2009 European Brass Band Championships - Gallery: B Section


Selection of postcard pictures from this year's B Section at the European Championships

Comments by Malcolm Wood
Photos by Ian Clowes, Goldy Solutions. Go to www.goldysolutions.co.uk

"Around the Town" ahead of the competition

Kursaal Hall - Auditorium

Time: 9.00am
Drogeheda Brass Band (Republic of Ireland), 1
Conductor: Michael Maher

"...lots of good playing on show"

"A thoughtful reading with lots of attention to detail and confident playing"

"Full of energy, good ensemble and percussion playing"

Time: 0935hrs
Murley Silver Band (Northern Ireland), 2
Conductor: William Hill

"New Colonial March gets the band off to a good start"

"Catedrales...has lots to admire"

"A well delivered programme from the Northern Ireland contenders"

Time: 1015hrs
Brass Band Wipptal (Italy), 3
Conductor: Martin Gruber

"...some excellent solo and ensemble playing"

"Catedrales is very descriptive and well portrayed"

Wipptal..."produced the goods this morning."

Time: 10.55hrs
Austrian Brass Band of the University of Music and
Performing Arts Graz (Austria), 4
Conductor: Prof. Uwe Koell

"...lots of attention to detail comes through"

"Lots of good playing on show"

"The Irish jig comes to Belgium... Peter Graham's Gaelforce"

Time: 1140hrs
Brass Band Senjorai (Lithuania), 5
Conductor: Piet Visser

"lots of attention paid to the tempi and dynamics"

"commendable performance with effective dynamics"

"Terra Tremuit is engaging on the ear"

Time: 1140hrs
3ba-brass (Germany), 6
Conductor: Franz Matysiak

" fully committed with persuasive tempos and dynamic contracts"

" Wilby's Paganini receives a robust interpretation"

" A really good overall performance"


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