Boosey & Hawkes Sovereign 944R Bb/F Trombone


by Nick Huson
Trombone players are extremely fortunate musicians nowadays...

Over the last ten to fifteen years the quality of instrument manufacture has greatly improved, so much so that there are at least six manufacturers who produce excellent quality instruments.

Besson are relatively new to the professional trombone market and are making a big impression with their latest range of large bore Sovereign trombones; players in the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, The Philharmonia, Black Dyke Band, Williams Fairey Band plus a number of high profile European orchestras have chosen to 'Buy British'.

A number of months ago I was asked to try the new Besson Sovereign trombone. Upon collection of my new 944R I was immediately impressed with the quality of workmanship. The lacquer was excellent, the slide was the best I have played (!) and the response and sound of the instrument was focused and warm.

An excellent orchestral instrument, I found the Sovereign BE944R offers a great deal of volume and projection without distortion. The new Hagman F rotor mechanism is very smooth, friction free, and noiseless, allowing the music to be heard and not the mechanics of the instrument. The BE944 also comes equipped with a chrome plated nickel inner slide that is long wearing and resists corrosion.

Bore: .547" (13.89mm)
Bell Diameter: 8.5" (216mm)
Weight: 4lb 1oz (1.84kg)
Water Keys: 1
Free flow Renè Hagmann valve
Open wrap
Wide heavyweight brass outer slide
Chrome plated nickel inner slide
Finish: Lacquer and silver plate with yellow (BE944) or rose (BE944R) brass bell
Deluxe stitched case, plush lined, fitted interior

Features and Advantages
Option of a Yellow brass bell - For a brighter, open sound
Option of a Rose brass bell - For a dark sound
Precision drawing of slide tubes
Smooth slide action
Chrome plated nickel inner slide
Ensures air tightness and durability, non-corrosive
Wide heavyweight brass outer slide - Helps darken sound, less resistance
Computerized bell spinning for tonal consistency
8.5" bell - Excellent projection
Bell rim rolled and soldered over brass wire - adding strength and protection to bell
Free flow Renè Hagmann™ valve - More consistent blow between the Bb and F slide

After spending a few weeks with instrument I made the decision to stick with it and have had no regrets about my decision. It is an ideal instrument for brass band, chamber and solo work and I strongly recommend that players in the marketplace should check out the 944R. I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised!