2010 Norwegian National Championships - Gallery from Bergen


Just a flavour of the action from Norway's National Championships in Bergen's Grieghallen.

There was so much to enjoy at the Norwegian National Championships this year – from the warm welcome of the people involved to the music that was made.

The man himself: Edvard Grieg would have enjoyed himself on the weekend in Bergen...

It's always about  winning prizes:  Some of the trophies on display in the main Grieg Hall

The title doesn't quite tell the whole story for one euphonium player...

There was always someone watching your efforts at the contest...

Including the three men in the three sided box...
Picture: Rolf Hestetreet

Beer bottle
How to keep a tuba player happy...

Solo winner
Solo Prize winner Birgitte B. Bruget waits to play her part in Manger's success...

Stavanger girl
Still something to smile about for Stavanger's horn player despite the result...

From Sandbach to Bergen for sop star Alan Wycherley with Orskog Brass

Uniform man
What's the outlook like for Oslo's MD? Not good after the results for sure...


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