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2003 Norwegian Brass Band Championships

7th and 8th February 2003
Grieg Hall

Third Division:
Peer Gyntsalen (Smaller concert hall within the Grieg Hall building)

Friday 7th Feb: 16.30 - 21.50

Competing Bands:

Bergen Brass Band

Conductor: Knut Harald Rydland
Norwegian Ranking: 32
National Record: 2002 – 14th in 2nd Division; 2001 – 2nd; 2000 – 7th;
Last Year: 14th in Second Division

Relegated to the Third Division following just the one year in the higher flight, Bergen will be hoping to make a quick return. Knut Harald Rydland conducts once more and he will be looking to try and get a performance that will bring another runners up place like 2001. In 2000 they were 7th here.

At SIDDIS they came 3rd in the 2nd Division last year and 5th the year before.

Follesø Musikklag

Conductor: Reid Gilje
Norwegian Ranking: 45
National Record: 2002 – 10th; 2001 – 6th; 2000 – DNC;
Last Year: 10th

The very experienced Reid Gilje takes Follesø Musikklag once more after gaining 10th here last year and 6th the year before. They didn’t compete as far as we know in 2000. The band came runners up at SIDDIS in the 3rd Division last year under the direction of J. Arne Pupe.

Frei Hornmusikk

Conductor: John Hudson
Norwegian Ranking: 50
National Record: 2002 – 10th in 2nd Division; 2001 – 1st; 2000 – 18th;
Last Year: 10th in Second Division

Frei have managed to obtain the services of the popular John Hudson to spearhead their campaign this year, and he is a conductor with great experience at the Nationals. Last year the band were directed by S. Agesorlie and they came 10th in the 2nd Division to be relegated after just one year.

They had won this title in 2001 after coming as low as 18th the year before, so theband will be hoping for a return to form and a return to the higher section. The band didn’t compete at the SIDDIS contest in 20001 or 2002.

Fræna Musikkorps

Conductor: Jens Kr. Mordal
Norwegian Ranking: 64
National Record: 2002 – 9th; 2001 – DNC; 2000 – DNC;
Last Year: 9th

Not a lot of information on Fræna Musikkorps other than they came 9th here last year with the same conductor, so they should be looking for further improvement. The band didn’t compete at the SIDDIS contest in either 2001 or 2002.

Gjøvik ByBrass

Conductor: Roar Bjerkehagen
Norwegian Ranking: 62
National Record: 2002 – Joint 13th; 2001 – 12th; 2000 – DNC;
Last Year: Joint 13th

Roar Bjerkehagen conducted Gjøvik ByBrass into joint 13th place last year after coming 12th the year before under the direction of O.E. Mikkelsen. Should therefore know what it takes to hold their own, but whether or not they can improve on the last two years we’ll have to wait and see. The band didn’t compete at the SIDDIS contest in either 2002 or 2001.

Haukås Musikklag

Conductor: Knut Harald Rydland
Norwegian Ranking: 33
National Record: 2002 – 4th; 2001 – 13th in 2nd Division; 2000 – Joint 9th in 2nd Division;
Last Year: 4th

After being relegated in 2001 Haukås Musikklag and Knut Harald Rydland worked hard last year to try and bounce right back, and were rewarded with a well earned 4th place. In 2000 they came joint 9th in the higher division and that was followed by a lowly 13th and relegation. However they have shown that they can lead the way against this standard of opposition and were winners for the past two years at the SIDDIS contest in the 3rd Division. The ones to beat.

Jølster Musikklag

Conductor: Gunnar Smaadal
Norwegian Ranking: 53
National Record: 2002 – 7th; 2001 – 4th; 2000 – 6th;
Last Year: 7th

A very consistent band here at the Championships, Jølster Musikklag and Gunnar Smaadal have a solid record that reads 6th in 2000, 4th in 2001 and 7th last year. They will surely be looking to improve on that even further this year and possibly get into the top three. The band didn’t compete at the SIDDIS contest last year or 2001, but they should have enough about them to continue to perform well here.

Laksevåg Musikkforening

Conductor: Ray Farr
Norwegian Ranking: 26
National Record: 2002 – 12th in 2nd Division; 2001 – 6th in 2nd Division; 2000 – 2nd;
Last Year: 12th in Second Division

Laksevåg Musikkforening and Ray Farr should be real contenders for the top prize this year, even though they were relegated to the 3rd Division following them coming 12th in the higher division last year. The band were promoted up after coming runners up here and they did well in 2001 by coming 6th in the higher division before relegation last year. Ray Farr should ensure things go well this time around, and the band were winners of the SIDDIS contest in the 2nd Division late last year as well as coming 4th the year before.

