4BR End of Term Reports - The top 25 pupils at the 4BR School


The 4BR Headmaster has been writing his 2006 end of term reports on the 25 top ranked pupils in the 4BR school. Which pupils will get an extra present for New Year from Mam and Dad and which ones will get a clip around the ear for their efforts.

How have the class of 2006 done at the year long slog of examinations that were put in front of them by the musical inspectors throughout the UK and Europe this year. And what will the 4BR Headteacher write on their annual reports back to their parents.

Once more 4BR gives its tongue in cheek reports on how the top 25 bands have done this year and gives each of them a mark to take home to mummy and daddy in the hope they will either get a new instrument or two for their efforts, or a sly whack on the backside and sent early to bed. 

Some pupils have had great years, some good, some average, and some, well - some may have to look long and hard at themselves, after they put themselves through a series of examinations that ranged from the European Baccalaureate to the National Curriculum tests that were the Nationals and British Open and the whole range of exams from the Regionals Board of Governors, Pontins  plus the whole range of local tests that many had to suffer throughout the year.

There were some stern papers to sit during 2006 as well: The Nationals went back in time to look at the classics; the British Open went with a new look at a mastercraftsman; the European gave us something very obscure, whilst the Regional Boards went for smoke and mirrors and the chance for pupils to bluff their way through. The away days at Pontins and the Mineworkers were enjoyable but difficult tests even of the after exam parties went on long into the night. Finally, Brass in Concert saw those pupils with a desire to tread the boards make the most of their moment in the spotlight.

Of the 25 pupils who were on our list last year, three failed to make the grade to remain in the class, and so we had to say goodbye to Master Ransome, Stavanger and GUS, who were replaced by young Fribourg, Avely & Newham and Central Florida.

In alphabetical order then, and with a range of marks that equate as follows:

A+ : Exceptional
A : Outstanding
A - : Excellent
B+ : Very Good
B : Above Expectations
B - : Met Expectations
C+ : Below Expectations but Improving
C : Below Expectations and no real improvement made
C - : Disappointing
D : In need of extra tuition 

Aveley and NewhamAveley & Newham
Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 24th (+20)
2005: 44th
2004: 39th
2003: 32nd
2002: 24th
2001: 20th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 1st (London and Southern Counties)
All England Masters: 19th
European Championships: N/A
British Open: 16th
National Finals: 18th
Grand Shield: 1st
Yeovil: 6th
French Open: 2nd

An object lesson to all pupils not to be satisfied that you have done enough after sitting one good exam paper. Our London based pupil was excellent in Blackpool and that really did hold out promise for the rest of the year after a decent start in regaining the boasting rights on their own manor.

It wasn't to be though and at the three major exams they were well below the average mark. Some hard work and extra tuition may be in order if they are to make any sort of mark next year and remain an entrant at the Birmingham test in particular.

Headmasters Comment: There were high hopes at one point of the year, but it all rather came to nothing. Mum and Dad back home in London will have to have a quiet word in the ear if they are remain in the 4BR school. 

DykeBlack Dyke
Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 1st (no change)
2005: 1st
2004: 3rd
2003: 5th
2002: 3rd
2001: 2nd

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 2nd (Yorkshire)
All England Masters: Did Not Enter
European Championships: 4th
British Open: 1st
National Finals: 2nd

Top of class for a second year for our pupil from the well connected family in Yorkshire. No problems paying the school fees and the lad is full of new ideas and projects.  Produced a stunning exam paper at Birmingham to retain their major quota for the year and was close to more success both in London and on their home patch in Bradford.

The European Baccalaureate was a touch disappointing and may result in the parents and organizers taking a while to patch up their differences though.

Headmasters Comment: Another outstanding year although they will need to keep the standards up in 2007 if they are to bring further honours home to the parents in Queensbury.  

Central FloridaBrass Band of Central Florida
Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 25th (+43)
2005: 68th
2004: 84th
2003: 96th
2002: No ranking
2001: No ranking

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: N/A
All England Masters: N/A
European Championships:  N/A
British Open: N/A
National Finals: N/A
Brass in Concert: 4th
US Open: 1st 

Members of staff at the 4BR school were rather stunned to find that this brash, enthusiastic but well meaning pupil from across the Atlantic had made it into the assembly hall.  The performing arts master is delighted that he has a pupil with real talent and razzmatazz to lead the school drama productions, but other tutors too were also impressed by the confidence and the wide eyed willingness to learn.

