2006 English National Championships - Adjudications


What to know what the official adjudications were like. 4BR has the remarks from the three judges on the top four bands.

Fodens1st Place:
Fodens Richardson Band

Secure and precise opening- tasteful duos to 24- nicely balanced here - and the general detail is clean.  42 - controlled and some fine detail ensues. 51 - opens in fine style - all motifs secure- such excellent detail- perc included. 70 - bass solo top class -well supported by all – This is top class material by all. Precise and so well detailed. 

109 - horn and euph beautiful- sop too. 116 - euph always in control – just a slight blip- but doesn't really detract. 123 - lovely accomp. Trom – fine- lovely chording into 133 then euph and sop show their class – so musical. 143 - lovely lower sounds  – cornet -fine stuff.  Flug – tasteful and the accompanying detail is excellent. 153- builds well to 158- Jubiloso yes! -yet nothing overdone.

All 169-as if should be VIVACE – I do hear this- good  dove tails – and dynamics - perc of a high order. 245 - Lilts nicely along. 295 – Great conviction – perc – then - euph and baris - a fine ensemble ensues. 351- controlled – well detailed. – Perc (xylo) close in style.

420 – Bari - so musical beautifully phased. 431 - lovely sounds here - so much to commend to 440 - cornet – (the odd blip spoils) - but the music is so well shaped – fine to 450 – and onwards. Thank you too for the inner parts – Bravo! – to 456 – then  this  builds well to 464. Maestoso – indeed – such a fine full sound – 468 - You're in command – and you close with great conviction.

Thank you very much for a performance of great quality – not without a moment or two – but so much to commend.

Derek Broadbent

Excellent opening. All secure, precise. Excellent balance, one or two moments of intonation in upper cornets however, 31 to 40. Fabulous back row 46 to 51. This is excellent. Balance and quality of sound are top quality. Brilliant bass at 71 – easily the best so far. This is all so good. Excellent euphonium at 116 but an interesting choice of phrasing in 118 (!) and there is an apprehension in the soloist without doubt. Fabulous trombone solo into 133. Excellent sop/euph duet. Basses superb into 143.

A slight hesitation in trombones into 145, quality flugel at 147. Jubiloso at 158 just the right character, everything place. Excellent tuned percussion and percussion in general exceptional. Bravo.

226 into 227 could have perhaps been more successful but in general this is just so musical and technically all in place. Hard to find fault, bar after bar. Articulation is particularly impressive in places that others have stumbled over so often. Excellent close onto 419.  Baritone solo is excellent but not without intonation issues on the top f and later too. Superbly musical in shape and phrasing however. The sonority here is quite superb, 431 to 440 and chord beautifully resolved into 440. Solo comet not without blemish (bottom C fails to speak in 444 at all) but again so stylish and in place. Excellent build from basses and percussion upwards as we move towards 464. This pushes all the right buttons! Excellent close, quality finish, so enjoyable.

This really did the score justice – and some – little more to say except many, many thanks. Truly excellent, if not completely perfect of course
Thank you.

Chris Wormald

Opening  precise, well stated entries. 31 – Neat. 51 -  Dynamic. 55 – basses (and euph and bass) excellent. 71 - Fab bass solo, congratulations.

109 -  fine duet and a great transition to 116 – Euph cadenza stylish but a touch or nerves –123 -  a well set stage for trom solo. Fine sop and euph duet. 147 -  sweet flug and later a great lead from sop. Nice lead into 169 well held rhythm.

299 -  fine euph later baritones, the rhythm and ensemble is so very good here - and a great performance from xylo. 420 - well phrased, bold playing – perhaps a little more attention to intonation. 431 - great chords. 440 - very discreet soloist, please, please don't flag. 461 - a well controlled cresc. 464 - most musical ending – such a good band. 

William Relton

Brighouse2nd Place:
Brighouse and Rastrick

Tasteful opening- just a blip spoils. 24 - not together in the ensembles. 31 – Recovers - tastefully done - good conviction to 51 – stylish with affected use of dynamics 70+ bass in good form – as are the supporting ensembles. 86 has verve - good detail ensues. 102- nicely done. 109 – pleasing indeed – euph! to 116 and onwards, is in control – makes you listen. 123 - trom – in fine form – and accomp of a high order. 133 – Euph and sop - are in the same band- a pleasure to listen to.

143 - nicely balanced, cornet at ease with the solo - as is the flug and all supporting artists. A lovely build – Bravo sop! 158 – a fine sop - a fine ensemble. 164 a bit scratchy – then you recover. 169 so controlled – nicely dove tailed – much to commend here. 245 - fine euph and following ensembles. So much to commend in this playing euph! and baris! - don't try to hard please! 339 -top class- by all. Excellent perc. Xylo closes well. 420 - Bari soloist – not without a blip - but confidently played. Ensemble to 431 is very tasteful. 431 – well controlled in the ensuing dim to 440.  Confidently played by soloist - and well supported by all. 448 - has the right ingredients . Solo line - not quite spotless- but the overall playing is of high quality. Build to 464 is forceful- Maestoso indeed- and you head for a finish of great conviction.

