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2003 Scottish Regional Qualifying Championships

Fourth Section - Retrospective

Chris Wormald and Philip McCann

Test Piece: Lydian Pictures - Simon Dobson

Before a note had been blown in the 4th Section 8 of the bands that were down to take part had withdrawn from the contest. This was a major disappointment to the organisers and to 4BR as we had spent a considerable amount of time researching something each of the bands, but there was an explanation of sorts to the reason why only six bands made it to the starting gate.

The Scottish Association had printed the names of all the bands that could have taken part in the contest from each of their regions, and so that was why there was a large entry list printed. Some bands or course entered and then decided to drop out for whatever reason, but some were not going to compete right from the start, so the failure rate wasn’t as bad as it first appeared. Still it meant that two judges in the shape of Chris Wormald and Philip McCann had a pleasant and quite easy days work.

They also had the decision bang to rights as well and even if the overall quality wasn’t the greatest them it was still a good contest and the bands that did make it to the stage should be fully congratulated for their efforts.

Dumfries were the winners with a performance under Gordon Brotherstone that captured the essence of Simon Dobson’s test piece to the hilt and gained them a close one point victory over Peebles in second place under Derek Broadbent. Derek conducted Peebles as a long-standing favour to the band after their MD had been unwell, and his experience really showed as he coaxed and encouraged a fine reading from the players. Both bands did themselves proud and fully deserved their top two placings.

Third place went to Penicuik under Jim Chamberlain who put in a strong effort whilst fourth spot was taken by Queensferry High who were very nearly an all girls band. They too gave a good account of themselves and will come back stronger next year as the experience of playing here will have benefited them greatly.

Our pre match favourites Bon Accord Silver B played well to come 5th, whilst Stanraer Youth under Ian Munroe came 6th. Coalburn brought up the rear in 7th spot.

Although light on numbers the 4th Section showed that there was plenty of talent – young talent in these bands to ensure that there is a healthy future to banding at this level in Scotland if the interest can be maintained. Well done all the bands who made the effort to take the stage here – it wasn’t easy.

As for 4BR – we only lost two of our predictions due to the withdrawals but our others did us proud and we managed to get five of the top six – not difficult with only six bands competing we hear you say, but we did pick them prior to the contest, so we are a bit chuffed.

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