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2003 Norwegian Brass Band Championships

7th and 8th February 2003
Grieg Hall

Second Division:
Friday 7th Feb: 12.00 - 17.10

Competing Bands:

Austrheim Lindås Musikklag

Conductor: - Christian Breistein
Norwegian Ranking: 29
National Record: 2002 – 8th; 2001 – 11th; 2000 – 12th;
Last Year: 8th

Christian Breistein and his band have a solid record here in the past three years, but they haven’t really done enough to push for the top prizes. 12th in 2000 was followed by 11th and then 8th, so they are moving in the right direction, even if it is by small steps.

They will be hoping this continues, and a possible top six place could be in their grasp. Came 13th at SIDDIS in the 1st Division in 20001 and then 7th last year, so they have the talent.

Brøttum Musikkforening

Conductor: Thorbjørn Lunde
Norwegian Ranking: 24
National Record: 2002 – 8th in 1st Division; 2001 – 3rd; 2000 – 9th in 1st Division;
Last Year: 8th in First Division

Brottum return back to the 2nd Division after just one year in the First Division where they came 8th and were relegated. That showed how difficult it is to make a mark at the higher level, and especially for Brottum as they were also relegated in 2000 after coming 9th at the higher level.

Thorbjørn Lunde directs once more and they didn’t compete at SIDDIS last year after coming 2nd in the 2nd Division there in 2001. Should do well, so don’t be surprised if they are close to yet another promotion trip back up a section.

Flesland Musikklag

Conductor: Michael Antrobus
Norwegian Ranking: 25
National Record: 2002 – 5th; 2001 – 7th; 2000 – Joint 9th;
Last Year: 5th

A band that has an ever improving record here over the past three years, although they will now be using their third new conductor in as many outings. They were joint 9th in 2000 before T. Osa took them up a couple of places to 7th in 2001 and then Egil Magnuson upped that to 5th last year.

They also did well at SIDDIS with 1st place in the 2nd Division in 20001 and 4th last year. Michael Antrobus heads them this year, so a further improvement and a mention in the top three perhaps?

Hasle Brass

Conductor: Tarjei Gilbrant
Norwegian Ranking: 35
National Record: 2002 – 5th in 3rd Division; 2001 – 8th in 3rd Division; 2000 – 20th in 3rd Division;
Last Year: 5th in Third Division

Hasle were promoted to the 2nd Division this year following three years in the 3rd Division in which they made dramatic improvement since coming 20th in 2000. Tarjei Gilbrant has therefore done some wonderful work to get them to 8th and then 5th last year, but the step up to the 2nd Division may be a big one and they will be hoping that they can hold their own at least.

They won SIDDIS in the 3rd Division in 2000 and came 5th last year.

Kopervik Musikkorps

Conductor: Selmer Simonsen
Norwegian Ranking: 20
National Record: 2002 – 6th; 2001 – 9th; 2000 – 9th;
Last Year: 6th

Another band which has been improving over the past three years with them coming 9th in both 2000 (under Melvin White) and 2001 and then 6th last year under the direction of the irrepressible Richard Evans. They haven’t got him this time around and have settled for Selmer Simonsen instead, so they will be hoing he can carry on where the English contingent left off.

They have also doe well at the SIDDIS contest with them coming 11th in the 1st Division in 2001 and then 4th under the baton of Ray Farr last year.

Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn

Conductor: Alan Fernie
Norwegian Ranking: 23
National Record: 2002 – 3rd; 2001 – 5th; 2000 – 12th in 1st Division;
Last Year: 3rd

Another band on the up and one that on recent form here could well be challenging for one of the top prizes come results time. They came 12th in the First Division in 2000 and were relegated, but since that time they came 5th in 20001 under R.A. Gilje and then 3rd last year under the direction of Scotsman Alan Fernie.
Ebbe Siverstson took the band to SIDDIS last year when they came 9th, an improvement of three places from the 12th of 2001.

Could very well be a band to feature in the prizes this time around.

Oltedal-Ålgård Musikkorps

Conductor: Russell Gray
Norwegian Ranking: 31
National Record: 2002 – 2nd in 3rd Division; 2001 – 14th in 2nd Division; 2000 – 2nd in 3rd Division;
Last Year: Runners up in Third Division

Oltedal-Ålgård Musikkorps have had a very successful relationship with 4BR Conductor of the Year, Russell Gray, and the MD at Fodens Richardson will once more be fronting a band that will have high hopes of success here.

After promotion from the 3rd Division in 2000 they dropped back down after 14th place here in 2001 before a huge improvement saw them come runners up and get promoted. They also have done well at the SIDDIS contest in the past two years as well with 3rd place in 20001 and 2nd last year.

Oslo Brass Band

Conductor: Helge Haukås
Norwegian Ranking: 30
National Record: 2002 – 1st in 3rd Division; 2001 – DNE; 2000 – DNE;
Last Year: Winners of Third Division

The vastly experienced Helge Haukås (he conducted Eikanger to the National title way back in 1981) takes Oslo here for the second year, and by all accounts, and recent form they should be favourites to take the title.

