2007 Scottish Regional Championship - Fourth Section: Runners & Riders


Eight bands this year up from six from last time out, and all wanting a trip to Harrogate. Lets see what their musical tour guides make of Rodney Newtons test piece first though

Saturday 8th March
Adjudicators: David Read & Raymond Tennant
Test Piece: Four Cities Symphony – Rodney Newton
Commences: Following Second Section results

Brass Sounds Inverclyde
A. McCorkell 

Last 12 Years:
2007: 5th (A. McCorkell)
2006: 5th (A. McCorkell)
2005: 6th (A. McCorkell)

Brass Sounds Inverclyde make the trip to Glenrothes this year for the fourth consecutive year and although they have yet to make a mark on the qualification places the potential is certainly there.

5th last year and 10th at the Borders Contest, another small move up the results table may well be on the cards. 

Dumfries Town
P. Heyes 

Last 12 Years:
2007: DNC
2006: 6th (P. Heyes)
2005: DNC (rel)
2004: 9th in Third Section (T. Holland)
2003: Winners 4th Section (G. Brotherston) (prom)
2002: 7th
2001: 6th
1999: 4th
1998: 7th
1997: 6th
1996: DNC

Nice to see Dumfries back this year after missing out twelve months ago.

The band has had its moments of glory here over the years too, with a victory in 2003, so can they repeat the feat again? 

Dysart Colliery
William Sandell

Last 12 Years:
2007: DNC
2006: DNC
2005: 9th (F. Culross)
2004: 11th (F. Culross)
2003: DNC
2002: DNC
2001: DNC
2000: DNC
1999: DNC
1998: DNC
1997: DNC
1996: DNC 

Another band making a welcome return – this time after two years away.

Dysart made an appearance at the Borders Contest last year where they came 12th and if they have been able to improve since them they should more than hold their own.   

Irvine and Dreghorn Brass
D. McKellar

Last 12 Years:
2007: 9th in Third Section (D. McKeller) (rel)
2006: 8th (D. McKellar)
2005: 11th (D. McKellar)
2004: 3rd (J. Boax)
2003: 6th in Second Section (J. Boax) (rel)
2002: 10th (J. Boax)
2001: DNC
2000: 4th in Second Section (J. Boax)
1999: 6th
1998: 2nd in Third Section (prom)
1997: 7th in Second Section (rel)
1996: 11th 

A drop back down to the Fourth Section for Irvine and Dreghorn this year after they came 9th in the Third last year – beating it must be said, three other bands on the day. 

A bit unlucky then and if they can improve on that form they could well be enjoying a little Autumn break in Harrogate come September.  

penicuikPenicuik Silver

Last 12 Years:
2007: 6th (T. Johns)
2006: 4th (F. Culross)
2005: 7th (F. Culross)
2004: 7th (I. Fleming)
2003: 3rd (J. Chamberlain)
2002: 4th (S. Duncan)
2001: 3rd (S. Duncan)
2000: 4th (S. Duncan)
1999: 5th
1998: 6th
1997: 5th
1996: 5th 

Always consistent Penicuik just dropped away a little last year when they came bottom of the pile in 6th place. 

Hopefully  things have improved in the past 12 months and they can once again challenge for a qualification place.  

QueensferryQueensferry Community
J. Gilmour

Last 12 Years:
2007: 4th (J. Anderson)
2006: 3rd (J. Anderson)
2005: 4th (J. Anderson)
2004: 10th (J. Anderson)
2003: 4th (J. Anderson)
2002: DNC
2001: DNC
2000: DNC
1999: DNC
1998: DNC
1997: DNC
1996: DNC 

A sixth consecutive appearance for Queensferry Community this year and under a new MD too.

They have been close to gaining a qualification place here in the last couple of years and came 5th at the Scottish Challenge Cup, so confidence may be high to do it.   

NewlandNewland Concert Brass (Bathgate)
R. Fraser

Last 12 Years:
2007: 10th in Third Section (S. Baird) (rel)
2006: 11th (M. Bell)
2005: 4th (M. Bell)
2004: 2nd in Fourth Section (M. Bell) (prom)
2003: DNC
2002: 10th (W. Smith)
2001: 8th (W. Smith)
2000: 12th in Third Section (W. Smith) (rel)
1999: 7th
1998: 11th in Second Section (rel)
1997: 10th
1996: 9th 

Newland Concert Brass will be looing to bounce straight back after dropping through the relegation trap door last year when they came 10th in the Third Section.  

They have had their moments at the regional contest over the years, with performances as high as in the Second Section not too long ago. Hopefully then, the start of the return.   

Renfrew Burgh

Last 12 Years:

2007: 3rd (D. Hutchinson)
2006: 10th in Third Section (D. Hutchinson) (rel)
2005: 12th in Second Section (D. Hutchinson) (rel)
2004: 11th (E. Drysdale)
2003: 4th (C. Keenan)
2002: 5th (C. Keenan)
2001: 4th (C. Keenan)
2000: 5th (C. Keenan)
1999: 10th
1998: Winners of Third Section (prom)
1997: 8th
1996: 5th 

Renfrew Burgh just missed out on a trip the National Finals last year when they came 3rd. 

The band also came 15th at the Land O’ Burns contest and 4th at the Scottish Challenge Cup, so they might well fancy their chances of booking their first finals place since 1998.  

Past Qualifiers:

2007: Buckhaven & Methil, Dundee Instrumental
2006: Turriff Silver, Bon Accord Silver B
2005: Broxburn Silver, Coalburn Silver
2004: Dunfermline Town, Newland Concert Brass
2003: Dumfries Town, Peebles Burgh
2002: Lochgelly, Jedforest Instrumental
2001: Arbroath Instrumental, Dundee Instrumental
2000: Clydebank Burgh, North Ayrshire Band
1999: St. Ronan's Silver, Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass
1998: St. David's Brass, Fauldhouse Miners Brass
1997: City of Discovery Brass, Buckhaven and Methil
1996: Bon Accord Silver B, Turriff Silver
1995: Whitburn Burgh Juniors, Stranraer Youth  

Scottish bands at the Finals:

2007: 11th, 20th
2006: 18th, 21st
2005: 7th, 9th
2004: 14th, 21st
2003: 18th, 19th
2002: 8th, 13th
2001: 16th, 17th
2000: 7th, 9th
1999: 5th, 13th
1998: 6th, 11th   

4BR Prediction: 

With just the eight bands this year (although that is up two from twelve months ago) this contest could go to just about any of the competitors. 

That said, one or two may well travel with more realistic hopes than others and we therefore opt for Irvine & Dreghorn as our band to beat, with Renfrew and Queensferry pushing them all the way. After that it s a good old clan inspired battle, with Dumfries, Newland, Brass Sounds Inverclyde just getting the nod for a top six finish.

1. Irvine & Dreghorn
2. Renfrew Burgh
3. Queensferry Community Brass
4. Dumfries
5. Newland Concert
6. Brass Sounds Inverclyde

Dark Horses: Dysart Colliery and Penicuik Silver


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