2009 Norwegian National Championships - Second Division preview and prediction


Another promising contest in store in the Second Division with 13 well matched bands all hoping to do enough to gain another step up the Norwegian promotion ladder.

Geig HallSecond Division:

Adjudicators: Elisabeth Fossan and Arvid Anthun
Friday 6th February (10.30) 

The Second Division produced a wonderful contest here last year – even more wonderful that is if you were an Englishman. 

Surreal sight

The sight of the vastly experienced John Hudson bringing all those years of learning under the likes of Howard Snell to bear as he directed Orskog to the title was a delight – barely matched by the surreal sight of Simon Dobson taking to the stage with baton in hair and wearing the type of plimsole daps so beloved of skint students around the world. The music making though was great.

Will any of the conductors make such an impression this year then?

Talking music

Hopefully they will let the music do all the talking, and the usual eclectic choices of own choice music, allied to ambition and bags of talent should make it a cracker.

Bringing decent form to the contest will be the key and there are four bands that came in the top six at SIDDIS that could well be the bands to look out for.

Hornorkesteret Stavanger took the SIDDIS title and will be looking to extend that form here , whilst Haukas, Sagvag and Stangaland enjoyed good results too, coming 2nd, 4th and 5th respectively.


The experienced Alexander Brass came 3rd last year and will want to improve on that this time out, whilst the same goes for Brottum, Skui and Gjesdal too.

The three promoted bands could also be in with a shout with Rong perhaps the most fancied to make a real mark. Flesland and Trondheim will also be looking to make an impression at the higher level too.

Kleppe will be looking for a quick return to the First Division following their relegation last year,  whilst Gajallarhorn will be keen to improve on last year’s 8th place.  

4BR Prediction:

Another hard one to pick the winner from, but we think it could be a fight between the SIDDIS bands such as Stavanger, Haukas and Sagvag with Alexander Brass pushing them all the way.

Kleppe too should have enough about them to muster a strong challenge and Rong and Brottum could be in the mix come the results too.

1. Hornorkesteret Stavanger
2. Haukas Musikklag
3. Sagvag Musikklag
4. Alexander Brass
5. Kleppe
6. Rong Brass

Dark Horse: Brottum

Alexander Brass Band
Morten E Hansen

National Record:
2008: 3rd (Sverre Stakston Olsrud)
2007: 11th in First Section (Morten E. Hansen) (rel)
2006: 5th (Morten E. Hansen)
2005: 9th (Morten E. Hansen)
2004: =5th (Morten E. Hansen)
2003: 10th in Elite Division  (Morten Hansen) (rel)
2002: Winners of First Division (prom)
2001: Winners of Second Division (prom)
2000: 8th in Second Division
1999: 11th in First Division (rel)
1998: 7th in First Division
1997: Winners of Second Division (prom)
1996: 3rd in Second Division
1995: Winners of Third Division (prom)

Overall Record:
Winners of First Division 2002
Winners of Second Division 2001, 1997
Winners of Third Division 1995

Last Year: 3rd

Own Choice Selection:
2008: Nautalis
2007: English Heritage
2006: Between the Two Rivers
2005: The Holy War 

Brøttum Musikkforening
Erling Myserth 

National Record:
2008: =5th (Erling Myserth)
2007: 4th (Thorbjørn Lunde)
2006: 10th in First Division (Thorbjørn Lunde) (rel)
2005: 6th (Thorbjørn Lunde)
2004: 9th (Thorbjørn Lunde)
2003: Winners of Second Division (prom)
2002: 8th in First Division
2001: 3rd
2000: 9th in First Division

Overall Record:
Winners of Second Division 1999, 2003
Last Year: =5th

Own Choice Selection:
2008: Trittico for Brass Band
2007: Diversions on a Bass Theme
2006: Chivalry
2005: Montage 

