2008 Yorkshire Regional Championship - First Section: Runners & Riders


The bands that want to try and make it to Harrogate will have to overcome a classic piece from the pen of Gilbert Vinter.

St Georges HallDate: Sunday 2nd March
Adjudicators: James Scott & Robert Childs

Test Piece: James Cook - Circumnavigator – Gilbert Vinter

Commences: 1.15pm approx
Draw: 11.30am


BarnsleyBarnsley Building Society
William Rushworth

Last 12 Years:
2007: 10th (K. Wadsworth)
2006: 9th (J. Hopkinson)
2005: 8th (J. Hopkinson)
2004: 2nd in Second Section (J. Hopkinson) (prom)
2003: 9th in First Section (C. Hirst) (rel)
2002: 9th in First Section (C. Hirst)
2001: DNC
2000: 5th in First Section (I. Craddock)
1999: Winners in First Section
1998: 6th in First Section
1997: 7th in First Section
1996: N/K

The experienced William Rushworth takes over the helm at Barnsley this year. He will want to immediately stop the decline in fortunes of the band here in the last few years that has seen them increasingly find life tougher since their promotion up from the Second Section in 2005.

If his particular brand of leadership works then look out, for he expects nothing less than the 100% commitment to the cause from his players that he himself puts in.   

Kevin Belcher

Last 12 Years:
2007: 13th in Championship Section (K. Belcher) (rel)
2006: Winners First Section (S. Foster) (prom)
2005: 6th (P. Shaw)
2004: 2nd (P. Shaw)
2003: 15th Championship Section (C. Hardy) (rel)
2002: 12th (C. Hardy)
2001: 6th in First Section (A. Eastwood) (prom)
2000: 2nd in First Section (M. Bentham)
1999: 13th Championship (rel)
1998: 10th Championship
1997: 9th Championship

Drighlington rather understandably found life tough in the Championship Section last year and fell through the relegation trap door.  

That though isn’t always a bad thing and the experience of tasting just what it takes to survive in the higher division should add significantly to their chances here this weekend. Kevin Belcher is a talented MD so a much more successful appearance could well be on the cards.  

Grange MoorGrange Moor
Kevin Wadsworth

Last 12 Years:
2007: DNE
2006: Winners of Second Section (D. Beckley) (prom)
2005: Winners of Third Section (D. Beckley) (prom)
2004: Winners Fourth Section  (M. Early) (prom)
2003: 2nd (G. Hallas)

Nice to see Grange Moor return to the contesting arena after failing to make it to the starting blocks last year.    

The band has come such a long way in such a short space of time that it was perhaps understandable that they needed to take stock, but with the vastly experienced Kevin Wadsworth at the helm this time they are certainly looking to gain yet another step towards the elite section of banding in Yorkshire.  The band came 14th at the end of last year at Pontins so they know that they will need to be on top form.  

Hade EdgeHade Edge
Simon Wood

Last 12 Years:
2007: 6th (S. Wood)
2006: 11th in Championship Section (S. Wood) (rel)
2005: 13th (S. Wood)
2004: 5th in First Section (S. Wood) (prom)
2003: 2nd (S. Wood)
2002: Winners of Second Section (S. Wood) (prom)
2001: 2nd in Second Section (S. Wood)
2000: 11th in Second Section (S. Wood)
1999: 9th (rel)
1998: 10th
1997: 5th 

The one thing you always get with Hade Edge is a performance that gets you thinking. Sometimes Simon Wood’s approach really appeals, sometimes it doesn’t, but it is never anything less than interesting.

Last year it didn’t really come off, but there is talent in the ranks and the MD doesn’t leave any stone unturned in his pursuit of a prize winning performance. They certainly showed that in coming 4th in this section at Pontins and it could just be the right approach this year here too. 

HHebdenebden Bridge 
Dennis Hadfield 

Last 12 Years:
2007: 8th (Norman Law)
2006: 10th (P. Wilby)
2005: Winners of Second Section (I. Craddock) (prom)
2004: 8th (I. Craddock)
2003: Winners of Third Section (I. Craddock) (prom)
2002: Winners of Third Section (I. Craddock)
2001: 10th in Third Section (I. Coleman)
2000: 8th in Third Section (I. Coleman)
1999: 3rd in Third Section
1998: 10th in Third Section
1997: 2nd in Fourth Section (prom)
1996: N/K

Nice to see Dennis Hadfield back conducting this year with Hebden Bridge, who haven’t had the best of luck at this contest in the last couple of years.

Last year they were a bit off the pace, but no perhaps as far as their final result suggested, whilst the year before they were really unlucky. Dennis has a well earned reputation for preparing his bands to the limit, so fingers crossed then – a top six or even better may be in their sights.  

