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Pontins Championships 2002:
Fourth Section

Fourth Section

Saturday 26th October
Lunars Bar
Pre Draw
Commence: 9am
Test Piece: Pennine Moor by Darrol Barry
Adjudicators: Derek Broadbent and David Read
Controller: Colin Morrison

Competing Bands:

Abertillery and District – J. Harris
Mar 2001 Regionals – 4th
May 2001 Weston Super Mare – 2nd
Oct 2001 Centenary West Wales Brass Band Association Contest (N. Seaman) – 6th (S3)
Oct 2001 Pontins – 4th
Mar 2002 Regionals – 6th
Oct 2002 WWBBA Ammanford Contest – 3rd (S3)

Abertillery and District are a very stable band and the contest results bear this out. They are regularly in the upper half of the field and should, if they play up to form do the same here.

Chalgrove – TBA
Mar 2001 Regionals – 26th
Mar 2002 Regionals – 6th

Chalgrove turned around a disappointing result – big time – and finished a well placed band in the 2002 Regionals. This is a good section and they could be under pressure here.

Hesketh Bank – S. Pullen
Mar 2001 Regionals – 4th
Mar 2002 Regionals – 12th

A win at the recent September Fleetwood contest will see the Hesketh Bank band goo here on a high. Stuart Pullin (ex YBS) has this young band working well and they will be sure to play well.

Leics Co-op Snibston and Charnwood – G. Jacklin
Mar 2001 Regionals – 10th
Oct 2001 Pontins – 6th
Nov 2001 CISWO Mineworkers – 3rd
Dec 2001 Leamington Spa (WMBBA) – 2nd
Mar 2002 Regionals – 2nd
May 2001 Weston Super Mare – 3rd
Sept 2002 National Finals – 9th

Watch out for Leics Co-op Snibston and Charnwood as they are playing well and showed this in Torquay at the National Finals. A string of good results don’t lie and they will could difficult to beat here.

Llanelli and District Brass – R. Owen
Mar 2001 Regionals – 1st
Oct 2001 Centenary West Wales Brass Band Association Contest (N. Seaman) – 7th (S3)
Mar 2002 Regionals – 7th
Apr 2002 South East Wales contest at Ebbw Vale – 7th
Oct 2002 WWBBA Ammanford Contest – 4th (S3)

Llanelli have had to go through a period of transition but are improving and results could be starting to come their way. If all goes well they should continue that trend in this contest as well.

Lockwood Brass – N. Barnes
Mar 2001 Regionals – Non competing
Mar 2002 Regionals – Non competing

Lockwood Brass are a bit of an unknown quantity so it will be interesting to hear the band perform and be able to make a valued judgement.

Nantile Vale Royal Silver – TBA
Mar 2001 Regionals – Non competing
Mar 2002 Regionals – Non competing

Much the same here also Nantile Vale Royal Silver are also a bit of an enigma being an unknown quantity also – we’ll be there to hear them and take stock of their performance.

Newhall – M. Philips
Mar 2001 Regionals – 8th (S3)
Mar 2002 Regionals – 5th

Having been moved to fourth section the band served notice that they are on the way back with a good result in the Regionals. It may be a step in the way back on this occasion but that said they may just catch things right on the day.

Parr Band – (Richardson’s Ltd) St. Helens – J. Ludden
Mar 2001 Regionals – 17th
Apr 2001 Tameside – 3rd (S3)
Nov 2001 Wilkinson (St.Helens) – 8th (S3)
Mar 2002 Regionals – 17th
May 2002 Wigglesworth – 4th
May 2002 Buxton Contest – 1st


Pemberton Old B – P. Ashley
Mar 2001 Regionals – 1st
Oct 2001 Fleetwood – 2nd
Oct 2001 Pontins – 10th
Mar 2001 Regionals – 6th

Pemberton Old ‘B’ are playing well make no mistake. They were 3rd at Fleetwood recently and that was on the back of some very good results. A good experienced bass section underpins this good band.

Rivington and Adlington – I. Bateson
Mar 2001 Regionals – 10th
Oct 2001 Pontins – 15th
Mar 2001 Regionals – 9th
Oct 2002 North West Open Championships – 4th

Rivington and Adlington are playing well under Ian Bateson at the moment. The band has some good young players around the stand these are being well supported by experienced players in the background. They come to this contest on the back of a win at Fleetwood contest last month.

Shrewton Silver – M. Dunford
Mar 2001 Regionals – 7th
Oct 2001 Pontins – 8th
Mar 2001 Regionals – 6th

A tidy outfit with results in the upper half show this band to be a most consistent outfit. They play with control and consistent style. This section is very strong and they will have to just give a little more sparkle if they are to just get up those extra few places.

St. Dennis – B. Minear
Mar 2001 Regionals – 2nd
Jun 2001 Bugle Contest – 1st
Mar 2001 Regionals – 1st
Mar 2002 Cornwall Brass Band Contest – 1st (S3)
Jun 2002 Bugle Contest – 1st
Sept 2002 National Finals – 1st

St. Dennis are on a roll and truly deserve to be. A cracking performance at Torquay to become Champion Band they have a good sound and controlled playing. They should be a band to watch at this contest as well. They have had very few downs in the last 12 months.

Standish – J. Roberts
Mar 2001 Regionals – 12th
Oct 2001 Pontins – 13th
Nov 2001 CISWO Mineworkers – 4th
Feb 2002 Brass at the Guild – 2nd
Mar 2001 Regionals – 13th

Runners-up at Fleetwood recently Standish are another band in the upper half of the 4th section ratings. In the very best of company (Pontins and Regionals) they just seem to just dip which is a shame. Is this to be the contest that turns this around.

Uppermill – J. Hunter
Mar 2001 Regionals – 13th
Jan 2001 Rochdale – 3rd
Oct 2001 Pontins – 3rd
Mar 2001 Regionals – 14th
Apr 2002 Tameside – 2nd
May 2002 Buxton Contest – 4th

Uppermill have a tidy set of places in the bag – Rochdale, Pontins 2001, Tameside and Buxton but the Regionals have not gone in their favour. They like it here so one will probably expect them to put on a good show.

Wellington (Telford) Brass – S. Curtis
Mar 2001 Regionals – 11th
Sep 2001 Wychavon Festival of Brass – 9th
Mar 2001 Regionals – 8th

A steady band results in the upper half show this band to be a solid outfit. They will expect to repeat this form at this contest but an extra 10% will be needed here to crack the prizes. Not that they are not capable of this it’s a tough ask that’s all.

4BR Prediction

1 St. Dennis
2 Hesketh Bank
3 Leics Co-op Snibston and Charnwood
4 Rivington & Adlington
5 Uppermill
6 Newhall

Dark Horse Pemberton Old B

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