2004 4BR Awards - CD of the Year


There have been some fine recordings released by numerous band during the past 12 months, but which one did you think was the best of the lot. There was plenty to choose from.

Amid reports we hear that sales of brass band CDs are not what they used to be, it is strange therefore to report that 4BR now carries over 450 titles from which to buy and still has trouble in keeping up with the sales of the most popular releases from the very best bands in the business.  The reason for our optimism is that the standard of releases from just about every band from Championship to Youth is now put together with a greater degree of professionalism than ever before, and therefore the difference between good, very good and truly great releases is becoming less and less each year. We have also opened up this category this year to include for the first time DVD releases.

That said, 2004 wasn't quite a vintage year for releases – there were plenty all right, but only a handful for us really hit the very top echelon, and so we have opted for a five of ‘Music of the Spheres' by Yorkshire Building Society Band; ‘ The Trumpets of the Angels' by Black Dyke; ‘2004 European Brass Band Championships DVD'; ‘The History of Brass Band Music – The Salvation Army Connection' by Grimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal Band) and ‘Trumpets that time Forgot' by the Wallace Collection.  There were others of course and worthy mentions should go to ‘Day of the Dragon' and ‘Brass Band Classics Volume III' by the BAYV Band; ‘Reflections of Freedom' by Whitburn; ‘Enigma' by Fairey FP (Music); ‘Jubilee' by the ISB; ‘Kings of Europe' by YBS and releases from many, many others.

Music of the Spheres‘Music of the Spheres'
Yorkshire Building Society Band
Egon: CD-SFZ124

A quite stunning recording that in its context may be seen as one of the finest ever made by a brass band. At times it is simply awe inspiring playing. 

Trumpets of the Angels‘The Trumpets of the Angels'
Black Dyke Band
Doyen: DOYCD185

An amazing achievement from Black Dyke and Dr. Nicholas Childs. A magnificent homage to the latter output of one of the movement most respected composers just takes the breath away

European Championships 2004‘2004 European Brass Band Championships CD/DVD'
Doyen: DOYCD176

This could well be the way forward for brass recordings of major events in the future. SP&S and World of Brass have put time, money and a great amount of expertise into these recordings – and it shows.

History of Brass Band Music Volume 2‘The History of Brass Band Music – The Salvation Army Connection'
Grimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal Band)
Doyen: DOYCD161

A fantastic release from Elgar Howarth and the Grimethorpe Band that does full justice to the choices and the influence that the Salvationist repertoire has had on the secular brass band movement. 

Trumpets that Time Forgot‘Trumpets that Time Forgot'
John Wallace, Jonathan Freeman - Attwood and Colm Carey

A wonderful release from John Wallace and his friends that should be in the collection of any serious brass lover. As Jamie Prophet said – ‘ an inspired project with outstanding results.

Past Winners:

2003: Bourgeois in Brass - Yorkshire Building Society
2002: The Heaton Collection - Black Dyke and the ISB
2001: Butterworth - Black Dyke


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