graduated from the Institute for Social Research, University of Salford, with a Doctor of Musical Arts degree majoring in Performance and has since been awarded his professorship.

As a conductor Dr David King is revered as one of the most successful conductors on the concert and contest platform in the last decade. He won the European title seven times, twice with Black Dyke Mills Band and eight times with the Yorkshire Building Society Band.

At the end of 2006 he announced his decision to end his association with the YBS Band after 13 unprecedented years of success.

France flagBrass Band Nord Pas-de-Calais

Russell Gray
4BR Ranking: 98

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Emmanuel Gheysens
Principal Euphonium: Jean Luc Petitprez
Principal Trombone: Thomas Callaux
Soprano: William Houssoy
Flugel: Jean Paul Bliek
Horn: Frederic Lorthios
Baritone: Sebastien Livoye
Eb Tuba: Benoit Meurin
Bb Tuba: Sebastien Castryck

European Appearances:
Debut in Championship Section

European Record: (set work/own choice)
2001: 2nd place in B Section
Set work – ‘Symphonic Music’ plus own choice selections

2002: Winners of B Section: Winners  
Set work – ‘Excalibur’ plus own choice selections

Both performances were conducted by P. Lorthios

Own Choice works used:
Best Performance: Winners of B Section in 2002

Last Year: Did not qualify

Russell Gray was born near Glasgow, and an early interest in music saw him pick up his fathers trumpet by the age of 9. Within a few years he had won many national solo prizes including the under 17 Solo Championship of Great Britain by the time he was 12.
Russell moved to Yorkshire to study music and soon after joined Black Dyke where he stayed for two years.  He subsequently became principal cornet of Fodens and Leyland Bands.
Russell’s conducting career started when he was appointed resident conductor of the Stavanger Band in 1998. Russell moved back to England in 2001 to take over as conductor of the Ransome Band leading them to second place at the National Championships in 2000.

In 2002, Fodens Richardson approached Russell to conduct them and within the first year had obtained three first and two second placings in five contests.
2005 was one of Russell's most productive years, winning six out of eight competitions culminating with the National Brass Band Championships on Great Britain with Leyland.
Since 2003 Russell has been freelancing as a conductor and player, and this has continued to take him around the world.  

austriaOberoesterreich Brass Band

Conductor: Hannes Buchegger
4BR Ranking: 38

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Hans Gansch
Principal Euphonium: Harald Buchner
Principal Trombone: Lito Fontana
Soprano: Christian Hollensteiner
Flugel: Thomas Beiganz
Horn: Paul Moser
Baritone: Franz Wachlmayr
Eb Tuba: Walter Baldinger
Bb Tuba: Andreas Trausner

European Appearances: 7th time (4th time in Championship Section)
(2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

European Record: (set work/own choice)

2004: 4th place in B Section
Set work – "Airs and Dances" plus own choice selections

2005: Winners of B Section
Set work - "Match – Rhythm" plus own choice selections

2006: Winners of B Section
Set work – ‘Little Christmas' plus own choice selections

2007: 5th overall – 4th/9th
2008: 10th overall – 8th/10th
2009: 6th overall – 3rd/7th

All performances have been directed by Hannes Buchegger.

Own Choice works used:
2007: Titan’s Progress
2008: Dreams
2009: Spirits of Puccini

Best Performance: 5th overall in 2007

BucheggerLast Year: 6th overall

Hannes Buchegger was born in Innsbruck in 1953 and was a student at the Tiroler Landeskonservatorium where he gained a diploma in trumpet and played and was taught by Edgar Seipenbusch.

He came to prominence in the brass band world in 1994 when he led Brass Band Fröschl Hall to the first of their four B Section European titles.

He had been involved with brass ensembles since 1986 and this led to him being involved in the ‘Fixed Installation’ course at the University of Music and Art in Graz and the formation of Brass Band OberÖsterreich.

He is the Director of the Städtischen Musikschule Hall in Tirol and has been a leading adjudicator in many national and international music competitions.

