Antoine Courtois 267 RV – II Euphonium


Review by: Glyn Williams. Principal Euphonium Fodens Courtois Band

The Antoine Courtois euphonium for many reasons is far the best euphonium I have ever played.

The most important aspect of playing a euphonium is whether you create a good sound or not - and I find that the Courtois 267 RV II gives me a head start in this direction. The sound is enhanced because the instrument is made very sturdily and like the previous 167 Courtois euphonium, it is available with a gold brass or yellow brass heavy hand made bell, with the gold brass bell producing a slightly darker sound.

The botton bow and back branches have capping strips and guard wires, which makes the instrument stronger. I believe that the heavier and more sturdy an instrument is, the more air you can blow through it resulting in a bigger rounder sound.

The valve action has been improved dramatically with the valves being stainless steel with silent and smooth moving valve guides.

The general blowing of the instrument is very free and easy. The structure and bore of the mouthpipe helps the airflow in all ranges making it easier to play in the higher register especially.

The first valve slide trigger is a large feature on the euphonium. All euphoniums produce a high F, which is very sharp, resulting in payers having to lip notes down or use false fingering using 1st and 3rd or 1st and 4th valves which can sound brash if playing at a loud dynamic. The first valve slide trigger allows you to hit a note right down the middle, producing a true and open sounding note leaving a slight adjustment to be made by the slide to bring the note down in pitch rather like a 3rd valve trigger on a cornet.

This instrument is of high quality workmanship and finish which gives it an edge on it's competitors, resulting in the Antoine Courtois Euphonium 267 RV II being in my opinion the finest euphonium on the market today.

A free trial of the instrument is available from Fred Rhodes Ltd on 0161 620 5899, fax 0161 620 3199


Glyn Williams Profile

Glyn is the virtuoso euphonium player who performs with many professional ensembles worldwide. His impressive repertoire, often captured on commercial recordings, is truly impressive and includes performances with National Radio 2 Brass Showcase, the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and as featured soloist at the Annual National Tuba and Euphonium Conference. His enviable list of successes include being awarded as Winner of the Harry Mortimer Most Outstanding Instrumentalist in his final year at Salford University, solo winner at the Urdd Eisteddfford and Best Soloist at both the French Open and Brass in Concert contests.

He has performed all over the world, including Brazil, Crete and France as well as his homeland of Wales. Glyn was born in Aberystwyth and his early playing was with Towyn Silver, Royal Oakley and Menai Bridge bands.

Today, Glyn is recognised as an outstanding talent and popular musician and soloist with the Fodens Courtois Band. He was appointed to the position of solo euphonium in 1995, and in his time with the band they have become All England Masters Champions and Swiss Open Champions in 1995, French Open and Brass in Concert Champions in 1998, North West Area Champions in 1998, 1999 and 2000 and Champion Band of Great Britain in 1999.

Glyn is sponsored by the French instrument maker and he is currently a Director of the Fred Rhodes Limited Company in Oldham.