Knottingley Silver
Owen Wedgewood

Last 12 Years:
2007: 9th (R. Morgan)
2006: 4th (K. Belcher)
2005: 11th (K. Belcher)
2004: 14th Championship Section (K. Belcher) (rel)
2003: Winners of First Section (K. Belcher) (prom)
2002: 5th in First Section (K. Belcher)
2001: Winners of Second Section (K. Belcher) (prom)
2000: 2nd in Second Section (K. Belcher)
1999: 7th in Second Section
1998: 3rd in Third Section (prom)
1997: 4th in Third Section
1996: 9th in Third Section 

Owen Wedgewood is the third new MD to take the band here in the past three years and he will want to arrest the sudden decline in the bands fortunes at the contest which has seen them look like challengers in 2006 to somewhat also rans last time out.

If he has been able to do that then it wasn’t too long ago that the band was rubbing shoulders with the very best here, so those memories should still be pretty fresh and could well come in handy.    

Neil Jowett 

Last 12 Years:
2007: 4th (N. Jowett)
2006: 7th (N. Jowett)
2005: 10th in Championship Section (N. Jowett) (rel)
2004: 12th (N. Jowett)
2003: 8th (N. Jowett)
2002: 4th in First Section (N. Jowett) (prom)
2001: 4th in First Section (N. Jowett)
2000: 12th (N. Jowett) (rel)
1999: 9th
1998: 8th
1997: 4th in First Section (prom)
1996: Winners of First Section

Long serving Neil Jowett continues to produce strong performances from his band at this contest – and last year was no exception when they just missed out on a podium finish.

Solid and unpretentious they should prove to be strong challengers once again, and if they can just add that little touch extra something to go with it then they could be booking B& B in Harrogate, but they will need to show more of the form from Pontins were they came 11th in the Championship Section.  

MelthamMeltham & Meltham Mills
Stuart Fawcett 

Last 12 Years:
2007: 6th in Second Section (S. Fawcett) (prom)
2006: 2nd (S. Fawcett)
2005: 6th (S. Fawcett)
2004: 11th (S. Fawcett)
2003: 4th (S. Fawcett)
2002: 6th (S. Fawcett)
2001: 5th (S. Fawcett)
2000: 10th (D. Chapman)
1999: 7th in Third Section (prom)
1998: 4th in Third Section
1997: 13th (rel)
1996: 11th
A famous old banding name they may be, but Meltham are looking towards a prosperous future under the baton of Stuart Fawcett.

He has built a very strong outfit and although they gained promotion on the back of perhaps not their greatest performance in recent years last time out, they showed throughout last year that they have enough about them to more than hold their own at the higher level.  Could be a bit of a dark horse maybe? 

Old SilkstoneOld Silkstone
Alan Exley 

Last 12 Years:
2007: 10th in Championship Section (A. Exley) (rel)
2006: 14th (N. Law)
2005: 4th in First Section (N. Law) (prom)
2004: 3rd (N. Law)
2003: Winners of Second Section (N. Law) (prom)
2002: 7th (N. Law)
2001: 3rd (N. Law)
2000: 7th (N. Law)
1999: Winners of Third Section (prom)
1998: 5th in Third Section
1997: 7th in Third Section
The vastly experienced Alan Exley is starting to make a mark with Old Silkstone and that was evident at Butlins where although they eventually came home in 12th place it was a performance that had many more plus points than minus ones. 

Last year they delivered a pretty decent show too in the Championship Section so if they can produce that type of form once again then they could well be challenging for a top six place at least come the announcement of the results. 

John Roberts

Last 12 Years:
2007: 3rd (J. Roberts)
2006: 13th in Championship Section (A. Exely) (rel)
2005: 12th (J. Hinckley)
2004: 10th (K. Wadsworth)
2003: 7th  (K. Wadsworth)
2002: 11th (K. Wadsworth)
2001: 5th (K. Wadsworth)
2000: 11th (S. Fawcett)
1999: 3rd in First Section (prom)
1998: 4th in First Section
1997: 6th in First Section

Perhaps the favourites for the title this time around after just losing out to two very fine bands last year. 

In the meantime of course they went on to enjoy themselves at Pontins and more recently at Butlins where they picked up lots of dosh and plenty of silverware too. John Roberts has a fine band in the making under his command and if they can display the virtues that were so impressive at Skegness then they could well be the band to beat.  

South Yorkshire PoliceSouth Yorkshire Police
Ian Scott

Last 12 Years:
2007: 11th (A. Dennis)
2006: 6th in Second Section (A. Dennis) (prom)
2005: 5th (A. Dennis)
2004: 3rd (A. Dennis)
2003: 8th (N. Horne)
2002: 4th (D. Lever)
2001: 10th in First Section (D. Lever) (rel)
2000: 6th in First Section (D. Lever)
1999: 4th (prom)
1998: 4th
1997: 7th
1996: 7th 

Just as there is a gulf between the First and the Championship, there is also a huge step up in class between the Second and the First Sections too. 

