2009 Scottish Regional Championship - Second Section - Runners & Riders


The Scots have made their mark in the New World over the years, so which band will be able to celebrate with a bottle of Bud come the weekend.

Saturday 21st March
Adjudicators: Kevin Wadsworth & Lt Col Graham Jones MBE
Test Piece: New World Sketches – Dan Price

Draw: 12.45pm
Commences: 2.15pm approx

AnnanAnnan Town (APD)
David Shanks

Last 13 Years:
2008: 2nd in Third Section (D. Shanks) (prom)
2007: 11th in Second Section (D. Shanks) (rel)
2006: 8th (D. Shanks)
2005: 7th (D. Shanks)
2004: 7th (D. Shanks)
2003: 9th (D. Shanks)
2002: 7th (D. Shanks)
2001: 9th in First Section (D. Shanks) (rel)
2000: 4th (D. Shanks)
1999: 9th
1998: 2nd in Second Section (prom)
1997: 2nd in Third Section (prom)
1996: 7th
After just the one year in the Third Section, Annan returns after claiming a well deserved runners up spot last time out.

That led to a hard earned 10th place at Harrogate and they rounded off the season with 6th place at the Scottish Challenge Cup. Will that from be enough to make mark this weekend though?    

Arbroath Instrumental
Michael Robertson

Last 13 Years:
2008: 8th in First Section (M. Robertson) (rel)
2007: 6th (M. Robertson)
2006: 7th (M. Robertson)
2005: 6th (M. Robertson)
2004: 4th (M. Robertson)
2003: 2nd in Second Section (M. Robertson) (prom)
2002: 2nd in Third Section (M. Robertson) (prom)
2001: Winners of Fourth Section (M. Robertson) (prom)
2000: 9th (M. Robertson)
1999: 10th in Third Section (rel)
1998: 11th
1997: 11th in Second Section (rel)
1996: 8th

Arbroath gradually lost their way in the First Section in the last few years and after a prolonged stay of five seasons find themselves back here for the first time since 2003.

Michael Robertson has been with the band some time now, so he will know that the hard work starts all over again to see if they can return to Harrogate once again. 

CityCity of Discovery Brass
Bruce Fraser

Last 13 Years:
2008: 10th (B. Fraser)
2007: 10th in First Section (B. Fraser) (rel)
2006: Winners of Second Section (B. Fraser) (prom)
2005: 3rd (B. Fraser)
2004: 8th (B. Fraser)
2003: 9th in First Section  (B. Fraser) (rel)
2002: 8th (B. Fraser)
2001: 5th (B. Fraser)
2000: 2nd in Second Section (B. Fraser) (prom)
1999: 2nd in Third Section (prom)
1998: 8th
1997: Winners of Fourth Section (prom)
1996: DNC

Bruce Fraser continues to do some wonderful musical work with City of Discovery Brass, although they had a bit of an off day last year when they limped home in 10th place.

The band has had its contesting ups and downs here over the years, so a return to the form that saw them win this title in 2006 can’t be too far away.    

Croy Parish Silver
K. Blackwood

Last 13 Years:
2008: 3rd (K. Blackwood)
2007: 6th (J. Anderson)
2006: 6th (J. Anderson)
2005: 5th (C. Bradley)
2004: 5th (C. Bradley)
2003: DNC
2002: Winners of Second Section (A. Friel)
2001: 8th (A. Friel)
2000: 11th (A. Friel)
1999: 5th
1998: 7th
1997: 9th
1996: 7th

One of the most consistent bands at this level it seems, if their results are anything to go by at this contest.

Croy had been in and around the top six for a few years until twelve months ago when they upped their contesting form to come 3rd – just losing out to two pretty good bands on a trip to the finals.  More of that should see then come close again, although they will have to up their form after coming 8th at the Scottish Challnege Shield. 

