2005 Regionals: London and Southern Counties - Fourth Section Retrospective


Due to the problems of not having enough man power we can only give a brief account of Norfolk Wherry's fine win at Stevenage. Sorry folks.

Because of the way in which the timetable of the contests here meant that there was an overlap in the sections, 4BR was unable to listen to all the bands in the Fourth Section, and cannot therefore give its usual full retrospective report.

We apologise for this, but unfortunately this was one occasion when we couldn't provide our usual comprehensive coverage, although we acknowledge the help and cooperation of Rodney Newton in compiling this short report.

Norfolk Wherry Brass conducted by A. Craze secured the Fourth Section title here with a performance that on the day was regarded by many as a class apart from the rest of the 20 band field. Playing from the midway point of the contest off draw number 10, they found favour with the adjudicator, the experienced Stan Lippeatt to secure a one point winning margin from Bletchington Silver directed by S. Barwick, with Fulham Brass, conducted by P. McLaughlin in third.

All three bands qualified for the Lower Section National Finals in Harrogate later in the year, and although Stan Lippeatt informed the audience here that he had enjoyed the difficult task of choosing the best bands in a large field, he also gave a very precise and accurate assessment of their strengths and weaknesses in the difficult set work, 'Divertimento' by Bryan Kelly.  Most he said had played the piece well, observing the dynamics, but he also felt that many had taken the final movement, the Scherzo, too quickly.

Stan had also done a fair amount of homework on the piece as well, with him conducting the piece with another band, whilst he also commented after that he had performed the piece as a player on a number of occasions when he was with Grimethorpe Colliery Band. 

The winners were fine value for their victory, and will surely go to Harrogate confident that they can make a significant impression, whilst the runners up and third placed qualifiers will also look forward to trying to emulate Potters Bar last year in winning the title.

Bletchington had set the early marker for the rest of the bands, when off the number 3 draw they produced an account that found favour with the judge and was only beaten by the outstanding performance of he winners.

Meanwhile Fulham Brass gave Stan Lippeatt something to think about towards the end of the long stint in the box, when off the number 18 draw they produced an account that claimed the final qualification place and just pipped Waterbeach Brass conducted by J. Utting into fourth and with Haslemere Town directed by G. Wade a point further back in fifth place. The final place in the top six was taken by Fakenham Town directed by D. Wakefield.

Norfolk though triumphed in a contest that took over six hours to complete, and whilst it may take them even longer to make the trip by bus to Harrogate, we don't thnk at the moment thay are too worried at all.


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