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2004 Norwegian National Championships

February 13th - 15th

Elite Division

Here are our live comments for each of the 'set work' performances

Elite division

Jens T. Larson, Henrik Vagn Christensen og Isabelle Ruf-Weber

Test piece:
Graffiti - Knut Vaage

Commences: 18.00


Sandefjord Brass Symposium, John Philip Hannevik, 1, 18.00

A rather understated performance overall we felt. Many of the linking strands didn't quite knit together and the muted effects didn't always project and speak. It was a performance that just needed some extra drive - maybe from the percussion - together with a slightly more committed approach to the musical idea. The ending was quite excellent though! Maybe we are being a bit harsh here - but that's the luck of the draw.

Manger Musikklag, Jesper Juul Sørensen, 2, 18.20

A fine show overall and well shaped from the MD. Lots of time and space was given, letting the individual lines come throguh. These were clearly defined and musically developed. A great foundation and percussion drove the music when needed. A magical ending to a finely structured performance.

Krohnengen Brass Band, Ray Farr, 3, 18.40

An up tempo approach that held its pace to the end. Some blemishes and smaller ideas in the individual lines again didn't speak, but the undelying shape was clear. Small errors did detract a little, and it ended with the horns dominating a little too much for us. MD knew what was required - but the band didn't always give him what he wanted. A good show though.

Ila Brass Band, Thomas Rimul, 4, 19.00

Just lacks real clarity and quality in both individual and ensemble lines, denying the effects their presence. The percussion generally lacks clarity even at such a loud volume - more detail is lost. Fine efforts from soloists but the general volume stios the detail coming through. A performance that just lacked atmosphere for us.

Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag, Reid Gilje, 5, 19.20

Super opening - lots of detail and balance. Excellent individual lines that link together. A real sense of purpose throughout. Percussion feature is top notch stuff and the MD has a real understanding of the musical picture. Some uneasy solo moments towards the end, but what a great finish. A tremendous show.

Tertnes Brass, Bjørn Breistein, 6, 20.00

Another performance that lacked clarity in both solo and ensemble lines - the high volume masks the detail. Individual errors detract as it sounds too forced at times. A little less hardness would have helped considerably. A fine close though, but overall it didn't seem comfortable.

Oslofjord Brass, Christian Tenfjord, 7, 20.20

Again - there's no sense of detail - it's submerged in the sound too often. Percussion overpower a little and the individual errors don't help. MD allows time to shape, but the slips take off the gloss. It generally lacks dynamic and tonal contrast. A brave finish to an average show.

Jaren Hornmusikkforening, Helge Haukås, 8, 20.40

A pacy start, but this is undermined by some nasty individual errors that detract from the overall picture. The musical shape is evident but so are the costly slips. The performance then becomes generally messy from the percussion feature onwards. The final section just doesn't quite come off. A shame.

Stavanger Brass Band, David King, 9, 21.00

The layers of the music are revealed and the shape and directional line is there for everyone to hear. Percussion feature is quite brilliant - a balance with the band that few have managed today. This continues with panache through to an ending with real anticipation and atmosphere. Some liberties (it wouldn't be David King otherwise) in the euph line though! Overall - A little corker!

Molde Brass Band, Alan Morrison, 10, 21.20

A little light sounding but has clarity and detail. Nice individual feature, but it is a little on the safe side. Excellent percussion section - the rhythms are all heard. Fine section after this, that then leads to a good close. A good performance this!

So what do we think is the state of the leaderboard?

It's very close at the top for us, but we think Stavanger may just be edging it by a half a point from Eikanger! It could go either way though. Manger also impressed us as did Krohnengen and Molde. Below that - the standard dropped away. So... here's our run down...

1. Stavanger
2. Eikanger
3. Manger
4. Krohnengen
5. Molde
6. Sandefjord
7. Ila
8. Olslofjord
9. Jaren Hornmusikkforening
10. Tertnes

Of course - we're probably completely wrong!

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