DalkeithDalkeith and Monktonhall Colliery
James Chamberlain 

Last 13 Years:
2008: Winners of Third Section (J. Chamberlain) (prom)
2007: 9th in Second Section (J. Chamberlain) (rel)
2006: 7th (J. Chamberlain)
2005: 10th (I. Davey)
2004: 4th (I. Davey)
2003: 8th (I. Fleming)
2002: 9th in First Section (I. Fleming) (rel)
2001: 8th (I. Fleming)
2000: 6th (G. Jenkins)
1999: 8th
1998: 10th in Championship (rel)
1997: 6th
1996: Winners of First Section (prom)

Whitburn’s flugel star James Chamberlain is making a real name for himself with the baton nowadays, and he certainly turned around the fortunes of Dalkeith last year as he led them to the Third Section title.

That in turn led to a very encouraging performance at Harrogate where they came 7th against a strong national feld of rivals, before rounding off the 2008 season with a richly deserved win at the  Scottish Challenge Cup. 

GraniteGranite City Brass
David Ashworth 

Last 13 Years:
2008: 10th in First Section (E. Paley) (rel)
2007: 2nd in Second Section (T. Paulin) (prom)
2006: 9th in First Section (T. Paulin) (rel)
2005: Winners of Second Section (D. James) (prom)
2004: 7th in First Section (D. James) (rel)
2003: 4th (D. James) (UDI Aberdeen)
2002: 10th (A. Haggart)
2001: 6th (A. Haggart)
2000: 3rd (E. Paley)
1999: 4th
1998: 7th
1997: 4th
1996: 5th

It has been a season of joy and sadness for Granite of late, but they will be looking to be smiling on the weekend as they make their return to the Second Section after just the one outing at the higher level.

That was a bit of a struggle, so they will be looking to return to show the type of form that saw them come runner up in 2007, although this time its under the baton of English musical missionary Dave Ashworth. 

jedJedforest Instrumental
Chris Bradley

Last 13 Years:
2008: 6th (C. Bradley)
2007: 5th (A. Fernie)
2006: 4th (A. Fernie)
2005: 6th (A. Fernie)
2004: 2nd in Third Section (A. Fernie) (prom)
2003: 4th (A. Fernie)
2002: 2nd in Fourth Section (A. Fernie) (rpom)
2001: 5th (A. Fernie)
2000: 6th (A. Fernie)
1999: DNC
1998: DNC
1997: DNC
1996: DNC

Whitburn’s Chris Bradley has done a fine job at Jedforest since taking over last year, and he led the band to 6th place on his regional contesting debut with them twelve months ago.

He will know though that they will have to up their form somewhat against strong rivals if they are to book B&B in Harrogate for the first time since 2004. 

PerthshirePerthshire Brass
G. Annan

Last 13 Years:
2008: 7th (G. Annan)
2007: 2nd in Third Section (G. Annan) (prom)
2006: 7th (G. Annan)
2005: 7th (G. Annan)
2004: 7th (G. Annan)
2003: 9th (G. Annan)
2002: 8th (G. Annan)
2001: 8th (G. Annan)
2000: 10th in Second Section (G. Annan) (rel)
1999: 8th
1998: 8th
1997: 4th in Third Section (prom)
1996: 10th in Second Section (rel)

The highly experienced George Annan leads Perthshire once again, and the band will be looking to build on last year’s 7th place for certain.

After their prolonged spell in this section they did suffer a drop to the Third in 2007, but a quick return and a decent foothold last year perhaps promises better things to come on the weekend. 

SelkirkSelkirk Silver
  M. Bell 

Last 13 Years:
2008: 8th (C. Hogg)
2007: 3rd (R. Duff)
2006: 3rd (R. Duff)
2005: 2nd in Third Section (R. Duff) (prom)
2004: 10th in Second Section (C. Marr) (rel)
2003: 12th (C. Kemp)
2002: 4th (C. Kemp)
2001: 6th (C. Kemp)
2000: 7th (C. Kemp)
1999: 3rd
1998: 5th
1997: 5th
1996: 4th
Selkirk will know that they will have to play to form this year if they are to avoid a potential relegation battle on their hands.

