2005 British Open Championships - The Adjudicators Remarks


This is what William Relton, Derek Broadbent and Nigel Boddice wrote about the top six prize winning performances.

First Place:
Black Dyke
Dr. Nicholas Childs
Draw: 13

Nigel BoddiceExcellent opening in all aspects.
Some problematic issues to notes at B briefly disturbing the flow. 
Wonderful detail at M. 
Ubriaco – full of fantasy and insight.  Bravo
Wonderful horn solo and transition into R - exquisite!
All soloists playing with superb control and sound and style – a mesmeric section to which I can only listen
W – Excellent band work once again
AA – Excels in cornet teams
BB – Captures the atmosphere hypnotically – excellent – beautiful solo lines once again and support teams

A memorable performance.  Thank You

Nigel Boddice

Derek BraodbentOpening full of conviction. Sonoros basses – nothing overdone here. 
B - Good Links – I do hear the details to D – Bold playing
E – Contrasted but builds ever to Allegretto – this is nicely put together
Presto – flys along to H – too much line here.  I – I do hear all of this – dynamics are fine – detail is excellent to 19 and onwards – a fine build to O – so well put together – all in good style – A lovely approach to P – this is well balanced – Poco ubriaco – full of character!
Q- Lovely horn lines- well supported by all.  R- Brisk indeed – so neat and tidy to S.  Adagio – opens well.  Euph – top class – ‘Bari' also. Eb Bass – very lyrical – well supported by the rest of the team.
Pui Moso – euph really does sing!  A wonderfully controlled ensemble – much music to V - & onwards .  Closing duo dims well.  Colla Porte – stunning euph playing.

W – brisk tempo – but nothing lost to Y and onwards.  Good perc  in these sections.
AA – builds well to 6/8 – a big sound – but controlled.  BB – works well.  Temp giusto – accents nicely balanced.  Euph fine as is flug – Trom + cornet.  You control this build to the close.  Multo cresc – has great drama.  Close - such impact

Thank you so much for a performance of great character and musicality.  Well done All!!

Derek Broadbent

William ReltonOpening clean and clear well detailed. Sprightly percussion.  Smooth basses.
B – flustered
C – detailed
E – dynamic 82 stylish, dynamic, nice percussion.
I – Cort duet well integrated also excellent interpolations for flug + bar
M – great euph player
O – full of character – and the ‘unbriacone'
Q – splendid and ulbrata fine solo horn.
R – great start by trombones
S – fine euph and great music making – 323 flugel, sop & solo cornets – splendid Euph 349, full of character.  BB – a splendid climax
407- Real poetry in the interpretation – all soloists excel.

William Relton

Second Place:
Buy As You View
Dr Robert Childs
Draw: 16

VNigel Boddiceery impressive to open.
Much technical prowess on display and with great control ; dynamics in particular (p) are impressively controlled throughout.  O- just a little chemistry missing (for example spacings at end of bars (226 e.g)
Impressive solo lines horn & sop noted
R – Impressive technique once again
Fine solo contributions at S
Fine baritone support work at T
Mainly listening to the poetry on display and admiring the mood created
More fine solo contributions to note
Finale played with distinction
BB – captured the atmosphere beautifully

A performance to savour.  Memorable

Nigel Boddice

Derek BraodbentAn exciting opening, good detail & dynamics to A.  Lovely lower lines.
B – I do hear the detail and all links are nicely done.  Smooth sop to C – and much drama ensues
E – Builds well to the Allegretto – stylish moments here
Presto - has good character
I – nicely interlinked – there is much to commend in this playing - nothing to fault.
M – so neat and tidy – a super build to O – nicely thought out – it all works. P-I a shade heavy.
P – I'm not convinced by the actual balance in this section.  Poco combrio – fair to Q - tasteful horn playing, well supported by all – cornet and sop in fine form
R – lacks just a little clarity – tasteful opening.  Allagando, lovely euph sounds – Bari has good conviction .  Eb Bass – lyrically played – well supported by all.
Glock didn't quite come thro! Pui mosso – again euph fine style – lovely chording – euph duo has great panache.  Much controlled playing is heard – all play their part
V – playing of the highest order.  Duo to Allarg – Beautiful – just a moment -  Collo Parte, euph top class.
W – good tempo – with excellent detail & dynamics – much drive
Y – effective – you build well to 6/8 – a fine sound here.
BB – tastefully done.  Tempo guisto – so much time to play – yet nothing drags
This approach to the close is so well controlled .  Molto cresc – fine Rit – Bold.
Close has great conviction.

