2005 Norwegian Brass Band Championships - Preview: Third Division


14 bands will be playing their own choice selections to open adjudicators in the Third Section. We cast our eyes over the bands.

This should be a bit of a ground breaking contest on the Friday after noon when the 14 bands will be adjudicated upon in the open by Frode Amundsen and Trond Elnes. Not quite revolutionary perhaps (it would be if it ever happened at a Regional or National contest in the UK) but a welcome sign that at least one major brass band event somewhere in Europe is looking forward and not backwards when it comes to adjudicating.

It should also be interesting, as the bands themselves have chosen some pretty stern works as well, with everything from Eric Ball to Michael Ball with lots in between to keep the two judges busy. 

Who will come out on top then? We don't know really, as our in depth knowledge of Norwegian Third Section banding is pretty sparse, but given some of the choices the bands have made it would appear that a couple of the bands may fancy their chances more than others. Our dodgy prediction is at the bottom of the page.

Austrheim Lindås Musikklag
  Age Torsvik
Norwegian Ranking:

National Record:
2004: 7th (Age Torsvik)
2003: 9th Second Division
2002: 8th
2001: 11th
2000: 12th

Last Year: 7th 
2005: Own Choice: Firestorm – Stephen Bulla

 Recently came 6th at the SIDDIS Contest in the higher Second Section and 7th here last year, they will be looking for a good return , but have made an ambitious choice with their chosen work too impress the judges.

Torstein Aagaard NilsenBorge Brass Band
Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen
Norwegian Ranking:

National Record:
2004: =8th (Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen)

Last year: =8th
2005: Own Choice: The Present Age – Leslie Condon

8th on their debut last year was a decent enough return, but they didn't appear at the SIDIS Contest, so what form they bring we will have to wait and see. A nice choice as a showcase work for them though. 

Russell GrayGjesdal Brass Band
Russell Gray
Norwegian Ranking:

National Record:
2004: 10th (Russell Gray)

2005: Own Choice: The Long Ships – Rodney Newton

Russell Gray returns for a second time and will be hoping to get a better result this time around with the band. 10th place in the Second Division at SIDDIS, but a good choice of showcase test piece could put them in a favourable position.  

Gjøvik ByBrass
Roar Bjerkehagen
Norwegian Ranking:

National Record:
2004: 12th in Second Division (Roar Bjerkehagen)
2003: 2nd Third Division
2002: Joint 13th
2001: 12th
2000: DNC

Last Year: 12th in Second Division
2005: Own Choice: Kaleidoscope – Philip Sparke

Another slightly ambitious choice of test piece, but one that they must feel they can do justice to. 12th in the Second Division last year saw them relegated so they will be looking for a quick return. 9th place at SIDDIS in the Second Division.

Hasle Brass
Tarjei Gilbrant
Norwegian Ranking:

National Record:
2004: 6th (Tarjei Gilbrant)
2003: 10th Second Division
2002: 5th in 3rd Division
2001: 8th in 3rd Division
2000: 20th in 3rd Division

Last Year: 6th
2005: Own Choice: English Heritage – George Lloyd

This really could be one well worth listening out for, with perhaps the most ambitious choice of showcase test piece. If they can do it justice the they should feature highly indeed, but it will take some playing for sure and no recent for to go on either. 

Jølster Musikklag
Arvid Anthun
Norwegian Ranking:

National Record:
2004: 2nd in Fourth Section (Arvid Anthun)
2003: 9th in Third Division
2002: 7th
2001: 4th
2000: 6th

Last Year: 2nd in Fourth Section 
2005: Own Choice: Nautalis – Martin Ellerby

Promoted up from the Fourth Division, Jølster Musikklag will be determined to make a mark here and have chosen a very nice piece of Martin Ellerby to showcase their talents.

Laksevåg Musikkforening
Tom Brevik
Norwegian Ranking:

National Record:
2004: 5th (Tom Brevik)
2003: 7th
2002: 12th in 2nd Division
2001: 6th in 2nd Division
2000: 2nd

Last Year: 5th
2005: Own Choice: Salute to Youth – Gilbert Vinter

Perhaps one of the favourites given that they came runners up at the SIDDIS Contest in the Second Section late last year and under Tom Brevik, who is one of the most experienced MDs around they have chosen a very stern test to showcase their playing abilities. They must be confident.

Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn
Rolf Aksel Gilje
Norwegian Ranking:

National Record:
2004: 11th in Second Division (Alan Fernie)
2003: 6th
2002: 3rd
2001: 5th
2000: 12th in 1st Division

Last Year:  11th in Second Division
2005: Own Choice: Blazon – Peter Graham

Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn find themselves in the Third Division this year after being relegated from the higher tier due to their 11th place here last year. They will certainly be looking for a quick return though, although they did not take part in the SIDDIS Contest. An interesting own choice selection may well help them.

Nes Musikkforening
Andres Halla
Norwegian Ranking:

National Record:
2004: =8th (Andres Halla)
2003: 4th
2002: 6th
2001: 16th
2000: 14th

Last Year: 8th
2005: Own Choice: Northern Landscapes – Peter Graham

Joint 8th last year was a bit of a disappointment for Nes Musikkforening as in the previous couple of years they had shown improvement and were possibly thinking of a determined effort to take the title. It wasn't to be and they will be looking for a return to form this year on a neat choice of work to showcase their talents.

