2005 4BR Awards - Introduction and categories


It's time to get your thinking caps on and start to vote in the categories to see who you think has been the best of the best in 2005.

It's award time again! We know everyone else gets in on the act at this time of year, but 4BR has been making these nominations for you, our readers to vote on (or not as the case may be) since we started in 2001, so we think they are of some importance.

And if you don't believe us, just ask last year's winners the then Yorkshire Building Society Band, Ray Farr, David Childs, Peter Roberts or Smithills Schools who took away some of the awards on offer it means something because brass band lovers have voted for them.

This year there are 9 categories for you to vote on:

4BR itself makes just one award chosen by the 4BR team, and that is the 4BR Special Award' which is given to the person or organisation that we believe has enhanced the movement with distinction in the past year or more. This year we have given it to David Gallaher

Our nominations are just that: They are just our five choices in each category that we believe should be considered by you for a possible vote. You do not have to vote for them, and we do give you the opportunity to make your own choice. However, please be sensible about it we will ignore mass Ukraine style block votes if we feel someone is trying to usurp the democratic process.

You have up until 12.00pm on the 23rd December to register your votes, and the results will be posted on the 4BR site on Christmas morning just after you have opened your presents and have put on your new Christmas socks and jumper from your mother in law. 

To give you some idea of who has won and who has been nominated by 4BR since we started the awards in 2001 these are the winners:

Band of the Year:
2004: Yorkshire Building Society
2003: Yorkshire Building Society
2002: Fodens
2001: Yorkshire Building Society

Conductor of the Year:
2004: Ray Farr
2003: David King
2002: Russell Gray
2001: David King

Player of the Year:
2004: David Childs
2003: Martin Winter
2002: Morgan Griffiths
2001: Peter Roberts

CD of the Year:
2004: Music of the Spheres- Yorkshire Building Society
2003: Bourgeois in Brass Yorkshire Building Society
2002: The Heaton Collection Black Dyke and the ISB
2001: Butterworth Black Dyke

Solo CD of the Year:
2004: Legend Peter Roberts
2003: A Winters Tale Martin Winter

Lower Section/Youth Band of the Year:
2004: Smithills School Senior Band
2003: Smithills Schools Senior Band
2002: St. Dennis Band
2001: Peter Hawke Garages Lindley Band

Newcomer of the Year:
2004: The National Children's Band of Great Britain
2003: Emma Farrow - Euphonium
2002: Simon Dobson - Composer

Test Piece of the Year:
2004: St. Magnus Kenneth Downie
2003: Festival Music Eric Ball
2002: Masquerade Philip Wilby
2001: Albion Jan Van der Roost

Contest Performance of the Year:
2004: Black Dyke Montage (British Open)
2003: Buy As You View Cory Revelation (European Championships)
2002: Yorkshire Building Society Concerto Grosso  (European Championships)
2001: Fodens Les Preludes (British Open)

4BR Special Award:
2004: David Read
2003: Salvationist Publishing and Supplies Ltd
2002: Frank Hodges
2001: Alan Jenkins


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