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2003 London and Southern Counties Regional Qualifying Championships

Fourth Section - Retrospective


Test Piece: Lydian Pictures - Simon Dobson

We don’t really know what the outcome of the Fourth Section will be as we write as there may or may not we understand be an investigation into the win by Thundersley Brass directed by K. Schroeder.

By all accounts and rumours the band were allowed on stage with one extra player and even though this had no effect upon the result, there seems to be something of a technical infringement of the rules and so we don’t know if the result will stand. That would be a great pity as they were the best band on the day, but we can only report what we have heard from a number of sources. We also hope that no other band makes a meal of it as it would rather tarnish the contest and isn’t it the organisers business to ensure the correct number of players are allowed on stage?

We had to take the summing up on many of the bands in this section from a variety of sources as we couldn’t get to hear them all, but overall our they say that Jim Davies was pretty spot on with the result. Thundersley were clearly the best and made the most of Simon Dobson’s super test piece, whilst both Great Yarmouth and Woodbridge Excelsior were well worth their qualification spots. All three bands found the lightness and vitality in the music and gave super shows of what is a very fine work for bands at this level.

Below them we were told that many of the performances lost out as the basics were not in place and the tuning was at times AWOL. However a couple of the people we asked to give their opinion thought that Fulham were a touch unlucky not to have come higher and Hilgay also had more than a few fans.

As for the others though our listeners felt that overall the standard fell away and that many of the bands found the technical aspects a bit too much for them – this is one of the harder works used at this level for some time. There was plenty of youthful faces in just about every band but overall the MD’s tried to do too much with the music without getting the basics right first.

Jim Davies said as much in his summing up and that he had no doubt about the winning band. He was also looking for correct dynamics and good tuning – points that ruined many a performance.

Before the results were announced there were a couple of nice presentations to two stalwarts of the banding movement in the Region and both Derek Bullman and Rosemary Mann received warm applause and Diploma from the Association for all their hard work over the years.

The winners were well received although there was a question raised to whether there will be an investigation. Lets hope common sense prevails and the result stands – they deserved it.

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