2010 National Youth Brass Band Championships of Great Britain - Runners & Riders


4BR has a look at the five sections and the competitors for this year's event at the RNCM.

Training Section
RNCM Concert Hall
Start: 9.25am

15 minutes own choice playing time

Adjudicators: Simone Rebello and Mark Peacock

All players must be 16 or under on the 31st August 2010

Competing Bands:

1. Coleshill Youth Brass (Stephen Fagg): Debutants
2. Warren Wood Primary School (Peter Christian): Debutants
3. Macclesfield Youth Training Band (Liz Hudson): Debutants
4. Stockport Schools Junior Band (Rachel Pavey): Joint 2nd, Training Section, 2009
5. Enderby Junior Band (Sam McClumpha): Debutants
6. Bolton Intermediate Brass Band (Toby Hobson): Debutants
7. Poynton Youth Junior Band (Joyce Hall): Debutants
8. Lions Junior/Beginners Band (Ian Raisbeck): Debutants

Results announced around 12.10pm

The Training Section is arguably the most important as well as entertaining of the entire day.  Four bands competed a year ago in what was a fabulous event, and it is highly encouraging that the numbers have doubled.

Adjudicators Simone Rebello and Mark Peacock are charged with picking the winners, but the whole event should be a treat for all concerned.

Junior Section
RNCM Concert Hall
Start: 12.30pm

Own Choice programme that must include one piece of music composed for brass band

15 minutes playing time

Adjudicators: Simone Rebello and Mark Peacock

All players must be 16 or under on the 31st August 2010

Competing Bands:

1. Astley Youth Band (Helen Minshall / Toby Hobson): Bronze, Community Section, 2008
2. Chalford Youth (Steve Tubb): Merit, Intermediate Section, 2009
3. Stockport Schools Intermediate Band  (James Holt): Bronze, Junior Section, 2009

Results announced around 1.40pm

Jut the three bands will compete around Sunday lunchtime in the Junior Section.   A new winner is guaranteed though as last year's victors Gwynedd Mon Junior Band do not return to defend their title.

Astley Youth make the short journey from Lancashire and Helen Minshall and Toby Hobson will have them well prepared fopr sure, whilst Steve Tubb's Chalford competed in the Intermediate Section last year and will look to build on that very encouraging appearance.

James Holt continues to do an excellent job with Stockport Schools and they'll be looking to give another good account of themselves too after picking up a Bronze award last year.

Intermediate Section
RNCM Theatre
Start: 9.15am

Adventures in Brass and Own Choice programme

20 minutes playing time

Adjudicators: Malcolm Brownbill and Dr Peter Meechan

All players must be 18 or under on the 31st August 2010

Competing Bands:

1. Egglescliffe School Brass Band (M.Haworth): Debutants
2. Lions Youth Brass (Nigel Birch): 3rd, Intermediate Section, 2009
3. Fred Longworth High School (Helen Robinson): Bronze, Intermediate Section, 2009
4. Elland Silver Youth Band (Samantha Harrison): Silver, Intermediate Section, 2009
5. Great Western Youth Brass Band (Paul Collis-Smith): Debutants
6. Macclesfield Youth Brass Band (Louise Renshaw): Merit, Intermediate Section
7. Enderby Youth Band (Trevor Hounsome): Bronze, Intermediate Section, 2009
8. Cumnock Academy Brass Band (Craig Anderson): Debutants
9. Wardle High School (Lee Rigg): Silver, Intermediate Section, 2009
10. Tewit Youth Band (Craig Ratcliffe): Merit, Intermediate Section, 2009
11. Worcestershire Youth Brass Band (Nicky Daw): Silver, Intermediate Section, 2009
12. M.K.Youth Brass (David Rose): Debutants
13. Poynton Youth (Andy Hirst): Silver, Intermediate Section, 2009
14. Rochdale Borough Youth Band (Eric Landon): Silver. Advanced Section, 2009
15. Lydbrook Youth (Robert Morgan): Debutants

Results announced around 4.50pm

The Intermediate Section is both the largest and most keenly fought contest of the day.   

Ray Farr's dramatic 'Adventures in Brass' should test the bands to the full, whilst it will be interesting to hear what other music they use to compliment it in their 20 minutes of playing time.

Last year’s winners Gloucestershire have progressed into the Advanced Section so a new winner will be crowned in a section containing five debutants.  One thing for sure is that there will be some fine playing on show throughout.  

