2009 Australasian Open - Runners & Riders


4BR looks at the competing bands battling for glory on the weekend.

BrsbneBrisbane Brass
Jon Christodoulides

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet:  Danni Rich
Euphonium: Bill Barker
Soprano: Mitch Buckley
Trombone: Luke Aaron
Horn: Kerry Thomas
Flugel: Shannon Lawrence
Baritone: Jennifer Campbell
Eb Tuba: Tim Weal
Bb Tuba:  Peter Foley

Australasian Open record:
2008: Australasian Open - DNP (did not place)
2008: Australasian Entertainment - DNP

Brisbane Brass, although in a redevelopment stage, is gaining in strength at each contest outing. With the enthusiasm of its new conductor Jon Christodoulides still running strong, Brisbane should put on a good show, and hopefully improve upon its performances here last year.

Player to watch out for: 
Luke Aaron - an upcoming trombone star. 

FootscrayFootscray Yarraville City Band
Ken MacDonald/Phillipa Edwards 

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Jamie Lawson
Euphonium: Matthew van Emmerik
Soprano: Brenton Burley
Trombone: Andrew Hammon
Horn: Janice Ballinger
Flugel: Studogh McCorkelle
Baritone: Kathryn Cooper
Eb Tuba: Laszlo Szety
Bb Tuba: Tim Kelly

Australasian Open record:
2008: Australasian Open - DNP (did not place)
2008: Australasian Entertainment - 4th

With Ken MacDonald as MD for the test event, Footscray should receive a real boost.  And given its ability to have a good time on stage, the band should not be written off as possible podium finishers in either discipline.

Player to watch out for:
Matthew van Emmerik - always in great form and will have the Keller berth in his sights. 

GunnedahGunnedah Shire Band
Nigel Weeks 

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet:  Phil O'Neill
Euphonium:  Danny Alexander
Soprano: Danny Dielkens
Trombone: Robert Thompson
Horn: Nicky Abkiewicz
Flugel: Dian Stewart
Baritone: Riki McDonnell
Eb Tuba: Adam Arnold
Bb Tuba: Jude Myers

Australasian Open record:
2008: Australasian Open - DNC (did not compete)
2008: Australasian Entertainment - DNC

Although Gunnedah did not attend the recent NSW Championships, lack of contesting since its National Championships win at Easter should not be an issue for this fine group of musicians. 

Missing Jason Katsikaris as MD, the band has turned to Nigel Weeks for direction for this contest. Strong key players, with one of the best in the business at the front – the band are one of the favourites of the weekend.

Player to watch out for:
Adam Arnold on Eb tuba - one of the best tuba players around. 

K and NK&N Spring Gully Brass
Bruce Raymond 

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Kevin Joughin
Euphonium: Bari Thomas
Soprano: Fendall Hill
Trombone: Peter Doherty
Horn: Lesley Raymond
Flugel: Mark Smith
Baritone: Anthony Rogers
Eb Tuba: Karina Filipi
Bb Tuba: Phil Kilford

Australasian Open record:
2008: Australasian Open - DNC (did not compete)
2008: Australasian Entertainment - DNC

Always strong performers on the contesting platform, K&N are somewhat of a dark horse having not contested at a National level since early 2008. 

With Bruce Raymond back in charge as MD, and given his expertise as both a musician and promoter, K&N’s performances are expected to be strong.

Player to watch out for:
Kevin Joughin - expected to be at his vintage best. 

kEWKew Band Melbourne
Mark Ford 

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Dave Barker
Euphonium: Patrick Mudge
Soprano: Ian Cooper
Trombone: John Breen
Horn: Charlie Young
Flugel: Ian Holmes
Baritone: Jessica Crabbe
Eb Tuba: Steve Ford
Bb Tuba: Tim Curnow

Australasian Open record
2008: Australasian Open - DNC (did not compete)
2008: Australasian Entertainment - DNC

Kew takes to the stage with a real who’s who line-up – taking full advantage of the ‘open’ registration system to help strengthen its existing core of players.

Mark Ford returned to the MD position early this year with renewed energy and vigour. Will be difficult to beat.

Player to watch out for:
Dean Morley - if you look hard you just might be able to see him in the tuba ranks.  Bought in to help boost the already existing fine tuba section. 

sT mARYSt Mary’s Band Club
Paul Terracini 

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Preston Hardy
Euphonium: Jeff Ma
Soprano: Rodd Kuiper
Trombone: Neil Ryan
Horn: Jonathan Gatt
Flugel: John Webster
Baritone: Colin Thompson
Eb Tuba: Ken Bradley
Bb Tuba: Mick Donohue

Australasian Open record:
2008: Australasian Open - 3rd
2008: Australasian Entertainment - DNP

Have performed consistently in the large year since Paul Terracini has taken over the baton.  Musicality will be a definite strength.

Player to watch out for:
Ken Bradley - who'd have thought this tenor horn great would impress on tuba...he does! 

wARRINGHAWarringah Concert Brass
John Saunders 

Principal Players:
Principal Cornet: Ben Rapp
Euphonium: Thom Humphrey
Soprano: Steven English
Trombone: Liam O’Malley
Horn: Kim Lovell
Flugel: Vaughan Price
Baritone: Kevin Dallas
Eb Tuba: Simon McCauley
Bb Tuba: Sam Hosking

Australasian Open record:
2008: Australasian Open - 4th
2008: Australasian Entertainment - 2nd

Newly crowned NSW Champions.  Been steadily improving in recent years. Will experience a real boost with Ben Rapp on Principal cornet – having moved to Sydney from the UK recently. 

Not to be overlooked at possible contenders for the big bucks.

Player to watch out for:
Ben Rapp - a fine cornet player who will have a real opportunity to shine this weekend.


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