They won the SIDDIS contest in the 1st Division with some considerable style last year (by two clear points from Askoy), so they certainly have the talent to do well here. They won the 3rd Division title with some ease last year and we think they will once again be the band to beat here.

Skodje Ungdomskorps

Conductor: Henrik Dalhaug
Norwegian Ranking: 49
National Record: 2002 – 3rd in 3rd Division; 2001 – 5th in 3rd Division; 2000 – 15th;
Last Year: Third place in Third Division

Skodje were relegated to the 3rd Division after coming 15th here in 2000, but since then they have regrouped somewhat and came 5th under the Henrik Dalhaug in 2001 and then came 3rd last year under the direction of Tormod Flaten. The Euphonium star isn’t at the helm this time and the baton reverts back to Henrik, but they will be keen to ensure that they can cut it at the higher level and will be looking to at least hold their own in a stronger field. No real form to go on at SIDDIS as they haven’t entered the contest for the past two years.

Stangaland Brass

Conductor: Stian Svendsen
Norwegian Ranking: 26
National Record: 2002 – 4th; 2001 – 10th; 2000 – Joint 5th;
Last Year: 4th

Stian Svendsen takes the band for the second successive year and they will be hoping for a repeat of last year at least, when they came 4th. They had come joint 5th back in 2000 before a drop to 10th under S. Andsnes in 2001so last years 4th place was a fine achievement.

The band also came 7th in the 2nd Division at SIDDIS in 2001 before coming 10th in the 1st Division there last year. Ones to watch.

Tromsø Brass

Conductor: Robert Jensen
Norwegian Ranking: 54
National Record: 2002 – 8th; 2001 – N/K; 2000 – 3rd;
Last Year: 8th

Tromsø Brass came 8th here last year under T. Bakkelund, but as far as we can tell, they didn’t compete at the contest in 2001. They came 3rd in the 2nd Division in 2000, so they have been close to the top here. The band competed at SIDDIS last year in the 1st Division and came 10th, but once more they didn’t as far as we know compete there the year before.

A little bit of a mystery band then, but if they play to form they could do well.

Trondheim Politis Brassband

Conductor: Tom Brevik
Norwegian Ranking: 28
National Record: 2002 – 11th in 1st Division; 2001 – 7th in 1st Division; 2000 – Joint 5th in 1st Division;
Last Year: 11th in 1st Division

Trondheim were relegated to the 2nd Division following three years in which they slipped from joint 5th in 2000 to 7th and then 11th last year. They will be looking to bounce back then pretty sharply and have taken the step of moving from previous MD Odd Steinar Morkved to Tom Brevik, who knows what it takes to win at the highest level, having won the Nationals back in 1980 with Manger.

They haven’t competed at SIDDIS for the past two years, so we don’t know what their current form is like, but they should be well prepared and with an experienced MD they should hold their own.

Ørskog Brass

Conductor: Harald Eikaas
Norwegian Ranking: 40
National Record: 2002 – 7th; 2001 – 11th in 1st Division; 2000 – 2nd;
Last Year: 7th

After being promoted from the 2nd Division in 2000 following their runners up spot in the 2nd Division, Ørskog Brass came 11th under the direction of John Hudson and were relegated back down. The following year they came 7th, again under John Hudson, so they will be keen to improve further this year under Harald Eikaas.

No form to go on from SIDDIS though as they haven’t competed there for the past two years, so we don’t have a lot to go on as such.

Own Choice Selections:

A London Overture - Philip Sparke
Ballet for Band - Joseph Horovitz
Connotations - Edward Gregson
Connotations - Edward Gregson
Dances and Arias - Edward Gregson
Excelsior - Howard Snell
Firestorm - Stephen Bulla
The Plantagenets - Edward Gregson
The Plantagenets - Edward Gregson
The Present Age - Leslie Condon
The Present Age - Leslie Condon
Trittico for Brass Band - James Curnow
Triumphant Rhapsody - Gilbert Vinter

Karl Ole Midtbø and Jens T. Larsen

2002 Result:

Second Division

1. Vennesla Kristne Brass – 96pts
2. Hornorkesteret Stavanger – 94pts
3. Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn –93pts
4. Stangaland Brass –92pts
5. Flesland Musikklag –91pts
6. Kopervik Musikkorps - 89pts
7. Ørskog Brass –88pts
8. Austrheim/Lindås Musikklag –87pts
8. Tromsø Brass –87pts
10. Frei Hornmusikk –85pts
11. Tysnes Musikklag –84pts
12. Laksevåg Musikkforening – 83pts
13. Rosendal Musikklag –81pts
14. Bergen Brass Band –80pts

The Winners:

2002: Vennesia Kristne
2001: Sorum Musikklag
2000: Sola Brass

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