A performance full of music – interest and character.  So much to commend.

Thank you very very much indeed

Derek Broadbent

William ReltonOpening dynamic!
A – smooth bass line and well disciplined accompaniment
B – delicate and accurate
C – fine cornets 82 – stylish
F – great percussion, never over the top
I – Nice duet – a touch more tambourine would have been a plus
K – great dynamics
M – well controlled speed
N – fine playing
O  – full of character
P – a slight problem with the balance here – an excess of horn and baritones.
Q – the solo horn is brilliant
R – Troms give this a good start – 279 Euph portamento upto Csharp
286 -  glock fades (last two notes) then most delicate playing
324 - intonation problems in cornets
326 – fine euphs
349 – Y the beginnings of a great build up
AA – well shaped
407 this was calm and yet moving along, a great cresc

A very fine band with a most musical of rapport with conductor

William Relton

Third Place:
YBS Band
Prof. David King
Draw: 14

Derek BraodbentBold opening – I do hear the general detail to A – watch the balance in the basses please
B – links well – I do hear the details to D – this has good style – you build well from E to Allegretto - nicely done here all works well
Presto – zings along to I- stylish playing > to J?
Some effect moments to L – top class playing here – all goes well to O.  An effective contrast – good perc – this is nicely put together.  A lovely approach to P.  Tasteful playing ensues – Poco ubriaco – some nice touches – Q lovely horn playing cornet and sop excellent.
R- exciting stuff here to S – Adagio – controlled opening.  Allarg.  Euph just not quite comfortable – Bari fine.  Eb bass – lyrical well supported by the ensemble.
Pui Mosso – euph – top class here.  294-  lovely chording – this is musically thought out.
298- Duo is first class – well supported by all, cornet & sop have so much line – so much music.  Just a slight hiccup sop – no matter.  D to Allarg comes off
Colla parte euph excellent
W – stylish opening – fine detail – all goes well to Y to good effect here
Z – Builds well to 6/8 fine sound here
BB – controlled Tempo Giusto.  Accomps as they should be.  Euph, flug, trom & cornet also play their part.
You show good control in this build to the close.
More cresc indeed.  Rit - forceful, lovely sounds.

Thank you very much for a performance of music, interest and character.

Derek Broadbent

Nigel BoddiceImpressive opening, detailed, slowing and with much confidence
B – excellent technical signs indeed
Wonderful control shown throughout dynamically, detail and technique musically flowing
O – much insight shown initially and a beautiful reading unfolding
Perc team supporting well throughout
S – again wonderful ideas – magical music making – (tiny clips)
V – again peak performing
325 – spoils briefly
Fine euph work indeed
Finale picks up the good work from the opening (occasionally perc appear over keen in dynamic)
BB – mood effective (rather than magical 413)

A fabulous performance overall, great technique, great reading.

Nigel Boddice

William ReltonClean clear opening and good dynamics, nice flow to the basses at A
B – neat, delicate percussion and so well controlled dynamically 82 stylish
Presto – Wow!
I – fine duet
M – a real ‘pp'
O – delicate and full of expression
P – nice ensemble playing – splendid soloists
S – a bit too much portamento in euph, 282 - excellent outstanding basses
T – euph has recovered his aplomb – 810 attach is not together.
326- euph makes a real dynamic difference between mf, mp and p – 349 stylish
AA - lovely statement and answer section
BB – a fine climax, 407 this is exactly right and what a great preparation for the great ending

