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BFBB Business/Strategic Plan

The British Federation of Brass Bands have released their Business Plan for the future. We have it in full, so read it and see what you think about their ideas.

British Federation of Brass Bands
Registered Charity No: 1065181

Business/Strategic Plan - September 2003


To ensure that the BFBB is a recognised national body for brass bands in the UK and is organised on a professional basis with professional staff and executive support and to work in partnership with all brass band organisations for the future development of the brass band movement; also to raise the public profile of the organisation using professional communication channels with the press, arts council and all other associated bodies.


1. Increase membership of the BFBB to 400 bands by 31st December, 2004. How do we achieve this?

a) Target certain sections of the country geographically. New Development Officer to visit and talk to bands/ associations and work in partnership with the membership secretary to produce mail shots to targeted areas.
Target Date: 31st December 2004

b) BFBB Trade Stands manned at all major contests and as many local contests as possible.
Target Date: Start Area 2004

c) Press release on all work carried out by BFBB. Let the bands know what we do.
Target Date: Ongoing from Now

2. Aim for 50% self support of Development Officer’s salary by December 2005 to offset any possible reduction in Arts Council Funding. How do we do this?

a) More bands in membership
b) Increase fees to cover inflation and additional costs
c) Invite sponsorship of the Federation’s activities, i.e. Newsletter, Directory
d) Increase participation in Insurance Scheme (Fedsure)
e) Fund Raising
Target Date: December 2005

3. Look to have a part time finance officer in place to assist the Treasurer with preparation of accounts and returns to Arts Council etc. How do we do this?

a) Seek out assistance available from Yorkshire Business Arts & Skills Bank
Target Date: December 2003

4. The BFBB to be recognised as the National body of the UK band movement. How do we do this?

a) Form links/partnerships with all brass band organisations, to include:-

i) British Open ) Already in existence
ii) Pontins ) with Registry and
iii) English Masters ) Adverts
Target: Monitor adverts and
mentions in programmes - ongoing
Target: Article to CISWO
Programme - Done
v) All national youth brass bands )
vi) ABBA )
vii) EBBA )
Target Date: Ongoing
viii) Kapitol and other private promoters
Target Date: July 2004
ix) Talk to Welsh and Scottish management bodies to encourage more cross border agreements and participation
Target Date: Meeting Dundee Sept. 03
x) Continued development of Registry System
with Welsh and Scottish Registries
Target Date: Ongoing Report December 2004
xi) Continued dialogue and co-operation with regional committees
Target Date: Ongoing Measure with Meetings

5. Promote brass bands in the national media. How do we do this?

a) Encourage the new officer to visit T.V. and local radio
to promote the image and music of brass bands plus
press reports, band press and 4 bars rest
Target Date: June 2004

6. Comply with charity law when producing annual reports. Continue to review situation and keep track of new charity laws.
Target Date: June 2004

7. Carry out a survey to discover how many brass bands and players there are in the country, to include contesting, non-contesting, training/youth bands and salvation army bands. How do we do this?

a) Carry out a postal survey via association secretaries
b) Investigate other methods of surveys
c) Investigate number of brass instrumentalists
Target Date: December 2004

8. In partnership with other interested bodies carry out an in depth investigation into the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain, to include:-

i) Grading
ii) Rules & Registry
iii) Adjudicating
iv) Regions - is 8 satisfactory?
v) Venues and timing of events
vi) Entry fees and prize money
and any other item appertaining to the event.

How do we do this?

a) Set up a working group to include representation from Wales and Scotland, survey bands, adjudicators, regions and promoters over 2 year period.
Target Date: Executive to set up discussion body - February 2004

9. Continue the good work carried out over the past 10 years and adopt the word “partnership” as our key word when working and talking to other brass band organisations.
Target Date: Now - ongoing forever

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