2019 British Open
Symphony Hall, Birmingham
Saturday 7 September

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Presenter: Iwan Fox
Comments: Steven Mead and Chris Thomas
Images: Ian Clowes
Social Media: Malcolm Wood
Operations/Editorial: John James and Matthew Ruel

  • Sunday 8, 08:31:15

    World of Brass statement:

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    You will probably be aware that we encountered unforeseen technical problems during the livestream, especially in the morning session, caused by issues with the internet connection between Symphony Hall and our cloud video platform.

    The full live broadcast is being re-uploaded as quickly as possible and will be available to watch here shortly. This version will be available to watch again until next Saturday, 14 September.

    While it is very difficult to ensure a completely robust internet connection for streaming in every circumstance, we go to great lengths to ensure successful delivery of our livestreams and very much regret the disappointment today's problems will have caused, and will take all possible steps to minimise a recurrence of similar problems on future events.

    Although today's issues were beyond our control, we recognise that many of you will have been disappointed by the interruptions to the stream. Therefore if you would like to request a refund of your online ticket please contact us via support@stagecast.net using the email address associated with your account, for a full refund of your payment.

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    British Open Championship: Morning Session

    September 7, 2019 10:00 am — 1:30 pm Symphony Hall, Birmingham

    British Open Championship: Afternoon Session

    September 7, 2019 2:01 pm — 7:30 pm Symphony Hall, Birmingham

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  • Sunday 8, 07:47:44

    The prizewinners

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    Runner-up — Black Dyke

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    Third place — Foden's

    embedded picture
    Fourth place — Desford

    embedded picture
    Fifth place — Flowers

    embedded picture
    Sixth place — Brighouse & Rastrick

    embedded picture
    Geoffrey Whitham Trophy winner — Daniel Thomas of Black Dyke

    embedded picture
    Stanley Wainright Award winner — Tom Hutchinson of Cory

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    Brian Evans Memorial Award winner — Richard Poole of Foden's

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    Iles Medal recipient — Ray Farr

    embedded picture
    Mortimer Medal recipient — Brad Turnbull

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    The composer receives his memento of the day

  • Saturday 7, 18:25:51

    Result: 2019 British Open Championship

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    Result of the 2019 British Open Championship that has taken place at Symphony Hall, Birmingham.

    Additional comments and thoughts on our twitter site:

    Saturday 7th September
    Test Piece: Dynasty (Peter Graham)
    Adjudicators: Nigel Boddice MBE, Dr Stephen Cobbs, Stephen Roberts

    1. Cory (Philip Harper)
    2. Black Dyke (Prof Nicholas J. Childs)
    3. Foden's (Russell Gray)
    4. Desford Colliery (LMTF) (Michael Fowles)
    5. Flowers (Paul Holland)
    6. Brighouse & Rastrick (Prof David King)
    7. Grimethorpe Colliery (Dr David Thornton)
    8. Fairey (Garry Cutt)
    9. Aldbourne (Ivan Meylemans)
    10. the cooperation band (Phillip McCann)
    11. Tredegar (Ian Porthouse)
    12. Valaisia Brass Band (Arsene Duc)
    13. Hammonds (Morgan Griffiths)
    14. Carlton Main Frickley Colliery (Luc Vertommen)
    15. Leyland (Thomas Wyss)
    16. Wingates (Paul Andrews)*
    17. NASUWT Riverside (David Roberts)
    18. Whitburn (Florent Didier) *

    Stanley Wainwright Memorial Trophy: Tom Hutchinson (Principal Cornet) — Cory
    Brian Evans Memorial Trophy: Richard Poole (Soprano) — Foden's
    The Geoffrey Whitham Memorial Trophy: Daniel Thomas (Solo Euphonium) — Black Dyke

    *Relegated to Grand Shield

  • Saturday 7, 18:02:01

    Chris Thomas' prediction

    1. Cory (Philip Harper)
    2. Foden's (Russell Gray)
    3. Brighouse & Rastrick (Prof David King)
    4. Black Dyke (Prof Nicholas J. Childs)
    5. Grimethorpe Colliery (Dr David Thornton)
    6. Desford Colliery (LMTF) (Michael Fowles)

    Dark Horse:
    Tredegar (Ian Porthouse)
    the cooperation Band (Phillip McCann)
    Fairey (Garry Cutt)

  • Saturday 7, 17:49:40

    Steven Mead's prediction

    1. Cory (Philip Harper) — 198
    2. Foden's (Russell Gray) — 196
    3. Brighouse & Rastrick (Prof David King) — 194
    4. Desford Colliery (LMTF) (Michael Fowles) — 192
    5 Grimethorpe Colliery (Dr David Thornton) — 191
    5. Black Dyke (Prof Nicholas J. Childs) — 191

  • Saturday 7, 17:32:27

    18. Grimethorpe Colliery (Dr David Thornton)

    embedded picture
    On Stage — Grimethorpe Colliery (Dr David Thornton)

    The tiniest of slips on the opening cornet note but there is a sense of space and atmosphere about this and its an impressive start, conjuring with colour and texture effectively.