William Relton

Fourth Place:
Fairey FP Music
Simon Stonehouse
Draw: 9

Opening haDerek Braodbents good conviction.
A – lovely lower lines & upper detail to match
B – links well done, good percussion – much to commend to D and onwards.  Allegretto – well thought out, nothing overdone and links nicely into F – so much time to play
I – all in its place – no let up – but still so much time, K – M top class.  M builds well – much to commend.  O – nothing missed here
Approach to P – well shaped and phrased.   P – is nicely balanced, so musical
Poco ubriaco – just right! – just a clip in the duo cnts – nothing major
Q – Tender solo horn horn playing well supported by all – sop in fine form
R – opens in good style and fine to S.  Adagio, 1st trom – euph top class, Eb bass just makes it, but is well supported by all –
T – effective
Pui Mosso – tastefully done, but not blemish free – 298 – effective also –
U – some wonderful moments in this section
V – perhaps a little uncomfortable but soon settles – lovely sounds from 316. Sop & cornet duo just makes it – Colla parte – bravo euph
W – Opens in good style – ensembles are heard and good drama to Y – much to commend here
Z – builds well (BB -1) so bold  - BB – flows well.  Tempo Giusto effective < >'s – lovely euph and flugel here – Trom + cnt also
You control the build to the close so well < is superb!
Rit. - Bold.  Close has great conviction.

So much to commend in this performance.  Thank you very much indeed.

Derek Broadbent.

Nigel BoddiceExcellent opening with a very fine sound in evidence, controlled and warm.
Lovely diminuendo control on phrase endings
D excels in dynamic & clarity
Such an authorative reading in progress – Brave
Enthralling performance unfolding
Such delicacies to savour
Beautiful solo lines, relaxed and in total control
S – a suggestion of stress for the first time apparently in solo lines
Accomp always remaining sympathetic
V – shapely and often poetic.  Excellent picture painted BB onwards to close

A very fine band, with a momentous performance on display at all times

Nigel Boddice

William ReltonOpening dynamic and well shaped phrasing,
A – a great contrast
B – detail impressive
D – sense of urgency, 82 stylish
H – so stylish
I – splendid duet
M- what playing! 232- Heavenly baritone & solo horn phrasing and the rest
241 – stylish, so very musical, fine soprano
S – 1st Trom not loud enough.  Tiny euph slip (and at 288!)
U – splendid surges of sound etc < >
325 – hold on solo cornet! 326 - Euph does not make enough dynamic differentiation
Y – Nice perc touches, never overdone
404 – a fine climaz
407 – well balanced, all soloists match up and a gloriously ending

William Relton

Fifth Place:
Rothwell Temperance
David Roberts
Draw: 12

Derek BraodbentGood brisk opening – I do hear the general detail
A – lower lines sing well
B – has good detail and all links well
C- is nicely contrasted
D – forceful but nothing overdone – Allegretto – some tasteful moments onto Presto – clean & tidy
I – good duets & links here, this is well thought out and moves well to M – good dynamic change & builds to O – I do hear all this to good effect
P – lacks a bit of style & shape – you recover at Poco Ubrocio – this all sits neatly to Q – pleasing solo horn – nicely supported by all – sop excels
R – Brisk – but exciting.  Adagio – opens well – euph in fine form – baritone too – Eb Bass – tasteful – nicely supported by all basses
Pui Mosso – Bold euph – but not overdone – there is time to savour the music- euph duo -  works well – pity solo horn – some unsteadiness intervenes & spoils
V – settles – but it does take time to recover.  Sop & corn – recover
Colla Parte – euph – fine
W – opens in good style – much verve in this music – exciting stuff this
Y – has good detail
Z – is controlled 385 to good effect
AA – builds well – with good detail to 6/8 – bold here but not overdone
BB – tastefully done – Tempo Giusto – euph in fine form – flug, trom, cornet too
You control build to the end l- so much time here
Molto cresc- indeed.  Rit - very bold

Close has great impact

Much to commend in this performance.  A pity about that little lapse but you recovered to a fine conclusion.

Thank you very very much indeed.

