2004 4BR Awards - Solo CD of the Year


Some of the very best performers in the movement have released CDs this year, and all have been of fantastic quality. It's going to be a pretty difficult choice for you to make.

Where as there was only a real handful for us of the very highest class of ensemble releases in 2004, there was a veritable cornucopia of top class releases in the solo CD stakes. There was some truly wonderful stuff from our movement's very best performers (and there is more to come in the early part of next year we are told) and it was a difficult choice indeed to pick five for our nominations.

We opted for ‘Legend' by Peter Roberts; ‘Three Worlds' by David Thornton; ‘Passport' by Roger Webster; ‘The Kerwin Sound' by Alexandra Kerwin and ‘Euphonium Magic Vol. 2' by Steven Mead - although there were some equally brilliant releases from the likes of Brett Baker, Alan Morison, Carl Saunders, Riki McDonnell and Gerard Schwartz. A difficult category this one, a all of them well deserve the very highest praise for their achievements.   

Legend - Peter Roberts‘Legend' - Peter Roberts
Yorkshire Building Society Band
David King
Egon: CD-SFZ119

The ‘Legend' lives up to his name with a quite brilliant display of his talents.

Three Worlds‘Three Worlds' - David Thornton
Black Dyke Band
Nicholas J. Childs
Doyen: DOYCD169

An awesome showcase of the art of playing the euphonium from the Black Dyke man. 

Kerwin Sound‘The Kerwin Sound' - Alexandra Kerwin
Doyen: DOYCD187
Scottish Co-op, Glasgow City Brass & Brass Band Emmental
Philip Wilby

Breathtaking playing from a quite brilliant musician

Euphonium Music Volume 2‘Euphonium Magic Vol. 2' - Steven Mead
Bocchino: BOCC106

You will be hard pressed to hear euphonium playing as good as this, anywhere, anytime, any place

Passport‘Passport' - Roger Webster
Black Dyke Band
Nicholas J. Childs
Doyen: DOYCD170

The finest cornet player in the world shows you why.

Past Winners: (Category started in 2003)

2003: Winters Tale - Martin Winter


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