Nes Musikkforening

Conductor: Andres Halla
Norwegian Ranking: 56
National Record: 2002 – 6th; 2001 – 16th; 2000 – 14th;
Last Year: 6th

A band with a good solid record here in the past three years, and they made a real jump to come 6th last year after coming 14th in 2000 and 16th in 2001. Andres Halla conducts again, and they will be hoping that the result of last year is a real sign that they can challenge for prizes. We will have to wait and see. The band didn’t compete at SIDDIS in either 2001 or 2002.

Randaberg musikkorps

Conductor: Ebbe Sivertsen
Norwegian Ranking: 43
National Record: 2002 – 12th; 2001 – 15th; 2000 – 8th;
Last Year: 12th

Another band with a solid record here over the past three years, Randaberg musikkorps 12th last year under the direction of Ebbe Sivertsen, who take the band once more. That was an improvement on the 15th of 2001 but not quite up to the 8th place of 2000. They have also performed solidly at SIDDIS as well and came 7th in 2001 and 4th last year.

Rong Brass

Conductor: Oddvar Nøstdal
Norwegian Ranking: 36
National Record: 2002 – 11th; 2001 – 7th; 2000 – 9th;
Last Year: 11th

Another middle of the road record here for Rong, but they are a band that could well improve further and make a real mark here. They came 9th in 2000 and then 7th in 2001 before the 11th place of last year. Oddvar Nøstdal has directed the band for the past few years and they came 7th at SIDDIS in the 2nd Division. Time for them to make a higher mark perhaps?

Rosendal Musikklag

Conductor: Yngve Nikolaisen
Norwegian Ranking: 34
National Record: 2002 – 13th in 2nd Division; 2001 – 3rd; 2000 – 12th;
Last Year: 13th in Second Division

Rosendal lasted just the one year in the higher division after being promoted from the 3rd Division in 2001 after coming 3rd here under Yngve Nikolaisen. Pal W Josok took the band last year, so it is a welcome return for the former MD and he and the band will be hoping for a repeat performance of 2001. The band also competed at the SIDDIS contest where they came 3rd in the 2nd Division in 2001 and 9th last year.

Skeie Glad Brass

Conductor: Einar Mæland
Norwegian Ranking: 44
National Record: 2002 – 8th; 2001 – DNC; 2000 – DNC;
Last Year: 8th

Not much of a record to go on at the Nationals in recent years, as we only could find last years 8th place as their record since 2000. Einar Mæland conducted that performance as he did when the band came 10th in Division 3 at the SIDDIS contest last year and 8th the year before.

Tysnes Musikklag

Conductor: Jan Magne Olsen
Norwegian Ranking: 38
National Record: 2002 – 11th in 2nd Division; 2001 – 12th in 2nd Division; 2000 – 1st;
Last Year: 11th in Second Division

Tysnes were relegated from the 2nd Division following their 11th place last year, and that followed them coming 12th the year before. The band have done well at this level though and won the 3rd Division title in 2000. Jan Magne Olsen conducts again after last year, whilst the band came 8th in the 2nd Division at SIDDIS late last year.

Own Choice Selections:

A Salford Sinfonietta - Darroll Barry
Connotations - Edward Gregson
Harmonious Variations - Gordon Langford
Hollywood ! - Goff Richards
Music for a Festival - Philip Sparke
Music for a Festival - Philip Sparke
Occasion - Edward Gregson
Purcell Variations - Kenneth Downie
Resurgam - Eric Ball
Rhapsody in Brass - Dean Goffin
Rhapsody on American Gospel Songs - Eric Ball
Royal Parks - George Lloyd
Saga - Ray Farr
Vizcaya - Gilbert Vinter

Vidar Olsen and Nils Magne Abelseth

2002 Result:

Third Division

1. Oslo Brass Band – 96pts
2. Oltedal-Ålgård Musikkorps – 95pts
3. Skodje Ungdomskorps – 94pts
4. Haukås Musikklag – 93pts
5. Hasle Ungdomsbrassband – 92pts
6. Nes Musikkforening – 91pts
7. Jølster Musikklag – 90pts
8. Skeie Gladbrass – 89pts
9. Fræna Musikkorps – 88pts
10. Follesø Musikklag – 87pts
11. Rong Brass – 86pts
12. Randaberg Musikkorps – 85pts
13. Brumund/Nordaasen Musikkforening – 84pts
13. Gjøvik Bybrass – 84pts
13. Ungdomskorpset Samklang – 84pts
16. Førde Musikkorps – 83pts
16. Lismarkens Musikforening – 83pts
18. Stavanger Kommunes Korps – 82pts
19. Sauda Musikklag – 81pts
20. Bamble Musikkorps – 80pts

The Winners:

2002: Oslo Brass Band
2001: F. Hornmusikklag
2000: Tysnes Musikklag

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