South Yorkshire Police found that out last year, but still managed to deliver a pretty decent account of themselves in the process.  Ian Scott takes over the helm this year and he will be keen to see if they can do more than just hold their own on this occasion. They may well just do that and possibly more, but they will have to be on better form than Pontins late last year where they came 17th.    

StanningtonStannington Brass
Derek Renshaw 

Last 12 Years:
2007: 7th (D. Renshaw)
2006: 3rd (D. Renshaw)
2005: 7th (R. Morgan)
2004: 8th (R. Gray)
2003: 7th (J. Hopkinson)
2002: 7th (J. Hopkinson)
2001: 6th in Second Section (prom) (J. Hopkinson)
2000: 5th in Second Section (J. Hopkinson)
1999: 2nd in Second Section
1998: 11th in Second Section
1997: 5th in Second Section
1996: 6th in Second Section
Derek Renshaw is building a solid outfit at Stannington and that was certainly evident at Butlins just a couple of months ago when against strong opposition they came home in a well deserved 5th place. 

They have also shown that they are more than capable of making a mark here too, although 7th place last year was perhaps a touch disappointing for them. If they have built on the confidence booster from Skeggy then a possible podium place could be theirs.    


WakefieldWakefield Metropolitan
Norman Law

Last 12 Years:
2007: Winners of Second Section (R. Gray) (prom)
2006: 3rd (R. Gray)
2005: 12th in First Section (R. Gray) (rel)
2004: 9th (B. Dyson)
2003: 5th (B. Dyson)
2002: Winners of First Section (B. Dyson)
2001: 11th (B. Dyson)
2000: 9th (B. Dyson)
1999: 5th
1998: Winners of Second Section (prom)
1997: 4th
1996: 6th in First Section (rel)

Russell Gray did a wonderful job in claiming the Second Section title here last year and getting the band back into this section after just two years away.   

Norman Law came in for the national finals appearance and led then to a very well deserved 4th place against a strong line up of rival bands and then to the Pontins title too. Things are looking good if they have been able to build on that form in the past couple of months. 

Yorkshire Co-opYorkshire Co-op 
Michael Fowles 

Last 12 Years:
2007: 5th (W. Rushworth)
2006: 8th (K. Wadsworth)
2005: 14th in Championship Section (rel) (J. Roberts)
2004: 4th in First Section (prom) (J. Roberts)
2003: 3rd (J. Roberts)
2002: 13th in Championship (rel) (J. Roberts)
2001: 11th in Championship (J. Roberts)
2000: 4th in First Section (prom) (J. Roberts)
1999: 2nd in First Section
1998: 7th in First Section
1997: 10th in First Section
1996: 10th in Championship (rel)

Yorkshire may have changed their names more times than the pop star Prince in recent times, but they are proving to be just as successful.

Last year they produced a fine show to come 5th but it was the more recent performance at Bultins under Michael Fowles that showed that they could well be one of the fancied bands here this weekend. There they displayed all the virtues of good quality brass playing to push Skelmanthorpe all the way to the title. It could well be the same story here if they can repeat that form once again.    

Past Qualifiers:

2007: Stocksbridge, Pennine Brass
2006: Drighlington, Marsden Silver
2005: Hatfield Main, Yorkshire Imperial Urquhart Travel,
2004: Hatfield Coal Power, Drighlington
2003: Knottingley Silver, Hade Edge (Disposables UK Group)
2002: Wakefield Metropolitan, Kippax
2001: ASDA Stocksbridge, Pennine Brass
2000: ASDA Stocksbridge. Drighlington
1999: Barnsley BS, Yorkshire Co-operatives
1998: Rothwell Temperance, Todmorden Old
1997: Jayess '87, Rothwell Temperance
1996: Priest Lindley, Kippax
1995: Stocksbridge, Barnsley BS 

Yorkshire Bands at the Finals:

2007: 1st, 9th
2006: 9th, 11th
2005: 1st, 6th
2004: 5th, 7th 
2003: 4th, 13th
2002: 10th, 15th
2001: 1st, 4th
2000: 6th, 11th
1999: 3rd, 4th
1998: 1st, 8th  

4BR Prediction:

Just as it could be a battle royal in the Championship Section, then it could well be the same here in the First, with a whole host of bands more than capable of catching hold of the contest by the scruff of the neck and wringing out a winner.

Of them it would be foolish not to place a few bob on Skelmanthorpe and Yorkshire Co-op to battle it out for the title and to fill the to qualification places up for grabs, but there are others that could well spoil their potential party celebrations. 

Stannington could be the ones with Hade Edge to prosper if the top two leave the door open, whilst Lindley, Old Silkstone and our dark horse Wakefield Metropolitan could also force their way right into the reckoning. 
1. Skelmanthorpe
2. Yorkshire Co-op
3. Stannington
4. Hade Edge
5. Lindley
6. Old Silkstone

Dark Horse: Wakefield Metropolitan


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