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2002 Mineworkers Championship


1st: £875
2nd: £750
3rd: £625
4th: £500

Test Piece: Symphony of Marches – Gilbert Vinter
Adjudicator: Roy Sparkes

Barnsley Building Society Band - C. Hirst
Dunaskin Doon - C. Andrews
Easington Colliery Band - D. Dye
Kippax Band - I. Colley
Pontardulais - D. Mahoney
Riddings - J. Davies
Shirland Miners Welfare - G. Hawley
Westoe STHCT - J. Smith

The First Section should be a closer run thing with all 8 bands all about the same standard. Riddings competed here in the top section last year, whilst Shirland were runners up and Barnsley third. It should go to form we think though, with these two the ones to beat and possibly a bit of Welsh celebration with a third spot for Pontardulais. After that it’s up for grabs.

A great old pot boiler as well for the bands to get their teeth into, with Vinter’s great old “Symphony of Marches” being dug out of the crypt for an airing. Watch out for all those spilt top C’s at the beginning and the sop players having a fine time with the lyrical solo. Difficult old piece this and one that will take a bit of playing – especially the end section. Should be an enjoyable contest.

4BR Prediction:
1. Shirland Miners Welfare
2. Riddings
3. Pontardulais
4. Westoe STHCT
5. Barnsley Building Society
6. Kippax

Last Year:
1. Bathgate
2. Shirland Miners
3. Barnsley Building Society
4. Treherbert
5. Kippax
6. Easington
7. GT Group Peterlee
8. Ireland Colliery
9. Betteshanger
10. Gresley Old Hall
11. Broughton’s
12. Spennymoor Town

The Champions:
2001: Bathgate
2000: Thoresby Colliery
1999: Barnsley Building Society
1998: Newstead Welfare
1997: Pellacraft (Ireland Colliery)
1996: Newstaead Welfare
1995: Barnsley Building Society
1994: Selby Coalfield Kippax


1st: £750
2nd: £625
3rd: £500
4th: £375

Test Piece: Music for Kantara – Kenneth Downie
Adjudicator: Gareth Thomas

Felling Brass Band - R. Poole
Ferryhil Town - T. Maddison
GT Group Peterlee - B. Holden
Harworth - J. Davis
Hatfield Coal - G. O’Connor
Lewis Merthyr - L. Harries
Pride Valley - R. Moreton
Shirebrook Welfare - M. Batersby
Snibston and Desford Colliery Band - K. Steward
Stanley Newmarket - D. Thompson
Strata Brass - D. Horn

Another section where it could all be up for grabs, with all 11 bands capable of putting in a winning performance. Smashing choice of test piece, in the form of Kenneth Downie’s “Music for Kantara” will be a firm yet enjoyable test and there will be plenty of music to hum along to.

Last years top four are here gain, and once more these could well be the bands to beat. Snibston were two point winners last time out and could once more be favourites, although we have a sneaky suspicion that last year’s runners up, Hatfield Coal will be the band to come out top. Harworth were third last time and will challenge strongly once more, whilst Pride Valley are a good enough band to push all three once more. Ferryhill were playing in the third section last year so will be keen to add further to their successes, whilst he others may have to scrap it out for the honours.

4BR Prediction:
1. Hatfield Coal
2. Snibston and Desford Colliery
3. Harworth
4. Ferryhill
5. Pride Valley
6. Stanley Newmarket

Last Year:
1. Snibston and Desford
2. Hatfield
3. Harworth
4. Pride Valley
5. Horden
6. Old Silkstone
7. Weaver Group
8. Stanley Newmarket
9. Felling Band
10. Lewis Merthyr

The Champions:
2001: Snibston and Desford
2000: Pride Valley
1999: GT Group Peterlee
1998: Wilfreda Beehive Hatfield
1997: Gregg’s Bakery
1996: Gresley Old Hall
1995: Longannet Colliery
1994: Aceprint Gawthorpe

SPANISH HALL - 12.30 am

1st: £625
2nd: £500
3rd: £375
4th: £250

Test Piece: Music for a Festival – Philip Sparke
Adjudicator: David Ashworth

Armthorpe Elmfield Band - H. Griffiths
Buckhaven Methil Miners Band - B. Fraser
Crofton Silver Band - R. Walker
Dareham Band - J. Ireland
Ellington Colliery Band - D. Wright
Frickley South Elmsall Band - J. Wade
Houghton Brass Band - T. Gibson
Murton Colliery Brass Band - A. Hall
Shirland Welfare Training - Mrs. M. Smith
Wansbeck’s Ashington Colliery Band - N. Steadman
Whitwell - K. Vernon
Ynyshir Welfare (Stacks of Tiles) Band - N. Watson

Another tight old contest in the making here with any number of the 12 bands more than capable of lifting the £625 top prize.