Flesland Musikklag
Patrick Randefalk

National Record:
2008: 2nd in Third Division (Svein Henrik Giske) (prom)
2007: 12th in Second Division (Svein Henrik Giske) (rel)
2006: 10th (Bengt Florvag)
2005: 7th (Yngve Nicolaisen)
2004: 9th (Egil Magnussen)
2003: 11th
2002: 5th
2001: 7th
2000: Joint 9th

Last Year: 2nd in Third Division (prom)

Own Choice Selection:
2008: Sinfonietta –The Wayfarer
2007: Dampsanger
2006: The Land of the Long White Cloud
2005: Viking Saga Opus 3

Gjesdal Brass Band
Jonas Skartveit Rogne 

National Record:
2008: 10th (Jonas Skartveit Rogne)
2007: 8th (Reid Gilje)
2006: 2nd in Third Division (Christian Tenfjold) (prom)
2005: 8th (Russell Gray)
2004: 10th (Russell Gray)

Last Year: 10th 

Own Choice Selections:
2008: The Present Age
2007: Firestorm
2006: Festivity
2005: The Long Ships 

Haukås Musikklag
Thor-Arne Pedersen

National Record:
2008: 12th in First Division (Thor-Arne Pedersen) (rel)
2007: =8th (Thor-Arne Pedersen)
2006: 7th (Thor–Arne Pedersen)
2005: Winners of Second Division (Thor–Arne Pedersen) (prom)
2004: Winners of Third Division (Thor–Arne Pedersen) (prom)
2003: 11th in Second Division (rel)
2002: 4th
2001: 13th
2000: =9th 

Last Year: 12th in First Division (rel)

Overall Record:
Second Division winners 1993, 2005
Third Division winners 2004

Own Choice Selection:
2008: Journey into Freedom
2007: Dances and Arias
2006: Tallis Variations
2005: Connotataions 

Hornorkesteret Stavanger
  Clive Zwanswiniski 

National Record:
2008: =5th (Clive Zwanswiniski)
2007: 5th (Geir Karlson)
2006: 4th (Geir Karlson)
2005: 8th (Geir Karlson)
2004: 11th in First Division (Russell Gray) (rel)
2003: 8th
2002: 2nd in Second Division (prom)
2001: 4th
2000: 5th

Last Year: =5th

Own Choice Selections:
2008: Firestorm
2007: Chivalry
2006: Variations on a Ninth
2005: The King of Elflands Daughter  

Kleppe Musikklag
Russell Gray 

National Record:
2008: 10th in First Division (Russell Gray) (rel)
2007: 3rd (Russell Gray)
2006: 3rd (Eirik Gjerdevik)
2005: 4th (Eirik Gjerdevik)
2004: =5th (Eirik Gjerdevik)
2003: 6th
2002: 4th
2001: 12th
2000: 7th

Overall Record:
Second Division winners 1981

Last Year: 10th in First Division (rel)
Own Choice Selection:
2008: Elgar Variations
2007: Dances and Alleluias
2006: English Heritage
2005: Chivalry 

Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn
Espen Westbye 

National Record:
2008: 8th (Espen Westbye)
2007: Winners of Third Division (Espen Westbye) (prom)
2006: 6th (Espen Westbye)
2005: 9th (Rolf Aksel Gilje)
2004: 11th in Second Division (Alan Fernie) (rel)
2003: 6th
2002: 3rd
2001: 5th
2000: 12th in First Division (rel)

Overall Record:
Winners of Second Division 1980, 1989, 1996
Winners of Third Division 2007 

Last Year: 8th

Own Choice Selections:
2008: Forest of Dean
2007: The Land of the Long White Cloud
2006: Excalibur
2005: Blazon 

Rong Brass
Stian E. Svendsen

National Record:
2008: Winners of Third Division (Reid Gilje) (prom)
2007: 6th (Reid Gilje)
2006: 3rd (Reid Gilje)
2005: 6th (Reid Gilje)
2004: 11th (Hogne Haugsda)l
2003: 3rd
2002: 11th
2001: 7th
2000: 9th