A splendid showstopper of an exam paper at Gateshead and a pretty good one back home too. If they carry on improving at this rate of knots we could have our first top 10 pupil from the USA by the year's end.

Headmasters Comment: A breath of fresh air to lighten up the over serious approach found in some quarters at 4BR High. Ma and Pa back home should be proud of their little lads efforts this year, although it will take further hard work to remain at the school in 2007.

Brass Band Fribourg
Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 21st (+60)
2005: 81st
2004: 57th
2003: 47th
2002: 75th
2001: No ranking

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: N/A
All England Masters: N/A
European Championships: 2nd
British Open: N/A
National Finals: N/A
Swiss Nationals: 2nd
Swiss Open: 2nd

An exchange pupil who has literally come from nowhere to make it into the top 25 pupils at the 4BR school this year. 

It all hinged on a quite staggering set of exam papers at the European Baccalaureate in Belfast which very nearly saw them walk off with the top prize, but they also showed at home that they were a force to be reckoned with too. Members of staff are a bit weary though that they will be able to repeat that form again next year and maintain a place at the school, as they haven't qualified themselves for another European exam in Birmingham. Still, nice to see a new face at assembly now and again.

Headmasters Comment: A new face at the school is always welcome, but we may find that it was only a fleeting visit.  

BrighouseBrighouse and Rastrick
Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 5th (+2)
2005: 7th
2004: 10th
2003: 6th
2002: 6th
2001: 6th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 5th (Yorkshire)
All England Masters: DNE
European Championships: N/A
British Open: 12th
National Finals: DNQ
English National: 2nd
Whit Friday: Saddleworth Champion
Brass in Concert:  1st

Young B&R was heading for a possible spell of detention such was his lack of success at the exam tables this year, but a new teacher in the performing arts department triggered their enthusiasm and harnessed their talent to produce a stunner at the end of term stage production in Gateshead.

Old Mr Evans was their saving grace in 2006 after a truly disappointing run of exam papers at Bradford and Birmingham, although the lad's ability to raise money on the Whit Friday rounds was a good as ever and they did rouse themselves at Salford. Further changes in the family home should make for an interesting 2007.

Headmasters Comment: More of the form of Gateshead required in 2007.   

BAYVBuy As You View
Overall Mark:
A -

Class Position at end of 2006: 2nd (no change)
2005: 2nd
2004: 2nd
2003: 2nd
2002: 2nd
2001: 4th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 1st (Wales)
All England Masters: DNE
European Championships:  3rd
British Open: 2nd
National Finals: 4th
Radio Wales: 1st

If there was a school award for the pupil who tried the hardest then young BYAV would be presented with it just about every year. However, just like the pupil who enters all the school activities, plays all the sports and leaves an apple on the headmaster's desk, worthiness is not enough to guarantee success.

No problems showing their class back home, but they seem to be beaten by at least one pupil pulling something out of the hat at each of the major examinations.  Next year though things could very well change for the better, especially with the European Baccalaureate.

Headmasters Comment: An excellent year again, but we would like Master BAYV to show the parents something more tangible for all their efforts.  

cARLTON MainCarlton Main Frickley
Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 18th (+5)
2005: 23rd
2004: 23rd
2003: 19th  
2002: 21st
2001: 14th 

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 7th (Yorkshire)
All England Masters: 16th
European Championships: N/A
British Open: 6th
National Finals: DNQ
Grand Shield: 2nd
Butlins Mineworkers: 2nd
Scottish Open: 3rd
Dronfield Contest: 1st

A once sickly pupil whose place at the school was under threat a couple of years ago has responded excellently to their parents regime of hard work and quality home tuition.

A decent start to the year was given a real boost at the seaside (although they felt a little out of place with the posh kids at Cambridge) and the Blackpool air really brought a bloom to their little collier faces at Birmingham and beyond.  Now they are a pupil with high hopes of doing even better at next year's exam competitions.

