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British Open Championships 2003

September 13th sees 18 bands from all over the world take part in the 151st British Open Brass Band Championships. We will be there to give our usual comprehensive coverage.

Post match coverage:

  • Retrospective - more...
    A post match look at the 2003 British Open

  • Gordon Jenkins - more
    2003 Stanley Wainwright Memorial Trophy Winner
    British Open Championships

  • Concert - more...
    Best of British Brass, Symphony Hall, Birmingham, Sunday 14th Sept

  • Adjudications - more...
    Full remarks from the three men in the box on Saturday for the top six prize-winning performances. It makes for interesting reading.

'Pre-match' Coverage:

  • Live from Birmingham - more...
    Follow the days events here on 4BR. Draw, comments and full results as they happen

  • Introduction to the 151st British Open - more
    Brief intro to this year's event and our usual dodgy predictions

  • Runners and riders - more...
    Full band by band analysis

    FREE: Results to your mobile phone - more...

    Get the British Open results sent straight to your mobile as soon as the results are announced

  • British Open 2002 in retrospect - more...
    Retrospective look at the British Open Contest 2002 - where was it won and lost?

  • British Open results achive - more...
    Results from 1939 - now with results summary

  • The Track Record: The Conductors - more...
    Certain conductors seem to fancy certain contests, but all conductors want to be able to say that they have won the British Open Championships. Find out how each has performed over the years

  • The Lottery Draw - more...
    Does your draw determine the result? Check out this article where we anaylse the placings

  • William Halliwell - more...
    Allan Littlemore profiles the story of William Halliwell. 17 times he was a winner over a 26 year period.

  • Be my Strength and Shield - more...
    We take a look at the qualifiers from the Grand Shield from as far back as 1972. It makes for some interesting reading.

  • 151 Useless facts and figures - more...
    We've updated our useless facts and figures section to include lots more snippets of information you can bore the pants off the person sitting next to you at Symphony Hall

  • Test Piece review - more...
    Some thoughts on the Open test piece - Venus & Jupiter from The Planets by Holst
    by Stephen Roberts

  • Stephen Roberts - more...
    We profile the arranger of The Open's set work

  • The top 10 open conductors - more...
    A feature looking at the conductors with the best records over the years

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