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2004 Norwegian National Championships

February 13th - 15th

Elite Division

Here are our live comments for each of the 'own choice' performances

Elite division

Jens T. Larson, Henrik Vagn Christensen og Isabelle Ruf-Weber

Commences: 14.30


Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag, Reid Gilje, 1, 14.30     
Concerto No. 1 for Brass Band, Opus 44 - Derek Bourgeois

This band has set the standard for the day with an extremely high level of performance. This is an impressive band with great soloists. The choice of music suited them down to the ground. The character of the music was portrayed superbly - and the MD should take great credit for a well directed show. There were moments where the emsemble was a little questionable but this didn't detract from a quite amazing performance.

Krohnengen Brass Band, Ray Farr, 2, 14.55     
Harrison's Dream - Peter Graham

Like yesterday, this band was superbly directed. The tempos were spot on and this gave the performance an added dimension. What a shame about the slips and clips that detracted from the overall product. This band has the potential to pull off a stunning performance, but the last few times we've heard them, they've somewhat let themselves down - notable exceptions being the back-row cornets. Well played overall - if a little enthusiatic in places!

Ila Brass Band, Thomas Rimul, 3, 15.20
Exergy Re-Revisited - Dag Egil Njaa

Certainly different this - and difficult for us to judge as we don't know the score! Interesting to listen to with plenty of colour and timbres. Some scrappy playing in individual lines and at times the percussion led too forcefully. Bravo Euph - you impressed us throughout. A difficult one to judge on this one hearing. An enjoyable experience though - we liked it.

Tertnes Brass, Bjørn Breistein, 4, 15.45
...Dove Descending, Sonata in open tones - Philip Wilby

A brave performance of a very difficult work but undermined by far too many ensemble and individual errors. All three troms were flat to start! The Nativity was well shaped but error strewn - a fine effort though from the young euph player. A rousing final section brought ther performance to a close. An ambitious choice for a young band, which didn't quite come off.

Oslofjord Brass, Christian Tenfjord, 5, 16.10
Montage - Peter Graham

Montage is a very difficult piece. It was well directed and the band put in an honest, hardworking performance. Superb solo cornet, but some major tuning issues around the stand was a shame. The last movement lacked cohesion and became a little frantic to close. Well done euph though - you did well. A brave choice and a brave perfomance.

Manger Musikklag, Jesper Juul Sørensen, 6, 16.50
Paganini Variations - Philip Wilby

An exceptionally powerful performance - too powerful and overly aggressive to start though! Perhaps the dynamic contrast was lost in the pursuit of excitement. A quite sublime funeral section - oustanding in general - just the odd moment of unease. Well shaped from then on, but the dynamic contrasts not always observed. Very exciting stuff - but possiblty at the expense of subtlety. A fine show though.

Jaren Hornmusikkforening, Helge Haukås, 7, 17.15
English Heritage - George Lloyd

Not quite the 'Full English' this - a little too error strewn to qualify as that. It certainly had fine moments, but time and time again the noticable mistakes robbed the quality. Fine attempt solo cornet - and basses you are powerful. A good attempt at an underated work - but it just needed to be more accurate. Helge - we enjoyed the stick work.

Molde Brass Band, Alan Morrison, 8, 17.40     
Concerto Grosso, Opus 61 A - Derek Bourgeois

The second impressive performance from Molde - this time on a very difficult work. Not everything came off in the solo and ensemble lines, but the vitality and style was all there; and this was high class playing. Fine, clear direction from the MD helped things greatly as did a top notch trom player. Right to the end there was clarity and plenty of panache. A top rate effort from everyone.

Sandefjord Brass Symposium, John Philip Hannevik, 9, 18.05     
Apocalypse, Opus 187 - Derek Bourgeois

A real momentous attempt to tame the Bourgeois 'Beast' - It very nearly came off as well - just tiring before the end as the errors crept in. Great sounds though, and at the extreme end of the dynamic range. Excellent percussion section enhanced rather than overwhelmed - as could have easily happened. It just lost its way at the end for us - but what a fine effort from MD and band.

Stavanger Brass Band, David King, 10, 18.30
Masquerade, Philip Wilby

At absolutely stunning contest winning performance. All the 'King' ingredients were mixed together with spell-binding effect - complete with a couple of 'enhancements' in certain areas. The ensemble playing was amazingly compact and the solo lines (especially Eb tuba and euph) gave memorable accounts. Much was expected but much, much more was delivered.

Our leaderboard - day 2

This is for the Own Choice Section.

1. Stavanger
2. Eikanger
3. Molde
4. Manger
5. Sandefjord
6. Krohnengen
7. Ila Brass Band
8. Jaren Hornmusikkforening
9. Oslofjord
10. Tertnes

Over all then... for us

1. Stavanger
2. Eikanger Bjorsvik
3. Manger
4. Molde
5. Krohnengen
6. Sandefjord
7. Ila Brass Band
8. Oslofjord
9. Jaren Hornmusikkforening
10. Tertnes

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