Headmasters Comment: A fine year and one that promises much for 2007 

DesfordDesford Colliery
Overall Mark:
B -

Class Position at end of 2006: 16th (+9)
2005: 25th
2004: 21st
2003: 24th
2002: 22nd
2001: 24th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 6th (Midlands)
All England Masters: 13th
European Championships: N/A
British Open: 3rd
National Finals: DNQ

A year with one outstanding highlight for the strange little kid from the Midlands, who continues to go his own way at the 4BR school.

They certainly received a shock on their own patch earlier in the year, but after a little sulk in the corner of the Cambridge playground they roused themselves brilliantly to show just how good they are on their day at Birmingham.  After that though, it was back home to their protective parents.

Headmasters Comment: Young Desford continues to make progress, even though it would be nice to see more of him at school during the year.   

FarieyFairey Band
Overall Mark:
B -

Class Position at end of 2006: 9th (-1)
2005: 8th
2004: 5th
2003: 1st
2002: 4th
2001: 5th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 2nd (North West)
All England Masters: DNE
European Championships: N/A
British Open: 5th
National Finals: 7th
English National: 4th
Brass in Concert: 5th

The once star pupil of the 4BR school continues to find his feet now that he has become accustomed to their more austere home environment in Stockport. That said, they are making a decent job of it with plenty of promise.

Did well at each of the examinations entered during 2006, without possibly ever suggesting that they were to add to their historic cache of major trophies that still adorn the walls of their parents home. Currently an unpretentious little chappie in his bright blue school uniform, but there is a steely resolve hidden there waiting to appear.

Headmasters Comment: Parents should be well pleased with the progress made even though they have dropped a place in the pecking order at the school.  

Overall Mark:
B -

Class Position at end of 2006: 23rd (-5)
2005: 18th
2004: 29th
2003: 28th
2002: 33rd
2001: 27th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 2nd (North of England)
All England Masters: N/A
European Championships: N/A
British Open: QNQ
National Finals: 12th
Grand Shield: 13th
Butlins Mineworkers: 10th
Scottish Open: 5th
Land O' Burns: 2nd

Better than many people expected, although Master Fishburn still has a way to go before they can claim a permanent locker in the 4BR school corridors.

Busy and hardworking they are still a little out of their depth when sitting the major exam papers but there were signs towards the end of the year that they were finally getting to grips with having to punch above their weight to make a mark. They certainly did that at the London exam and went home to the parents boasting that they had also beaten their well to do rivals too.

Headmasters Comment: An encouraging report, although they will have to continue to improve especially at the major exams to keep a place at the school next year.  

FodensFoden's Richardson
Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 6th (-1)
2005: 5th
2004: 4th
2003: 3rd
2002: 1st
2001: 3rd

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 1st (North West)
All England Masters: 7th
European Championships: N/A
British Open:  13th
National Finals: 5th
English National: 1st
Whit Friday: Tameside Champion
Brass in Concert: 8th

A real liquorices all sort of an examination year for the former head boy at the 4BR school. Sometimes great, sometimes poor, sometimes a touch fortunate and sometimes out of luck – 2006 had it all for the young lad.

On his day he was brilliant (Cambridge and Salford), but at the British Open and Brass in Concert they certainly didn't get to grips with the exam paper. Made loads of dosh though on Whit Friday and were par for the course at London. Could have got a B+ if it wasn't for those two important lapses at Birmingham and Gateshead that took the gloss off a good year of progress.

Headmasters Comment: An interesting year of achievement, but a bit more consistency may see them shine in 2007, especially now they are back taking the European Baccalaureate.  

GrimethorpeGrimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal)
Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 3rd (+1)
2005: 4th
2004: 9th
2003: 9th
2002: 7th
2001: 7th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 1st (Yorkshire)
All England Masters: DNE
European Championships: N/A
British Open: 9th
National Finals: 1st
Brass in Concert: 2nd 

What could have been a truly exceptional year just became an outstanding one for the hard nosed kid from the self made millionaire mining family of Grimethorpe.  That was due to the fact that young Grimey fluffed a few lines at the end of the Gateshead exam paper to finish runners up, although at London he produced a stunner when asked a question about some secret judges.