Rong Brass
Reid Gilje
Norwegian Ranking:

National Record:
2004: 11th (Hogne Haugsda)l
2003: 3rd
2002: 11th
2001: 7th
2000: 9th

Last Year: 11th 
2005: Own Choice: Partita Postcards from Home – Philip Wilby

The experienced Reid Gilje takes over the baton this year and will be looking to a return to the form that saw them come 3rd here in 2003. They showed they could well mean business with a well earned 4th place in the SECOND section at the SIDDIS Contest late last year.

Rosendal Musikklag
Yngve Nikolaisen
Norwegian Ranking:

National Record:
2004: Winners of Fourth Division (Yngve Nikolaisen)
2003: 8th in Third Division
2002: 13th in 2nd Division
2001: 3rd
2000: 12th

Last Year: Winners of Fourth Division
2005: Own Choice: Main Street – Eric Ball

The equally experienced Yngve Nikolaisen is at the helm of last years Fourth Division winners as they look to make an even bigger impression here in the higher section. They came 8th though at the SIDDIS Contest so they will certainly have to up their form, although they have made a very traditional choice of test piece to show off their talents.

Skui Brass Band
Trond Nilsen
Norwegian Ranking:

National Record:
2004: 3rd in Fourth Division (Trond Nilsen)
2003: 3rd
2002: DNC
2001: DNC
2000: DNC

Last Year: 3rd in Fourth Division
2005: Own Choice: Partita Postcards from Home – Philip Wilby

Skui Brass Band make their debut in the Third Division this year after two years of solid achievement in the lowest section. They came 7th at the SIDDIS Contest so they may have to really play to form if they are to make a mark here on the Philip Wilby test piece they have chosen.

Tysnes Musikklag
Yngve Nikolaisen
Norwegian Ranking:

National Record:
2004: 12th (Yngve Nikolaisen)   
2003: 5th
2002: 11th in 2nd Division
2001: 12th in 2nd Division
2000: Winners

Last Year: 12th
2005: Own Choice: The Plantagenets  - Edward Gregson

Possibly the favourites for the title after their impressive win at the SIDDIS Contest (although that was in the lowest section there). However, they have chosen an ambitious work to show off their talents so they must be confident of doing well. We will wait and see.

Stavanger Kommunes Korps
Morten Ovrebekk
Norwegian Ranking:

National Record:
2004: 4th in Fourth Division (Pal Magne Austnes)
Last Year: 4th in Fourth Division
2005: Own Choice: Chauser's Tunes for Brass Band – Michael Ball

Stavanger Kommunes Korps made their debut here last year and certainly made the right impression by gaining promotion at their first attempt. We will have to wait and see if they can do that again, especially after they came 15th at the SIDDIS Contest last year. A nice choice of music may well help them though. 

4BR Prediction:

A very difficult one for us here, but there are signs if the bads play to the form they showed at the recent SIDDIS Contest (and bearing in mind the confident choices they have made of test pieces) we think our top six could very well be like this.

1. Laksevåg Musikkforening
2. Rong Brass
3. Tysnes Musikklag
4. Gjesdal Brass
5. Jølster Musikklag
6. Hasle Brass

Dark Horse: Skui Brass Band

2004 Result: 
Adjudicator(s):Paul Farr og Nils Magne Abelseth

1. Haukås Musikklag Thor-Arne Pedersen = 195
2. Skodje Ungdomskorps Henrik Dalhaug = 94
3. Follese Musikklag Jan Arne Pupe = 92
4. Tertnes Amatørkorps Tormod Flaten = 91
5. Laksevåg Musikkforening Tom Brevik = 90
6. Hasle Brass Tarjei Gilbrant = 89
7. Austrheim/Lindås Musikklag Åge Torsvik = 88
=8. Borge Brass Band Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen  = 87 
=8. Nes Musikkforening Andres Halla = 87
10. Gjesdal Brass Band Russell Gray = 86
11. Rong Brass Hogne Haugsdal = 85
12. Tysnes Musikklag Yngve Nikolaisen = 84
13. Fagernes Musikkorps Tor Arthur Hagen = 83

The Winners:

2004: Haukas Musikklag
2003: Fraena Musikkorps
2002: Oslo Brass Band
2001: F. Hornmusikklag
2000: Tysnes Musikklag
1999: Torskangerpoll Musikklag
1998: Austrheim – Lindas Musikklag
1997: Tjensvoll Hornorkester
1996: Laukvik Brass
1995: Alexander Brass Band
1994: Sorum Musikklag
1993: Jolster Musikklag
1992: Oltedal Musikkorps
1991: Sem Musikkorps
1990: Tromso Brass
1989: Kopervik Musikkorps
1988: Oltedal Musikkorps
1987: Bamble Musikkorps
1986: Fagernes Musikkorps
1985: Eidsberg Brass Band
1984: Fotlandsvag Musikklag
1983: Fotlandsvag Musikklag


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