Switzerland flagValaisia Brass Band

Arsene Duc
4BR Ranking: 70

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Edi Lepagier
Principal Euphonium: David Welsh
Principal Trombone: Yannick Romailler
Soprano: Marielle Rey
Flugel: Daniel Cottagnoud
Horn: Anne Barras
Baritone: Marine Barras
Eb Tuba: Joel Filliez
Bb Tuba: Olivier Rey

European Appearances: Debut in Championship Section

Aresene DucConductor:
Arsène Duc was born in 1965 in Chermignon. Brought up by a family of musicians, he started out his musical career very young and, at only 11, joined the Ancienne Cécilia brass band from Chermignon as an euphonium player.

He later became conductor of the band aged 23.

After obtaining a science degree he gained an academic licence at the commercial college of Lausanne. Parallel to this, he took the professional musical theory courses at the Geneva superior conservatorium and attended orchestration courses under Jean Balissat.

From 1996 he was part of the musical commission of the national solo and quartet contest (CNSQ) and was elected its President. In 1997, he was invited to conduct the National Youth Brass Band (NJBB).

He is also frequently asked to adjudicate in different musical contests. Incorporated in the Mountain Infantry Regiment 6 of Valais, he was director of the band from 1990 to 2002.

Netherlands flagBrass Band De Waldsang

Conductor: Rieks van der Velde
4BR Ranking: 71

Principal Players:

Principal Cornet: Bert van der Velde
Principal Euphonium: Gerben Rouwenhurst
Principal Trombone: Jelle van der Wal
Soprano: Harro de Beer
Flugel: Elske van der Kooi
Horn: Folkert Veenstra
Baritone: Hendrik Veenstra
Eb Tuba: Anneke Kuipers
Bb Tuba: Jacob de Vries

European Appearances: 19th time
(1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010)

European Record: (set work/own choice)
1980: 4th overall – 5th/ 3rd
1981: 3rd overall
1982: 4th overall – 6th/ 4th
1983: 5th overall – 9th/ 3rd
1984: 8th overall – 6th/ 10th
1985: 12th overall – 12th/ 7th
1987: 7th overall – 7th/ 6th
1988: 6th overall – 6th/ 4th
1989: 6th overall – 4th/ 9th
1990: 3rd overall – 5th/ 3rd
1991: 8th overall – 7th/ 8th
1993: 8th overall – 9th/ 5th
1995: 5th overall – 7th/ 2nd
1998: 5th overall – 4th/ 7th
2000: 5th overall – 5th/ 5th
2004: 8th overall – 5th/9th
2007: 9th overall – 12th/2nd
2008: 8th overall – 7th/9th

The first performances were been directed by T. Brouwer from 1980 to 1983. Dirk Lautenbach led the band from 1984 to 1987. B. Ijlstra conducted the band from 1987 to 1989 and since 1990 Rieks van der Velde had directed the band at the contest.

Own choice works used:

1980: James Cook Circumnavigator
1981: Triumphant Rhapsody
1982: John O'Gaunt
1983: Land of the Long White Cloud
1984: Connotations
1985: Blitz
1987: Contest Music
1988: Harmony Music
1989: Year of the Dragon
1990: Cloudcatcher Fells
1991: Harmony Music
1993: Paganini Variations
1995: Diversions on a Bass Theme
1998: Volcano
2000: On Alderney Edge
2004: Harrison's Dream
2007: Music of the Spheres
2008: Music for Battle Creek

Best Performance:
3rd in 1981 and 1990

Last Year: Did not qualify
Rieks van der VeldeConductor:
Rieks van der Velde was born in 1961 and has been the Musical Director of the De Waldsang Band since 1989.

In addition to conducting brass bands he is a music teacher and has an extensive catalogue of arrangements and original compositions for brass and wind ensembles. In his early teens he was a member of the Dutch National Youth Fanfare Orchestra and went to take lessons at the music school in De Waldsang it self.

It was here that he was identified as an euphonium player of talent and became a member of the De Waldsang Band. He studied euphonium and conducting at the "Muziek Pedagogische Academie" in Leeuwarden.

As a conductor he is one of the most successful in the Netherlands with seven National titles to his credit as well as leading twelve bands to National titles in the Dutch Lower Sections.


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