8th place was a real drop after the two previous years when they just missed out on a trip to the finals, so they should have enough about them we suspect to get things back on track.  

ShottsShotts St. Patrick's
Gavin Lindsay 

Last 13 Years:
2008: 5th (M. Marzella)
2007: 10th (A. Duguid)
2006: 5th (B. Keachie)
2005: Winners of Third Section (A. Duguid) (prom)
2004: 9th in Second Section (S. Kerwin) (rel)
2003: 10th (S. Kerwin)
2002: Winners of Third Section (S. Kerwin) (prom)
2001: 6th (S. Kerwin)
2000: 5th (B. Allan)
1999: 10th
1998: 10th in Second Section (rel)
1997: 12th
1996: 6th

Another ex Whitburn (and Scottish Co-op) man takes the baton with Shotts this year, as Gavin Lindsay takes over from Mike Marzella.

The band has a decent record of late to uphold too, and they should be confident of making a mark towards the top end of the results table if they show the same form as they did twelve months ago. 

TullisTullis Russell (The Papermakers) Mills
John Hinckley 

Last 13 Years:
2008: 4th (G. Lindsay)
2007: 4th (G. Lindsay)
2006: Winners of Third Section (A. Morrison) (prom)
2005: 3rd (D. Neil)
2004: 8th (D. Neil)
2003: 11th in Second Section (D. Neil) (rel)
2002: 8th (S. Barker)
2001: 2nd in Third Section (S. Barker) (prom)
2000: 6th (J. Morahan)
1999: 7th in Second Section (rel)
1998: 12th
1997: 10th in First Section (rel)
1996: 8th
One of the favourites we suspect, Tullis has just ended up outside the podium places in the last two years, but has been busy of late making sure they are contest hardened.

John Hinkley has been doing a fine job with the band and that was shown in them coming a strong 5th at Pontins and a slightly unlucky  7th at the Scottish Challenge Shield. Watch out for a famous face in the bass ranks who may well be celebrating with the band come Saturday night. 

Past Qualifiers: 

2008: Campbeltown Brass, Johnstone
2007: St. Ronans, Granite City
2006: City of Discovery Brass, Barrhead Burgh
2005: Granite City Brass, Lochgelly
2004: Barrhead Burgh, Kilmarnock Concert Brass
2003: Newmilns & Galston, Arbroath Instrumental
2002: Croy Parish, Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass
2001: Livingstone Brass, Tayport Instrumental
2000: Johnstone Silver, City of Discovery Brass
1999: Bon Accord Silver, Barrhead Burgh
1998: Tayport Instrumental, Annan Town
1997: Kilmarnock Concert Brass, Bathgate
1996: Longannet Colliery, Barrhead Burgh
1995: Tullis Russell Mills, Dalkeith and Monktonhall   

Scottish bands at the Finals: 

2008: 10th, 12th
2007: 12th, 13th
2006: 4th, 6th
2005: 6th, 15th
2004: 3rd, 10th
2003: 5th, 11th
2002: 8th, 16th
2001: 8th, 15th
2000: 4th, 9th
1999: 3rd, 10th
1998: 13th, 16th    

4BR Prediction: 

Another difficult one to work out on apaper, there coud be a real old scrap for the two qualification places for Kevin Wadsworth and Graham Jones to sort out.

Of the contenders though, we opt for Dalkeith & Monktonhall to take the title, closely followed on the qualification trail by Tullis Russell Mills.

Just behind them though should be the likes of Croy Silver, Jedforest Instrumental, Arbroath and City of Discovery. Our dark horses are Selkirk. 

1. Dalkeith & Monktonhall
2. Tullis Russell Mills
3. Croy Silver
4. Jedforest Instrumental
5. Arbroath
6. City of Discovery

Dark Horse: Selkirk


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