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2004 Yorkshire Regional Championships - Retrospective

Fourth Section
Sunday 7th March

Test Piece: Partita – Edward Gregson
Adjudicator: David Lancaster

Sunday lunch had Professor Edward Gregson’s Partita on the menu with just eight bands doing battle. David Lancaster, the adjudicator, had little doubt though that Grange Moor were the deserved winners and they will be joined in North Yorkshire in September by Gawthorpe Brass.

The three-movement test piece certainly caused the bands a few problems, A number of bands were not consistent enough across the three movements, and those that were, found themselves in the prizes.

Friendly Band drew number 1 and it was a good one. They seemed at home with the opening ‘Intrada’, but in the lovely ‘Chorale’, suffered at the beginning with the quiet opening, and although the solo playing was nice, had some uncertainties in the ensemble playing. The final ‘March’ was strong though, and after seventh place last year, they should be happy to have been placed fourth.

Gawthorpe Brass was next on, and they had three sound movements. The opening was firm and purposeful and came across well. The middle movement was some of the nicest playing of the whole competition. It had a peaceful feel to it and was lyrical, with some nice playing from within the middle of the band. Come the final movement, it was clear this was a performance that would be hard to beat. Placed third and fourth in the past couple of years, the band has become consistent, and no one can grumble that they qualified.

Lofthouse 2000 finished fifth overall, and they were another band that 4BR felt didn’t gel right through all of the movements. The middle movement was the band’s achilles-heel and it stretched them outside their comfort zone. That said, the band should be pleased to have improved on last year’s position of sixth.

Linthwaite were expected to do well, but they will be the first to admit, that they didn’t have the greatest day at the office. The middle movement again was problematic, and they suffered a touch with the ensemble playing in the final march movement.

Grange Moor certainly gave David Lancaster something to think about as they produced a top draw performance. Since Gawthorpe, Grange Moorwas the first band to put three really good movements together. The first was bold and positive, the second, lyrical and relaxed, with some nice soprano playing, and in the third, they didn’t have too many ensemble problems, and the clarity of the music came across. It was not perfect (nobody was) but it the playing had that tighter feel about it, and the band will be looking to do their county proud in the early autumn.

Crofton Silver certainly pushed Gawthorpe and Grange Moor pretty close mind you. Behind stage, they knew Grange Moor had given a good show and they responded. Once again though, the middle movement stretched them a touch, and some of the ensemble stuff in the final movement wasn’t as tight and clean as the two winners.

The last two bands were Dearne Valley and Thurcroft Welfare who both had days they will want to forget, although 4BR expected them to do well. Dearne Valley will be disappointed, as the first movement (Intrada) started well, but they struggled in the final two movements.

Thurcroft got the wooden spoon in this section, and as with Dearne Valley, they will want to put the performance behind them and move on. It wasn’t a bad show, but it never sounded like they were happy with the piece, and sadly it came across.

It was a shame that not more than eight bands did battle in this section, as it could have turned into one heck of a battle. As it was, it was the top four that really shone with Grange Moor and Gawthorpe taking the honours and the challenge of becoming Fourth Section National Champions.

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