The exam markers mislaid their paper a touch at Birmingham, although they had no problem in identifying them as top of the class at Bradford earlier in the year. 2007 promises much, although there may be a touch of belt tightening at home as the family finances come under closer scrutiny after Dad lost his job at the pit.

Headmasters Comment: Mam and Dad should be proud of young ‘uns achievements during the year, and the 4BR Pupil of the Year. 2006 could be a hard act to follow though.  

HepworthHepworth (Lanson Homes)
Overall Mark:
B -

Class Position at end of 2006: 20th (-5)
2005: 15th
2004: 15th
2003: 23rd
2002: 48th
2001: No Ranking

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 6th (Yorkshire)
All England Masters: 6th
European Championships: N/A
British Open: 11th
National Finals: DNQ
English National: 7th

A good solid year for young Hepworth, even if it did not contain a real outstanding exam performance.

They were at their best at Bradford where they were perhaps a touch unlucky to come up against a field of the big local boys all on top form, although they showed they were bulking out to become heavyweight fighters in the play ground at Cambridge, even if they did still suffer from problems with cramp in the last stages of the exams both there, Salford and Birmingham.  A more selective exam approach may have drooped them a few places in class, but 2007 should see them rise again.

Headmasters Comment: A hard working pupil making the most of their talents. Can they progress though in 2007?

Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 13th (No change)
2005: 13th
2004: 13th
2003: 13th
2002: 13th
2001: 15th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 2nd (Scotland)
All England Masters: 8th
European Championships: N/A
British Open: 7th
National Finals: 8th
Scottish Open: 4th
Land O' Burns: 3rd

A beacon of good old Scottish virtues – hard work and plenty and canny use of limited resources.  Young Kirky continues to impress, even if they do take some real risks with some of the answers they provide in the examinations they enter.

Always interesting though, if a little dramatic and over emphasised in places. They were better away from home than on their own turf in 2006 with fine results for their efforts at Birmingham, Cambridge and London, even if they under performed when faced with a domestic fight against boys in their own back yard.  

Headmasters Comment: A good solid year in 2006, but will they be able to transfer that to make a real breakthrough in 2007 and become the best Scottish pupil in the 4BR school?

Overall Mark:
B -

Class Position at end of 2006: 8th (-2)
2005: 6th
2004: 14th
2003: 10th
2002: 9th
2001: 9th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 3rd (North West)
All England Masters: DNE
European Championships: 6th
British Open: DNQ
National Finals: 6th
Grand Shield: 4th
English National:
Brass in Concert: 7th

After all the excitement and surprise of last years exam result at London, it was nice to see that young master Leyland didn't let it go to his head and knuckled down to some hard graft in the new term.

The results overall were in fact better than 2005 even if they didn't contain that one jaffa in the Christmas stocking that was a Nationals top of the class. A decent return on their home patch was a prelude to a busy mid term set of exam tests that just was bravely undertook even if the revision was limited by the time they came to Blackpool. That was perhaps the one set of marks they didn't want although they redeemed themselves with a flourish at Gateshead.  It promises much for 2007.

Headmasters Comment: Much for the parents to be proud of even if they now have a big gap on the family sideboard where once stood a big old silver pot.  

Mount CharlesMount Charles
Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 22nd (-2)
2005: 20th
2004: 17th
2003: 20th
2002: 23rd
2001: 34th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 1st (West of England)
All England Masters: DNE
European Championships: N/A
British Open: DNQ
National Finals: 9th
Grand Shield: 7th
Brass in Concert: 11th 
English National: 11th
Butlins Mineworkers: 7th
Bugle: 1st
In need of a stern talking to from the parents one feels after a year that promised much rather tuned into a major disappointment. When they have their favourite uncle teaching them they are very good (as was shown as Torquay), but once he heads home to Yorkshire they became rather sloppy and return to bad habits at the back of the class.

The National exam paper was well enough handled, but at Blackpool, Gateshead, Skegness and Salford they were stuck in with the rest of the underachievers and produced some sub standard exam answers in the process.

Headmasters Comment: A capable pupil, but one in need of pulling their socks up in all their classes if they are to progress in 2007.  

Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 17th (+2)
2005: 19th
2004: 18th
2003: 16th
2002: 18th
2001: 16th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 3rd (West of England)
All England Masters: 2nd
European Championships: N/A
British Open: DNQ
National Finals: DNQ
Grand Shield: 6th 
Brass in Concert: 12th 
Butlins Mineworkers: 1st
Yeovil:  2nd
Wychavon: 1st
English National: 6th

What are we to make of young master PolySteel eh? Stick him on the school stage with the chance to show off their party pieces and his rarely fails to excel, but when it comes to the more cerebral pursuit of examination answers to difficult questions and he rarely succeeds.

Great at the Butlins, Wychavon and Yeovil performance led exam papers, but found wanting at the Grand Shield day out and crucially once again at Torquay. Perhaps they don't like the seaside air?  That said, they did really up their game at Cambridge (a favourite old haunt), although they were were too clever by half at Gateshead and were found to be all smoke and mirrors.   The flash stuff certainly brought them the cash in 2006, but the parents may want something a little more important to boast to their neighbours about next year.

Headmasters Comments: As much as the parents like the clever school play production stuff each year, we are sure they would like to see their talented off spring playing at the bigger venues of Symphony and Albert Hall next year.

Reg VardyReg Vardy
Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 14th (- 3)
2005: 11th
2004: 12th
2003: 14th
2002: 17th
2001: 17th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 1st (North of England)
All England Masters: 9th
European Championships: N/A
British Open: 17th
National Finals: 16th
English National: 6th
Brass in Concert: 6th

A disappointing year for the well heeled youngster from the North East.  Dad has been investing a lot of money from his car business to help get his off spring a decent education at the 4BR school, but this year his young sprog seems to have selected reverse rather than overdrive more often than not.

Coming top at home is expected, but ending up in the lower reaches of the test track returns at London and Birmingham was not what Dad wanted for sure. Salford, and Gateshead were decent enough but Cambridge was slightly below par too in what was a year when things didn't go quite as expected.

Headmasters Comment: Better expected in 2007, especially at Birmingham where expulsion from one of the major exams could be on the cards if they don't pull their socks up. 

RothwellRothwell Temperance
Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 15th (+2)
2005: 17th
2004: 22nd
2003: 31st
2002: 36th
2001: 29th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 4th
All England Masters: 1st
European Championships: N/A
British Open: 14th
National Finals: 14th
The quiet lad who usually doesn't say too much in class certainly shouted loud and clear at the Cambridge exam paper where he sprung a real surprise over his more confident rivals with a top of the class performance. Many members of staff though had been waiting for this to happen for a while as young Rothwell has been making steady if unspectacular progress at the 4BR school on recent years.

The lad from the non drinking parents put in a pretty sober performance at Birmingham and London where they may have been a touch unlucky not to have come higher, but they were good value in making it to London to take the test paper earlier in the year.

Headmasters Comment: Quiet and unpretentious a pupil, who may find it hard to repeat the success of 2006 next year even though we are confident the progress will continue in the right direction.

Scottish Co-opScottish Co-op
Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 7th (+2)
2005: 9th
2004: 6th
2003: 11th
2002: 15th
2001: 12th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 1st (Scotland)
All England Masters: 4th
European Championships: N/A 
British Open: 4th
National Finals: 10th
Scottish Open: 2nd
Brass in Concert: 9th
West Lothian: 1st

A decent year of achievement for the leading Scottish pupil at the 4BR school even if there are continuing rumours about the ability to pay the school fees from the parents who are surviving on an alleged reduced pension each year.  

That said they showed off the traditional Scottish virtues of industriousness and serious intent at Birmingham but they were not quite the class swot in Cambridge as they were in 2005. They wavered a little too at London and at Gateshead, but by then their brains must have been turned to mush after taking 8 exams in a year and they suffered a domestic beating by their old rivals in their own back yard.

Headmasters Comment: A good enough year with a couple of highlights, even if they perhaps spread themselves a bit thing at times. 2007 promises much though.

Sellers InterationalSellers International
Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 11th (-1)
2005: 10th
2004: 7th
2003: 12th
2002: 19th
2001: 19th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 8th (Yorkshire)
All England Masters: 11th
European Championships: N/A
British Open: 15th
National Finals: DNQ
English National: 5th
Brass in Concert: 3rd

After not putting in the hard graft at home in the last couple of years that has resulted in young Sellers falling down the pecking order at school, this year there has been a slight improvement. The parents should still make sure they are locked in their bedroom for an extra hour or two each week to practice in advance, as a couple of times they have misunderstood the exam questions such as at Birmingham and Cambridge. The answers they did give were different to say the least – but entertaining none the less.

