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2004 Midlands Regional Championships

4BR casts it eye over the runners and rider of the Midlands, which takes place over the two weekends of the 6th/7th and 13th/14th March.

The Town Hall, Burton on Trent
Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th, Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th March

Championship: Sunday March 7th
First Section: Saturday March 6th
Second Section: Saturday 13th March
Third Section: Sunday 7th March
Fourth Section: Sunday 14th March

For further information, please contact:

Brian Eggleshaw: 59, Cardale Road, Mansfield, Notts. NG19 7RW
Tel: 01623 478454

The biggest region in the country in terms of competing bands, the Midlands has undergone much change since the days when over 110 bands used to make the trips to the two separate regions prior to 1994. The Midlands have therefore done rather well in keeping numbers at a healthy level and this year 85 bands will take the stage – the same number as last year. The trend is downward though and in 1995 there were 98 bands here so a number have gone to the wall, including a couple this year who are not making the trip, such as Thornton’s High Peak Brass, Corby and the University of Warwick. The good news though is that in the Fourth section, three bands return to the contesting arena.

Nationally the Midlands has struggled a bit at the top level for a few years now, with the great Desford wining years now over a decade ago. 8th and 16th at the Albert Hall, coupled with no British Open representation isn’t the best, so is there strength in the lower sections?

7th and 8th in the First Section, 16th, 17th and 18th in the Second, 3rd and 11th in the Third and 2nd, 9th and 12th in the Fourth is OK if nothing more, so a revival is needed.

One of the problems for the organisers though is trying to find a suitable venue to allow the Area Contest to take place over one weekend. The split over two means headaches for many people, especially the hard working officials, so it would be great to see this contest find a suitable home in the future.

Number of competing bands:

2003: 85
2002: 85
2001: 89
2000: 91
1999: 95
1998: 81
1997: 84
1996: 89
1995: 98

Other Years:

1990: 114
1989: 112
1987: 105
1986: 104
1985: 106
1983: 91

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