Derek Broadbent

Nigel BoddiceA very impressive opening with much detail attentively displayed
A controlled reading through the minefield of bars at T (perc distracts slightly)
Ubriaco section is fine if a little functional especially in sound warmth/colour
Splendid soprano work
Very tasteful euph soloist impressing continually
Fine accomp, balance crafted impressively
V – some slight worry in cornet lines (concentration)
W – fine bass work here and in (p)
Some looseness in semiquaver ensemble brass/perc towards AA
Atmosphere excels from BB onwards
A very fine close indeed

A great band, impressive soloists especially soprano and euph (exquisite sound) – Many fine musicalities

Nigel Boddice

William ReltonOpening bold, good dynamics
A – sonorous basses
B -    florid detail very good
E – smart 182 – stylish
F – fine percussion
I – great cornet duet and accompanists great
M – great rhythm, volume restrained
O – full of character
P – delicate
R – Troms in good form
S – a great climax, fine euph solo accurate basses.
304 – a disaster and the music loses its focus, there is a feeling of relaxation
W – well done euph, also basses
349 – spirited
Y – what a cracking pace, percussion helpful and never over the top
BB – a splendid climax. 416 tiny slip in trom a great crescendo to a fine ending

A musical treat, but not with out flaws

William Relton

Sixth Place:
Fodens Richardson
Garry Cutt
Draw: 18

Derek BraodbentA convincing opening, good style and detail
A – Good lower lines
B – Good links here – much to commend to D – forceful here
E – Builds well – such drama – Allegretto – nicely put together
Presto – exciting moments to I – neat and tidy lines – all links nicely done all to good effect just an edgy moment is heard in the approach to M – then another good build is made
O – well thought out – and the approach to P is very musical.  Lovely solo lines – quartet is nicely balanced.  Poco Ubriaco – effective
Q – Solo horn in fine form well supported by all – as is solo corn & sop
R – Brisk – with good detail to S – adagio opens well.  Allag – euph just takes a little time to settle.  Eb bass – so lyrical, well supported by all basses
T – effective.  Pui Mosso – euph fine here – well supported by Baris.
294 – good chording – euph duo – top class.  This is musically put together but not quite blemish free.  Soloists are in good form, closing duo (cornet & sop) – V. good
Colla Parte – euph takes time – it works
W – neat and tidy opening – and – the detailed playing continues to Y – effective moments, good perc.  Much to commend here.  Playing of high quality to BB – controlled to Tempo Giusto – accomp fine, euph – shows quality – flug, corn & trom join the part – again blemish spoils.
Build to the close gets a bit early
Molto cresc ‘yes' – Rit – very forceful
Ending has good conviction
A performance of much merit – good music, interest & character – but not without a moment or two

Thank you very very much indeed

Derek Broadbent

Nigel BoddiceA very fine start indeed.  Confident and with fine sound concepts
D – a little ‘over' for (f)
I – excellent duet work
well prepared work in evidence and executed in aplomb
P – a little sensitivity missing on occasions – much character in the reading nevertheless
R – very good work
S – much confidence in solo lines (a little slip to note)
T – fine phrasing – and new section (pinmosso) very successful.  Just the odd doubt to note in production. 
Overall a very fine band indeed with an interesting reading throughout.

A performance of quality with much musical insight.  Occasionally sound quality goes ‘over' for my taste and in the slow sections soloists concentrations waver enough to note.

Nigel Boddice

William ReltonOpening dynamic and such vigour!
Dynamic contrasts well pointed
A – smooth bass line
B – neat tongueing and excellent percussion – 82 – stylish
I – duet stylish – and flug + bar meaningful interpolation
M – very detailed
O – in style. 237 – slight clip
Q – sweet toned solo horn. 262 – intonation problem in cornets – 278 - slight blemishes in euph solo.  Bass quartet the lower BBb was rather too quiet.  298-307 again a hint of uncertain interaction in the upper cornets.  328 – euph walks on eggshells but brings it off
Y – great start
AA – delicate
409 – a great start, a slight hiccup in the trombones

William Relton


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