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2004 Scottish Regional Championships

4BR casts it eye over the runners and rider of the Scottish Regional Championships, which takes place on the weekend of the 13th/14th March.

Motherwell Civic Centre
13th March - Sections: Two, Three and Four
14th March - Sections: First and Championship.

Contact Secretary: Neil Watson
Tel: 01224 744967

The Scottish Championships returns to Motherwell this year, as it has almost every second year since 1975. With the exception of 2000 when it was held in Troon, every other contest in this period has been in Falkirk, but this cycle is about to break and we understand that Dundee's Caird Hall is being examined as a possible venue for 2005 following the success of the lower section finals last year. Motherwell Civic Centre is a venue that offers almost everything required for a band contest though and the acoustics in the Concert Hall are such that very little detail gets lost between stage and adjudicator's box.

This year there are 52 bands entered and this number, although it does fluctuate slightly, seems to be around the normal level for Scotland in recent years. The Scottish Association (SBBA) have been working hard over the last couple of years though and we hope that they will be rewarded with a larger audience than they got for the Scottish Open in Glasgow.

The finals have been unspectacular for Scotland in recent years, with only Arbroath Instrumental picking up a prize last year in the Second Section and we need to go back to 2000 to find a Scottish band in the frame at the Albert Hall. Good things are happening in Scotland though and we have a feeling that one or two of their bands, not only in the top section, could be in for a good year.

It all kicks off on Saturday morning with the Second Section, which on paper at least, could be one of the closest of the weekend.

Number of competing bands:

2004: 52
2003: 49
2002: 52
2001: 51
2000: 55
1999: 54
1998: 50
1997: 53
1996: 53
1995: 57

Other Years:

1990: 63
1989: 64
1987: 60
1986: 66
1985: 64
1983: 58

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