The reigning Action Medical Research Youth Entertainment Champion, Elland Silver Youth and Samantha Harrison will be looking to make it a 'double', but they are up against a fine field of rivals, many of which have already got plenty of ‘National’ experience under their belts.

It will be a long old contest, but it promises to make for fascinating listening for all concerned, most notably adjudicators Malcolm Brownbill and Dr Meechan.

Advanced Section
RNCM Concert Hall
Start time: 1.55pm

Variations on Laudate Dominum and Own Choice programme

20 minutes playing time

Adjudicators: Derek Broadbent and Mark Wilkinson

All players must be 19 or under on the 31st August 2010

Competing Bands:

1. Bolton Youth Brass Band (Helen Minshall): Bronze, Advanced Section, 2009
2. Tees Valley Youth Brass Band (Stuart Gray): Debutants  
3. Greater Gwent Schools Brass Band (Sean O’Neill): Winners, Gold, Premier Section, 2007
4. Carnoustie & District Youth Band (Michael Robertson): 2nd, Gold, Advanced Section, 2009
5. Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans): Gold, Premier Section, 2009
6. Stockport Schools Senior Band (Philip Pavey): 3rd, Silver, Advanced Section, 2009
7. Hampshire County Youth Band (Jock McKenzie): 3rd, Gold, Premier Section, 2009
8. Bare Trees Community Band (John Collins): Debutants
9. Gloucestershire Youth Brass Band (Ian Porthouse): Winners, Gold, Intermediate Section, 2009
10. Dawsons Berkshire Maestros Youth Band (John Watts): Silver, Advanced Section, 2009

Results announced around 6.55pm

Ten bands (an increase of six from last year) will battle it out on Sunday afternoon in the RNCM Concert Hall in what promises to be a right old tussle for glory.  

The set-work is the original version of Edward Gregson's 'Variations on Laudate Dominum' written in the 1970s for the UK tour of the London Citadel Band from Ontario, Canada.  The work has become a staple of brass band repertoire in recent years and has subsequently been amended to include two extra variations.

The piece contains the identifiable hymn tune 'O Worship the King' and this is music that will test the bands with crisp and clear phrasing of key importance.

Chris Jeans and Youth Brass 2000 will be looking to get back to winning ways after they failed to take the Action Research title at Blackpool earlier this season, whilst standing in their way is the likes of formidable outfits Greater Gwent (who make a return after a few years absence), Hampshire County Youth, Gloucestershire Youth and Carnoustie and District.

The other contenders should not be dismissed either, so Derek Broadbent and Mark Wilkinson should have plenty to enjoy as well as ponder in what promises to be a highly enjoyable contest.

Premier Section
RNCM Theatre
Start: 5.15pm

‘Partita’ and Own Choice programme

25 minutes playing time

Adjudicators: Major Peter Parkes and Sheona White

All players must be 20 or under on the 31st August 2010

Competing Bands:

1. West Lothian Schools Brass Band (Nigel Boddice MBE): Winners, Gold, Premier Section, 2008
2. Northamptonshire County Youth Brass Band (Brad Turnbull): 2nd, Gold, Premier Section, 2009
3. St Helens Youth Band (Mark Bousie): Silver, Premier Section, 2009
4.  Gwynedd & Mon County Youth Brass Band (Gwyn M Evans): Winners, Gold, Premier Section, 2007 (as Gwynedd Mon William Mathias Seniors)

Results announced around 7.45pm

The final contest of the day promises to provide a wonderful climax, with four very good Advanced Bands trying to pick up the blue riband title.
The original field of five is now down to four as Sellers International have pulled out, but each of the challengers here know they have more than enough within them to produce that winning performance.

The set work, Wilby's 'Partita for Band: Postcards from Home' is a stern test and will be heard at Pontins in the Third Section later in the year, so that gives you an idea of what challenges lie ahead for the young players.

At around 12 minutes, the music focuses on the composer's childhood memories in an era where community celebrations had brass bands as a centrepiece.  Technically challenging, the music engages the audience throughout the four movements.      
Two bands rejoin the contesting fold this year with Gwynedd & Mon County Youth and West Lothian Schools back in contention.  

Both of the outfits have won National titles previously (the Scots on countless occasions) and they will relish the opportunity of taking another victory. 

Northamptonshire County Youth got closest to last year’s winners Camborne last year and will fancy going one better this year whilst St Helens Youth Band from Merseyside will still be full of adrenaline having just returned from a successful trip to Ohio.  


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