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2003 Spring Brass Band Festival

Grand Shield Records

4BR has tried to put together as much information as possible about the records for the Grand Shield, Senior Cup and Trophy, but there are gaps.

We would like to be able to go back right to the beginning but the information is so hard to find. If anyone can help us we would be grateful. Have a look at what we have done and see how you can help us. It would be a great pity if this bit of history is lost.

Grand Shield

The Winners

1974: Woodfalls
1975: Coventry School of Music
1976: Tredegar
1977: East Lancashire Paper Group
1978: Ratby
1979: Rochdale Wilsons
1980: Andrews Heat for Hire
1981: Leyland Vehicles
1982: Brodsworth Colliery
1983: Jones and Crossland
1984: Andrews Heat for Hire
1985: Woodfalls
1986: Lewington Yamaha Brass
1987: Blackburn and Darwen
1988: CWS Glasgow
1989: Hammonds Sauce Work
1990: Stalybridge
1991: Murray International Whitburn
1992: British Steel Dodworth
1993: William Davis Construction
1994: Cory
1995: Yorkshire Building Society
1996: Wingates
1997: Wallace Arnold (Rothwell)
1998: Flowers
1999: Carlton Main Frickley Colliery
2000: Todmorden Old
2001: Kirkintilloch
2002: Cwmaman Institute

Winning Conductors

1974: Courtney Bosanko
1975: Albert Chappell
1976: John Childs
1977: David Loukes
1978: Betty Anderson
1979: David Loukes
1980: D. Renshaw
1981: Richard Evans
1982: Denis Carr
1983: Stephen Roberts
1984: Denis Carr
1985: Wesley Garner
1986: Denis Carr
1987: Alex Evans
1988: Howard Snell
1989: Geoffrey Whitham
1990: Malcolm Brownbill
1991: Peter Parkes
1992: Graham O’Connor
1993: Keith Wilkinson
1994: Graham O’Connor
1995: David King
1996: Nicholas Childs
1997: Douglas Blackledge
1998: Bryan Hurdley
1999: John Hinckley
2000: Dennis Hadfield
2001: Allan Ramsey
2002: John Hudson

The Test Pieces

1975: Tournament for Brass
1976: The Frogs of Aristophanes
1977: Land of the Mountain and the Flood
1978: 2nd Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals
1979: Sinfonietta
1980: The Crusaders
1981: Tournament for Brass
1982: Festival Music
1983: Symphony of Marches
1984: Le Roi d’Y’s
1985: Journey into Freedom
1986: Suite from The Wand of Youth
1987: The Accursed Huntsman
1988: Un Vie de Matelot
1989: Ballet for Band
1990: Trittico
1991: Le Carnival Romain
1992: The Essence of Time
1993: The Year of the Dragon
1994: Spectrum
1995: Pageantry
1996: Variations on a Ninth
1997: Festival Music
1998: Partita
1999: Comedy Overture
2000: Variations on The Shining River
2001: Epic Symphony
2002: Checkmate

The Adjudicators

1975: Eric Ball
1976: James Scott
1977: Trevor Walmsley
1978: George Thompson
1979: Gordon Langford and Peter Wilson
1980: David Read and Peter Wilson
1981: Roy Newsome and Denis Carr
1982: Arthur Butterworth and Kenneth Dennison
1984: Peter Parkes and Peter Wilson
1985: James Scott and David Read
1986: Bram Gay and David Read
1987: Bram Gay and Denis Carr
1988: James Scott and Denis Masters
1989: James Scott and Bram Gay
1990: James Scott, Bram Gay and Frank Renton
1991: David Read and James Watson
1992: David Read and Denis Carr
1993: James Scott and James Langley
1994: James Watson and James Langley
1995: Bram Gay and William Relton
1996: John Berryman and Roy Newsome
1997: Derek Garside and Geoffrey Whitham
1998: Garry Cutt and Peter Parkes
1999: Roy Newsome and Gordon Higginbottom
2000: James Scott and David Read
2001: Derek Broadbent and David Read
2002: Nicholas Childs and Robert Childs

Qualifying Bands for British Open

1990: Stalybridge, Besses O’ th’ Barn, Marple
1991: Murray International Whitburn, Wallace Arnold Rothwell and Stocksbridge
1992: British Steel Dodworth, Besses O’ th’ Barn , Wingates
1993: William Davis Construction, Point of Ayr, Rhodian Brass, Rigid Containers
1994: Cory, Tredegar
1995: Yorkshire Building Society, Whitburn
1996: Wingates, Polypipe Rossington
1997: Wallace Arnold (Rothwell), NSK Ransome
1998: Flowers, British Telecom
1999: Carlton Main Frickley Colliery, Rolls Royce (Coventry)
2000: Todmorden Old, Glossop Old
2001: Kirkintilloch, Ever Ready
2002: Cwmaman Institute, Besses O’ th’ Barn

Best Soloist:

2002: Chris Howley - soprano (Flowers)

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