Close has great presence
Many fine moments in this performance. Not quite spotless - but much to commend throughout.

Thank you very much indeed.

Derek Broadbent

Excellent opening phrase, unfortunate blemish into 10 and again after 13. Not together always! Fabulous back now cornets 46 to 51, what a sound! This is all very neat, tidy and wonderfully balanced. Tuning generally secure. Bass solo gives the impression of being a little hurried? Excellent trombones at 89 and beyond – superb section. This is really stylish and understated. Excellent euphonium at 116 but not without blemish as you know (bar 119) sadly* (plays F natural descending when it should be F sharp). Ditto trombone - superb style, quality and sound. Fabulous euphonium and soprano duet from 133 but again, just a blemish in euph towards the close.

Bravo flugel and soprano superb into 156 - wow! Occasional blemishes in the upper cornets 164 but generally this is really outstanding playing. Control, balance, sound, dynamics all in place. Euphonium not entirely spot on from 303 and bass trom a little untidy at 307 – momentarily scrappy section is soon replaced by exceptional detail again.

This is all so classy and quality. Baritone a little ill at ease in 420 (why the short 1st note when clearly marked tenuto?) and an unfortunate blemish into 425 as you know. Fabulous control into 440 and this is again wonderful playing and direction. Excellent solo comet at 440 although noticeably flat and under pitch on certain notes (e.g. middle G.) Not without blemish here but such a stylish contribution. Again superb build into 464 - this is spot on. 464 - excellent and a further build into 468 equally superb. What a finish. Very, very fine.

Overall, this was really superbly played and directed. Not without blemish as early as 10 and 13 and soloists not all without mistake but this is a fantastic band. Excellent performance.

Chris Wormald

Opening a fine chord, excellent dynamics (an uncomfortable slur in horns).  46 - great, especially  rep,  2nd and 3rd cornets.  70 – delicate. 109 - nice blend of soloists and a very neat entry to 114 -  euph cadz musical, not note perfect however. 123 - sweet accomp – delicate glock , nice tram, euph and sop. 147-155 such clarity. Wonderful lead in soprano at 158. 169 - what great style.  307 - a bit forced, but sure a fine ensemble and great panache. 420 - a slightly uncomfortable start. 440 - sweet- toned solo cornet. The first note was slightly (I emphasise SLIGHTLY) under pitched - nicely phrased. A great ending.

William Relton

Leyland3rd Place

A confident opening – perhaps a shade steady but good control is evident to 42 – Nicely balanced – with good detail to 51 – perhaps lacking a bit of vivo! but there is good conviction in this playing to 70. Bass in good form – good lower lines ensue. Effective band playing to 102. Work the tuning here please. 114 euph takes time- lyrical indeed – nothing over done.

123 trombones in good form, nicely supported by all. 132 - Beautiful chording. 133 - Fine euph sop! Just a blip or two and a spot of intonation. Solo cornet excels. 147 - flug plays with ease and a good build is made to 158 - Jubiloso yes!- I'd have liked a little more bravura in the troms  and lower cornets.

Allegro - joint right for 169. Just right here - all nicely linked. 243 fine euph – 255 - a spot of intonation  spoils. 295 – perc not quite as one then fine moments ensue to 351 –well linked again. 385 - effective. Xylo closes well.

420 – bari solo –is nicely shaped and secure. 427 -  well balanced to 431- this is tastefully done. Well controlled to the Lento.  440 - a lyrical solo playing - confidently done - and well supported by all. 456 Builds well to Maestoso – yes! – 468 full of conviction and a fine close is made.

Many good moments in this performance with sure fire solo lines. Not quite blemish free. But much to commend
Thank you very much indeed

Derek Broadbent

Not in tune to open, the chord at 10 most notably. A number of blemishes around the stand and not all together into 51? Excellent detail in the louder and faster passages, superb trombones and side drum excellent, if a little too prominent in the mix.

Excellent euphonium at 116 this is really stylish and tasteful. Ditto trombone in 124 – very good indeed. Soprano not at ease from 134 - very flat generally and then 139 becomes unstuck and blemishes creep in right through to 143. Some really fine chords and balance in this band. Side drum rhythm at 158??? (Not as notated here?) Vivace at 169 very well handled and all sits very well. Very musical indeed. All contributions go well, bravo euphonium again in 299 and baritones begin very confidently in 307 but lose their way as a partnership after 311. Baritone at 420 – what no tenuto 1st note? 423 not without blemish as you know but this is shaped most musically. Nice horns and baritones 427-431 but chord not together in 431 – early entries etc.

