2008 Great Northern Brass Arts Festival - Photo Gallery


A selection of photographs from the 2008 Great Northern Brass Arts Festival.

Photos by Ian Clowes, Goldy Solutions. Go to www.goldysolutions.co.uk

Bridgewater Hall
Saturday morning at Bridgewater Hall

Brighouse & Rastrick
Brighouse & Rastrick "whip through Le Corsair"

Brighouse & Rastrick
"A visual polished musical treat" by Brighouse & Rastrick

Brighouse & Rastrick
Brighouse & Rastrick taking the applause from the appreciative audience

Wingates "pull out a fine performance "

"modern day sounds and rhythms" showcased by the Wingates band

Wingates playing ‘Reunion and Finale from Gettysburg'

Black Dyke
Black Dyke "flexed their muscles in all the right places"

Black Dyke
Black Dyke "playing with a sense of arrogant panache"

Joseph Cook
Tuba solo ‘Cyrano' played by Joseph Cook

In the Hall
Entertainment in the Hall complex

Foyer sounds
The foyer sounds continue...

Fairey Band
Fairey's deliver their varied concert set

Fairey Band
Bass sounds from the band as the programme continued

Matthew White
Matthew White, the featured euphonium soloist

Helen Williams and Alan Wycherley
'Pie Jesu' duet from Helen Williams and Alan Wycherley

John Barber
John Barber with a classy rendition of ‘Blue John'

Glyn Williams
Glyn Williams' muti-instrumental talents on 'New Grandfather's Clock'


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