    The haunting whistling of It's a Long Way to Tipperary is effective and a darkly hued descent into 'War' adds to the strength of the band's opening. This is gathering musical momentum at pace.

    'Theatre' reveals impressive detail and the dynamics are controlled with a firm grip allowing the inner workings of the ensemble to heard with clarity.

    'Together' and 'Farewell' are both finely done if not quite exhibiting the touches of magic that have marked out the very front runners today and the opening of' Amen' is fabulous. Great Eb bass and a characterful style. Soprano slips at a crucial moment but the affirmation of the close is captured in majestic fashion.

    Overall: David Thornton's contesting debut with Grimethorpe is an impressive one. It might not be quite enough to challenge for the ultimate glory today but this was a musical statement of authority and intent.

    Chris Thomas

    embedded picture
    In Performance — Dr David Thornton conducting Grimethorpe Colliery

    Criteria Mark Sheet — Marks by Steven Mead

    Technical accuracy: 18
    Rhythmic precision and clarity: 18
    Control of full dynamic range: 19
    Ensemble precision: 19
    Tuning/intonation: 19
    Band sound quality: 20
    Balance/clarity of textures: 19
    Quality of soloists: 20
    Overall understanding: 20
    Total musicality from the band: 19

    Total: 191

    Short Comment:

    Really assured and confident performance from Grimethorpe round off the day. Lacking a bit of star sparkle, but this was a return to form on the contest stage in Birmingham. Soloists all deliver, and that characteristic rich sound of Grimethorpe can be enjoyed to the full. Let's see where it ends up in the prizes.

  • Saturday 7, 17:13:14

    17. Aldbourne (Ivan Meylemans)

    embedded picture
    On Stage — Aldbourne (Ivan Meylemans)

    Ivan Meylemans takes the reigns from David Thornton who will follow Aldbourne on stage to conduct Grimethorpe.

    Opens well but cracks emerge almost immediately as slips and clips ruffle the atmosphere.

    There's an energy about 'Theatre' that impresses, even though the detail is not always evident through the textures but as the performance progresses, issues of tuning and nerves amongst the soloists combine to undermine what is clearly a very musical approach by the MD.

    'Amen' is similarly scrappy as the technical elements of the score take a toll and concentration levels dip. The ending is bold and majestic if a touch strident in its sound.

    Overall: A band performing to the best of its abilities but the going was tough for Aldbourne despite a clear musical plan from the MD.

    Chris Thomas

    embedded picture
    In Performance — Ivan Meylemans with Aldbourne

    Criteria Mark Sheet — Marks by Steven Mead

    Technical accuracy: 16
    Rhythmic precision and clarity: 16
    Control of full dynamic range: 16
    Ensemble precision: 16
    Tuning/intonation: 16
    Band sound quality: 16
    Balance/clarity of textures: 16
    Quality of soloists: 15
    Overall understanding: 17
    Total musicality from the band: 16

    Total: 159

    Short Comment:

    This was a performance of merit, and they gave it absolutely they're all.Some solo work didn't quite come off . You have to admire the fine work done by Aldbourne. Take a bow!

  • Saturday 7, 16:57:03

  • Saturday 7, 16:53:52

    16. Cory (Philip Harper)

    embedded picture
    On Stage — Cory (Philip Harper)

    Tom Hutchinson gives the opening cornet solo so much space and freedom. This is a compelling start, so subtly coloured and shaded.

    The transition into 'War' is so darkly foreboding yet mysterious and as its full impact unfolds, its power leads seamlessly into 'Theatre' which flies at a hair raising pace and with magnificent detail.

    The sheer impact gained through the control of dynamics and precision of ensemble is so impressive.

    Glyn Williams opens 'Together' beautifully and the quartet is a thing of delicate beauty, enunciated with telling sensitivity.

    The atmosphere created in 'Farewell' is one of such stillness. The tempo takes risks as it tends to the slow side, but the results are magical indeed. This is such beautiful playing as the references to Severn Suite pull at the heart strings.

    What a fabulous opening Eb solo in 'Amen'. This has a stature about it, an Edwardian character that aligns with Handel in the cleverest of ways. And when the band opens up at the close the effect is simply stunning.

    Overall: Playing of startling magic, sublime majesty and atmosphere. This was a masterclass in how to hold an audience spellbound.

    Chris Thomas

    embedded picture
    In Performance — Philip Harper with Cory

    Criteria Mark Sheet — Marks by Steven Mead

    Technical accuracy: 18
    Rhythmic precision and clarity: 20
    Control of full dynamic range: 20
    Ensemble precision: 20
    Tuning/intonation: 20
    Band sound quality: 20
    Balance/clarity of textures: 20
    Quality of soloists: 20
    Overall understanding: 20
    Total musicality from the band: 20

    Total: 198

    Short Comment:

    Sublime playing of this test piece. An array of colours, dynamic moments and precision pretty much unlike anything we've heard today. Imagine Harry Mortimers smile at this musicianship and outstanding band playing. Extraordinary!

  • Saturday 7, 16:43:22

    4BR talks to Franck Bichon

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