Last year’s winners were Murton Colliery who pipped Ellington onto second, whilst Armthorpe came a close fourth. Ones to look out for though could well be Shirland Welfare Training Band under the baton of Marie Smith who won the Fourth Section in such style last year. Lots of the most talented youngsters in the country on view here. Houghton’s won the third section at the North East Regionals this year so they will be one of the favourites for sure.

A nice challenging test piece for the bands in the form of Philip Sparke’s “Music for a Festival” which has been a popular set work for many a year and gives a chance for the better bands to really shine. It may well be a repeat for us of last year though, but we think Ellington could well tip the scales over their rivals.

4BR Prediction:
1. Ellington Colliery
2. Murton Colliery
3. Shirland Welfare Training
4. Houghtons Brass
5. Ynyshir Welfare
6. Armthorpe Elmfield

Last Year:
1. Murton Colliery
2. Ellington Colliery
3. Ferryhill Town
4. Armthorpe Elmfield
5. Frickley South Elmshall
6. Houghton
7. Crofton Silver
8. Buckhaven and Methill
9. Hetton
10. Wansbeck’s Ashington
11. Crosskeys
12. Ynyshir Welfare
13. Shotts St. Patricks

The Champions:
2001: Murton Colliery
2000: Wilfreda Beehive
1999: Crofton Silver
1998: Ynyshir Welfare
1997: Frickley South Elmshall
1996: Frickley South Elmshall
1995: GT Group Peterlee
1994: Hetton Silver

SPANISH HALL - 9.00 am

1st: £500
2nd: £375
3rd: £250
4th: £125

Test Piece: Sinfonietta Pastorale – Henrey Geehl
Adjudicator: Stephen Tighe

Aycliffe and Brancepeth - M. Priestley
Dinnington Colliery Band - T. Bannan
Five Rivers Brass Band - T. Griffiths
Grange Moor - S. Platten
Hetton Silver - K. Whitley
Kirkby Colliery Welfare Band - S. Berrill
Leicestershire Co-op Snibston Charnwood Band - G. Jacklin
Lochgelly Brass Band - G. Lindsay
Sacriston Colliery - R. Wallace
Standish Band - J. Roberts
Trimdon Concert Brass Band - A. Holmes

A fair old line up of bands for the Fourth Section this year and a great old pot boiler of a piece for them to get their teeth into. Plenty of good old tunes and enough splash and thunder to keep everyone happy.

Most of the bands here are of the same standard, although one or two will fancy their chances more than the others. We think Gavin Lindsay and Lochgelly could be favourites to win as we heard them at Torquay and were very impressed. Five Rivers should be up there as well as should Leicestershire Coop. Both Leicestershire and Lochgelly were just out of the prizes at the Lower Section National Finals and we think they may be the bands to beat here.

Below them it could be a close run thing with Five Rivers hoping to improve on last year’s runners up spot and Standish looking to at least one better than the 4th they had. Should be an enjoyable contest in the mock splendour of the Spanish Hall.

4BR Prediction:
1. Lochgelly
2. Leicestershire Coop
3. Five Rivers
4. Hetton
5. Sacriston Colliery
6. Trimdon Concert

Last Year:
1. Shirland Miners Trianing
2. Five Rivers
3. Leics Coop Charnwood
4. Standish
5. Lochgelly
6. Trimdon
7. Dearham
8. Llay Welfare
9. Kirkby Colliery
10. Dinnington
10. Thurcroft

The Champions:
2001: Shirland Welfare Training
2000: Shirland Welfare Training
1999: Leicstershire Coop
1998: Westoe STHCT
1997: Westoe STHCT
1996: Thurcroft Welfare
1995: Standish
1994: Stanley Newmarket

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