They did show that they could mix it with the big boys at Salford and Gateshead, so not all is lost, but an increase in pocket money should be postponed until later next year to see if things continue to improve.

Headmasters Comment: Has plenty of ability, but will need to really concentrate on reading the questions thoroughly at the big exams next year.    

Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 19th (-5)
2005: 14th
2004: 11th
2003: 7th
2002: 8th
2001: 8th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 4th (Wales)
All England Masters: N/A
European Championships: N/A
British Open: DNQ
National Finals: DNQ
Grand Sheild: 11th
Yeovil: 1st
Porthcawl Contest: 1st
Ebbw Vale Contest: 1st
Wychavon: 2nd
Pontins: 4th
Radio Wales: 2nd

The hard working kid from the poor Welsh family in the valleys continues to show plenty of character, but is continuing to find it hard work keeping up in school at times.

There are encouraging signs of improvement and Mam and Dad would have been delighted by the way he supplemented their meager allowance to him by picking up some tasty prizes at some of the exams entered during the year.  It would be nice though if they could see their young man back battling it out on the big stages though rather than dropping down a class to gain some exam success.

Headmasters Comment: Encouraging signs in places, but will have to start making a mark at the more important exams next year to guarantee a continuing place at school.

Overall Mark:

Class Position at end of 2006: 10th (+2)
2005: 12th
2004: 8th
2003: 8th
2002: 10th
2001: 10th

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 3rd (Scotland)
All England Masters: 18th
European Championships: N/A
British Open: 10th
National Finals: DNQ
Brass in Concert: 10th
Scottish Open: 1st
Land O' Burns: 1st

Young Whitburn was heading for possible detention after the school had to send a stern letter home to the parents after they broke curfew at Cambridge and paid the penalty as a result with a terrible exam paper.

Whitburn was becoming a bit of a problem pupil in 2006, but they pulled themselves together and showed that they still had it in them to compete against the best by producing two fine exams at London and Glasgow. They still upset the headmaster though at Gateshead with a bit of nonsense that embarrassed the school.

Headmasters Comment: The change at home with a new tutor may well see Whitburn become a slightly more serious and well behaved pupil in 2007.  

Overall Mark:
A -

Class Position at end of 2006: 10th (+6)
2005: 16th
2004: 16th
2003: 22nd
2002: 25th
2001: 52nd

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: N/A
All England Masters: 3rd
European Championships: 1st
Belgium Nationals: 1st 

Our leading exchange pupil from Europe continues to impress greatly with their commitment to learning the language and the ability to produce two excellent exam papers at the European Baccalaureate, even though they did celebrate coming top of the class by shaving their head – much to the consternation of the school nit nurse.

Back home young Willebroek continues to command respect and there was another excellent exam paper at Cambridge too under their impressive tutor. Whether or not they can continue like this next year though we will have to wait and see.

Headmasters Comment: An excellent report to send back to the parents overseas with the feeling that there may be more of the same to come next term. 

Overall Mark:
B -

Class Position at end of 2006: 4th (-1)
2005: 3rd
2004: 1st
2003: 4th
2002: 5th
2001: 1st

Exams entered:
Regional Championships: 3rd (Yorkshire)
All England Masters: N/A
European Championships: 5th
British Open: 8th
National Finals: 3rd
English National: 9th

All other achievements for young YBS were overshadowed by the news that their guiding light of a parent had left the family home for good at the end of the year. What this will mean for the future now that the purse strings are very tight and they cannot just rely on inspired tuition at the leading examinations is up for debate in the staff room.

Still, 2006 was a decent enough year, but it did show that perhaps the time was right for the parting of the waves at home. There was a brave exam paper at the European, a rather subdued one at Salford and a slightly idiosyncratic one at Birmingham. More of the same at London was nearly rewarded with the one exam prize they have never won though.

Headmasters Comment: We will be keeping a close eye on how the family spilt affects young YBS this year, but it could well be the making of them if they are well organized.   


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