Last Year: Winners of Third Division (prom)  

Own Choice Selections:
2008: Kenilworth
2007: Kaleidoscope
2006: Purcell Variations
2005: Partita - Postcards from Home 

Sagvåg Musikklag
Havard Kroka 

National Record:
2008: 7th (Havard Kroka)
2007: 10th (Havard Kroka)
2006: 7th (Havard Kroka)
2005: 10th (Michael Fowles)
2004: 8th (Michael Fowles)
2003: 9th First Division (rel)
2002: 5th
2001: 9th
2000: 8th
1999: 8th

Overall Record:
Winners of First Division 1995

Last Year: 7th

Own Choice Selections:
2008: Tallis Variations
2007: A London Overture
2006: Blitz
2005: Music for the Common Man 

Skui Brass Band
Philip Hannevik

National Record:
2008: 9th (Michael Antrobus)
2007: 3rd in Third Division (Henrik Dalhaug) (prom)
2006: 10th (Henrik Dalhaug)
2005: 12th (Trond Nilsen)
2004: 3rd in Fourth Division (Trond Nilsen) (prom)
2003: 3rd
2002: DNC
2001: DNC
2000: DNC

Last Year: 9th

Own Choice Selections:
2008: Connotations
2007: Symphony of Marches
2006: Renaissance
2005: Partita - Postcards from Home 

Stangaland Brass
Reid Gilje 

National Record:
2008: 4th (Reid Gilje)
2007: 6th (Yngve Nikolaisen)
2006: 9th (Eirik Gjerdevik)
2005: 6th (Morten E. Hansen)
2004: 10th (Morten E. Hansen)
2003: 12th
2002: 4th
2001: 10th
2000: Joint 5th

Last Year: 4th 

Own Choice Selections:
2008: The Forest of Dean
2007: Variations on a Ninth
2006: Trittico
2005: Tallis Variations 

Trondheim Politis Brassband
Peter Hatfield 

National Record:
2008: 3rd in Third Division (Peter Hatfield) (prom)
2007: =10th (Odd Steinar Morkved)
2006: 12th in Second Division (Odd Steinar Morkved) (rel)
2005: =4th (Odd Steinar Morkved)
2004: 3rd (Odd Steinar Morkved)
2003: 5th
2002: 11th in First Division (rel)
2001: 7th in First Division
2000: Joint 5th in First Division

Last Year: 3rd in Third Division (prom)

Own Choice Selections:
2008: Resurgam
2007: Royal Parks
2006: Ballet for Band
2005: St Theodulph 

Own Choice Selections:
The Saga of Haakon the Good (Sparke)
Tallis Variations (Sparke)
Endeavour (Sparke)
Blazon (Graham)
Swedish Festival Music (Downie)
The Land of the Long White Cloud (Sparke)
Tallis Variations (Sparke)
Heart of a Salvationist (Beijer)
The Forest of Dean (Bourgeois)
Dances and Arias (Gregson)
Aspects of Praise (Himes)
Rhapsody in Brass (Goffin)
Dances and Arias (Gregson)

2008 Result:

1. Ørskog Brass (John Hudson) = 97
2. Kopervik Musikkorps (Simon Dobson) = 96
3. Alexander Brass Band (Sverre Stakston Olsrud) = 95
4. Stangaland Brass (Reid Gilje) = 94
=5. Brøttum Brass  (Erling Johan Myrseth) = 93
=5. Hornorkesteret Stavanger (Clive Zwanswiniski) = 93
7. Sagvåg Musikklag (Håvard Kroka) = 91
8. Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn (Espen Westbye) = 89
9. Skui Brassband (Michael Antrobus) = 88
10. Gjesdal Brass Band (Jonas Skartveit Rogne) = 87
11. Tysnes Musikklag (Yngve Nikolaisen) = 86
12. Follesø Musikklag (Rune Hannisdal) = 85
13. Vennesla Kristne Brass (Vidar Løvbrøtte) = 84


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