2008 Lower Section National Finals - Photo Gallery - Section 2


Selection of photos from the 2008 Lower Section National Finals from International Conference Centre, Harrogate - Section 2

Photos by Ian Clowes, Goldy Solutions. Go to www.goldysolutions.co.uk

Point of Ayr receive the silverware

Point of Ayr
Point of Ayr (MD Michael Fowles) - " full bodied and very musical in intent"

Slaithwaite - "fine sense of musicality about this"

Shrewton Silver
Shrewton Silver - "It has a fine feel and a drive"

Epsom & Ewell
Epsom & Ewell - "It's very passionate"

Bristol East and Kingswood
Bristol East and Kingswood - "controlled playing and is well presented"

Alder Valley
Alder Valley - "...very steady stuff"

Haslingden and Helmshore
Haslingden and Helmshore - "Fiery and passionate"

Johnstone - "quality stuff shines through"

Murton Colliery
Murton Colliery - "a performance that is getting better and better"

City of Coventry
City of Coventry - "...just the right intensity"

Wardle and Anderson District Brass
Wardle and Anderson District Brass - "Loads of music flows through"

Campbletown Brass
Campbletown Brass - "Strong ensemble is a feature"

YBS Concert Brass
YBS Concert Brass - "A real good one this"

Harborough - "This is fiery stuff, intense and with hit octane tempos"

Barton Town
Barton Town - "full of energy and dynamic contrast"

Tylorstown -"fiery, passionate and intense"

International Conference Centre


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