Excellent into 440 – so well controlled. Stylish solo comet at 440 (but all middle Gs are noticeably flat and under pitch). One or two moments of unease and sound quality changes in 449 – 450 in the ascending scale figure? Very impressive full tutti again and the final alleluia is full of character and shape. Excellent close. This was quality- excellent.

Overall, this was an excellent performance, well directed and with some very fine players. Soprano and solo cornet not completely unscathed but the general picture was outstanding here. Many, many thanks.

Chris Wormald

Openening a touch slow. Well balanced and only the occasional hint of intonation problems in higher cornets.  64 – stylish. 71 - well done Eb bass.  87 - great rhythm set by s. drum. Nice euph cadz. 123 - effective trombone. 139 - a slight clip. 147 - sweet flug great stacc in euph and Eb bass. 161 - fine unison. 169 – Fine music making. Such surety and confidence. 299 and 307 soloists secure and meaningful and a great ending. 420 – Splendid baritone, the sound is full of character of this neglected solo instrument. 431 - splendid chording. 440 - stylish soloist. 454 - seemed a bit of hard work. 464 - full of energy – a great ending. Well thought out performance and full of character.

William Relton

FAIREY bAND4th Place

Steady tempo – but the sound and balance is good.
24 – fair detail – controlled playing to 42. Effective moments – and builds well to 51 – I do hear the general detail – forceful percussion noted. 70 – Bass solo lacks clarity – and the lower lines are a bit muddy from 99. 99 is in good style. 109 – Horn and Euph – fine. 114 – Euph in control – nicely shaped and tastefully played. 123 – Effective opening. Trombone – so stylish – well supported by all. 133 – Ewuph and sop pay with good control, sound and style – just a little blip spoils. 143 – Good lower quartet. Solo cornet – shows off nicely – flugel also and you build well to Jubiloso. A good full sound. Take care S.D ff. Troms and lower cornets fff. Ending detail fine.

All – 169 – could have been neater. Vivace – Effective and nicely dovetailed – all lines work well. The semi bounce along. 243 – Euph in fine style with good ensuing ensemble. 299 – Good euph. Baris not quite so secure but you recover. Exciting stuff follows – percussion has good conviction. It all fits so well. Xylo closes in fine style. 420 – Bold baritone top open – fine sound. This is beautifully played. 427 – A little blip – nothing to worry over. 431 – Lovely sounds here. Dim to 440 is nicely controlled. Lento – tasteful opening by solo cornet well supported by all the artists. Soloist in control – thank you very much. 456 – Pleasing sounds – nicely shaped here and a good build to 464 is made. Bold playing ensues but nothing overdone and you bring a fine full bodied climax to the end of this performance.

Thank you very much. Much to commend. Not quite blemish free but  much enjoyed. Thank you very much indeed.

Derek Broadbent

A good opening and all secure and well balanced if a little steady? Excellent build from 42 through to 51. There is excellent clarity and detail here. Good bass solo but it all feels a little hurried. 86 through to 109 is again excellent in every respect. Excellent euphonium solo at 116, almost perfect with the exception of the top ‘A' fall ‘up' onto a ‘B' on the 1st beat of 119 but so musical. Great shape. Ditto trombone – fabulous solo at 124 and wonderfully phrased/shaped.  Excellent sop/euph duet into 143 although a slight blemish on sop during the long note etc.

Bravo basses at 143, likewise flugel at 147. This is all excellent. Superb side drum work too but a little too ‘forward' in the ‘mix' and above the ideal balance. Good ‘Vivace' at 169 also. This has the character just right. Euphonium not without blemish at 299 and likewise the baritone duet at 307 comes unstuck as early as 309 with blemishes and a mispitch. Horns and flugal excellent at 314 – fantastic sound. Excellent close into 419.

Excellent also baritone solo at 420 , amongst the very best today without doubt. Superb lower end sound, so nice and sonorous throughout this passage 431 to 439. This is all superbly controlled into 440. Excellent solo cornet at 440 but not without 2 or 3 blemishes through to 454 when clip spoils this particular bar. Superb build from 456 through to 464. 464 itself is equally excellent and likewise 468 through to the end.
Powerful stuff.

Overall, a very, very high quality performance but not without error or blemish and moments of less quality.

Chris Wormald

Opening stylish if a little slower than the MM.  51 - Energetic, nice bass line with euph and bass at 55. 109 - Effective and a nice fluid transition. Euph cadz very good.  123 - Smooth , fine trombone. 133 - delicate duet sop and euph.  153 - Well balanced  full rich sound.  162 more cresc basses.  169 -  well set temps.  307 - Slight stumble in baris. ensemble good throughout . 420 - Majestic cadenza from baritone. 428 - slight clip in solo than, great chording from basses, troms and euph. 440 - sweet cornet solo, so well phrased and rich toned ensemble at 456.  464 - S drum a touch heavy, a very fine finish.

William Relton


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